Speed Donphan for states-Juniors

Discussion in 'Deck Help and Strategy' started by Pattheduke, Mar 8, 2011.

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  1. Pattheduke

    Pattheduke New Member

    Hey everyone, I'm planning on making this deck for my younger sister during states this upcoming weekend. She doesn't have too much experience playing competitive decks and has only gone to league a couple times so this will be her first tournament. I was thinking a donphan deck would be good good fit as it is an extremely simple deck yet it can still be powerful. I think it could have amazing potential especially in the juniors bracket as everyone wont be running the best decks around or know how to optimally use them for than matter.With all that said, I'm having lots of trouble coming up with a support card for donphan. I was thinking a 2-2 umbreon tech and then a 2 1 2 nidoqueen line for heals on donphan. This is what im working with so far. lemme know what you think!

    Pokemon: 22
    4-4 donphan prime
    2-2 umbreon
    2-1-2 Nidoqueen RR
    2 Uxie
    3 Smeargle

    Stadium: 3
    3 BTS

    Trainers: 10

    3 quick ball
    3 rare candy
    2 Communication
    2 Switch

    Supporters: 12
    3 bebes
    3 collector
    2 Pont
    1 Cythias Feelings
    2 Interviewers
    1 Palmers

    Energy: 13

    4 Rainbow
    9 Fighting

    Strategy is to get donphan out and swinging as fast as possible hopefully with the donk. Umbreon is there to stall out meta decks hopefully to build up a big donphan. I have seekers and magnectircs Ive thought of adding in but cant find the room. Im gonna try and get another q by Saturday so i can add that in. Any help or suggestions is appreciated!! Thanks a bunch pokegym!

  2. Darkwalker

    Darkwalker New Member

    With Donphan's weakness to water you should look at Lightning based attackers to help against those type of decks. For an inexperienced junior even something like Raichu (HGSS) could be a nice counter along with a couple Switch to bring it up when needed. I'm sure there are other even better options, like Luxray GL and it's lvl X, but the point is to give her a chance against a solid water based deck like Gyrados or Blastoise that she might see.
  3. Scorpidad

    Scorpidad New Member

    I've too have built Donphan decks for starting Juniors many times. And doing so for one this weekend. I usually add in Relicanth as a secondary attacker. It uses the same energy, is real easy to get out, has weakness to Grass instead of Water, and the ability to snipe (if opponent uses tools/stadiums) is great.

    And against other decks (G-Dos for one) the Amnesia attack can do wonders.
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