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  1. KingdomHearts

    KingdomHearts New Member

    I just got back into the game after a longish break and need help with with my deck:smile:

    4-3 steelix prime
    2-2 blissy
    1 azelf
    1 chatot
    1-0-1 nidoqueen
    1-1 lanturn prime
    2 uxie

    1 psychic
    2 metal
    2 electric
    4 double colorless
    4 special metal

    1 luxury ball
    2 expert belt
    2 engineers adjustments
    2 rare candy
    2 switch
    1 old amber
    1interveiwer's question
    1 lucian' assingment'
    2energy exganger
    1 warp point
    4 professer oaks theory
    2 pokemon collecter
    1 cynthia feelings
    2 conductive quarry
    1 palmer's contrubution

    statagy:tank with steelix and use lanturn prime to counter fire as well as deal heavey damege because of energy costs, uxie and chatot for draw.
    NOTE: i don't have uxie lv.x
    thanks in advance:smile:
  2. Organic

    Organic New Member

    i would suggesting running jirachi rr and a twins engine to get steelix set up. along with call energy. yeah, theyll take about 2-3 before youre setup, but its amazing and hard to kill.
  3. KingdomHearts

    KingdomHearts New Member

    thank you! any others?
  4. chopemdown

    chopemdown New Member

    befor starting you HAVE to HAVE skuntank G in this deck without a shadow of a doubt

    -2 prof aoks +2 skunktank G -1 cynthias feeling +1conductive quarry

    2 cynthias guidance or else the old ambers a waste its gonna be a pain trying to get it and it can help you get rare candy as well........ i think nidoqueen might be a little bit of a waste but if you wanna run ittt feel free? i would -2rare candy -2 nido line and -1 psych energy -chatot +2 moomoo milk +2 seeker +2 cynthias guidance

    hope it helps

    go check out skunktank g tho he needs to be in there
  5. TeamOG

    TeamOG New Member

    Here man, i run steelix. Play this list for your best match ups an what not. worst is fire,Sp isnt hard to beat with it anb Vilegar is even
    4-4 steelix
    1-1Dialga lvl x
    2 uxie
    1 luxball
    2 belt
    2 warp
    2 bucks
    2 PONT
    3 potion
    3moo moo
    3 life herb
    3 bebes
    3 collector
    3 seeker
    3 Engineers
    4 Sp metal
    4 DC
    6 basic metal

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    Skunktank G does not need to be in Steelix, only helps verse one match up out of the top 5 Decks. Trust me on my list. Its a great build for this meta
  6. chrataxe

    chrataxe New Member

    Now I understand your Steelix vs Lostgar matchup MUCH better. You aren't running Skuntank (a must) and no Judge, but you are playing Engineers and 3 Seekers....your analysis may be correct against this list.

    You DEFINITELY should run Skuntank G. It helps in SO many match ups, especially anything that has Rescue. Some ideas:

    PLAY A STARTER. Sableye, Spiritomb, Smeargle, or Jirachi, it doesn't matter, even Skarmory isn't HORRIBLE (though the worst of the 5).
    Like Organic said, Jirachi Twins engine is awesome.
    Junk Arm, VS Seeker, Volkner, and Judge are musts, as is healing cards. I prefer Life Herbs.

    That should get you going pretty well. If you have specific questions, PM me.
  7. TeamOG

    TeamOG New Member

    ok??? Skunktank is so bad, I have been playing Steelix for over 6 years, i know how to play my deck thank you. Ur telling me i built this wrong? i even played dark steelix an Beat LBS Nidoqueen Metanight MewTrick lol the match up is 60-40 LostWorld lol u need a lot to do to beat it. Spiritomb is the worst playever in Steelix with Junk arm, U cant really discard cards often. but i see what ur talking about over all
  8. mollymotesnotbanned

    mollymotesnotbanned New Member



    Your list needs some work. The guy was giving you some advice and you didn't have to come off at him like that. Now since that is done.. Diag should be used as a tech for VileGar and some other decks that is it...You have no starters which will kill you. Luxchomp will crush your list cause of how slow your deck is. I would have one seeker in it at the most. Your energy count is good, but you need to run judge. At least 3 i run 4 in my deck...You have to disrupt your opp to slow them down, and i really do not see anything in here. Your steelix line can be brought down to a 3 3 or a 4 3. I would run a SF Steelix for going against an umblock deck..
  9. chrataxe

    chrataxe New Member

    Not sure what that has to do with the price of tea in China, steelix prime has been out less than a year. I didnt say run spiritomb with junk arm, I said run a starter, possibly spiritomb and a junk arm engine is awesome in the deck, those were separate ideas. If you are asking, yes, you built it wrong said

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  10. TeamOG

    TeamOG New Member

    if i built it wrong then how do i win???? u dont need a starter lol U start with Onix an turn two Steelix for 30 or 50 lol If i built it wrong then why do i beat none sp decks easy outside of fire? we have to play lol
    Do u have trouble with sp with your build? cause i dont, I wreck Sp with out trying. I tryed the Jirachi engine its to slow plus u dont want to give them early game prizes.

