Surrey, BC BR Report (Sept 19th)

Discussion in 'Battle Roads' started by Dual_Draw, Sep 19, 2010.

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  1. Dual_Draw

    Dual_Draw New Member

    I played Jumpluff/SKYMIN cause I could, and it made me not get totally eaten alive by Zard and T-Tar. We have a good turnout with about 40 masters, unfortunately we had to drop to 5 rounds over 6.

    Round 1 vs Charizard
    I see a fire in is shuffle, and immediately assume he's got Charizard, and after I see my hand of Hopip, Pluff, Grass, Sunflora, Collector, Collector and Dex, I pray that I'm wrong. I lose the flip and he flips over Charmander and Vulpix, calling for another Charmander. I top deck Candy and go nuts, having Pluff, Uxie, Sunflora and 2 Shaymins out on T1, holding a pluff line in my hand, he pushes up Vulpix, evos, Charmander, Candy, Charizard attach, pass. I Warp it up, and hit it for 80, he takes the bait and KOs it, I sent up Shaymin, Q it, land up it, retreat to other Shaymin, Skymix Up, energy to pluff and Revenge Seed Energy Blow for the KO (70 for 0). He sends up Ninetails, benches a Vulpix, but knows it's over, He has 0 cards in hand, I take my last couple of prizes and move onto round 2. GG


    Round 2 vs Kingdra(All LA...)
    This was rather frustrating, he put water and and belt on horsea, uxied for 5 and whiffed, then dropped Oak's Theory, drew kingdra, candy, uxie, oak's theory. Needless to say he quickly won. GG


    Round 3 vs Tyranitar
    Another unfavorable matchup, although this one was a lot of fun, I used Shaymin to Sleep Lock his Spiritomb, as I was staring down a T2 T-Tar, next turn I leveled up to Skymin X, I sleep him again, but fail, he can only darkness howl however, which is great. Next turn I can't really do anything, and attack. He warps me, and I push up my Sunkern, as he is going to KO anything anyway and I'm holding Collector/BTS. With 1 energy already on Shaymin, I throw the epic plan into motion, pushing up Skiploom, using Collector for Sunkern/Skuntank/Shaymin, playing BTS, searching out Pluff, Skuntank Poison, retreat to Shaymin Sky and Damage Aid for 140 and the KO(He had some damage from Rainbow and the earlier Flower Aroma), he sends up another T-Tar, but whiffs on energy, and I go aggro Pluff, getting Landmin out in the process. After a while, time is called, he takes a prize on Pluff, I send up Skymin X, Poison/Damage Aid for 140 on the belted beast, he takes turn 2/3, and ties it at 1/1 KOing Shaymin and Skuntank, I sent up Pluff and Mass Attack for the KO. GG.


    Round 4 vs Sabelock
    I went first with Sunkern to his Ambipom, i attached and passed, he Cyrus'd for dark and turn, played down sableye, turned and Overconfident(ed) for the KO. GG


    Round 5 vs Sabelock
    This was the worst game ever. We both had mediocre starts, very, very mediocre, me with Shaymin(Energy Blow) and him with Ambipom. I would say Energy Blow, and he would poketurn retreat from crobat back to ambipom. Eventually though I got a Jumpluff up, and it was over in 3 turns. GG


    Skymin Lv.X
    Bidier for the great judging
    Sandy for running a great tournament, although it was plagued by technical difficulties
    Jacob for being a G
    Team B
    Team Hatter

    30+3, I prefer it, but it made for some incredibly tedious waits
    Julian for all your bad draws
    Not top cutting
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  2. KAZUTO!!!

    KAZUTO!!! New Member

    Nice job Cor, and yay I got first Props. ^_^
  3. gallade

    gallade New Member

    omg it's corey :DDDDDD
  4. Dual_Draw

    Dual_Draw New Member

    What is this I don't even...

    I'll post a list in a bit.
  5. Hurricane

    Hurricane Member

    Yeah Im the G!! Nice job Cor :D

  6. ATJdragon

    ATJdragon New Member

    lol thanks for the love cor. im strongly considering bailing on SPs with all the crap thats gone on the past few months

    gl at the other BRs ur going to

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