Southern Plains Regionals - Thanks and pictures!

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  1. Team Cook Mom

    Team Cook Mom New Member

    Southern Plains Regional Championships

    April 21, 2007

    The Woodlands College Park High School
    The Woodlands, Texas

    For pictures of the event, see the link below.

    236 Players: :eek: :thumb:

    91 Juniors
    57 Seniors
    88 Masters

    This was the Pokemon party of the year! Just ask any of the kids! Everything from the cool venue, to the music, to that awesome show put on by Mike and the judges during introductions... Then the tourney, the contests: Magazine Madness, Pokemon Spirit, Create-A-Card, Mystery Pokemon, PokeBall Grab, more! Oh, and the GBA Tourney! And what about all the prizes we gave away???

    12 PokeDolls (plushies), 6 Pokemon Perfumes, 24 Ultra Pro Pokemon (Red & White) Satin Deck Boxes, 5 Pokemon Magazine subscriptions, 24 Shadow Lugia cards, 20 Target exclusive Pokemon action figures sets, 9 Silver Lugia Sketch Deck Boxes, 16 (3-piece) Pikachu figure sets, 5 Large Pokemon signs we used at last year's Regionals at the Space Center. and more!

    And now, for the BIG BIG BIG BIG BIG THANKS!:clap: :clap:

    Thanks to the PLAYERS:
    Thanks to everyone who attended. It was so much fun. I was feeling sick, tired and achy. I've been under the weather, and I STILL enjoyed it a lot. I knew it was going to be great a day right from the start, when you guys didn't need much firing up! You guys were pumped, and ready to go!

    A big thanks to the JUDGES:
    Most of you had judged last year's regionals, and a few of you were in Texas judging for the first time, but ALL of you were great! It wouldn't have been the same without you. Thank you so much!

    Heidi Craig
    Phil McKinney
    Ryan Davis
    Anthony Gil
    Richard Collinsworth
    Ken Lizzarago
    John Spurlock
    Jose Eguia
    Nancy Lynch
    Patricia McCann

    And... oh, by the way, Judges, you and Mike put on a good show during the introductions. Thanks, it was great!:tongue:

    Thanks to the SUPPORT STAFF:

    You guys were great! You were there when we needed you, and even offered to stay late. Whatever we threw at you, you accomplished and completed like a true pro. The day went a lot smoother because you were there to help. Thank you!

    Jackson M**
    Debbie M**
    Teresa S.
    Maura S.
    Rick S.
    John B.
    Jeanette P.
    Carrie L.
    Karen H.
    Ginna A.
    JR W.
    Juanita S.

    ** A really special thank you to Jackson and Debbie. You guys know EVERYTHING you have done to help with this event. It's tremendous. Thank you very, very much! I'm sure the others thank you, too!

    Thanks to PUI and Mike Liesik:
    To PUI, thanks for Regionals! It was a blast again, and the kiddies enjoyed it. :thumb:
    To Mike L, thanks for being there. I know it's your job, but heck, you could have just broken into the Medical Office and taken a nap. Instead, you were out and about, mingling with the masses. I know a lot of the players really enjoyed that. Thanks again for being a gracious celebrity at our event! :biggrin:

    And now, the WINNERS:

    Juniors Div -- Jason P (pichu bros. rox)
    Seniors Div -- Austin Cook (Psyco Pedestrian) ** Yay!**
    Masters Div -- Johnny K. (Patriarch)

    Honorable Mention: Pablo M. of Mexico -- the other Celebrity of the Day!

    Thanks again... and "Great job" to everyone. We all worked as a team, and made it happen AGAIN!

    Pictures: 2007 Southern Plains Regionals, The Woodlands College Park High School.

  2. Team Cook

    Team Cook New Member

    I won't come on here and say that Mia forgot a few things. I'll just say she left a few things out so I could post.

    1. College Park High School - What a jewel. I actually wanted to hold Regionals at this school last year but the school district said no because it had just opened. I settled for Space Center.:eek:

    2. College Park Tennis Team - They had a GREAT fund raiser and took GOOD care of us. They kept the prices down on the food and drinks and still made a lot of money for the tennis team.

