Straight Donphan Starters

Discussion in 'Deck Help and Strategy' started by mikeg542, Mar 15, 2011.

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  1. mikeg542

    mikeg542 New Member

    So I was trying to put together a straight speed donphan list and I need a bit of help.

    The basic list:

    4-4 Donphan Prime
    2 Uxie (1 uxie X?)
    2 Mesprit (I definitely think this could help a lot right now)
    4 X?
    2 X

    3 Pokemon Collector
    3 Bebe's Search
    3 Pokemon Communication
    1 Luxury Ball
    3 Expert Belt
    3 SSU
    3 Seeker
    2 Rare Candy
    3 Broken Rime-Space
    4 PONT
    2 Warp Point

    3 Warp Energy
    9 Fighting energy

    So I'm just not really sure. I really want at least 12 basics to not just fail at going second. I like Mesprit + seeker and SSU for shutting down rogue healing breath/bright looks and I like the warps for getting a hurt donphan out of there or dealing with poison/bad starts.

    If I could think of things I'd want, something to get a spiritomb out of there (though less relevant as getting 1 donphan made seems easy, even through trainerlock). Having something that could drag up vileplumes, however, would be sick (doubtful). Maybe something that would let me discard excess trainers/supporters against vilegar. With such a small number of non basics, lost gar seems like they wouldn't be able to do anything until they could seeker + hurl same turn. T-tar auto loses. Luxchomp would be on the back foot and have no ways of getting weakness with a fully powered donphan hitting for 110 and having 140 hp(with -20 per hit!) I think I want Uxie X as it's also a sick machamp counter!

    Thoughts, suggestions?
  2. Kayle

    Kayle Active Member

    Isn't part of the point of straight Donphan to not have starters?
  3. mikeg542

    mikeg542 New Member

    I can't help but remember playing against a straight donphan player with 7 total basics. he mulled 4 times and I won with a hand I in no way should have.

    I would be perfectly happy with something like chatot or jirachi(for the free retreat and occasional usefulness), I just dont want to mull into oblivion
  4. cmak37

    cmak37 New Member

    Run 4 Smeargle, a Q, and Regice.
  5. PSUFan

    PSUFan New Member

    When I play Donphan, I usually build around a 4-4 Donphan line and add things like Uxie and Mesprit (and perhaps a Relicanth SV or Luxray GL). Typically the best starter will be Phanpy as that's the fastest way to getting a tank active and in play. However, maybe you could add Chatot MD and Crobat G. They can both help you out of jams and they have free retreat which means you aren't wasting an energy if you start with them!

    As for non-starter suggestions I still think 4 Poke Drawer +'s are pro in Donphan!
  6. cabd

    cabd New Member

    Frostlass GL would drag up vileplume for you.
  7. mikeg542

    mikeg542 New Member

    Any ideas for a gyarados counter, or is that just a matchup I should assume an almost autoloss to?
  8. cpeterik

    cpeterik New Member

    I understand that you want more than 7 basics, but again, a starter is almost counter productive to the goal, which is speed. Unown R solves both problems.
    +4 Unown R
    +2 Smeargle
  9. Zathaz

    Zathaz New Member

    4 unown R
    1 Smeargle
    1 unown Q
  10. mikeg542

    mikeg542 New Member

    And I guess that leads me into my next question.

    What would be better against the following expected metagame? Straight DonPhan or Straight Machamp. Mixing the two has led to too many awkward starts and easy lostgar wins.

    30% Luxchomp
    20% DialgaChomp
    20% SlowLostGar
    10% VileGar
    10% Gyarados
    10% Rogue/Random

    These percents may be a bit off, but in an expected 7 game tournament (states/provs) I would guess to play:
    2 luxchomp
    1 dialgachomp
    1 Vilegar/Gyarados
    1-2 HurlGar
    1-2 random rogue.
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