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Discussion in 'State/Province/Territory Championships' started by SuicidalPikachu, Mar 9, 2008.

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  1. SuicidalPikachu

    SuicidalPikachu New Member

    ok, we got there at like 9:45ish and they were already allowing deck chacks (not supposed to until 10:30 but i wasnt complaining) I was playing Pramawat/Super Wooper's Blaziken magmortar deck. in the first round they announced to no more high-roll rule, i was sad...

    ROUND1: Grumpig/Mismagius

    well, i started w/ Magmar and he warped up my baltoy, and we both got set-up for about half the match.. the starting claydol never died too... we KO'd eachother for like 2 prizes, then i brought up Blaziken and sniped his bench till time was called, it was a close match.


    ROUND2: GG

    uh, he started with misdreavus, but he topped a roseanne's so i couldnt donk him.. ended up having him bring down for the prize and time called.


    ROUND3: Darkrai/Weavile/Pidgeot

    i got T1 Blaziken GE and rolled through him, not much to say here...


    ROUND4: Lucario/Bannette

    we swapped KOs until he was out of resources and he scooped.


    ROUND4: Dialga/Venusaur

    OMG, this round was so annoying, she skipped like 3 of my turns IN A ROW!!! however, every time i COULD attack, i KO'd. ended up going down to time because apparently i attached an energy when i didnt and couldnt one-shot the venusaur. i still won though.


    ROUND5: Mirro-match Pramawat

    he got T2 Dugtrio and i didnt see that coming at all, we had a REALLY close match and it came down to 1 prize each, his blaziken on the bench with 10hp left, and my inability to snipe... :nonono: still, he's a rlly good player and i give him props for the deck AND the tech that killed me, apparently my match was the only one that he ever used it in.


    i ended up going 13th, BUT they had a Rouchester draft so i signed up for that, he's my deck for it, and im not lying...

    Pokemon: 25

    3-2-2 Butterfree

    2-2 Claydol

    2-2 Cacturn

    2-2 Grovyle

    2-2-1 Wigglytuff

    1 Pachirisu

    Energy: 15

    2 Dark
    3 Fighting
    10 Grass

    i know what you are thinking, and let me tell you, somebody PASSED me the 2nd claydol... i ended up going undefeated and getting 6 packs in which i pull nothing.
  2. ixidor89

    ixidor89 New Member

  3. totoro

    totoro Active Member

    Nah, it was a standard pass draft. Rochester is where everyone sees all the cards in the center of the table and pulls one at a time. It takes a longer time (we might still be there!) but is really fun. We did one in NC last year at Jeff's regionals. Maybe I can twist Laurel's arm this year and do another in MD..:lol:
  4. SuicidalPikachu

    SuicidalPikachu New Member

    i prefer prerelease style drafts, but i cant rlly complain cause it made my god-like Limited abilities even better.. ask any1 at aardvarks, i am teh king of limited.
  5. ninetales1234

    ninetales1234 <a href="http://pokegym.net/gallery/browseimages.p

    Gosh, Robbie should read the rules. Right there on the POP website plain as day:
    section 1.2.3 :tongue:
    Sealed deck
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  6. SuperWooper

    SuperWooper New Member

    Actually, I had no hand in designing the list (plus, I failed with it at Maryland ;x). But yeah, it's a solid build. Nice showing on Saturday, and GJ on your draft deck. Tyrogue flips!

    See you at Regionals.
  7. KaMewie

    KaMewie New Member

    Good job. Nice draft deck :thumb: .
  8. Ardoptres

    Ardoptres New Member

    Too bad.
    It's a good deck.
  9. SuicidalPikachu

    SuicidalPikachu New Member

    yea, great job makin it to T2 SuperWooper, i was hopin u'd win but Reed's cool too.

    i know Swiss and single elim tournaments and those are the ones that rlly count so idc wut the others are called. and Tyrogue flips rule!
  10. SHPanda

    SHPanda New Member

    Whooo Dugtrio :)

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