T16 FL Masters Report; DRAG OFF!

Discussion in 'State/Province/Territory Championships' started by jeffrey123, Mar 20, 2011.

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  1. jeffrey123

    jeffrey123 New Member

    It's funny how sometimes, you can test a deck for a long time, work on "perfecting it" and last minute, decide to change decks and go to something you're incredibly uncomfortable with. Well, this is not my case. I in fact, almost did the opposite. StOrm07 and I decided to take his T16 placing Yanmega/Umbreon list, and work on it so that I felt comfortable enough to bring it into the toughest state of OP, Florida. Well, we worked on it for roughly 2 weeks and I loved it. Yanmega Machamp was the new deck, and it is still a beast in every way even though I did not play it (I did play it in the side event though!) I went 3-1 in the side event, losing first round to a Mewperior Donk T2 (WHATTT), and then beating 3 opponents in a row, I literally could have seeker donked them all, but I decided not to and I still placed 9th/30, plus my sole loss was something I had no control over, so I felt pretty good. From my 3 packs I pulled Shiny Lugia, Lost World, and Rayquaza. Went back to the hotel exclusive room and started testing Yanmega/Champ. It was good, even though the Vilegar matchup was very difficult. Luckily, Larry, Tony, and a bunch of others were able to talk me out of playing the Dragonfly and move to the deck I have the most skill with. Gigas.

    Round 1 vs Daniel L. (Lostgar)

    The kid looks quite nervous and I open with a Collector, Gigas, and luxury ball so I am feeling good about this, until he flips over a gastly and spiritomb. I'm figuring that it's vilegar. I go first and attach. He sets up into turn 2 Vileplume and Gengar Prime. I am almost positive that it is Vilegar now. I drag off Vileplume by attaching a DCE and psychic bind with mesprit. He starts draw passing, not being able to use the Uxie that he had collectored for last turn. I keep a tight bind and kill his Vileplume before he sets up into anything else. He draws energy now, Uxies, and starts lost zoning from the hand. He catches me with 2 Pokemon in my hand after spooky whirlpooling my hand away and making me draw 6 new cards. I'm kinda edgy now because he also levels me down. I keep taking cheap prizes and start sacrificing away my bench so that he can't seeker anything up. He spooky whirlpools me again...3 POKEMON in my hand! He has 5 Pokemon in the lost zone and i'm starting to freak out. I sacrifice again and have one pokemon on my bench, and roughly 3 minutes of play left until 3+3. I judge him...he draws lost world, twins, seeker, energy. I couldn't believe it...


    Already I am pretty disappointed that I didn't play what I wanted to. The metagame is so heavily stacked against Regigigas, and the next round I play doesn't help either...

    Round 2 vs ??? (Mewperior)

    So I try to regain some composure and I sit at my table, calmly shuffling. That's when a mew slips out of his deck on to the table. I literally said out loud "Are you freakin kidding me..." the kid looks up confused and I laugh at how ridiculous my luck is. He flips over sableye to my Gigas start. I start setting up no problem, but instead of the usual setup, I opt for 2 Uxie and 1 Mesprit as opposed to Uxie, Mesprit, Regice. Uxie wins this matchup belted. He gets the T2 see off and I take a prize. I keep the tight bind and Gigas actually starts taking prizes. He brings up a Gliscor (?) and Ninja fangs me. I warp point into Uxie Lv X, belt it, seeker, and win the game. *Sigh of relief*


    Lunch with Team R is always great.

    Round 3 vs Alexandra S. (Charizard)

    Charizard is a great matchup. I start Uxie and luxury ball, going first. Draw pass. She starts getting the usual charizard stuff (vulpix, quilava, charmander). I ghet a T2 belted Gigas and start powerlocking hard. She can't uxie for any cards and hits me for 10. I start taking prizes like a mad man. Soon enough, it's 3-3 due to me sacrificing to set up. She has an active Charizard belted. I giga blaster with black belt and she can't recover.


