Swift Fighting/Psychic. I think I need some improvements.

Discussion in 'Deck Help and Strategy' started by xHighTension, Jul 4, 2008.

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  1. xHighTension

    xHighTension New Member

    My swift Psy-gon deck

    Flygon ex(df) =2 (80 with 3 energy alone with complete poison on basic bench and even more damage when I attack? 0_o)
    Flygon SW =1 (This flygon is a counter for an electric deck or dark, ex: Electivire lvl x and Darkrai X)
    Vibrava Sw =2 (Spread damage! ^_^)
    Trapinch =4
    Furret SW =2 (any two cards? *woot woot*
    Sentret Sw =3
    Baltoy GE =2
    Baltoy DF =1
    Claydoll GE =2 (draw power)
    Claydol DF=1 (to spread damage for flygon)

    Basics =10 Total pokemon =20

    Rare Candy =4
    Rosanne's =4
    Bebe =4
    Warp Point =4
    Super Scoop up =3
    Professor Oak’s Research =1
    Total Trainers =20

    Multi-Energy =3
    Call energy =2

    Total Energy =20

    Please critque this!!!! Comment!
    NOTE: I'm playing unlimited.
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