Springfield Spring BR Report

Discussion in 'Battle Roads' started by rerisenphoenix, Jun 7, 2008.

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  1. rerisenphoenix

    rerisenphoenix New Member

    No one in my area plays Metagame, so I chose to play G&G, as I knew it would do well.

    Round 1 vs James P (Blissey/Garchomp)
    I got a T-3 Gallade, along with a Dusknoir Dark Palm to scoop his nearly stocked Garchomp. It was my game from there.
    W 1-0

    Round 2 vs Luis L (Blissey/Banette)
    I got a T-2 Gallade that could attack turn 3, and, thanks to his not knowing that Happy Chance could attach a basic as part of the attack, I dominated.
    W 2-0

    Round 3 vs Josh A (Infernape/Moltres)
    I get a T-3 Gallade rolling, and he whiffs a Moltres flip and a SSU flip.
    W 3-0

    Round 4 vs Daniel V (Darkrai/Tyranitar)
    I get a T-3 Gallade again, and hit him before he can evolve his Pupitar into Tyranitar.
    W 4-0

    So, since I'm undefeated, I'm the 1 seed, and standings look like this:
    1) Me
    2) Daniel V
    3) Eric
    4) Keelan D

    Top 4 vs Keelan D (Blissey/Banette)
    Game 1
    I get another T-3 Gallade, and knock stuff out for the rest of the game, cause he can't get a Banette 'til like turn 7 or 8.

    Game 2
    To put it simply, I get a Gallade, a Gardevoir, and 2 Claydols out T-4.
    W 5-0

    Top 2 vs Eric (Beedrill)
    Game 1
    T-2 Gallade, start attacking T-3. He has a Beedrill prized, and, after Sonic Blading a few turns, he finally knocks out Gallade. However, I bring up Gardy X, and pick off his Bees.

    Game 2
    T-2 Gallade that starts attacking T-3. This time it's not even close.
    W 6-0

    So I finally go undefeated at a tournament (yay!).

    -Steve for another great tournament
    -Eric making Top 2, considering he never plays

    -Not really any:thumb:
  2. edwarpy

    edwarpy New Member

    WTG man! Bring your undefeated self to Wichita tomorrow, we'll see if we can get something
    cooking for your slops column. Just kidding, really, stay far away... :wink:
  3. GengarEatsYourFace

    GengarEatsYourFace New Member

    -Steve for another great tournament
    -Eric making Top 2, considering he never plays

    You're joking right? I get no props?! That was the battle road from...well, since it will be censored anyway....from Satan's very home!!! I busted chops for that tourney cuz SOMEONE was too busy with a little YGO Regional!

    I'm just giving you a hard time. Good job! See you next weekend. :D

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