Small Scale, Last Minute "Fun" Tournament; Oakland CA

Discussion in 'Archive' started by Nick15, Oct 10, 2003.

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    Hey San Francisco Bay Area folk! If you're not doing anything this Sunday (October 12th) between 2 PM and 5 PM or so, swing by Oakland for a small little fun tournament run by myself. :) Here's the address:

    309 11TH ST

    It's near the 12th Street BART station, if you feel like taking BART there. I know I will be. ;) It'll be Unlimited though.

    Here's the thing; I found a perfect place to build a base for all things Pokémon TCG in the San Francisco Bay Area, thanks to zell94606. ;) Hopefully any of you San Franciscians will swing by and maybe we can help organize more official tournaments and help set up the San Franciscian league. Maybe even get the EX Dragon Prerelease tournament there as well (why should SoCal get all the fun?!) .... Consider it a sort of bonding experience for us Frisco folk.

    If you can't make this one because it was on so short notice, I'll hold another fun tournament the sunday after next (October 19th).

    Be there or be square! ;)
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