Soul Calibur II - way to get quick gold/exp?

Discussion in 'Electronic Games' started by Misdreavus, Mar 3, 2004.

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  1. Misdreavus

    Misdreavus Member

    Does anyone know any mission in Extra Weapon Master mode (or any other mode) that is a quick way to get a lot of gold? I've been trying City of Nashira (the prize money doubles with each win), but are there any others (besides the money doubles with each win ones) that are quick and easy ways to get lots of gold? Likewise, are there any easy ways to get a lot of experience fast? I'm trying to get to level 99 (That's the highest level, right?) and buy everything in the game. I am currently at level 76 with 441600 exp points and I need 91,000 more gold to buy everything in the game. Does anyone know how many exp points are needed to reach the final level? Thanks.
  2. LifeVirus7

    LifeVirus7 New Member

    boy, are you ever off with the board to go to

    and im not sure what is an easy way to get $$$ in soul cali, but try arenas

    i think chapter 2 in secret chapter 2 is good money
  3. Misdreavus

    Misdreavus Member

    Erg... how embarrasing. I thought I was in the electronic games forum. Can a mod please move this to electronic games and delete this one? Thanks... and sorry to have mis-placed my topic.
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  4. Joe Monkey

    Joe Monkey New Member

    I'm a lv. 82 and it looks like it will take way to long to be a lv. 100. At the lv. i am it takes more exp. to reach lv. 100

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