Story of a Pokemon Trainer; Hypnos Sakura

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    This is my fanfiction. I hope you enjoy it. Hypnos is supposed to represent me and Monstra is supposed to reresent my cousin. Unlike other fanfictions, I will post chapters in bulk- more than one at a time. Thank you for being a loyal reader to the fanfiction.
    Chapter 1: A Trainer to Be; Hypnos and the Lonely Pokemon

    The school bell rang. This meant that the students at Okiyama Pokemon School were able to chat until their teacher came in for the final period of their last day.
    "Oh my gosh! I can't believe that you don't have a Pokemon yet!" exclaimed an obnoxious little runt that never paid attention in class.
    "Yea, so what!?! What if I'm not all that enthused in going on a Pokemon journey?" said Hypnos.
    Hypnos was a 13-year-old, red haired boy. He was born into a family that originated in Johto. When he was young, about three years old, the family moved to Violet City. All Hypnos Sakura's hopes and dreams were washed away when the family of four moved. Hypnos currently lives in a one story Japanese soba owned by his Grandmother. His dad hasn't been home for years, as he left on a Pokemon journey in the Kanto region. Hypnos was never able to accept this fact, and never wantedd to be a Pokemon Trainer.
    "Hypnos, you must go on a journey. I was hoping you'd go with me..." Monstra said worriedly.
    Monstra was quite an annoying boy at times. A lot of the time when you were talking to him, you'd actually be talking to the back of his head. He had black short cut hair and brown rimmed glasses. Most of the time, though, Monstra wore contacts because he thought that glasses looked "stupid". Monstra has always wanted to go on a Pokemon journey but has never worked up the courage to do so. After today though, Monstra would be considered a full-fledged trainer. This was the day he and Hypnos graduated from Pokemon School in Violet. All Monstra wanted was for the two to travel together.
    "Well, I can't help i..." The teacher broke in. It was their least favorite teacher, Okiwabonsan.
    "Okee class. Today we'll talk about yer final lesson in Pokee Blocks," Okiwabonsan busted in.
    "Thats Poke Blocks, Mr. Okiwabonsan," Hypnos corrected.
    "Yes Hypnos. Very good 'en all!"
    On the way home, Monstra ran up behind Hypnos and yelled "BOO!"
    "Geez dude, give a guy a heart attack!" Hypnos exclaimed.
    "Well, you did prove that teacher wrong. And also, you shouldn't be just a guy... You should be a Pokemon Trainer!" Monstra stated.
    "I don't have a Pokemon... And my grandma, she needs me!"
    "Well, you know that your mom could take care of your grandma just as well..."
    "Fine... but I need a Poke-" Hypnos stopped.
    "Dude, what's that?" questioned Monstra.
    "Its... its a baby Snorlax!" said Hypnos with excitement.
    Both children ran up to the steps of the Pokemon Center. Nurse Joy was crying while reading a note.
    "What's wrong Joy?" Hypnos asked.
    "Oh, Hypnos... I'm sorry for distracting you. But it's this Snorlax, and this letter," Nurse Joy stated.
    "Where'd it come from, and what's the note about?" asked Monstra.
    "This Snorlax, it was abducted from its mother. This note, well, it is from a boy who found the abandoned Snorlax. No one would want a little baby Snorlax!" Nurse Joy said sadly.
    "I... I...I would," Hypnos stammered.
    "Well then, just sign this form I have inside and you'll be able to keep Snorlax and also be qualified for the Gym Badge Competition! You'll also get a Pokedex," Nurse Joy proudly stated.
    Hypnos didn't even read the text, he just signed where it said sign, and checked where it said to check.
    Hypnos Sakura was the newest member as part of the Gym Badge Competition. Hypnos was a Pokemon Trainer!

