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Discussion in 'Random Topic Center' started by UncleBob, Mar 9, 2004.

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  1. UncleBob

    UncleBob New Member

    There are:

    * 75 Different NES e-Reader cards.
    * 11 Different Mario Party-e e-Reader cards.
    * 43 Different Super Mario Advance 4 e-Reader cards.
    * 328 Different Animal Crossing e-Reader cards.
    * 8 Different Misc. e-Reader Promos.
    * 58 Different cards for Pokémon R/S.
    * 22 Different Pokémon-e TCG e-Reader promos.
    * 635 Different Pokémon-e TCG e-Reader cards.

    That, for anyone counting is 1,180 different US released e-Reader cards. (Assuming my counts are correct...) A few notes about these numbers.

    First off, *only* cards with dot-codes on them counted toward the totals. So cards in the Mario Party-e set, Holo/Foil Pokémon-e cards, etc... are not included in these totals.

    All promotional cards that fit into one of the above catagories are in their respective counts (i.e.: Pokémon-e TCG promos go in "Pokémon-e TCG promos" count, SMA4 promos - including the Wal-Mart cards - go in the SMA4 count, the two Animal Crossing-e promos are in the Animal Crossing count, etc..)

    The "Misc." count consists of the following:
    Air Hockey-e
    Kirby Slide Puzzle
    Kirby prize card (E³)
    Manhole-e (E³)
    Pokémon Channel cards (x3)

    The cards for Pokémon R/S include the Battle-e cards, the three promotional Battle-e cards included with Ruby/Sapphire (one of those being an error card) and the EON Ticket.

    The count for the Pokémon-e TCG includes the nine cards in the newest release (Team Aqua/Team Magma) and the error card and it's corrected version from Sandstorm.

    What is *not* included in this count -
    Again, any "e" cards that don't contain dot-code.
    The Pokémon-e TCG "Sample Cards" - these ultra-rare cards were simply proto-types and while they're neat to know about and would be neat to have, most "collections" don't include prototypes and, for my purposes, the e-Reader collection shouldn't either. :)
    Any e-Reader cards not released in the US/North America. This includes the five Aussie exclusive promotional cards.

    Personally, I find this scary... because I'm only missing a few of these cards (Two Animal Crossing cards, two Pokémon promos, which I'm expecting one in the mail soon and working on getting the other, and the non-error Lady Astrid Battle-e promo). I decided to look at this when I was counting my Animal Crossing package inserts/instruction manuals and got a little sad at how much money I spent on those cards... I counted 149 booklets... at an average of $3 a pack, I spent way to much... (not to mention the Pokémon TCG cards...)

    Anywhoo... just some numbers for you to look at...
  2. UncleBob

    UncleBob New Member

    Whoops, add two to that final count... There were two Pokémon-e TGC Promos that I forgot. ;)
  3. Spectreon

    Spectreon New Member

    are you counting ALL of the Pokemon TCG cards from Exp-TMTA (if they still even have them....dont recall...) or just Exp, AQ, and SK??? I dunno how much you can really count the RuSa cards and up, but i guess they are technically compatable...
  4. xaser

    xaser New Member

    ... just to give give you the real statistics:
    (please forget my English)

    the sets are so sorted:

    Animal Crossing-e (326 cards + 2 promotional)
    Mario Party-e (11 cards)
    NES-e (65 cards)
    Pokémon Battle-e (54 cards + 6 promotional)
    Pokémon-e TCG (634 cards + 29 promotional)
    Super Mario Advance 4-e (36 cards + 7 promotional)

    Promotional cards
    57 cards divided as following: 2 Animal Crossing, 6 Pokémon Battle-e, 6 Pokémon Channel, 29 Pokémon TCG, 7 Super Mario Advance 4-e and other 7 cards.

    this makes: 326+11+65+54+634+36+57= 1183 different cards.

    nerd note:

    this is an acceptable approximation. doubt is: what indicates that a card is unique?
    (1) the data in the dot-code? this eliminates a couple of cards: for example, dumping the data from Bagon K-32-# gives you a file with the same CRC of the card in the “EX Dragon”set.
    (2) the serial number? this would increase the number of the cards, because i think that the winning Kirby Contest cards (only 2 of them are certainly in hands of collectors in the whole world) have the same serial of the losing cards.
    (3) the name of the card? this would exclude all the regiondupes (like the Australian versions of the cards in Pokémon Channel) and for example the different Manhole-e promotional versions.

    piracy note:

    all the cards were transformed in warez illegal files, except the 'sample set' and the 'walmart promos'.

    Pokémon note:

    this is a Pokémon forum, so here we have the details of the 634 not-promo-e-cards, divided into 7 subsets:
    151 Aquapolis cards: from #1 to #147 with dot-codes.
    69 EX Dragon cards: from #13 to #81 with dot-codes.
    65 EX Ruby & Sapphire cards: from #15 to #79 with dot-codes.
    9 EX Team Magma vs. Team Aqua cards: #13 and from #39 to #46 with dot-codes.
    125 Expedition cards: from #33 to #157 with dot-codes.
    71 Sandstorm cards: from #15 to #85 with dot-codes.
    144 Skyridge cards: from #1 to #144 with dot-codes.


    curious about the Japanese Card-e/Card-e+?
    from what i have understand around (i don't speak Japanese), these should be the sets:

    - Pokemon Card-e
    - Pokemon Battle Card-e
    - Pokemon Emerald Card-e
    - Pokemon Colosseum Card-e
    - F-Zero Falcon Densetsu Card-e
    - Super Mario Advance 4 Card-e
    - Pikmin Puzzle Card-e
    - Domokun Card-e Winter Pack
    - Mario vs Donkey Kong Card-e
    - Doubutsu no Mori Card-e
    - Doubutsu no Mori Card-e+
    - Hamtaro Card-e
    - Hamtaro Card-e Cinema Pack
    - Rockman EXE 4 Series

    something of the above list may be missing or incomplete.
    for sure Japanese cards are TONS, and harder to find than American ones.

    c u
  5. SD PokeMom

    SD PokeMom Mod Supervisor Staff Member

    Nothing like excavating an almost two-year-old thread...


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