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Discussion in 'Ask the Rules Team' started by Rainbowgym, Nov 3, 2007.

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  1. Rainbowgym

    Rainbowgym Active Member

    While I was sending Bangiras a question about the spoiler/translation she made of the card, I found out almost the same question was posted in Ask the Masters.

    I don't know how to explain, but there is a significant difference between the spoiler and the released English language card.
    I cannot read any Japanese but if the Japanese card leaves no space for other intepretation I would say the English one is wrong.

    So my question is: does the original card say (or suggest) the power only being used DURING your turn?

    As far as I understand we are following the way the Japanese do play the game, so if the card is played different in Japan it will need an errata.
    I didn't want to put this up in Ask the Masters, but if needed I hope the moderators will move it.
    Putting it up here might be better so people can insert their point of view on it, I can be wrong in my motivation.

    Spoiler Translation
    Actual card
  2. PokePop

    PokePop Administrator

    I'll copy it over so you can have both.
  3. bangiras

    bangiras New Member

    Here is the text from Ene-Shift:

    Can be used 1 time, when this Pokemon's remaining HP becomes 0 as a result of damage from an attack.

    Although this Pokemon is Knocked Out, this 1 card is not discarded, attach it to your Pokemon as Energy.

    As long as it's attached to Pokemon, this card is treated as a Special Energy, and works as 1 unit of Energy of every Energy Type.

    Here are some questions relating to Electrode from the PCL site

    Q: I have 1 Basic Energy attached to my Active Electrode and its HP is reduced to 0 by an opponent's attack, I use Energy Shift to attach it as Energy to my Benched Pokemon. In this situation, can I use Lanturn's Energy Grounding to move a Basic Energy from Electrode to Lanturn?
    A: Yes, you can.

    Q: After my Electrode is Knocked Out, I use Electrode's Poke-Body (sic)"Energy Shift". If I already have a "Multi Energy" attached to my Pokemon, does either card function as Energy?
    A: Yes, the Electrode that's attached as Energy provides 1 unit of Energy of every Energy type, and the "Multi Energy" provides 1 unit of :colorless: Energy.

    Q: When Electrode's Poke-Power "Energy Shift" is used, attaching it to a Pokemon as Special Energy, does it have the effects of things like :darkness: (Special Energy)?
    A: No, it doesn't have the effects.

    Q: If the effect of Electrode's Poke-Power "Energy Shift" causes you to exceed the number of Special Energy cards allowed by deck card-limit regulations, is that a vioation of the rules?
    A: Aside from the rule that you can have up to 2 cards of the same name in a 30 card deck and up to 4 cards of the same name in a 60 card deck, there are no card-limit regulations concerning Special Energy.

    Q: When the effect of Electrode's Poke-Power "Energy Shift" has the card being treated Energy, can it be attached to a Pokemon as Energy for your turn? Also, can something like "Energy Switch" work to move the Electrode as Energy?
    A: No, it can't be attached. As for attaching it as Energy, Electrode's Poke-Power "Energy Shift" can only be used while it's in play as a Pokemon. Also, it can't be moved with "Energy Switch". Energy Switch can only choose Basic Energy.

    Q: When I use Electrode's attack "Ion Blast" and also do 100 damage to myself, making Electrode's HP 0, can the Poke-Power "Energy Shift" be used?
    A: Yes, it can be used.

    Q: In a situation where Electrode has the Pokemon Tool "Energy Root" attached and Electrode gets Knocked Out, can the Poke-Power "Energy Shift" be used?
    A: No, it can't be used. Since the Pokemon Tool "Energy Root" is attached, all Poke-Powers or Poke-Bodies stop working and can't be used.

    Q: When turning Electrode into Energy with the effect of the Poke-Power "Energy Shift", what is the order of events? Electrode's Knock Out -> attaching as Energy to another of your Pokemon -> in between turns effects -> your turn? Also, as far as attaching the Energy, can it only be your Pokemon in play?
    A: The order of events is, Electrode's Knock Out -> attaching as Energy to another of your Pokemon -> advancing the new Active Pokemon -> opponent draws a prize -> opponent's turn ends -> in between turns effects -> your turn. If Electrode is Knocked Out during your turn, the Poke-Power "Energy Shift" can be used. Also, as for attaching the Energy, it can only be to a Pokemon you have in play when Electrode is Knocked Out.

    Q: When Ho-oh's Poke-Power "Phoenix Turn" is used, are Electrodes being used as Energy and Special Energy cards also treated as undiscardable Energy?
    A: Yes, treat them as undiscardable Energy. Since as long as it's attached to Ho-oh, Electrode is treated as a "Special Energy", it doesn't need to be discarded. The reason is that in this case you're hanging on to "Energy", which includes Basic Energy and all Special Energy.

    Q: Electrode, which was hit by the opponent's Meganium (delta)'s attack "Delta Reduction" on the opponent's last turn, increases the damage of its attack "Ion Blast" by 60 damage on my turn. In this case, is the self-damage of 100 also reduced by 30?
    A: Yes, it's reduced by 30.

    Q: Can the Poke-Power "Energy Shift" be used even if Electrode is Knocked Out by using its own "Ion Blast" attack?
    A: Yes, it can be used.

    Q: So, if Electrode is Knocked Out by damage from an attack, after the opponent draws a prize card, the Poke-Power "Energy Shift" works, treating it as a Special Energy?
    A: With the effect of Electrode's Poke-Power "Energy Shift", it is treated as an Energy from the time it's attached to a Pokemon as Energy. The order of events is: check for Knock Out -> use effect of Poke-Power -> advance new Active Pokemon -> opponent draws prize card.

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