Some Questions About the Supporter Trevor

Discussion in 'Other' started by richie910842, Mar 6, 2016.

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    *** First, please allow me to address the thread monitors: I was sure which topic to put this question under, while it is about trading for cards, since I'm asking for advice abd open information rather than posting haves/wants and actively seeking a trade, it did not seem appropriate for the trading forum. PLease let me know if there is a more appropriate forum and I will happily repost there. (Or, feel free to post that I chose well and this forum is acceptable. That would be even better and put my mind at ease.) Thank you!***

    I'm wanting to trade for a deck set (4) of the supporter card Trevor, but from what I can research, he's only ever been available as part of a "Starter Kit" or Deck set, or something like that, and I'm not sure of his relative value. Online and IRL seem to have different trade economies with different supply/demands, and Im not sure how many are floating around for trade, or what kind of cards (or how many packs) I should be offering for him. What would be a fair kind of trade to post in public trades for him?

    Also, there are four different versions of him, 2 promo, one with a slver twisty shape as his set symbol, and one that looks like a pink Pikachu. Which one of these would be the most common/easiest trade?

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