Smacktack15's Ontario Provincials Report (4th)

Discussion in 'State/Province/Territory Championships' started by smacktack15, Mar 4, 2008.

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  1. smacktack15

    smacktack15 New Member

    Okay, Yeah, I will cut with the small talk (well...maybe) and get to the juicy matches (not really) and all that other good stuff

    I start the day early and don't eat (my bro leaves out a whole box of waffles before we leave and they went bad by the time we came home:lol:). My dad, bro, and I hit up the nearest Tim Hortons on the way to Georgetown (we all know that Zachary Lesage gets even more sarcastic and off the wall w/o a large french vanilla:lol:) and grab some coffee and a HEXed Ice Tea (lol for Geneses). So we are now on the road...

    (skip 1-1.5 hours of driving)

    So we find MoldMasters and go to the bank. After that it is all chillin & filling out decklists. Since I played Power-ADE(Gardevoir, Gardevoir Lv.X, Gallade, Pachirisu, Stantler, Claydol), the pesky deck that I have been playing since well before MT, I knew the deck off the top of my head. My bro, dad (I only gave him the deck this morning), and buddy Charles A played the list (give or take a few trainers) too. Before the tournament I gave Geneses a HEXed Ice Tea (he didn't drink it... dang:lol:). Here is the rundown for the tourny...

    42 Masters
    <20 Seniors
    <20 Juniors

    My dad and I play in Masters, my bro plays in Seniors, & Charles plays in Juniors.

    Round 1: Myself vs. Feraligatr MT/Ambipom deck (Pablo)
    I get a quick start and overpower his deck. He was doing really well until I used a Psychic Cut on his Feraligatr (his hand had like 20 cards in it!!!

    I watch my dads game when BJ comes up and we play R-P-S but, when you loose, the winner slaps your hand as hard as possible hehe. I lost about 10 times but, I did a RPS...Gangsta (3 fingers lol) My dad had won:)

    Me (1-0)
    My Dad (1-0)
    My Brother (1-0)
    Charles (1-0)

    Round 2: Myself vs. Magmortar/Infernape/Delicatty ex (Sorry I forgot your name:confused:)
    I get a turn 2 Gallade but... NO ENEGIES. I take the loss.

    Me (1-1)
    My Dad (2-0)
    My Brother (2-0)
    Charles (2-0)

    I am the creator of Power-ADE and I am the one to take the 1st loss:nonono:

    Round 3: Myself vs. Execute/Venusaur SW/ Meganium ?? (Sara Cresswell)
    I get a very quick Gardevoir Lv.X out a Bring Down the deck very quickly:)

    Nothing happens in between the matches (I get some fries). Oh yeah, my dad lost:(

    Me (2-1)
    My Dad (2-1)
    My Brother (3-0)
    Charles (3-0)

    Round 4: Myself vs. Magmortar/Blazekin/Claydol (Kant Shen)
    Yeah, I win after a long back and forth game. Great match Kant:)

    Me (3-1)
    My Dad (3-1)
    My Brother (3-1)
    Charles (4-0)

    I am soooooo pumped

    Round 5: Myself vs. Mirror (Mark)
    The game starts off with him getting a better start but, I play my best and get the win.

    Me (4-1)
    My Dad (4-1)
    My Brother (4-1)
    Charles (5-0)

    Charles makes Top cut in 1st, my brother makes top cut in 3rd.

    Round 6: Myself vs. Mirror (Kevin Lee)
    I have had more experience with G&G with Kevin which proves that I would ultimately win. That theory was true, I won this one:) Great job Kevin:thumb:

    Charles and my brother both made Top 4:)

    Me (5-1)
    My Dad (4-2)
    My Brother (5-1)
    Charles (6-0)

    Top Cut:

    My dad comes in 9th and gets eliminated from the tourny, he always comes one spot before the Top Cut!

    I get to play on...

    Round 7: Myself vs. Salamence ex PK/Togekiss/Claydol/Pachirisu (Curtis Lyon)
    I play Battle Frontier, and I keep on using Energy Removal 2 and Bring Down so he is completely stuck. I win.

    My brother and Charles are in the finals.

    Me (6-1)
    My Dad (4-2) ELIMINATED :nonono: He deserved to make it in
    My Brother (6-1)
    Charles (7-0)

    Geneses can now drink the HEXed Ice Tea (I smell a tradition of HEXed drinks now, I like French Vanilla lol)
    Round 8: Myself vs. Blissey/Banette (Greg Cresswell)
    I have a fully powered Gallade out and he plays down a Lake Boundary to kill me. I can't recover, I loose.

    My brother had come 1st place and Charles had come 2nd. My deck is great.

    Me (6-2)
    My Brother (7-1)
    Charles (7-1)

    Round 9: Myself vs. Mirror (Matt Koo)
    I loose this one because I forgot about Dusknoir (his secret tech) and he sent up a fully powered Gallade. Gameover:lol:

    Me (6-3) What a horrible score

    Greg winning
    Kevin coming 2nd
    Learning Dusknoir is good
    My brother coming 1st
    Charles coming 2nd
    Power-ADE for all of it's sucess
    My dad, he did very well (his best tourny)
    Barrie was repped well
    Myself doing best for Barrie
    HEXed Ice Tea
    People putting up with my sarcastic ways:lol:

    Sean getting T2'ed by Greg
    Charles not coming 1st
    Me for not coming 1st
    Energy droughts
    My dad coming 9th
    Food on Swiss Chalet utensils:eek:

    See y'all at Regionals on the 12th.
  2. BloodDraek

    BloodDraek New Member

    6-3 isn't so bad, that is what I got.

    hope you have better luck next time
  3. rerisenphoenix

    rerisenphoenix New Member

    6-3 is pretty good, and, since losing in the battle for 3rd and 4th doesn't, or at least isn't supposed to count against your rating, you get over 50 rating points. Way to represent Gardy Gallade!
  4. smacktack15

    smacktack15 New Member

    Actually it does, I only gained like 8-10 points from the tourny.
  5. Throne0fLegends

    Throne0fLegends New Member

    Hey, sorry for posting this here, but I can't find the other thread at the moment. If anybody from the Provs, found a deck in a red and white plastic pokeball case can you please PM me or reply here? It has Honchkrows and Charizard in it. Somebody from the junior/senior division lost it there and I'm just seeing if nybody might of picked it up. THanks guys>.<

    Oh yea, well played in the final match. It was a good one. Question of the day .. Zach looking at my duskull start: "So, do you play dusknoir in this deck?"

    Yes Zach, I do =) haha
  6. Omega_Prime

    Omega_Prime Member

    I don't know about the French Vanilla... i mean i'm low on cash... anyways it's too bad my league is starting up this saturday and it's during the same time as yours... otherwise you could come down and play with us MAN is that really out of your way hahahaha.

    You know what i just found out? i get extended hours so my league will start at 10 and i may even end at 4 on some days!!!!

    oh yeah GJ!

    i hope you have a present for me at regionals

    too bad we didn't get to play, i guess we'll meet at regionals with our awesome new rogue decks!!!
  7. BloodDraek

    BloodDraek New Member

    at least you gained some points
  8. smacktack15

    smacktack15 New Member

    Matt: Fully powered Gallade in my hand :nonono: :lol:
    Geneses: I will give you some more good luck HEXed items hahahaha
    BloodDraek: Well, I guess I am happy but, I still wanted to gain more points. Speaking of points, I can loose less and gain more now.

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