Sneasl/King UNLIMITED format

Discussion in 'Deck Help and Strategy' started by Monkey_Without_Wings, Aug 13, 2003.

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  1. ok heres the deck

    Basic pokemon(16)
    4x slowpoke (Neo)
    4x Sneasl(Neo)
    4x EX Mewtwo(R/S)
    3x Cleffa(Neo)
    1x Murcrow (neo)

    evolved forms (4)
    4x slowking

    4x chaos gym
    4x bill
    2x oak
    4x energy removal
    3x gust of winds
    3x scoop ups
    3x lass
    1x super energy removal

    10x Psychic energy
    4x Darkness energy
    2x rainbow energy

    60 cards total

    object of the deck:use Mewtwo ex and sneasl as my main hitters and use slowking as my source to deny them of trainers along with back up from chaos gym and lass. any critisims,thoughts,ideas are welcome
  2. SolarPichu

    SolarPichu Member

    Remember, Chaos Gym also hurts you. I might add in a counter gym like Sprout Tower just in case you need a turn to use your trainers. Unfortunately, the new rules states that you cannot play 2 Stadium Cards per turn so that may slow your deck down. I think maybe you should take out a Lass and a Scoop Up for the Sprout Tower.
  3. Lion_of_Darkness

    Lion_of_Darkness New Member

    Try this with the new Nintendo rules:

    3 Sneasel
    4 Slowpoke
    4 Slowking
    3 Cleffa
    2 Murkrow

    4 Computer Search
    4 Copycat
    4 Bill
    3 Lass
    3 Super Energy Removal
    3 Gust of Wind
    3 Switch
    3 Focus Band
    3 Healing Field
    2 Energy Charge
    2 Nightly Garbage Run

    4 Darkness Energy
    2 Rainbow Energy
    4 Recycle Energy
  4. Mr_Fuji

    Mr_Fuji New Member


    Hmmm.... Try this little thing... However... I still think slowking sneasel is too easy to counter.

    4 Slowpoke
    4 Slowking
    4 Sneasel
    3 Cleffa
    1 Murkrow (TecH)

    4 Darkness Energy
    4 Rainbow Energy
    3 Recycle Energy

    4 Computer Search
    4 Professor Oak
    4 Item Finder
    3 Focus Band
    3 Gust of Wind
    3 Lass
    3 Super Energy Removal
    3 Power Charge
    2 Healing Field (Sadly, I have to admitt, Healing fields ARE better in this deck than EcoGym. I've done much playtesting on this subject once LoD brought this to my attention, and the only time this does NOT outweigh EcoGym is when the opponent is playing muk, and yes, only 2.)
    2 Switch
    2 Pokemon Fan Club
    1 Pokecenter

    Hmm.... I'd also like to get some opinions on my fix, being as I havn't played in awhile.
  5. isnt 33 trainers a lil 2 much or a least in my opion it is. i olny like to play around 20 some time maybe 25 but not much over that. i dont want my deck to be total control i want it to be fast as possable and in a mirrior match if there slowking deck packs cahos gyms having 33 trainers will mess me over.i dont want to have to rely on the trainers for victory but more or less have them for lil help and rely on the pokemon.
  6. dkates

    dkates New Member

    Working from the top post, I'd suggest the following:

    -2 Mewtwo EX
    -1 Sneasel
    -1 Psychic Energy
    -2 Chaos Gym
    -2 Bill
    -1 Cleffa
    +2 Oracle
    +2 Super Energy Removal
    +3 Focus Band
    +2 Gold Berry
  7. Mr_Fuji

    Mr_Fuji New Member


    Monkey Without Wings,

    There's a reason WotC calls this game Trainer-Mon. the main one being that almost ALL sucessful decks run a minimum of 30 trainers lol
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