Skyridge Crobat

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  1. QWERT392001

    QWERT392001 New Member

    I was taking the time to read the Woopers diatribe about deck building and his own humble beginnings as a novice trainer to a full blown MASTER TRAINER, and I noticed a Pokemon I am not familiar with. Skyridge Crobat... Could someone please give me some details about this Pokemon..attacks Hp, Retreat cost, etc etc. Thanks. And I did enjoy the article, even if it was slightly biased to one persons opinion.

  2. Hot Mustid

    Hot Mustid New Member

    my crobat scizor deck won me some zeo tournament in yonkers, NY a while back...

    crobat has 90 hp i believe

    its power lest u flip a coin, heads u look at their hand, pick a pokemon, put it in their deck


    :grass: :colorless :colorless flip 2 coins 1 heads = 40 dmg, 2 heads = 80 dmg, no heads = pkmn is confused and poisoned, no dmg though

    :psychic: weakness, no resistance, free retreat

    there u go :D
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