Swiss Nationals 3rd Place Report

Discussion in 'Tournaments & Events Worldwide' started by Rayquaza14, Jun 4, 2008.

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  1. Rayquaza14

    Rayquaza14 New Member

    Hi all,

    I'm Patrick B. from Switzerland and I wanted to post my Nationals Report.

    At 5:00 PM my brother (Marc), samuel (team member^^) and I drove to Vaulruz by car. Sam's mother was our "taxi-driver"^^. We had about 2 1/2 hours and there we first went into a Pizzeria :smile: I had a Pizza Hawaii (with ananas) (Hawaii... mhmm... ohh... yes... I remember... I was at Worlds 07 there^^)
    And then we drove to the castle where our nationals was held. We three judged a Prerelease of DP5 and then we playtested a little and we decided that both Samuel and I played MagKiss (he's also Master) and my brother played Gardylade with Houndoom Tech. Then we played Super Smash Bros on Sam's Laptop :D We went to bed at 2:00 am or so...

    We woke up at 7:00 am and then we had breakfast and had some chats with other players. Then at 10:00 am Seniors Tournament started and Marc had a BYE in his first round . That was pretty sad because of this he got downpaired and lost in the third round :nonono: He went 3-2 and was on 9th place with a Top4. (20 players in Seniors and 5 in juniors) Then we had lunch and so the time went on. We played soccer, SSB and playtested a little and then at 4:00 pm or so our tournament started.

    Round 1: Sorry forgot name w/ BlueStuff.dec
    Ok... Here we go. We both flip our cards over. He have a single Magmar and he has a single Magikarp. And I thought: Oh no in the first round against a Water deck. what a crap. He attached an energy. Pass. I attach energy to Magmar ... No PlusPower so I didn't attack because of Flail and Gyarados. He evolved but didn't have enough energies. So we went on until he has built up an Empoleon on his Bench and a mantine and I had only a Magmar as active and Togepi and Magmar on Bench. He retreats for Empoleon and KOs my Magmar with 1 Energy attached to. I put my Togepi active and play candy Kiss. 4 Energies. 3 to Kiss and 1 to Magmar. Evolve it and then flip heads with Kiss. Next turn aswell heads :D lucksack. And after then I knocked out all his pokis with a big magmortar.

    Round 2: Stephan-Xaver S. w/ Magnezone
    He has a lone Magnemite. And I have a Togepi as active and a Magmar on bench. He flips to paralyze me. He flipped tails. My Turn. I play Candy Kiss. 4 Energies. 3 to Magmar and 1 to Kiss. Retreat. GG

    Round 3: Luca Clava w/ Plox
    I don't remember that much of this match but I dominated the match more or less.

    Round 4: Oliver H. w/ Togechomp
    I had a good start and had a Magmortar with 4 energies by Turn 3 or so. He couldn't set up and I destroyed all his pokis.

    Top4: Luca Clava w/ Plox
    60 minutes Best of 3. In our first match we both played very strong. I only remember the last turn. He has a burned Dusknoir with 50 damage and I have a Togekiss with 0 damage active and both with 1 prize card left. I have only damaged pokes on my bench. I attached a strength Charm and used Claydol power for 3 cards to draw my 2nd PlusPower (i had one other in my hand). I didn't draw one. So I had to flip heads. I flipped heads 80 damage. BUT I DIDN'T SEE HE HAS RESISTANCE !!! So he has 10 damage left . AND I HAD A PLUSPOWER IN MY HAND !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    But he flipped tails for burn^^ Lucky me. (this match was a 40 minutes giant)
    2nd match I really couldn't set up and scooped after 10 minutes because he would have destroyed me anyways within a minute :smile: The third match I had 1 Magmar, 5 Fire Energies, 1 NM in my hand. DAMN. I lost within 2-3 minutes :nonono:

    So I got 3rd because of my Swiss-Rounds Win.

    We gamed and so until 4:30 am.


    - PTZ
    - Samuel, Christoph
    - Marc^^
    - Clavadetschers
    - Patrick L for ranking invite^^
    - 3rd Place
    - no judging problems
    - funny weekend
    - plenty of food^^

    - Prize Support (boosters and so)
    - Distrubution of prizes for Seniors during Masters tournament (we had to make a break XD)
    - Marc not getting 1st^^

    So thanks for reading
  2. Jason

    Jason New Member

    sounds like you had fun but still, theres always next year :)

    Hope to see you again somedays :)


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