So, What Have I Missed?? (and question about PIDs)

Discussion in 'TCG News & Gossip Discussion' started by Nick15, Mar 16, 2011.

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  1. Nick15

    Nick15 Member

    After seeing Nintendo's plans to make a version of the Pokémon TCG playable online, I must say that my interests in playing it again has certainly been reactivated. At least this way I can play the game without leaving my home and driving 50 miles to and from a game store, and that, I must say, was one of the key reasons I had to stop playing. Thus, you can imagine how excited I am to see Pokémon TCG Online.

    So, with my interests severely reactivated... What have I missed?

    The last set I bought was EX: FireRed/LeafGreen back in 2004, so I'd imagine there has been some significant changes and upgrades to the game since I last played. What's the metagame like? Are there any banned/restricted cards? Is there any one deck (past or present) that dominated tournaments like old skool Haymaker did back in the day? Is the game still fun-and-not-hardcore-but-still-competitive? Have Japanese players stepped up their game or do they still talk about how Western players are too competitive for such a "fun" game like Pokémon? Are there any powerhouse cards akin to Hitmonchan, Cleffa and Sneasel of yore?

    So again, what's it like??


    PS: I also noticed that doesn't exist anymore, so is my old Pokémon TCG Player's ID still valid, or do I need a new one? I did sign-up for a's user account and it seems like my account was still valid--I thought my PID was 101 but it shows me 331, maybe 331 was what I had back in the day. But then I read the sticky up top which stated "If you haven't played since 2006 you'll need a new PID"... Did my PID get grandfathered in, or would I need a new one?


    Thanks for any help you guys can send my way, and I really look forward to being an active part of the Pokémon TCG community again!
  2. rokman

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  3. PokePop

    PokePop Administrator

    Well... let's see...
    Right now the metagame is dominated by fast SP Basics from the Platinum series, where Pokemon that are normally evolution cards were released as "owned" Basics.
    Think "VS series", but with strong attacks. There are a few other decks that can compete, mainly a Gyarados that attacks with no energy, and three different good Gengars(!)

    That would be LuxChomp, made up of Luxray GL and Garchomp GL, two of the SP Pokemon I mentioned.
    Depends on who you talk to. I think so.
    The Japanese are well represented among World Championship winners and runners up.
    You mean cards like these?:

    [gal=42361]Hitmonchan[/gal] [gal=51439]Cleffa[/gal] [gal=50659]Sneasel[/gal]
    These give a good indication of how the format and card power has changed.
    Not a single of these are considered playable card. None are used in competitive decks!

    You may. If they gave you an ID with three digits, it seems you have your original. I just checked and 331 brings up you. so use that.
  4. Nick15

    Nick15 Member

    I bought a Call of the Legends preconstructed deck and noticed that, say, Magmortar is a Stage 1 instead of Stage 2 (with Magmar as Stage 1 and Magby as a Basic). I presume that Nintendo never got around to "resetting" their (and similar Pokémon's) evolution line? Unless there are special rules where Magmar can be played either as a Basic or as an Evolution Pokémon (evolving from Magby)?

    And as for those Hitmonchan, Cleffa and Sneasel reprints... WOWZERS! Things HAVE changed! I've got a LOT of catching up to do... (@[email protected])

    Concerning my PID, as long as 331 comes up as me, then I'll be happy. I'm just glad I still have a three-digit PID that I can use. :)
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  5. Gliscor

    Gliscor New Member

    Any Magby (or Baby Pokemon for that matter) can't evolve since they don't have the Baby Evolution Poke Power. So pretty much, you have to play Magmar as a regular Basic Pokemon.

    Oh, and if you thought Sneasel was bad, take a nice look at Jumpluff from Heartgold and Soulsilver ;D
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