    Notes to the reader:
    -The Snorlax was stolen after it hatched, unlike the Larvitar from the Anime.
    -Hypnos, Joy, Okiwabonsan, and Monstra all had -san after their names in the original story line, but it started to sound stupid so I gave up the little Japanese touch. I do however, have them eating traditional Japanese food later on in the story. I also ended up leaving -san on Okiwabonsan without the hyphen.

    Thanks to...
    -Yamato-san for posting Pocket Monster's Chronicles.
    -Hiro for writing Pocket Monster's Chronicles.
    -Monstra (Matt), my cousin, for helping me think of some ideas for this chapter.
    -The makers of the anime for the fact that I took many of it's concepts.
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    Chapter 2: Change in Destiny; A Hometown Win

    'How can I be leaving town?' Hypnos thought to himself. Snorlax yawned and rolled over. 'Yes, that's right.'
    Their was a knock at the door.
    "Come in!" yelled Hypnos' grandmother.
    "Yea, is Hypnos home?" asked Monstra.
    "Sure. Would you stay for out night time meal?" offered Hypnos' grandmother.
    "Yes I will. Thank you!" Monstra responded.
    "Could you pass those rice balls?" asked Hypnos.
    "Here. Anyways, where will we go on our journey?" Monstra said.
    "Well, since we're in Violet, we can go to the gym. There we could battle Faulkner for a gym badge. Then we could go east to Cherrygrove, west to Eckruteak, or south to Azalea. Then we could always get to Goldenrod to take a plane to Pallet. It's your choice!" stated Hypnos.
    "Hmm... lets decide after we both take a shot for a badge," Monstra told.
    "Good idea, but... what Pokemon do you have?" Hypnos questioned.
    Watch... you'll see," Monstra said skillfully.
    "This is a one on one match, Faulkner the gym leader versus the challenger, Monstra Tesh from Violet City. Let the match begin!" Yelled the referee.
    "Go, Noctowl!" commanded Faulkner.
    "I coose you!" screamed Monstra, trying on the new phrase.
    The Pokeball fell to the ground. The button popped in and a red flash came from the ball. It was a little rat-like Pokemon with a bobber on its tail.
    "What's that?!?" exlaimed Hypnos.
    Hypnos held out his Pokedex. "Azurill, the mouse Pokemon. It can bounce three feet high and can use its tail as a floatation device."
    "I don't see this floating factor helpful now," Hypnos said.
    "You'll see, Monstra said confidentally.
    "Noctowl, fly and pick up Azurill by its tail!" Faulkner directed.
    Noctowl flew down and picked up Azurill.
    "Azurill, shake loose from Noctowl's beak!" Monstra yelled with hope.
    Azurill shook and shook. Then Noctowl finally lost its grip and dropped Azurill. It went plumeting down to the ground.
    "Bounce and use Icy Wind," Monstra said with a look of hope.
    Azurill hit the ground with a great force and bounced up. Shards of ice started coming from Azurill's mouth.
    "Noctowl, try and dodge!" Faulkner tried to mention in time.
    The attack hit Noctowl head on. He started to fall. When he hit the ground, the ice around him shattered.
    "Noctowl is out of the match! The winner is Azurill and Monstra!" The referee announced.
    "My turn," Hypnos said with determination.
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    Chapter 3: Hometown Advantage; Bellsprout Tower Trap