    3. Devon Huntoon - Lets not forget the absolutely awesome LIMITED EDITION (Only 3 in the entire world) 2007 Pokemon Southern Plains Regionals Commemorative Hot Wheels. They are numbered 1 of 3, 2 of 3, and 3 of 3. These were donated to our event by Devon, who like me, is a Hot Wheels collector. He commissioned the artist to design it and make three of them to be used as raffle items for our event. We gave away one in each age group, and we're still trying to buy one back from any of the winners!! I'll get a picture up for everyone soon.

    4. Judges & Staff - Mia didn't forget, I'm just adding my two cents. THANK YOU. Y'all were awesome

    5. Players - The support from the local players was overwhelming, and ONCE AGAIN showed WHY The Woodlands, Texas was the right choice for this tournament.

    6. Traveling Players - Thank you for joining us. I hope Regionals was as fun for you as it was for us!

    Top 4 in each division.


    1. Jason P. - The Woodlands, Texas
    2. Daniel A. - Florida
    3. Kaelyn S. - The Woodlands, Texas
    4. David M. - Dallas, Texas


    1. Austin Cook - The Wooldlands, Texas
    2. Alec N. - Plano, Texas (Dallas)
    3. Andy M. - Dallas, Texas
    4. Taylor D. - Oklahoma


    1. Johnny K. - Dallas, Texas
    2. Pablo M. - Mexico
    3. Will B. - Oklahoma
    4. Dana Lynch - Mississippi

    Thanks again to EVERYONE!
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  3. jdpk

    jdpk New Member

    You and Mike do so much for our kids, I'm glad you let us help. :thumb:
  4. Rew

    Rew Active Member

    yay for TEXAS!!! forgot honorable mention number 16, Robby---first touney in 8 months was in Woodlands!
  5. ~Blazi-King~

    ~Blazi-King~ New Member


    1. Johnny K. - Dallas, Texas
    2. Pablo M. - Mexico
    3. Will B. - Oklahoma
    4. Dana Lynch - Mississippi
    5-8. Clay Carney

    Btw, What was my Official Finish?

    BROCKS TWIN New Member

    I was fifth, due to me being the highest ranked at that time.
  7. Cyrus

    Cyrus Iron Chef - Master Emeritus

    I don't know about the 11-14 or 10-, but I have the final T16 standings for 15+:

    1st: Johnny Kettler (10-1)

    2nd: Pablo Meza (8-3)

    3rd: Will B. (8-3)
    4th: Dana L (7-4)

    5th: Robert Eguia (7-2)
    6th: Miranda C. (7-2)
    7th: Clay Carney (6-3)
    8th: Jeffrey (6-3)

    9th: Michael W. (6-2)
    10th: Frank Garino (6-2)
    11th: Rick Langenstein (6-2)
    12th: Brent Siebinkettel (5-3)
    13th: Mikey (5-3)
    14th: Jorel Ker (5-3)
    15th: Bill H. (5-3)
    16th: Elizabeth S. (5-3)
  8. Team Cook

    Team Cook New Member

    Seniors (Top 16):

    1. Austin Cook
    2. Alec N.
    3. Andy M.
    4. Taylor D.

    5. Steven E.
    6. Joseph V.
    7. Trevyn S.
    8. Grant K.
    9. Chris M.
    10. Joseph E.
    11. Adam G.
    12. Oliver F.
    13. Dylan L.
    14. Derek P.
    15. Valerie S.
    16. Robert W.
  9. Arcanine 274

    Arcanine 274 New Member


    Cameron didn't even T16?

    Wow...maybe I shouldn't wish good luck anymore :D
  10. Cyrus

    Cyrus Iron Chef - Master Emeritus

    ...Top 17. Hey, it happens, 'cause last year's champion suffered the same resistance fate. x_X
  11. Team Cook

    Team Cook New Member

    Juniors (Top 16)

    1. Jason P.
    2. Daniel A.
    3. Kaelyn S.
    4. David M.

    5. Abby C.
    6. Matthew S.
    7. Brian H.
    8. Victoria N.
    9. Miranda E.
    10. Ron K.
    11. Sarah P.
    12. Miles T.
    13. Clay J.
    14. Zack D.
    15. Ryan M.
    16. Fernando M.
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  12. pichu bros. rox

    pichu bros. rox New Member

    Why coudn't you get a pic of Seth or Trent on the roof? That was hilarious...

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