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Discussion in 'Archive' started by BJJ763, Aug 8, 2003.

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  1. BJJ763

    BJJ763 Trading Mod Supervisor Staff Member Trader Feedback Mod

    Since the format has 2 rounds of Sealed play, i was curious as to what to expect from R&S boosters. So my 2 oldest, my wife, & i opened 6 packs of R&S and created decks with what we got. We've done this twice so far and the first time, i was only able to get the decks that were created but the second time i was able to track just about everything (though i think someone might have an energy card that belongs to someone else).

    Speaking of energy cards, it really really really stinks to pull one (R&S packs have Basic energy cards randomly inserted as commons). It stinks because it takes the place of a common that you could've used. And it really sucks when it's a Reverse Holo - that's just a wasted card! RHs really are a blessing because you can get 2 rares in the same pack! The good thing about doing this is you get to make proxies out of the cards you don't want to damage.

    Number after the card name is the card # (no levels exist on these cards thanks to the dot coding) and i'm not about to write down the codes on the bottom. Boy i really miss the flavor text.

    Here's my middle created (and youngest one playing):

    Torchic 73 X 4
    Combusken 28 (RH)
    Blaziken 15
    Electrike 30, 52, 53 (RH)
    Manectric 9
    Mudkip 59
    Marshtomp 40
    Swampert 13, 23

    Switch X 3
    Energy Switch
    Energy Restore
    Lady Outing

    Rainbow Energy X 2 (1 RH)
    R X 6
    L X 5
    W X 6

    Cards not in his deck:
    Makuhita 57 X 2 58 (RH)
    Treecko 75, 76
    Grovyle 32
    Ralts 66 X 3, 68
    Kirlia 34
    Chansey ex
    Slakoth 45 (RH)
    Skitty 44, 71
    Poochyena 63 X 2 (1 RH)
    Aron 49 X 3
    Lairon 36, 37
    Aggron 1

    He originally had the Aron/Lairon/Aggron line in but took them out when i made the comment "You can only add Basic energy cards." I didn't know he had 2 Rainbow Energies or i might've told him to keep those in. He really didn't have very good water Pokémon to add it. Lady Outing is amazing in a deck with 3 colors.

    My oldest ran:
    Makuhita 56 (colorless attacks)
    Treecko 75, 76
    Grovyle 31
    Sceptile 11
    Electrike 52, 53
    Manectric 9 (RH)
    Electabuzz ex
    Mudkip 60
    Marshtomp 41
    Carvanha 51
    Skitty 70 (Plus Energy)

    Energy Switch
    Oran Berry
    Poké Ball
    Lady Outing
    Energy Search

    G X 11
    L X 6
    W X 2

    Cards not in deck:
    Makuhita 58 X 2
    Combusken 28
    Blaziken 15
    Sceptile 20
    Cascoon 26 (RH)
    Silcoon 43 X 2 (1 RH)
    Electrike 30, 52
    Ralts 67 X 2, 68
    Gardevoir 7
    Carvanha RH
    Lapras ex
    Poochyena 63, 64, 65
    Mightyena 42
    Aron 50 X 2
    Energy Search RH
    Energy Switch RH
    Darkness Energy
    P, W energy

    He didn't add in the other Sceptile because he didn't like 2/1/2 and having a 4/1 line of Electrike/Manectric didn't make it. He did think about the Poochyena/Mightyena/Darkness energy but decided not to use them. Skitty's Plus Energy & Electabuzz ex is one deadly combo. Lady Outing again amazing with the 3 colors (even though only 2 Water energies!).

    My wife build:
    Phanpy X 2
    Makuhita 58
    Hariyama 8, 33
    Electrike 53 X 2
    Manectric 39
    Electabuzz ex
    Slakoth 45
    Vigoroth 47

    Energy Switch
    Professor Birch
    Lum Berry (RH)
    ER2 (RH)
    Switch X 2
    Poké Ball
    Oran Berry

    F X 10
    L X 10

    Cards not used in her deck:
    Torchic 73 X 2
    Blaziken 3
    Treecko 75 (RH), 76
    Ralts 66 X 2
    Mudkip 59 X 2
    Marshtomp 40
    Wailord 14 X 2 (1 RH)
    Skitty 70 X 2, 71 (RH)
    Delcatty 5
    Poochyena 64, 65
    Aron 49, 50
    Lady Outing
    Metal Energy
    F, G (RH)

    When i saw this deck, i was like "Wow what a tight deck." She and my oldest played a few games while my middle and i created our decks. The last game she played, she quit after flipping 6 tails in a row....

