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Discussion in 'City Championships' started by Dark Weedle, Dec 9, 2007.

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  1. Dark Weedle

    Dark Weedle New Member

    Im playing the real fire truck. Im pretty sure that fire trucks are for putting out fires, not starting them.
    Hurricane/tursmai/amazing/whatever you want to call it.

    1690 going into cities i think

    12/1 OKC OK
    Too long ago i cant remember, i was the only 4-1 to miss the cut.

    12/8 ADA OK

    i decide to super charge my engine and not play windstorm just to see how it works, which would have been great if half the field didnt play battle frontier :(((

    Round 1: Cameron (magnezone/absol)
    I get paired out of age group first round. sweet. Anyway, im told hes playing some kind of new deck made by some team? I dont really see it. Umm feraligatr > magnezone nuff said?

    Round 2: Adrian (gard/gallade/sableye)
    Hes running a speed list with lots techs, and few basics. It becomes a huge problem when he has only a sableye active and a kirlia hes trying to power up on his bench. Cyclone energy to the gatr gg.

    Round 3: Danny fish (blissey/sableye)
    Soft balls lol. Really great deck idea the trianer engine is made to counter gard and amphy. He cant find a battle frontier and doesnt stop the fire truck from putting out the fire.

    Should have dropped now lol

    Round 4: Roy (Gard/gallade/tech)
    This is as close to a 50/50 as ive found any deck can play with my gatr, it all comes down to how long he can keep the power lockdown. He gets it from turn 3 on i think i only get 1 energy draw this game but its still down to the wire. Its comes down to him having to tvr for his last dre with 5 cards left and he gets it. nice game.

    Finals: Adrian (gard/gallade/sableye)
    G1: Battle frontier lock from t2. i fail. maybe if i wasnt so bad at this game i could have come back. I went for the turn 2 delcatty so i wasnt able to set much up after that.

    G2: Battle frontier lock turn 1 this time lol what a joke. Anyway, he doesnt get much going and i take advantage by setting up only gatrs and breaking tail spam for the win.

    G3: my oppening hand is; smeargle, 5 energy, warp point. looks like i have this one in the bag. Top deck tgw and lose the rps game to draw into: 2 delcatty ex and a water energy yesssssss. He on the other hand, gets everything he needs to kill me next turn.

    So i come in second and lose 4 points on the day

    12/9 Sherman TX

    i unsupercharge my engine and put windstorm back in lol

    R1: Christian S. (tyrannitar/furret)
    i turn three him with gatr before he gets past pupitar

    R2: Danny fish (softballs)
    Windstorm does it!!! I get off to a monster start after he is one pluspower away from turn 2ing my croconaw.

    R3: Billy G. (Metragross ex/absol)
    He gets 3 mars in his first 3 turns plus absol hurts my set up a bit but once the gatrs got going he didnt have an answer.
    i get the house!!

    R4: Roy R ( Gard/gallade/tech)
    I tell him before the game im due to beat a gardevoir and im right, he struggles to set up and i get the truck rolling not really much of a game.

    R5: Clay C (Gard/gallade/absol)
    Game starts out with us both getting our setups, but im disabling his absol which is huge. I decide the best way to start things is to try to donk a trace heads to KO absol, which i do. Next turn he sends up gard, levels up, evolves his benched kirlia to a gallade, and brings down a skitty on my bench. Before he evolved to gallade i hasd the energy to pull off the ko on gard, but presented with the oppurtunity i let smeargle have a chance at it. Smeargle is broke and i hit the heads to do 140 and ohko gard lvl x with trace. Not much he can do after that he kos the smeargle and i have the energy to end it gg.

    im the biggest donk ever.

    Top 4

    Dana L (Bannete/lucario)
    G1: I get 2 delcatty and croconaw turn 2 wihtout use of supporters, and totally outspeed the t2 deck. I also hit the pluspower he needed with my breaking tail and he cant return a crucial ko on my gatr.

    G2: Not a game at all he cant find a lucario and i run away with it


    Finals: Roy R (gard/gallade/tech)
    G1: Im not sure im still due to beat gard. I get a better setup and eventually win it.

    G2: His setup is a bit better than mine but a crucial momemnt comes when i donk a trace heads to grab a ko. He misplays by using tsd early and isnt able to get a gallade back when he needs it, i win a close game. Good games.


    We need to build a smeargle/sableye/absol deck i dont see how it could ever lose

    free fries at dairy queen
    no ice on the interstate back home
    X-0ing a city
    gard lvl x in packs
    school cancelled monday for weather yessss
    80 card decks
    i have the HOUSE

    not props
    getting 2nd and losing pints
    battle frontier locks
    everyone and their mom playing absol sw
    roy not trading me his shiny smeargle :(
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  2. Jason

    Jason New Member

    gj on ur progress. :)
  3. MrMeches

    MrMeches New Member

    WTG Will DW!! So you still have the House!! Good job on the weekend altogether!!

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