    "This match will be between Faulkner's Pidgeotto and Hypnos' Snowlax. Let the match begin!" The referee said.
    "Snorlax, go!"
    "Pidgeotto, go!"
    "Snorlax, use Ice Punch," Hypnos commanded.
    "Dodge it Pidgeotto. Use Whirlwind," Faulkner countered.
    "That won't bother Snorlax, use Body Slam!" Hypnos stated.
    Snorlax flew right through the gusting wind and smacked Pidgeotto head-on. It went flying into the wall.
    "SNORLAX!" Snorlax roared.
    Piggeotto fell to the ground and whimpered.
    "Pidgeotto is out of the match. The new owner of a Zypher Badge is Hypnos," the referee declared.
    "Hiya, I won a badge!" Hypnos exclaimed.
    "Boy, you sure won so easily..." Monstra congradulated Hypnos.
    "Ahh!" They heard a scream.
    Both Monstraand Hypnos ran up to the big tower.
    "Who's there?" asked Monstra.
    "Help... me..." the voice answered.
    Hypnos and Monstra went inside. A big cage fell over them.
    "Hehe. I knew it was a nice idea to come to Johto. There are many senseless trainers here," the man dressed in black said.
    "Who are you?" questioned Hypnos.
    "Are you talking to me?" smerked the man.
    "Is there anyone else in the room besides us?" mocked Hypnos.
    "I am Akira, a member of Team Rocket. I have come here from the Hoenn region. We had slight problems with two other teams of bandits. But that doesn't matter now, as my new mission is to steal Pokemon and complete the Gym Badge challenge," the man explained.
    "So your here to steal our Pokemon?" asked Monstra with a confused look.
    "Right-o. But first, we do battle. The winner get to take one of their opponent's Pokemoin," Akira explained the rules.
    "Hmm... Why don't we battle two versus two?" suggested Hypnos.
    "What?!?" exclaimed Monstra. "If we would lose..."
    "Don't worry, we won't!" Hypnos said very confidentally.
    "Okay then..." Monstra said worriedly.
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    Chapter 4: The Haunted Bellsprout Tower

    "Go, Snorlax. Go, Azurill," the dup commanded.
    "I choose you, my precise Pokemon," sarcasticly said Akira.
    Both of the Pokeballs that were cast out opened. Out of one appeared a black snake Pokemon.
    "Seviper, a snake Pokemon. This Pokemon's natural enemy is Zangoose," the Pokedex stated.
    The other Pokeball also opened with a flash of bright light. A mutated rabbit popped from the ball.
    "Zangoose, the mongoose Pokemon. It usually eats snakes such as Ekans, Arbok, and Seviper," the Pokedex again stated.
    All four Pokemon went at each other. First Seviper with Poison Sting, with Azurill countering with Powder Snow. Seviper was froven solid.
    "Zangoose, use Flamethrower," told Akira.
    "Snorlax, bounce it off your stomach and counter with Body Slam!" Hypnos exlaimed.
    Snowlax jumped in front of Seviper and bounced the Flamethrower off just as planned. The lug then ran straight into Zangoose and knocked him out. Another easy win.
    "Return, Zangoose and Seviper..." trickingly said Akira. "I guess I'll just have to give you my Pokemon. I'll be logging out now!"
    Akira hit a button on his watch and teleported away.
    "Heh. We got new Pokemon!" exclaimed Monstra. He threw the ball, but nothing came out.
    "He switched the balls!" madly said Hypnos. He also threw out his ball. A small round Pokemon came out. Hypnos held out the Pokedex.
    "Voltorb, the Pokeball Pokemon. Voltorb is easily mistaken for the Pokeball."
    Voltorb started to glow intencely.
    "Is it... evolving?" studdered Monstra.
    "No..." Hypnos held out the Pokedex again.
    "...Voltorb's ultimate attack, Explosion."
    "No!" shouted Hypnos.
    The ball exloded into flames. The tower they were in was also on fire. Was this the final hour of Bellsprout Tower? It couldn't be!
    Then, a bunch of Pokemon appeared in the shadows.
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    Chapter 5: Chared; Mysterious Ghostly Pokemon

