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Discussion in 'Deck Help and Strategy' started by Roderick, Nov 22, 2007.

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  1. Roderick

    Roderick Member

    Since I can’t play BanDoom any more this wil hopefully replace it(even though its difficult).

    Pokemon: 20

    Banette = 4 (sw)
    Shuppet = 4 (cg)

    Nidoqueen = 3 (df)
    Nidorina = 2 (df)
    Nidoran f = 3 (df)

    Bronzong = 2 (mt)
    Bronzor = 2 (mt)

    Trainers: 26

    Tv Reporter = 4
    Holon Mentor = 3
    Rare Candy = 3
    Celio’s Network = 3
    Windstorm = 3
    Night Maintinance = 2
    Island Hermit = 2
    Plus Power = 4
    Strength Charm = 2

    Energies: 14

    Psychic Energy = 8
    Double Rainbow Energy = 3
    Scramble Energy = 3


    Banette = Main attacker

    Shuppet (cg) = Your starter. Gurantees a T1 Banette. Great when playing against Mario since none of the basics will harm you even if you go T2 due to the resistance.

    Nidoqueen = Gets back your Bannettes from the deck after being shuffled due to the attack’s effect.

    Bronzong = After getting the Banettes from the deck due to Ndoqueen’s power you can Discard them with Bronzong’s power to keep Banette’s attack consistent. This power can also help for Nidoqueen’s attack should you need to attack with Nidoqueen.


    So basicly the strategy is to open with Shuppet and Assencion on your first turn. Next turn use Ghost Head which will probably ko your opponent's pokemon. Your opponent will probably ko Banette next turn therefore get out another Banette and use Spiteful Pain to shuffle back your koed Banette. Hopefully you have a Nidoqueen and a Bronzong out to keep up the chain. Since with Spiteful Pain you will only be shuffling back your Banettes you have Night Maintinance to get back your Shuppets or any other pokemon / energy you might need.

    Cards I consider putting in the deck:

    Jolteon* = If my opponent doesn't ko my 70 damaged Banette to prevent me from getting out my second one and use Spiteful Pain I just drop Jolteon* and still get the result I would want.

    Time Space Distortion = Maybe get back some Shuppets or any Pokemon I might need but then again Night Maintinance + Invitation almost does the same effect so I'm not sure about it.

    Any help is appriciated. Thanks in advance.
    Last edited: Nov 22, 2007
  2. Scipio

    Scipio New Member

    The problem with using Banette AND Bronzong AND Nidoqueen might be the loss of your T2 capabilities. It might be more stable later on but you might have already lost by then.
  3. master of puppets

    master of puppets New Member

    thats a really neat strategy!
    the only problem i see is being able to continualy have 2 banettes out by turn 2/3.
  4. Politoed EX

    Politoed EX New Member

    my neighbor made this exact same deck, its a good strategy, and it works, but what it does is it slows Banette down
    Banette is better as a T2 card imo, i dont like it as much when u play it in a set-up deck
  5. BloodDraek

    BloodDraek New Member

    ok, if you haven't tested this deck yet, bronzong just doesn't work. take out the 2 bronzong lines and 1queen line for something
  6. Roderick

    Roderick Member

    BloodDraek: I know Bronzong isn't very good but it helps in the strategy because if I have already used a supporter which doesn't discard from my hand I won't be able get a Banette in my discard therefore I use the power to discard a Banette. Also what do you suggest of putting in if I take out the lines you mentioned?

    Also I would like to Thank everyone who posted their opinions here :smile:.
  7. Ardoptres

    Ardoptres New Member

  8. Roderick

    Roderick Member

    Ardoptres: Since you use Accension on your first turn you will have Banette out on your first turn even though you can't attack with it. Also if you go second and use Accension or get Shuppet, Banette and Rare Candy in your opening hand you will still have your Banette out on YOUR first turn. Of course if you get Shuppet, Banette and Rare Candy and go second that means you can attack but in the case of Accension you will have to wait until your next turn to attack.
    Last edited: Nov 23, 2007
  9. Grandielle

    Grandielle New Member

    Try using sableye from CG instead of bronzong.Too much evolutions might slow down the deck
  10. BloodDraek

    BloodDraek New Member

    one question: Why island hermit?
  11. Politoed EX

    Politoed EX New Member

    I Dont Think Sableye would help him, b/c there is no way for him 2 get a banette on top of his deck
    the reason he is using Bronzong/Nidoqueen is for he can constantly get back the Banette w/Nidoqueen, and then discard it w/Bronzong
  12. Roderick

    Roderick Member

    Grandielle: You are right about many evolutions slowing down the deck but what gurantee have I got that I will top deck a Banette when I need?

