SS Breloom vs. SS Cacturne?

Discussion in 'Cards: Strategy and Rulings Discussion' started by penguin_master, Dec 16, 2003.

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  1. penguin_master

    penguin_master New Member

    What are the pros and cons of using each pokemon in a deck. Someone please help me!
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  2. Spectreon

    Spectreon New Member

    SS Breloom
    Can Poison the defending Pokemon for C
    Can hit active for 50, witout applying Resistance
    Slightly easier to pull (Uncommon vs Holo)
    Can build up faster in a G deck (SS Shroomish Growth Attack)
    Can Apply Weakness to its attack

    Not completly Splashable :)fighting: :colorless :colorless attack)
    Has to use its attack to Poison
    The only resistance to Grass is Metal, and Metal Energy still reduces attack
    Can only hit active Pokemon
    10 less HP

    SS Cacturn
    Can Posion without attacking
    Completely Splashable (Cacnea, :colorless and Cacturn, :colorless :colorless :colorless )
    Can hit any Pokemon for 40 without applying any effects on attack
    It looks cooler in your deck (It is a Holo after all, though not really a pro/con issue...)
    Can hit active Metal type for 40 every time, despite # of Metal NRG on it
    10 more HP

    Well its PokePower makes it more seceptable to certian cards (Muk EX, and others)
    Can only hit active for 40
    Cannot apply Weakness to attack
    If it is not attacked for actual damage, its Poison Payback doesnt work
    Harder to Pull (Holo vs UC)

    w/:fire: - tie
    no r - tie
    1 retreat - tie
    Stage 1 - tie
    3 Energy to attack - tie
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  3. GuardianTIM

    GuardianTIM New Member

    Well, this is what Breloom is breloom.jpg (very impressive, actually, except that I'd have expected it to either be :fighting: type, or have a different attack instead.), but what does Cacturne do? They don't have the Scan on Pok├ęschool, and I don't have the card myself.
  4. WaRrIoR04

    WaRrIoR04 New Member

    cacturn vs ss breloom

    cacturn wins this one 80 hp stage one for :colorless :colorless :colorless he does 40 to any pokemon on your opponents side of the field and poison payback makes the defending pokemon poisoned if it damages cacturn it can be used in any deck i use with boost energy and it does quite well
  5. Spectreon

    Spectreon New Member

    Oops, I forgot, Cacturn does have 80HP.... edited above post....

    Oh yeah, I think Cacturn is way better too. Hitting anybody without any reducers applied is sweet. Who cares if it does 10 less damage to the active, the not wasting a turn to poison will make up for it I think.
  6. SwampertEX

    SwampertEX New Member

    I would choose Cacturne any day due to splashability.One Boost and ur attacking turn 2. There's my 2 cents.

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