    Round 4 vs Jessica R (Machamp/Dragonite)

    Don't let the deck fool you, it was actually one of my closest games. She starts T1 Machamp, but my hand is the greatest thing since Yanmega Machamp the deck...Uxie, Uxie X, DCE, DCE, Abomasnow, mesprit, Collector. I topdeck Lux ball and i'm stoked. Play down Uxie, Collector for Q and Snover and friends, start to set up. I eventually get out Abomasnow, paralyze, ands then KO a machamp. Another comes out and takes me out for 20. I respond by warp pointing into Uxie Lv X, and KOing it. She brings up a Dragonite and we start to exchange prizes. She spread 150 damage on me in one turn!!! How sick is that? I bring up a Gigas and my gigas blaster is vicious, discarding her machop in hand and top deck vs seeker (?) something important like that. So I figure that I can take the game with Gigas but i'm a bit nervous as the flips could screw me over. She takes 2 prizes with spread in one turn and I ko another dragonite. I can't remember all the details but I end up winning a nail biter right after time is called 2nd turn. Best game i've enjoyed in awhile, thanks Jessica!


    Round 5 vs Marival P (Steelix)

    Another deck that I can ruin. Cool. We both start supa dupa fast and Gigas starts doing its thing. I powerlock and drag off things. My actual plan for this matchup was to kill anything she attached a DCE to. A steelix comes out T3ish and I kill it off in two turns while healing and keeping the bind. She attaches a DCE to a drifloon, and it becomes the prime target. There's only one problem. Drifloon has (-20) colorless resistance. Well...BLACK BELT! Nails it and she has the drifblim in hand lol. So priceless to see someones face after that. I steal her will after I KO another steelix and keep the bind so that I can't be poisoned. I take 6 prizes shortly after.


    Round 6 vs ??? (Dialgachomp)

    Table 3. Cool. I start with a lone Q to his...Dialga (*sigh of relief*). He has a slow start and I do as well, but collector gets me going after 2 turns of draw pass and things start kickin up. I drag off his active Dialga. He responds with a second strike for 50. I level up, drag off again. He turns, and we have this epic Gigas vs Dialga war. About 15 minutes into the game, I take the first prize off of a sacrificial pixie. He responds with a Belted, double sp metal'd DGX. I'm like...crap and he removes lst a DCE. I am flipping out until I look and see my Bestie...Black belt :D. I had previously flash bit the dialga, and I attach another DCE and Giga blast for 160, just enough to KO the beast. He has nothing else on his bench, and I am able to take full control of the game with a very tight bind. Great game.


    Round 7 vs Chris B (Scizor/Eggs)

    Boy is this game important. He starts Mesprit to my Uxie and Collector start. This ends up being detrimental to him because Powerlock hurts both of us badly, so first one to drop it can generally win the game. I drop first, collectoring for 2 mesprit and a Drag off. Attach DCE to drag off, bind, pass. He sets up a scizor and I keep an 8 turn bind which really hurts him. I kill a belted scizor and he sets up an eggdracute. I ko it immediatly with drag off and we keep playing. he does get off a psychic strategy, but topdeck collector is pretty unrealistically lucky and I am recovering well enough, I win this one due to a tight bind, some black beltin action, and a wee bit of luck.


    Round 8 vs Twitchy (Luxchomp)

    I honestly don't remember much of this game except that it was very fun and leisurely. I had just met twitchy the night before and we instantly became friends, he's a cool guy to hang with. Anyways it comes down to me not finding a seeker to flash bite his smeargle allowing me to drag it off, and he bright looks up my crobat 1-1 prizes FTW.


    So I get a power bar, chill out and am glad to be in top cut, as I expected a terrible day. So it's not soo bad now, until I put my stuff down, walk away to get a water, come back...and my whole Gigas deck is gone. My bag is untouched. I frantically search and scream, flip out and cannot believe that someone stole my deck. I'm on the verge of tears and take a few deep breatsh, but I can't really hold it in too well. I just sit there dumbfounded, can't even believe that someone would do that. It was right when the final standing had been posted, so everyone was right by the door, the table where my deck was =-(. I felt 10x worse because Larry had lent me Uxie X, and a Promo gigas and I felt horrible. I ended up buying them both back, and I am just sickened by the players right now. Disguted in myself for leaving it as well. RH DCE's, RH cards, gigas promors, etc. At least 200 bucks worth of cards stolen, and my favorite deckbox.

