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Discussion in 'Cards: Strategy and Rulings Discussion' started by Justin T, Feb 19, 2008.

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  1. DarthPika

    DarthPika New Member

    Swampart right now looks like a card that could be really good, but is still waiting for that perfect partner. I would sugest that you wait untill the next set to see what it could work with. Right now Palkia Lv.x could be interesting.
  2. flariados

    flariados New Member

    I like it because you can also spread damage with Marshtomp and Prinplup.
  3. Justin T

    Justin T New Member

    Thanks for the love. And you're right I know that the combo didn't work so I move on and take this as a learning experience. And with this I also learned a lot more about partners and synergy so that's a reward in itself

    OMG you are so right. I should wait until Swampert has that special someone. Maybe the Kyogre in Temple of Anger, Cry from the mysterious can be its friend.

    TODDakaESTEBAN New Member

    the reason people are saying your idea won't work is that they are talking about tourney level decks, and 2 stage 2s without any support couldn't be consitant enough to beat most decks, theres no synergy and no a deck doesn't NEED synergy to win I GUESS, but you can just tell when something isn't going to work like if i were to post a charizard blaziken deck, people would know it won't work, because most decks are of better quality than that, even original decks, unless the people playing them stink and lose to everyone else anyway, will be able to beat a bad deck like charizard blaziken, yes if i show up at a tourney with it, if i actually show up with it and put enough effort to play it i might win 1 or 2 matches against bad players or good players that get very unlucky , if that's good enough for you go ahead, but most people want to be able to compete with the top players in their area, that's my goal, not to only be able to beat beginners and people who get bad luck, since i want to build skill and a reputation i would want to compete with my areas top players to show how good of a player i am and how much hard work and progress i've put into the game

    a good player can look at a bad idea and judge from experience whether it will work or not, i suppose some people could be suprised by how good something that looks bad actually works in testing, but i don't think that's always the case, i hope that makes sense, good luck
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  5. Justin T

    Justin T New Member

    Oh yes it definetely does help. I should have stated that I do like to do competitive battling. I know the league is supposed to be all fun and games, but I play everytime to win. I don't prefer non skillful easy games. That's why everyone at my league dosen't care about strategy. I'm one of those not wanting to win a couple battles but rise to the top kind of people.

    TODDakaESTEBAN New Member

    well to have a good deck, you want something that's either simple or complex, but something that is consistant, some ideas like t2 decks with only 1 pokemon can be consistant and so can setup decks, i honestly think setup decks have a huge advantage, in that if they don't lose t2 they will prob win the game,

    as far as building one goes, you want a main attacker, a starter and a supporting pokemon for a setup deck

    some examples of good attackers are

    empoleon, infernape, electivire, blissey galade, magmorter, feraligatr, there are less conventional attackers but i think these are the best

    some good starters are, pachirisu, lapras, mawhile, stantler, ching/chime, there are others but again i feel that these are the best

    some good supporting pokemon are, delcatty, nidoqueen d, claydoll, porygon 2, minun, and lunasol i feel that these are the best

    so basically what you wan to do is find an attacker you feel will have a good chance against other popular decks, not necessarily to try to counter them but to decide whether or not it will have a chance being played, then you chose the appropriate starters and supporting pokemon that go best with the main idea of your deck, try to develop some goals, like to energy draw to discard fires and then firestart them back on to pokemon, try to come up with the pokemon that go together in the way mag delc typh go together, they all work together to power magmorter, so come up with something that goes together like that, and works well against MOST decks and perfect it by adding in new cards that you found out through testing you would need, it's not easy and it will take a lot of time and practice, but everyone that is good and plays or comes up with a good deck needs lots of practice to get where they are, and for a lot of people that play at leauge they never get a chance to see the competitive sides of deck building, and show up at tournies unprepared for the amount of work their opponents have put into their ideas

    everyone feel free to add or argue with what i've just said

    hope it helps
  7. Justin T

    Justin T New Member

    Right and I think I've found a good place with my swampert deck. I even have you to think for that. Now I just made a thread in the deck help section learning how to ultilize it more and make the best out of summoning swampert.

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