    "Who are they?!?!" feared Monstra.
    "Gastly, the ghost Pokemon. Not much else is known about this Pokemon."
    Hypnos then moved his hand.
    "Haunter, the evolved form of Gastly. Not much else is known about Haunter otherwise."
    Again, he shifted.
    "Gengar, the ghost Pokemon. Gengar is a rare Pokemon. It also weighs for than Gastly and Haunter."
    "Not like that helps!" exclaimed Hypnos.
    Hypnos and Monstra started to run, but were blocked off by a fallen burning beam.
    "We'll have to jump!" told Hypnos.
    "No, ya think?" Monstra said sarcastically.
    "We could use our Pokemon to help..." suggested Hypnos.
    "What will Snorlax and Azurill do for us?" wondered Monstra.
    "You forgot about my new Pokemon!" Hypnos shook his finger at Monstra.
    "Voltorb..." Monstra rolled his eyes.
    "Voltorb, go" shouted Hypnos. "Thunderbolt that beam!"
    Voltorb shot a gigantic beam of electricity at the fallen beam. Smoke overtook the entire room. Both Monstra and Hypnos shielded their faces. When they opened their eyes, all they saw were shards of smoldering wood.
    "Voltorb, you saved us!"
    Hypnos ran to Voltorb and picked it up. It started to glow florescent yellow.
    "No Voltorb, don't use Explosion!"
    It was too late. Voltorb had charred Hypnos and blown billows of black smoke everywhere.
    "Ahh!" Hypnos has tears in his eyes.
    "Electrode, the explosive Pokemon. Unlike Voltorb, this Pokemon can control its attacks. Electrode's voltage is five times that of Voltorb's."
    "Lets get out of here!" Monstra gladly said.
    "Elctrode, return..."
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    Chapter 6: Final Moments of Bellsprout Tower

    Hypnos and Monstra had just gotten out of the collapsing tower. Monstra seemed to be spinning in circles feeling his waist.
    "Where are my Pokeballs? Where's... I'll be back. I think I dropped Azurill's ball. I'll be right back out!" Monstra stated worriedly.
    "Okay. I'll meet you at the Pokemon Center then," Hypnos said.
    "Where are you pokeballs? Here Poke, Poke, Pokeballs!" jokingly said Monstra.
    Monstra walked up near where the beam had fallen. He saw his belt laying where he must have dropped it.
    "There you are Azurill," Monstra said happily.
    "I'm sure Azurill would feel good if he was let out," Hypnos stated.
    "You're right!"
    He through the ball.
    "You're not Azurill!" exclaimed Monstra.
    A ghostly figure appeared from the ball.
    "Gastly, Gastly!" yelled the Pokemon.
    "Well, it seems as if you caught Gastly," Nurse Joy stated.
    "Shut up you mean lady!" screamed Monstra.
    "My, my..." Nurse Joy shook her head.
    "Hmph!" Monstra turned away.
    Monstra threw another ball and Azurill came out.
    "Heh. There you are buddy!" happily stated Monstra.
    Then, a gigantic roaring noise began. It continued for several moments, then faded. Hypnos, Monstra, and Nurse Joy ran outdoors. It was a sight to their eyes. They went up to a man with a microphone. He was speaking into a television camera. A monitor was also set up near by. The trio went and glared into it.
    "The gang of thieves known as Team Rocket broke the main pillar of Bellsprout Tower. To our suprise, it was done with the Pokemon, Electrode. Bellsprout Tower... has fallen."
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    Chapter 7: Givin' Me the Spooks

