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Discussion in 'Deck Help and Strategy' started by bosoxfan818, Feb 27, 2011.

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  1. bosoxfan818

    bosoxfan818 New Member


    Combining the SP engine and a few key SP pokemon to pair with Seviper CoL to maximize damage output and speed.

    Pokemon: (13)

    Seviper x4
    Skuntank G x2
    Honchkrow G x1
    Toxi-tank G x1 (Secondary attacker if Seviper is gone)
    Promocroak x1
    Crobat G x2
    Uxie x2

    Trainers: (18)

    Poke Turn x4
    Pokemon Rescue x2
    Expert Belt x3
    Power Spray x3
    Energy Gain x2
    Super Scoop Up x3
    Luxury Ball x1

    Supporters: (12)

    Cyrus's Conspiracy x4
    Collector x3
    Seeker x2
    PONT x2
    Palmer's x1

    Stadiums: (6)

    Snowpoint Temple x2
    Miasma Valley x2
    Galactic HQ x2

    Energy: (11)

    Psychic x7
    Rescue x2
    Warp x2
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  2. UkeleleMilo

    UkeleleMilo New Member

    I'm running a similar deck to this. Well.... I'm running a seviper/skuntank g combo. BUT. I'm also wanting to get some Mightyenas to go with it. I don't see why Champion Room is necessary though... You shouldn't be needing to switch out that much. :eek:

    Also. I would max out Super Scoop and Seeker....
    -1 or 2 Pokemon Rescue for +1 or 2 Palmer's...
    and since you're (obviously) not using Weavile G for anything but call for family, I wouldn't really have more than 2 collectors in there. 3 will be redundant when you can just Weavile G for the set-up.
    Also... Why don't you have a Luxury Ball? Those are NEVER a bad addition :p search for ANY pokemon? Yes please!
    That's it. :) hope I helped
  3. bosoxfan818

    bosoxfan818 New Member

    Thanks for the suggestions. So here's what I changed.

    -1 Pokemon Rescue
    -1 Collector

    +1 Luxury Ball
    +1 Palmers
  4. cpeterik

    cpeterik New Member

    7 Stadiums is way too much, even in a deck that relies on them. And I think Miasma Valley would be the best play here. I would maybe go 3 Snowpoint, 2 or 3 Miasma Valley.
  5. bosoxfan818

    bosoxfan818 New Member

    Made some more changes.

    -1 Honchkrow G
    -1 Snowpoint
    -2 Champions Room

    +2 Seeker
    +1 Miasma Valley
    +1 Psychic
  6. bosoxfan818

    bosoxfan818 New Member

    Bump for the edited list.
  7. chopemdown

    chopemdown New Member

    -2stupid scoop ups +2 collectors
  8. Spink

    Spink New Member

    Contest Hall is questionable. Why not just change them to Snowpoint and add in extra Collector? You could also opt for Galactic HQ.

    I would also recommend Mightyena for the Gengar matchup.
  9. idrumprettywell

    idrumprettywell New Member

    take out the entirely useless 3 dce and draggy fb for 2 more scoops and 2 more collector
  10. Flareon

    Flareon New Member

    3 skuntank is a lot, you're almost asking to start with it. i would drop one for.. whatever you want, lol.
  11. bosoxfan818

    bosoxfan818 New Member

    Thanks for the advice. Here's the changes I made:

    -1 Skuntank G
    -1 Dragonite FB
    -3 DCE
    -2 Contest Hall

    +1 Collector
    +1 SSU
    +1 Miasma Valley
    +2 Galactic HQ
    +2 Warp Energy

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