    Finally, i created:
    Makuhita 56 (Colorless attacks)
    Treecko 75, 76 X 2
    Groyvle 32
    Electrike 52 X 2 (1 RH)
    Manectric 39
    Ralts 67
    Kirlia 34
    Gardevoir 7
    Mewtwo ex

    Energy Restore
    Professor Birch (RULES!)
    Energy Search
    Lum Berry
    Oran Berry (RH)
    Pokémon Reversal
    Poké Nav
    Rainbow Energy

    G X 10
    P X 7

    Cards i didn't put in:
    Makuhita 57 X 2 (1 RH), 58 X 2
    Combusken 27
    Blaziken 18 (RH)
    Magmar ex
    Mudkip 60 X 3
    Skitty 44 (RH), 70 (RH), 71
    Poochyena 63 X 2, 64 X 2
    Sneasel ex
    Aron 49 X 2, 50 X 2
    G X 2, L

    Got Mewtwo ex and just had to go with Psychic. Unfortunately i really didn't get anything else but a 1/1/1 line. Professor Birch rules. Both times we've done this i've gotten one and when i was able to play it, i was able to use it for 6 cards!

    So some lines you know you will see - especially those with 3 and 4 different cards!

    If i get the chance, i'll post the decks from our first go around.
  2. diamondz

    diamondz New Member

    Hey BJJ, thanks for the analysis! How did the actual games go ... how many did you play?

    You wrote:

    Glad to see someone else has a great wife willing to battle it out! Only it's usually ME that gets an insane number of tails, like last night when I had a Sneasel-ex powered up w/2 Dark E's and 3 beasties on the bench -- then threw four coins (only 1 got heads), next turn threw another four coins (still only got 1 heads) and next turn four coins (you guessed it -- 1 for heads). The only saving grace was my last (winning) turn when I had a full bench and threw six coins for six heads! :clap:

    And somehow she still loves me ... :lol:

    Over 'n out,
    Last edited: Aug 9, 2003
  3. ScythKing

    ScythKing Member

    R&S distribution analysis?

    What a great idea. I've held off getting any R&S because I knew I was going to have left overs from the R&S Challenge I will be running <SHAMELESS-PLUG> Chattanooga, TN AUG 23 </SHAMELESS-PLUG>
    Remember those super-dedicated individuals that analyzed the distribution of the Neo cards by the pack and by the box?
    Has anyone done this for R&S? Also - where can I find a spoiler for the set? Last I heard, Nick15's had not been updated to the final english.

    PS: Mods - I sure miss my Master Prof logo!
    Last edited: Aug 9, 2003
  4. Mystery Thing

    Mystery Thing Administrator

  5. JohnnyBlaze

    JohnnyBlaze New Member

    Yes BJJ but what about the GameBoy part of it? Will Milford have the Hybrid format on August 24th. We've been training our Pokemon on the new GameBoy Player for the GameCube. ITs great to see thePokemon on the Big Screen TV. :lol:
  6. mighteyenagrl443

    mighteyenagrl443 New Member

    ok i'm serious. do mightyena count??? yes they do!!!! i play the game and breed mightyena. also poocheyena. how do i make a like... chain thingy like this??? juss wondering. my names mighttina. bi now!!

    xoxo mighttina.

    p.s. i have all the ifo on mightyena if you need it, write to me!! ;)
  7. SD PokeMom

    SD PokeMom Mod Supervisor Staff Member

    Hello there, mighteyenagrl443, and welcome to the 'Gym.

    Please do not 'excavate'...dig up...threads that have gone by nearly three weeks without a reply. Such a thread is dead, and should be left alone...especially when one's post adds nothing useful to the thread.

    If you have not done so already, please be sure you've read and understand the PokéGym Posting Rules, here: .

    Thank you for your understanding and cooperation...locking the thread...

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