    "Azurill, Water Gun!"
    Monstra was having a sparing match with Hypnos.
    "Snorlax, counter with Thunder Punch!"
    "Aw, man. Why'd you teach Snorlax Thunder Punch?!?" Monstra asked.
    "I guess its the same reason you taught Azurill Water Gun." Hypnos stated.
    "True, very true."
    The duo was on their way to Goldenrod. They had take a minor detour into the Ruins of Alph.
    "It sure is spooky here," Monstra said.
    "Don't be such a coward!" exclaimed Hypnos with a sense of awareness.
    It had been dark; it looked like rain.
    "Come on, lets go into that ruin for shelter from the rain," Hypnos stated.
    'At least its not wet in here,' thought Monstra.
    Hypnos took off his vest that seemed too heavy due to the humidity's pressure. He threw it behind him, noting where it landed so he wouldn't loose it.
    "Hey!" screamed a feminine voice.
    "Who's... that...?" Monstra said. He was definatly spooked.
    "Let me introduce myself." The figure walked into sight.
    She looked as if she was 14 years old. Ahe was not much shorter than Hypnos- probably about five foot, eight inches. She wore a blue bandana with a symbol similar to the shape of an Unown 'a'. Her baggy glue cargo pants, and black and white striped belly shirt, along with her fire-red straight hair made her look like a criminal.
    "I am Akim a member of Team Aqua. Unlike the evil organization of Team Magma, we wish for land and sea to unite- for all humans and Pokemon to work together. I wish to join you on your conquest, due to the fact that I am new to Johto." She rattled on.
    "Fine, I guess..." Hypnos said.
    "Yatta! We'll have SO SO SO much fun together!" Aki shrilled. She seemed to enjoy the sound of her voice.
    And in unison, the boys exclaimed, "Why us!?!"
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    Chapter 8: Outragious Feelings

    "Guess what!" yodeled Aki, directly in Hypnos' face.
    "Don't let me guess..." Hypnos muttered.
    "I dunno, but isn't this great?!"
    "..." The boys didn't answer.
    The new trio were headed through a small passage that they had recently discovered in the ruins. The entire time, Aki was talking about her goals while traveling.

    "Do you have one of those guide booker-majigs?" asked Aki.
    "Why would we need one Aki?" Monstra stated in a 'I'm making fun of you' voice.
    "Well, you happen to be in luck! I have one right here in my..." She stopped.
    "What's wrong now?" questioned Monstra.
    "I... left my pack back where I met you..." She studdered.
    "WHAT IS WITH YOU TWO AND LOSIGN THINGS!?!" Hypnos screamed. He was obviously steaming mad, as you could see smoke coming from his ears. "GO BACK AND GET IT NOW!"
    "Don't... be... so... MEAN!" She slapped Hypnos across the face and ran backwards in the opposite direction that they were walking in. She was crying.
    "I... I... I..." Hypnos couldn't talk. It wasn't the pain in his face, it was the pain in his heart.
    "Good going, Mr. I-Know-What-I'm-Doing" Monstra joked.
    "Stop, now. Stay here, and I'll be back!" Hypnos ran off.
    "He's the..." Monstra thought about what he was going to say. Then one line came to mind, "...stupidest person on the face of this earth!"
    Hypnos was half way back. He needed to find the girl he was so rude to, along with her booklet she seemed to care so much about. Did she have something in her pack that was more important then the booklet? Hypnos pondered all of this as he headed in Aki's direction.

    Farther along the trail, Hypnos pondered one question. 'Why did he care so much about this girl?' Perhaps, this was the only girl who ever treated him as a friend.
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    Chapter 9: Unknown Powers of the Heart

