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    Hi i'm new here at pokegym and i would like to start a new fan fic, so i figured i might as well give a little introduction of what to expect.

    The story focuses Sasha, a dark-eyed 19-year-old with strange white hair. He is a strong and silent warrior who weilds two katanas that have the ability to capture the souls of fallen pokemon, he is then able to relay their powers back at his enemys. He has a morbid past that is largely hidden from him, but the promise of discovering its secrets drives him to fullfil a "destiny" bestowed upon him by the Divide.

    I don't want to give out too much but i will try to upload the first chapter soon! :smile:

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    Alright here's ch1! know that this story does contain some more dark and serious themes so please don't be effended pleas!

    Pokémon-Divided Robin p
    Chapter-1 –Bloodlines
    Sasha walked slowly towards the dark-haired trainer, his abnormally white hair flow lifelessly behind him. His thin frame played well with his grayish-black trench coat and steel earrings. His pale skin shown lightly beneath his fingerless gloves and torn T-shirt. “Step down!” Shouted Sasha, his dark voice booming over the beckoning winds and cracking of dry thunder. “You have been defeated, accept that! Relinquish all your Pokémon to me!” the dark-haired boy, nearly six years younger than Sasha began to rise to his feet.

    “Why? Why are you doing this?” he said, grumbling with pain while clutching his stomach. “Why do you want my Pokémon?”

    “You truly are ignorant, Pokémon don’t belong here.” Sasha stated smugly. “When I capture all Pokémon, then I and my brothers will absorb their lives; and we will fulfill our destinies.”

    The dark-haired boy grabbed at his belt and threw three poke balls into the thin evening air. The red and white spheres where illuminated by the dark crimson sun shining dimly over the mountainous horizon. “Frosslass! Alakazam! Blazeikin! Come out!” The boys frown turned into an arrogant grin. “Let’s see you deal with this! Without Pokémon you don’t stand a chance.”

    Sasha stepped forward, bowed his head and drew two silver katanas from his back. Sasha realized the immense power he could gain by absorbing the souls of these three Pokémon and immediately began to think of tactics that could give him a fast wind without killing the creatures. The Blazekin attacked first, it swung a broad leg straight at his head. Sasha struck upward and knocked the two-legged Pokémon flat on its back; “soul of Blazekin, give yourself to me!” Immediately a light purple orb began to float slowly out of the injured Pokémon, it moved closer and divided into two before fading into Sasha’s swords.

    “What the heck!?” Shouted the trainer, a sorrrowful and decrepit expression lined his face as he watched the Pokémon rot into history. “What was that?”

    Sasha smiled evilly, that was your Pokémon’s soul being absorbed into my sacred blades!” The Froslass charged in next, “fool! I just consumed a soul of fire; and you send in allies of ice?” He slashed outward while shouting, “Soul of flames, come out!” The swords were instantly engulfed by white-flames. The blows dealt heavy damage to Froslass, breaking its guard and allowing Sasha to take another strike at the ice ghost. “Your soul too shall be mine!” Said Sasha calmly as another pale sphere tore itself away from the Pokémon’s body.

    The other trainer stared desperately at the fading Pokémon, his eyes watering with tears. “Alakazam, aim at his swords! Break them and release those trapped hearts!” The psychic Pokémon took careful aim and shot a powerful energy beam at the two swords. Sasha held the weapons together ready to block the attack. The beam struck with such intense force that the ground began shack rapidly, the chaos was heightened further by the high-pitch screams that seemed to be emitted from the twin blades. “Gaggh! What is that?!” Shouted the boy; calling off his attack.

    Sasha lowered his swords and deepened his smile. “That; that was the sound of your Pokémon absorbing the pressure of your own attacks!” He growled, slurring his final words.

    The trainer was shocked, his face void of all emotion. “You used my Pokémon’s soul as a bastion against my own attacks?”

    “Yes, it’s almost a perfect fighting style but it stills drains the strength of the souls and that doesn’t come back to them in this demeaning state.”

    “You mean, every time you use them, they get weaker? And eventually, they’ll die?”

    “Indeed, when used enough: they will perish.”

    The boy looked questioningly at Sasha’s intimidating figure, his eyes welling with anger and despair. “How many? How many hundreds of souls dwell in those barbaric weapons? I said how many damnit!?”

    Sasha sighed, he felt pity for the boy, for the first time in his life he felt compelled to do something other than his duty, he felt compelled to let the boy live. “Go boy, take your remaining Pokémon and run home before I take whatever else you have; including your life.”

    any constructive critisiscm is welcome!

    Another question: am i able to indent? because it keeps de-formating my paper.
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