South East PA league reforming

Discussion in 'Archive' started by Mr. Grass, Dec 17, 2003.

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  1. Mr. Grass

    Mr. Grass New Member

    With the closing of the Exton Mall Wizards of the Coast store I've looked into starting up a new league. I've got two possibilities line up and should have a location finalized by the end of the week. If anyone in the area would like to get added to the mailing list please let me know. You can e-mail, PM, or respond here to let me know. The locations I'm looking at are in West Chester and between Downingtown and Exton. If you're near any of these places and are interested in league please let me know.
  2. DarkTyranitar

    DarkTyranitar New Member

    I'm interested

    Hello Mr. Grass,

    I'm interested in participating. My son and I only had a chance to check out a Pokemon Tournament once at the Exton Square Wizards, (where we ran into you), but had a BLAST nevertheless!

    I was very dissapointed to hear that things were being discontinued there.

    My personal preference would be some place located not that far away, since we are coming from New Jersey, (roughly an hour away) and end up getting off at the PA Turnpike exit for Exton/Downingtown.
    Sooo, anything located close to the exit would be GREAT!!

    PM or email me off line with particulars if you have them or keep me updated on what transpires.


    - Tony
  3. Mr. Grass

    Mr. Grass New Member

    Well it's official. A new Pokemon League will be starting at Ground Zero Gaming in West Chester, Pennsylvania. We'll be starting this Saturday and running the league from 1pm to 4 pm. If anyone is interested in joining in pm me or respond here. Also you can check out the stores website,

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