South Jersey: Burlington, Altantic City Area, Trenton Area

Discussion in 'Prerelease Tournaments' started by PokePop, Jan 31, 2008.

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    We just a few days away from Great Expectations.

    Some of the cards in this set are going to be deck staples!
    Make sure you get some along with some very cool deck sleeves.

    Here's the details:

    Saturday Feb 2: Allied Hobbies at the Burlington Mall in Burlington NJ.
    Registration at 11am, start at Noon.

    Sunday Feb 3: Superbowl Sunday. Nothing scheduled.

    Saturday Feb 9: Jester's Playhouse in Northfield NJ.

    Sunday Feb 10: B&J's End Zone in Hamilton Square NJ. (near Trenton)

    As usual, the tournament costs $25 and you will get either 8 packs of the new set or a starter deck and 4 packs from the new set, a promo card, and a set of special card sleeves featuring a Pokemon from the new set.
    These last two are while supplies last.

    Also as usual, we will have random drawings for additional prizes during the tournament.

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