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Discussion in 'Deck Help and Strategy' started by Scipio, Mar 8, 2008.

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  1. Scipio

    Scipio New Member

    Hey Gallade. Chew on THIS.

    20 Pokémon:
    4 :colorless Altaria GE
    4 :colorless Swablu GE
    3 :colorless Togekiss GE
    2 :colorless Togetic GE
    3 :colorless Togepi GE
    4 :water: Lapras GE

    25 Trainers:
    2 Scott
    2 Crystal Beach
    3 Buffer Piece
    3 Roseanne's Research
    3 Celio's Network
    3 Rare Candy
    3 Super Scoop Up
    1 Time-Space Distortion
    2 Night Maintainance
    3 Warp Point

    15 Energy:
    15 :water: Energy

    Strategy is to charge up several Altarias instantly with Togekiss, then let Altaria consistantly do 60 while stalling 30. 50 against Gallade. 70 against Gallade when using Buffer Piece. That gives me a virtual 150 HP to Gallade, and 130 to anything else. Which isn't easy to break through like that.
  2. mrdraz07

    mrdraz07 New Member

    Mag Lv. X can snipe your benched Altarias though...I think 1-1 Dugtrio CG could really help. Have you also thought about Unown E?

    And I say this over and over again...Togekiss isn't going to yield you more than 3 or 4 energy on a consistent basis if you only run 15-16 energy, especially with Lapras taking them out of your deck. I would cut the SSU for more energy. I would think that 17 or 18 is the magical number for this deck.
  3. KAZUTO!!!

    KAZUTO!!! New Member

    Drake's Stadium? I think that's a must. Not many G&G decks nowadays play Windstorm. So

    -2 Beach
    -1 Night Maintenance
    +3 Drake's Stadium

    And yeah, Dugtrio and 17-18 Energy.
  4. mrdraz07

    mrdraz07 New Member

    Also DESPERATELY needs draw and some Unown G and/or Holon WP. Once Gardy Lv. X starts Bringing you Down, you kinda lose.

    G&G has always played Windstorm and still will because Crystal Beach slows them down a lot. Some will even start playing Battle Frontier, which hurts this deck a lot.
  5. Scipio

    Scipio New Member

    So what you guys are basically saying is...

    + 2 Dugtrio cards
    + Unown E
    + 3 Drake's Stadium
    - 2 Crystal Beach
    - 1 Night Maintainance
    + x amount of drawing cards
    + 3 energy

    Now, you could correct me if I'm wrong but er...doesn't a deck maxes out, kinda at 60? See my problem here?

    Also mrdraz, if you hang out on the beach you might've seen the fact that I wrote a little article about how Togekiss is severely overhyped, and how it doesn't always yeild 5 energy like some players think. I got my math straight, thank you very much.
  6. Magic_Umbreon

    Magic_Umbreon Researching Tower Scientist, Retired

    Play different draw and a mentor over a roseanne's so you have lots of options with scott and lapras.
  7. KAZUTO!!!

    KAZUTO!!! New Member

    Maybe take out a 1-1-1 Togekiss line? That would at least help you somewhat.Cut back on the SSU (Down to only 2, maybe 1), and Warp Point down to 2. Take out a Candy and put in a Ceilio's. Now you have room for two draw cards. You need 6.

    This is tough. You need to cut 4 cards, yet you have only the bare essentials. Maybe take out an Energy and both SSUs, and a Lapras. Maybe that. Now put in:

    4 POV
    2 Mars
  8. mrdraz07

    mrdraz07 New Member

    I'm tired of arguing about Togekiss with everyone on the gym :(

    Super Scoop Up is just a nombo with Togekiss. You don't really want to re-use one because after the first two, your chances of getting any energy at all (after you average 3 for 2 of them) is drastically reduced. Besides, why would you want to scoop up your secondary attacker?
  9. fragnito

    fragnito New Member

    i actually tried the same deck
    4 pachirisu
    3-3 altaria
    2-2 claydol
    3-2-3 togekiss
  10. metagross

    metagross New Member

    Having heavily experienced with Togekiss in all kinds of different builds lately, I can safely say that if you play 16 basic energy, you will be lucky to pull 3 with a Kiss. More often 2 or 1. I like 18-20 basic Energies when playing with Togekiss which can get me 4 energies per Kiss more often than not.

    Also, since this deck seemingly counters Gallade, wouldnt it be better to just play Banette which has a vastly superior matchup against GG? Just saying that this will have a hard time beating anything that besides GG.
  11. mrdraz07

    mrdraz07 New Member

    Finally, someone agrees with me.

    And funnily enough, this deck doesn't do that great against G&G. "Oh, I can't do damage to you? I'll just level up and Bring Down everything." This deck will probably do a lot better against Magmortar than G&G once the Dugtrio tech is in here.
  12. FlareonEX

    FlareonEX New Member

    You can't stal speed. That isn't stalling
  13. Scipio

    Scipio New Member


    Anyway, this deck is just meant for heavy GG metas. I dont like Banette. Something about him rubs me the wrong way. Togekiss is here because sometimes, you NEED those 2/3 energy in order to power up Altaria in time.

    Also, let Gardy try that. If it's not prized. Or if they don't sustain any damage in the process. I can Warp Point some stuff towards them so that they'll have damaged things on the bench, which can hurt Bring Down.

    FEX: Whatever you say, you don't get the point.

    By the by, whoever said SSU is specifically for Togekiss? Its an option, yes, but why not damaged Altarias?
  14. mrdraz07

    mrdraz07 New Member

    With people like you starting arguments over the dumbest stuff, I really DON'T need to be here. Why do you need to start yelling at me over something we agree on? You can do that all you want, but be warned that people won't want to help you in the future.

    Or maybe you should try BLOODY READING WHAT I HAVE TO SAY. I said if you're running 15-16 energy you can't expect decent results from every single Kiss you pull off, especially the ones after the first one. Maybe you should do the math again.
  15. vietgamer1021

    vietgamer1021 New Member

    i used to run this deck, but it dies to rogue (since me and my freinds all run rogue)

    use boost energy

    my list had claydol in it, it worked very well, but it only has 80 HP (2HKO by lots fo things) and only does 60 damage (cant even OHKO pachi/absol/stantler and cant 2HKO bigg tanks gallade/empoleon/blissey)

    it works and is consistent but its just not strong enouhg

    if u want my list PM me or ask here
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