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  1. dld4a

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    could some one please tell me the order that things are done at the set up part of the game. I'm mostly interested in where the coin flip, mulligan resolution, and setting your active fall in relation to each other.
  2. Broken Lizard

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    From the Basic Rules for Pokémon:

    • Flip a coin to decide who goes first. You can use your special Pokémon coin, if you have one.
    • Shuffle your deck and draw a starting hand of seven cards. Put the rest of your deck face down in front of you.
    • You and your opponent each choose a Basic Pokémon card from your hands and put them face down. These will be your starting Active Pokémon.
    • Each player may, if he or she wishes, choose up to five Basic Pokémon cards from his or her hand and put them face down on his or her Bench (this is where Pokémon wait when they're not Active Pokémon).
    • After each player has put down his or her Basic Pokémon, put the top six cards of your deck face down in front of you. These are your Prizes, which you take when your opponent's Pokémon are Knocked Out. You can't look at a Prize card until you take it.
    • Then show your hand to your opponent, shuffle it back into your deck, and draw seven new cards. Your opponent can then choose to draw an extra card. If you still don't have any Basic Pokémon cards in your new hand, you repeat this process, but your opponent can draw an extra card each time!
    • Flip over all of the Active and Benched Pokémon that have been put on the table.

    This, of course, is fouled up badly.

    The mulligan check should be right after the opening draw, before any Pokémon are placed out.

    Prizes are only placed after each player has Pokémon layed out on the table.

    It is important that the flip and decision as to who goes first is made before hands are drawn.
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