    BloodDreak: Should I have any Banettes prized I would hopefully flip them over and choose them should I need.

    Politoed EX: You read my mind.
    Last edited: Nov 23, 2007
  13. Grandielle

    Grandielle New Member

    Oops.My mistake for misreading
  14. The Phenom1993

    The Phenom1993 New Member

    Nice deck.....The only problem is that the mas damage you can do is 80. But if you get the combo fast 80 will be more than enough. Blissey might be a good counter so beware of it.
  15. Roderick

    Roderick Member

    The Phenom1993: You might be right about Blissey but you might also be forgetting that the new Banette (SW) is now resistant to Colorless instead of Fighting so that will hopefully be an advantage since against Lucario it wouldn't do much difference since its first attack gets through resistance.
  16. DarthPika

    DarthPika New Member

    I tried out a Banette Bronzong deck, and found that it just slows down the Banette. It was great if I could get both in play, but that was usally hard to do.
  17. Roderick

    Roderick Member

    DarthPika: I'm not judging what you said on the contrary I appriciate that you are helping but I don't think it would have been that difficult to get the both in play since on Turn one you should have a Shuppet and Accension so you already have a Banette...On your second turn you should Mentor or might already have had a Bronzor so you can Celio's for a Bronzong so I don't think its very difficult. Of course this is assuming you get a perfect starting hand but I think taht it shouldn't take you more than Turn four maybe five to setup. Remeber that this is what I think so don't think that I'm trying to be superior or juging your game play....far from that....Thanks 4 posting :smile:

    Back to back posts merged. The following information has been added:

    DarthPika: Can you please specify the problems you had so that it might help me to avoid similar problems and also members from the gym and I might be able to help you out too :smile:
    Last edited: Nov 24, 2007
  18. DarthPika

    DarthPika New Member

    After thinking about it, the problems I had where not so much with the deck it's self, but that I was testing against decks that it dosen't do well against. I was testing against my bros. Lucario/Dodrio deck, which is very fast, and is very unforgiveing if you can't match it in speed.

    The other deck I tested against was my Empoleon/Lucario, which just murdered pore Banette. He kept forceing me to play down a Shuppet, then he would Ice Blade it. : ( All that coupled with Empoleons 130hp. makes it a VERY hard matchup for Banette.

    I also had 1 or 2 battles against my Hurricane (the one on the front page), and it did great for the first 3/4 prizes, but then fizzled out and died to the Gatrs.

    The main problem I had was, after n explosive start, the deck had a tendincy to slow down, and not be able to take the last 2 prizes needed to win. That could have bin just my list, or a problem with the deck in general. Right now I think the only way to find out is wait and see what happens at citys.
  19. vanderbilt_grad

    vanderbilt_grad New Member

    My Banette can do the same thing. It nearly always starts strong ... and it can come back SO quick when it looks like it's down ... but sometimes it has trouble finishing. I added 2 other basics to my deck and that helped a ton, both reducing Mulligans & frequently giving me breathing room to get Banette back up when needed ... while not really reducing QuickBall's effects that much. Cess is also super helpful. I'm torn on the DRE vs Crystal Beach in the deck. When I ran CB it seemed like I was a DRE away from a win several times. On the other hand with DRE I find that I don't need it as much. Maybe I'll just have to find a way to work both in.
  20. Yarac

    Yarac New Member

    I run much the same deck, but with 4 Holon Adventurers instead of the Bronzong line, and I still almost have an excuse to throw out a Bannette/or recycle one my opponent has just helped put in the discard pile. Also, you don't need a big bench - consider replacing your Mentors with Roseanne's Research and max out your Night Maintenance to ensure you can always draw a Shuppet and an energy. You'll find that these two additions help immensely with keeping the momentum rolling to the last prize card.

    There's no doubt that the deck is fast and peforms consistenly. You can even throw in a Lake Boundary to absolutely own any psychic weakness archetypes (like Gallade-voir, Mario, DuskQueen, Monarchy)...

    Unfortunately, it performs poorly against Blissey - you will routinely end up trading two prize cards for one, even with the colorless resistance. I've tried throwing in Buffer Pieces and Scoop Ups and I've stolen a few matchups, but it's not consistent enough. At this point, there's no way around it - Bannette is strictly Tier 2. Maybe there'll be a better combo next year when the last half of Night Hunting/Moon Dashing gets released.
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