T-tar/Metagross deck

Discussion in 'Deck Help and Strategy' started by paultehcool, Mar 1, 2011.

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  1. paultehcool

    paultehcool New Member

    hey pokebuddies! I have made a dark/psychic (T-tar/Metagross) deck and i need help with it. Tell me what i should put in please. Keep in mind i dont want ANY legendarys in this deck (uxie, azelf, regice,unknowns, etc) here it is
    3-2-3 Tyranitar prime
    1-1 Houndoom prime
    2-2-2 Metagross UNLEASHED
    1-1 Manectric PL
    2 sableye SF
    2 Spiritomb AR

    4 Spec dark energies
    3 dark energies
    7 psychic energies
    2 double colorless
    1 upper energy

    2 twins
    1 blackbelt
    2 expert belts
    2 palmers contributions
    2 switch
    1 bench shield
    1 PONT
    1 Emcee's Chatter
    2 pokemon collector
    3 bebe search
    1 luxury ball
    3 rare candy

    The houndoom would use its pokepower to burn the defending pokemon and i would use the metagross's psychic float pokebody to pretty much switch my active and bench pokemon for almost for free and tyranitar and metagross would spread damage across my opponents bench. The Manetric to prevent sniping from opponents pokemon and t-tar darkness howl and bench shield to protect manectric it self. The Spiritomb so no one can use trainers and Sableye to use impersonate to set things up for me. I know this probably would get owned but i dont want any legends or semi legend pokemon in the deck. help if you can :biggrin:
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