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  1. kaworu

    kaworu New Member


    Flygon ex is a beast, no weakness, great attack and a great body. The only problem is it's slow, with all the Mario/Krikky/Blissey out there it's hard for a 3 energy Stage 2 to get set up. I was thinking of faster ways of doing this, rare candies/altaria ex/fearow seemed fastest.


    4 Trapinch d 50HP
    2 Vibrava SW / Vibrava d (for fearow d)
    1 Flygon d
    3 Flygon d ex
    2 Swablu d
    2 Altaria d ex
    2 Spearow
    2 Fearow d
    2 Exeggcute d
    2 Exeggutor d
    4 Castform


    4 Mentor
    4 Candy
    4 Windstorm
    1 SSU
    3 Celio
    1 Prof elm
    3 Rowan/TGW
    1 Warp point
    1 Night Maintenance


    4 Delta energy
    8 Psychic

    This deck needs a lot of luck but in theory you should be doing T2/3 80 dmg.

    Krikky is OHKO for Flygon ex and so is Lucario (weakness). Flygon ex's sand damage is damn good, knowing that as soon as they place a basic down it's gonna take 30dmg before they can evolve (as nearly all Stage 1 decks dont run candy) Having said that nearly all Stage 1 decks run CC, ....4 Windstorms are a must, and there is no guarantee you'll get them.

    2 Eggs for Blissey and bench spread, hopefully with the bench damage from Flygon ex you can OHKO Blissey.

    Vibrava SW for bench spread to aid Flygon ex's attack. By T2 you should have a delta energy or a casty to pay for the attacks energy cost. But Vibrava isn't a delta poke so no searching for it with fearow which could be crucial if you havent hit a rare candy yet.

    Fearow for speedy T2/3 search also spearow/swablu have resistance to Mario.

    4 mentor for filling the bench for Casty, also for retrieving casty's for energy.

    The only real thing wrong is that it's still too slow when up against T2 CC decks that are dominating.

    I guess there just isn't room for Flygon anymore.

    Thoughts ideas?
  2. Ardoptres

    Ardoptres New Member

    Sadly, it is bad. I tested in, and believed it'd be good, but it just isn't.... =(
  3. redostrike

    redostrike New Member

    Hmm, i think flygon d ex is history for the moment. Those blissey's are really to fast for it when you have a blissey infront of you you will be doing 80 damage and you wil recive atleast 50 to 80 damage wich is to much to handle for you flygon ex d. As blissey draws prize cards fast you will be in disadvantage as the then draw 2 prizes. I'm not saying you cant play ex's anymore but if you still play some then play 2 of them as tech not as main attacker.

    I'm sorry but the ex's erra is over.
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