    ---------- Post added 03/09/2011 at 11:16 AM ----------

    Umm ok why do u think i Run Dialga 0.o Second strike Takes care for that match up lol no starters, thats comedy I start with Onix an win with Steelix, i tryed all these Steelix builds. they all are trash, if they work so well why are they not top cuting like they should? i let my brother play my steelix all year an he top cutted everytime.

    on another note,Luxchomps match up said i lost is so wrong,I crush that noob deck in my sleep, only way they win is if they have the chicken or ERL.
    so please add me on skype an play me vs this list. Nicholas schutte thank you
    Last edited: Mar 9, 2011
  11. chrataxe

    chrataxe New Member

    Lol, first, we have to get a few things right. You beat sp for the same reason fire beats you, its a bad matchup. Second, you dont deat dialga, dialga destroys your. build. You cant ohko dialga and you dont disrupt his healing and you cant search your healing and lost remove will eat you alive. And, how are your non sp matchups? Atrocious? Vilegar levels down dialga and you dont play judge, or skuntank, so you walk right into fainting spell everytime and get eaten alive by poltergiest, near autoloss for your build. Since you dont play judge, gyarados easily sets up and discarding their stadium wont help because you arent judging. Without skuntank, you cant ohko them or avoid rescue energy.

    As far as top cuts go, what division is he in? Tearing through theme decks in juniors doesnt count. And, for the record, steelix actually did very well in cities. I won one and lost in top four finishing 3rd with a jirachi build. Another won in GA that ran smeargle as a starter. Another placed 3rd in a VERY large se asian (singapore maybe, cant remember) tourny, large meaning bigger than most of our states, it ran spiritomb. The real question is, if your build is so great, why isnt it winning?

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  12. chrataxe

    chrataxe New Member

    Oh, and I think it won 2 cities in europe, one with gyarados and one with magnezone

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  13. TeamOG

    TeamOG New Member

    True Lets get a Few things right, they won a few,not enough to make the top meta decks.Those match ups u say i auto lose, ur points are kinda wrong tbh, not to burst your bubble, but did u ever think the player knows how to play around the ish u named with the deck? Yea Vileger can Level me down, but i dont lose the match up.My brother,he's in 11-14. In cali there meta-game is like the masters meta.He doesn't fold to Vileger or Gyaradoes in fact. He has only Folded to Blazican FB X or ERL. Dialga Doesn't eat my Build up,But lost Remover does. thats a Given. Skunktank helps a lil but not enough for me to put it in. Like i said Vileger is tough but i dont lose it autoly, If thats true then I'm Obama. Lets go back to Dark Steelix, did it run any techs for match ups?no an it still did fine. you dont need extra Bulk in the deck to have it run better. for Example,I played Steelix at the US nats last year, missed the cut by 3 spots an my record was 6-3. I lost to ERL two matches an got Donked by Pluff. I didnt run DArk Weevlie or Lanturn or any of that. I ran a 4-4 Steelix an 3-3 Claydol lol. U say i cant one shot Gyaradoes, when there unBelted i hit for 120 with belt play Bucks 130 an i get to draw two cards. Now we have to break down what Gyaradous ur talking about, Sable-eye or Speeddoes, Sable-eye i wreck, just by the heal in the deck. SpeedDoes is a very hard match up but doesn't mean i fold to it. If i'm really worred about Vileger i will tech in a Regice to Discard trainers along side Blissy Platnum to bleed my hand from the poltergiest Damage if needed. your stuck looking at the list on paper than thinking what it can do,IF ur so right then play the decks vs my Steelix an prove to me i auto lose those match ups.To you i Built it wrong, to me your build is wrong. Its not about having every counter in the game in your deck for match ups, Its knowing how to play it Vs ur match ups.Its all about the techs, All these SP counters would be winning, but their not."Its all about the player knowing his match ups an Knowing how to play smart with what's in his Deck"-Martin Moreno.
  14. taberlong

    taberlong New Member

    How about yall stop arguing/hijacking the OPs thread and get back on topic :)
  15. chrataxe

    chrataxe New Member

    I apologize, I didnt realize discussing steelix lists in a steelix thread was off topic.

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  16. chrataxe

    chrataxe New Member

    All bad theorymon starts with the word if. IF gyarados isnt belted...even still, you run 2 bucks and they run rescue energy. Also, I never said steelix was a top meta deck, you said if those others are so good, why arent they top cutting, I just pointed out that they are. If you are asking, I do think it is a top deck, it had the fourth highest winning percentage in cities behind sablelock, lux, and dialga, and those were all lists that ran starters and skunyank. For dialga, I didnt say lost remover, I said lost remove, dialgas attack, it does eat you alive. Im not telling you to tech against every thing in the meta, im telling you skuntank helps EVERY non sp matchup.

    I find it quite ironic that this debate all stems from you saying lostgar is 60/40 against steelix, then you defending how great your list is. If your list is so good, why cant it beat lostgar consistently? Mine can, and it also beats dialga, lux, vilegar, gyarados, and most other top meta decks with very few exceptions.

    And, for the record, NO seniors meta is equal to master.

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  17. TeamOG

    TeamOG New Member

    U run tank i dont, Plus i was testing lost world to see the match up. I dont like the tank in the deck at all,I dont have trouble outside sp cause i know my match ups,I'm glad ur a smart players an such, but if u know your match ups u dont need such cards. I dont play often in Citys or states. I build more tbh. I test what i build an from my testing i see the decks weak points an what not. If i ran tank i would beat lost world 60-40 steelix. just hit me in my Inbox so we can talk abouit this more.
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