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Discussion in 'City Championships' started by Squirtle, Jan 11, 2008.

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  1. Squirtle

    Squirtle <a href="

    Back from my month long 'vacation' from PokeGym I figured i'd post a little about my cities.

    Week 1:Duluth & Austell , GAI found myself going north this week. The only cities in FL where south FL. AKA Randieville . Overall they were like 5-6 hours from my house, it was only 4 hours to GA, so we went north. I ran Gallade/Absol. It was not pretty on saturday as I CRUISED to a 6-1 day, losing to my dad in t2 , literally on a coin flip. Sunday, much like saturday it was fairly easy all day.When people aren't prepared for absol it's a beast. I went 7-0 and first place.

    13-1 at cities

    Week 2:Orlando & Melbourne, FL This was the week of Sci-Fi CC. This tournament is always HUGE, it's in central orlando and the league is around 60-70 players weekly. Same as week 1, I decided to run absol/G&G The tournament however starts poorly as I get t2d by a banette. the match is so heavily in my favor i'm disguisted. Especially considering this kid is a randie and decided to FOLD a game which he won on t2 to hurt my resistance. In the end I go 5-1, I miss cut at 5th place. Apparantly I accuse our PTO of organizing the whole concession of the kid from rd1... This later became known as the "Craig Conspiracy".

    Sunday.Once again I run G&G. I start off cruising, 2-0. Round 3 I end up losing due to 2 prizes ralts and one of my night maitenance, I never draw the other. I sac'd a ralts t2 so I fight with a long poke all game. I finish the tournament at 4-1, only to once again miss cut as 5th place.

    22-3 at cities

    Week 3: Kissimmee & Brandon, FL This was prolly one of the most legit tournaments of the season. Zach F, Bianchi, Alex H, Steve S, John S, and Eric C all in the same room. I made a bad judgement call and decided to go with Absol/Empoleon. it's a terribly inconsistant deck, which I will never play again. I start off 3-0, play Zach with Magmortar and get rolled. I win the next 3, only to see Zach in finals again and lose. I got 3 empoleons up in 4 games vs him. Absol/Emp is a terrible deck.

    Sunday. I refine empoleon. take out the absol garbage and fine tune it. I go 2-0 taking a win over bobby malec(was only 4 points below me at start of the day). I look around and see a few no so good matchups and drop.

    30-5 at cities

    Week 4: I did not attend cities this weekend

    Week 5: This was the starting day for the "GA marathon of Cities". There were 4 Cities in a row this weekend, it was amazing. I started off Thursday playing G&G. I was 3-0 at the time, and I played bobby malec. Game was really close. I was ahead 1 prize left to his 2. Time get's called on his turn. he takes a prize, and then next turn I bring down for my last prize. Tournament ends with bobby and I. with the series tied 1-1 I took an early 4 prize lead. time was called with the prizes standing me having 1 left, him having 3 left He took a prize to make it 1-2, me being it up. I would not have won the game had it not gone to time, however I did not stall him out. 1 hour simply isn't enough time to play a best of 3 game.

    Friday: I decided to sit out friday We played football in the rain out in the field. I ruined a pair of pants, broke my pinky finger and Aaron spit on some womens van. Pretty uneventful. I guess you TN players can consider this one a gift from Steve Silvestro :thumb:

    Saturday: We get lost on the way to the event. But that was a good thing!!! It gave me time to build my deck for the day. I built Magmortar. OMG the deck is AMAZING. I end up going undefeating zinging gastrodon!

    Sunday: I didn't play sunday either. I came up here for 4 CCs, but only played 2!! I'm cool!

    Overall Cities Record: 44-5
  2. eriknance

    eriknance New Member

    Congrats dude. Four CC's in a row is crazy, too bad you didn't get to play them all. And I agree, Magmortar is awesome. Too bad I never got to play it cause my brother hogs all my cards. : (

    I look forward to playing against you sometime soon.
  3. ChicoBlanco

    ChicoBlanco New Member

    GJ on your tournaments dude.

    yea I agree... an hour isn't enough time to finish best 2/3 matches. it should be like an hour and 15 minutes IMO.

    over here in Colorado, at most of our cities they've given us 45 minutes to complete best 2/3 matches.
    its ridiculous.
    basicially if you lose the first game, it's over.... cause you barely have enough time to get through half of the 2nd game


    -ian b
  4. Lawman

    Lawman Active Member

    GJ Steve! Next year, there may be a few more TN players in the house at the GA Marathon. I understand they will try to set it up for maybe 5 CCs the week between Xmas and New Years. Y'all need to come back up next year!

    Say hey to your Dad for me!

  5. Wow, that was very nice of you, way to show that holaday spirt!!!

    Note to all my prediction from the GA marathon thread almost came 100% true, but hey 3/4 isnt bad.

    GJ Steven
  6. SuperWooper

    SuperWooper New Member

    You don't know me and I don't know you, but I gotta say, that is a ridiculous Cities record.

  7. Jason

    Jason New Member

    GJ on your cities but I wish it would be more detailed....

    Ah well, care to report the final 2 decks for any cities I have missed from the list in the what won thread?

    Cheers ^^
  8. Adam Garcia

    Adam Garcia New Member

    ugh u are like my new hero
  9. Bolt

    Bolt New Member


    gj buddy
  10. ShawofMordor

    ShawofMordor New Member

    I wish I had gone to more cities, having a job sucks.

    GJ though.
  11. Will the TN players and the Florida players face off again in March for GA States?
  12. Squirtle

    Squirtle <a href="

    FL has won GA states for the past 4 years. If TN is smart they will stay contained to the MS/LA area
  13. Shellshock929

    Shellshock929 <a href="

    Steve Silvestro FTW! Keep winning!
  14. Lawman

    Lawman Active Member

    If I wasnt helping out running TN states, I'd come down to GA just to defend our state from that reference! The other week I will be in NC helping Jeff run one of his states.

    I know FL players think they are unbeatable, and maybe you all will win GA states again, but dont go putting down a 3rd state to stake your claim in GA :wink:.


    EDIT: GA states is on the 2nd weekend, meaning I will be working in NC w/ Jeff. You may see some TN players in GA, but not necessarily the best!
    Last edited: Jan 12, 2008
  15. Cyrus

    Cyrus Iron Chef - Master Emeritus

    Good work, Silver Steve! ;D

    #1 in the world? "King of the castle, king of the castle."
  16. Jason

    Jason New Member

    Stephen Silvestro, the #1 Player in the World :D

    Congratz once again ^^
  17. bonslypwns

    bonslypwns New Member

    Congratz! What's your rating, alot! lol, yea, Mag just plows through everything! You had an hour for best 2/3?! I had 45 mins. for the finals... 45! lol GJ and GL!
  18. Rambo1000

    Rambo1000 New Member

    sooo good at pokemon
  19. ShadowTogetic

    ShadowTogetic New Member

    Good job steve
  20. eauxmar

    eauxmar New Member

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