    On the path to find Aki, Hypnos came across a rare Pokemon. Hypnos Sakura held out his Pokedex.
    "Unown, the English Alphabet Pokemon. Coming in 26 different shapes, every one resembles a letter of the English Alphabet. They were used to spell out ancient scriptures on certain ruin walls. The most famous ruins with Unown scriptures are the Ruins of Alph."
    "Wow. For once the Pokedex knows a lot. I guess that's a comment to Professor Elm!" He was happy about being happy for a change.
    "Unown-own!" The little Pokemon squealed.
    The the Pokedex started to speak. "This Pokedex has been programmed with a special informational Unown section. Would you like to access the Unown Info Portion of the Pokedex?"
    Hypnos moved his hand toward the arrow keys and motioned the cursor to 'Yes'.
    "Please select the Unown you have encountered."
    Hypnos looked at the Unown, then back at the icons on the Pokedex. Then he looked at the Unown again, and back at the Pokedex- a double take.
    "This is called Unown-A. This particular Unown usually has a Grass or Water element attack, but all Unown are different. Rare Unown-A have been known to have Fire, Electric, or Psychic Hidden Power attacks. Unown-A are very fast and have a high special attack. Unfortuantly, they have very low defenses."
    "Hmm... maybe, just maybe, this has a Water element attack- the perfect gift for Aki!" Hypnos snickered. "Wouldn't a rare Pokemon be the perfect 'I'm sorry' gift?"
    "-Nown?" The A-Shaped Unown seemed rather frightened. That was probably from Hypnos talking to himself so much.
    "Its okay lil' fella. Do you wanna come with me?" Hypnos asked in a baby-talk voice.
    "UNOWN!" The little eyeball with legs shot a gigantic blast of water as him.
    'Sweet, it is a Water type!' Hypnos imagined Aki's face.
    "Please..." Hypnos begged.
    "-NOWN!" It shook its eyeball, which seemed to be signaling that the answer was no.
    "Would you like to meet my other Pokemon first?" Hypnos sent out Snorlax and Electrode. They seemed like giants in Unown-A's presense.
    "Okay... I see you're scared. You'll be safe if you hop in here!" Hypnos held out the Pokeball.
    The Unown, which seemed as if all its rights were being intruded upon, hopped into the Pokeball, thinking that it had no other chance for survival. Hypnos caught Unown-A- His thrid Pokemon!
    "Yatta!" exclaimed Hypnos.
    Then he heard footsteps coming down the dungeon path. Was it Monstra, Aki, or was it someone else, yet... someTHING else! Then the shadowy figure came into sight.
    "Did someone steal my catch phrase?" He heard the annoying, yet calming voice.
    "AKI!" Hypnos called.
    "It's you! You came for me?" Aki seemed to question the fact that Hypnos followed her here.
    "I... I kinda felt bad about what happened back there. I'm SO SO SO sorry." Hypnos apologized.
    "SO now you're stealing another one of my words? Well, I accept your apology anyways." Aki smiled.
    "And here, this is for you." He handed her the Pokeball, with a smile on his face as well.
    "You shouldn't have, well... actually you should of, and you did!" She let out the Pokemon.
    "Unown?" The little Pokemon squeaked.
    "Thanks you SO SO SO much!" Aki shrilled. She ran up and hugged him.
    Not a moment later, both heard footsteps.
    "Oh there you are... Abandon me, why don't ya!" Monstra snarled.
    "Shut up, you jerk," Aki said.
    "Isn't the guy supposed to stick up for his girl?" Monstra joked.
    "She said shut up!" Hypnos exclaimed, feeling good about being able to stick up for someone.
    "Ugh... I'll leave you two lovebirds alone..." Monstra laughed.
    "Take that back you... you... you..." Aki slapped Monstra.
    "Ow...." He fell in an anime-style, twitching. The two new best friends walked down the path, leaving their jerk of a friend behind.
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    Chapter 10: Parting Ways at the Fork in the Road

