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Discussion in 'State/Province/Territory Championships' started by Xuii2-the-cleric, Mar 25, 2011.

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  1. Xuii2-the-cleric

    Xuii2-the-cleric New Member

    Does anyone know when the states medals are coming.
    I won a medal week one and haven't heard any news
  2. Box of Fail

    Box of Fail New Member

    It'll probably take awhile, but does it really matter when they come?
  3. Team Cook

    Team Cook New Member

    Mid to late April.
  4. Xuii2-the-cleric

    Xuii2-the-cleric New Member

    thanks guys
  5. Blue Blur

    Blue Blur New Member

    Still no sign of them...
  6. Vulpix Yolk

    Vulpix Yolk New Member

    Yep, yet to receive mine as well...
  7. ace_201

    ace_201 New Member

    Woo. I love not having my prize support from a tournament that happened two months ago!
  8. Blue Blur

    Blue Blur New Member

    I'm still waiting...

    Did they go down that alleyway? Go after them! NOW!
  9. Colts8729

    Colts8729 New Member

    haven't gotten mine yet.....
  10. chriscobi634

    chriscobi634 New Member

    haven't received mine either. Oh wait I didn't go to States this year.:tongue:
  11. Viva piñata

    Viva piñata Active Member

    give them time it took at least 4 months for the city medals from a couple of years ago to be sent out and i was fine with waiting you dont want them to rush and make horrible medals do you ?
  12. losjackal

    losjackal Technical Administrator

    You could cut an amateur the slack you're proposing, but a professional organization properly plans to make them ahead of time, especially factoring in the necessary quality so they aren't rushed and don't end up "horrible". Last year they had heavy glass trophies in place to be awarded at the tournaments. Clearly something went differently this year, but it creates a poor experience when the hundreds of winners have to wait months to receive.
  13. Blue Blur

    Blue Blur New Member

    Yeah, agreed. I understand with what happened the last few months; but on the other hand, at the end of the day, Pokemon is a business that aims to deliver their product; like any other business. We, in this instant, didn't get our product (medals) for which we paid money (entry fees/card packet costs/deck sleeves etc.) hence they fell short of the mark. I'm not bashing the company (I truly admire some of the things they've done - Black and White's wifi features so far have astounded me and others) but on the other hand this prize support is lacking badly.
  14. baby mario

    baby mario Front Page Article Editor<br><a href="http://pokeg

    Entry fees and card sleeves don't count.

    That money goes to the TO (pays for the venue) or Ultra Pro (or whoever makes the sleeves)

    Not getting medals is a bit annoying, and it probably upsets some Juniors, but everyone else should be able to wait patiently without moaning.
  15. Dogface89

    Dogface89 New Member

    Its been so long I almost forgot I won States:lol::biggrin:. I would like my medal soon. Anyway I hope the medals are worth the wait. I would like to see quality in the medals after not getting the nice trophies of yesteryear.

  16. nnaann

    nnaann New Member

    Gotta disagree with you here :wink:.

    Entry Fees support Pokemon in a huge way, because they're reliant on volunteers to run their events. If those people can't afford to pay their venue costs, then Pokemon suffers in a big way because they will have a lack of people who are able to run their events. There are even TOs who make a profit from events, and might not be motivated to run their events without it.

    Events promise prizes to their contestants, in return for an entry fee. It seems pretty unfair to me that players keep their end of the bargain, for those prizes not to be avaliable on a regular basis to them. If I refused to pay my entry fee to a tournament, I'm sure I'd not be allowed to play.

    The sleeves part is true, although some Ultra Pro sleeves have Pokemon designs on them which means they pay Pokemon for that right, and a lot of people use their sleeves from PRs for events as well.

    I'm not hugely bothered that I haven't recieved my medal yet, but if medals are important enough to be given out at events as the main prizes, they should be given out on time. If Play! Pokemon offer prizes from events nearly 2 months ago that still haven't arrived, with no real communication to keep those people with medals owed up to date, then I'd say people have the right to complain as much as they'd like.
  17. Blue Blur

    Blue Blur New Member

    I wouldn't usually say this...but that post irritates me incredibly. I'm sure anybody who has won a medal would disagree with you on that.

    Are you telling me we should be made to wait sy, 3 years before even a picture of, not the actual medal itself, emerges? Then we can wait say another 2 years for them to be sent out?

    This is of course an exaggeration but for someone to blatantly say "you should wait patiently" I really have to say this:

  18. baby mario

    baby mario Front Page Article Editor<br><a href="http://pokeg


    I still haven't got a medal I won in 2009, and I don't disagree with myself.

    Seriously, what are you going to do? All the whining in the world won't get your medal one day faster. Waiting is your only choice. P!P LOVES giving out medal to kids, if it is delayed it's because it is out of their control.
  19. Blue Blur

    Blue Blur New Member

    What event was that 2009 medal from? You ought to look into that, maybe an email to P!P will help.

    You imply I'm whining. I object to that statement. I am merely voicing my concern over prizes which seem not to exist despite being advertised on the tournament locator on the official website. As is fair for anybody in this position. It is disconcerting to wait so long, regardless of circumstance. You can't expect me to just let these things go, it takes effort to earn them in the first place, as you well know, and the winners deserve to have them. Once again, I am not bashing the company; contrary to it, I am merely pointing out the growing concern of myself and others in the long hard wait until we receive the medals.
  20. SD PokeMom

    SD PokeMom Mod Supervisor Staff Member

    reposted with permission from OP...


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