    Hypnos, Monstra, and Aki finally finished their way through the Ruins of Alph. Fortunatly, the group was nearing the road to Goldenrod City.
    After about an hour walking down the route, which on Aki's map was labeled Route 36, the trio came to a roadblock. The roadbloack, which was a brown and green sleeping Pokemon, was an obstical unpassable at the time. It was bloacking the ways to both Ecruteak and Goldenrod. The group would just have to turn back and go around.
    An old man approached them in a very slow manor.
    "Greetings young travelers. I am Naotzi, an Expert. No, I am not bragging, its just that I belong to a group of Pokemon trainers known as Experts. Everyone's heard of them, at least I wish for all to know of our greatness."
    "Um... sure, why not... Anyways, do you know how we can go around to Goldenrod City?" Aki asked very kindly.
    "Of course I do! All you have to do is go west for, oh, half a mile or so." Naotzi stated.
    "I see, except we were just over there and a rock hard tree was covering the path." Aki seemed to have a way with words to her elders, so Hypnos and Monstra let her do all the talking.
    "Oh I see. Thats to bad. You'll have to wait for that Sudowoodo to move." Naotzi was calm, too calm.
    "Hm... is there any way to move Sudowoodo. We are in a hurry to Goldenrod. Monstra and Hypnos here need to compete at Goldenrod City Gym," Aki stated matter-of-factly.
    "You could always battle it or catch it!" The man suggested.
    "Thank you, Naotzi!" Aki waved to him as they left.
    The man just turned away and laughed a cold, horrorific laugh.
    "Snorlax, push it harder," Hypnos commanded.
    "I see... it can't be done," Monstra said.
    "We may as well wait, our Pokeballs don't work!" Aki said, she seemed as if she were in a rush to get going.
    "Lets have some lunch here... Maybe that Sudowoodo will wake up and move its butt!" Monstra said, being his jerkish self.
    About two miles from where Hypnos, Monstra, and Aki were, there were three foes plotting against them.
    "Sir, he is extremely stong!"
    "Yes, its the truth!"
    "Silence!!!" The leader roared.
    "Sorry boss," the two henches muttered.
    "Fight that boy by yourselves. Who needs Pokemon... YOU ARE POKEMON. FIGHT HIM. BRING ME EVERY LAST ONE OF THEIR POKEMON!!! NOW!" The boss roared, louder than Hypnos' Snorlax.
    "Yes, as soon as possible, sir." The two men, or Pokemon, left the room.
    The three trainers ran to where the blockade was once. It was still in the same spot, only this time it yelled and had eyes!
    "I'll take it alone," Aki said. "Go, Mudkip!"
    "Kip!" said the little Mudkip.
    "What in God's name...?" Hypnos held out the Pokedex.
    "Mudkip, the amphibean water Pokemon. It has sonar abilities that it can use while underwater. Mudkip can double as a sea and land battler."
    "Mudkip, use Mud Slap!" commanded Aki.
    Mudkip ran up near Sudowoodo and start kicking the nearby dirt into Sudowoodo's obnoxious face. It shouted in pain.
    Then Sudowoodo ran up and threw parts of its hands at Mudkip, then regenerated itself.
    "Woah!" Hypnos pulled out his Pokedex again.
    "Sudowoodo, the fake tree Pokemon. It's special attack is Rock Throw."
    "So, that must be what its doing..." Monstra stated.
    "Mudkip, Water Gun!" commanded Aki.
    Mudkip shot spurts of water all over Sudowoodo. The weakened Pokemon collapsed onto the ground.
    "All yours!" Hypnos pointed to Aki.
    "Pokeball, go!"
    The Pokeball shook once, twice, and three times. The jiggling stopped and Aki picked up the ball. She added it to her pack.
    "I cleared the path!" exclaimed Aki.
    "Thank you SO SO SO much!" Hypnos thanked.
    "Hehe, sure." Aki blushed.
    The three walked down the road for about another mile. Then, they came to the fork in the road.
    "Well, the map says that Ecruteak is to the right and that Goldenrod is to the left," Aki stated while looking at her map.
    "See ya guys later!" Monstra waved.
    "What?" Hypnos asked.
    "I forgot to tell you, I have to go to Cianwood City. I heard that my grandpa is seriously ill and I need to go to see him." Monstra looked worried.
    "Well... I guess this is good-bye," Aki took Monstra hand and shook it. Hypnos did the same. "Here, this is for you." Aki opened her pack and handed Monstra a Pokeball.
    "Isn't this Sudowoodo?" asked Monstra.
    "Yea, I want you to have him. I don't really like Rock-types as it is." Aki shrugged.
    "Thank you." Monstra looked as if he wanted to take Aki right there and kiss her, but Monstra knew that would be wrong. That wasn't what Aki wanted. He then smiled at Aki and Hypnos, he turned around, and he walked down the hilly path toward the north.

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