    Anyways, there's a small flame as many people decide to assist me in searching for it, but not only this, but they get all the cards I need to rebuild the deck, just in time for top cut! I feel bad about the deck but I can't believe that all these people I don't even know would be so kind. This just shows not only how great our FL players are, but how sincere and caring they are as well. I was so glad to have people rooting for me as I went in against Stephen Silvestro in T16.

    Top 16 vs Stephen S (Gyarados)

    He opens Smeargle? To my Snover start and we actually have a great game. I setup and Judge him into crap as I draw DCE, Abomasnow, Expert Belt, Collector as he struggles to set up. I psychic bind on and off, he fires off promocroak after I warp back my abomasnow, seeker it up, and bring up Gigas. I bring up a Uxie, forget to sacrifice and play down Black belt, thinking it's a KO. This misplay basically costs me the game. We keep playing, I am binding on and off, and I have game next turn, too bad he has it this turn! Huge play where he does a bunch of drawing and exclaiming, and pulls off a super thought out turn. Great game.

    Game 2 is alot more lame. I have a terrible start with mesprit and he takes 4 prizes before I attack. I start to mount a small Giga Blaster comeback where I actually discard it and his topdeck which idr but I remember his saying wow that's crazy. I'm pretty lucky at picking cards I guess. Anyways, I take 2 or 3 prizes and he takes his last prize with regi-move. Great games, Stephen.

    So I finish my states run in the top 16 gigasless, and I basically have nothin else =/. I guess i'm just gonna have to drop some mroe big faces to get some cards! I'm just glad that I could repay Larry and all the players that ended up helping me out. The weekend was really cool. I found a vileplume HSU on the ground, I bought 3 B/W packs at Collectors Cache and pulled Samurott as well as Kling-Klang, I got to see some great friends, meet some new ones, and I also made $100 off of cards. I would trade more than just my deck for the weekend that I had. Even though I could have played a little better, I regret nothin.

    Mazin Giga Blastin
    Altavilla Family
    Bryan Family
    Other friends (Franco, Twitchy, Jon, etc)
    Meeting new friends
    Kind players
    Yanmega/Machamp for being so boss in side event (11-2 through the weekend).

    200 dollar deck gone, now some creep has my list :mad:
    Apparantly gaining less than 1 point...1700.3 what...?
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  2. Amt

    Amt New Member

    eh? typo?

    Congrats on T16 with a pretty cool deck.
  3. jeffrey123

    jeffrey123 New Member

    Ahh I sacrificed right before I knocked it out. Thanks FEman :redface:
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  4. Martian

    Martian Member

    The results are not uploaded yet. As usual Randy has to clear up a few pop id issues first.
    Congratulations on your t16. The fact that the collective members came up with all the cards to rebuild your deck does not surprise me. Lots of spirit of the game in Florida.
  5. toxicroak 96

    toxicroak 96 New Member

    Nice job Kevin, they havn't added the points in yet so you should pick up a nice chunk.
  6. DoomScizor

    DoomScizor New Member

    Hey, sorry about the deck loss, I was with the group that you saw at denny's. None of us did so well, the best of us was the little asian that have been playing for about a month over all. In fact he did something that none of us could do. Beat Jim Roll in the first round. But seriously, I saw a lot more gigigas than I expected and you did the best (Obviously) with the odds stacked against you, there was a lot of Gengar and sp, and that Dragonite Machamp deck was Insane. I lost to it cause of misplays and that was the day that I decided to drop Lucario GL out of my Magnezone Flygon list. Good job on the T16 and Good luck for the rest of the season. See you at regionals.
  7. JokerBoi

    JokerBoi New Member

    You know I always say that pokemon players have the most respect for other people's belongings than any card game players but I am very sorry to hear that happen to you. I had got my entire ex binder stolen from me at States '08 so I know how it feels.

    Other than that good job. Hope to see you at regionals!
  8. sToRm07

    sToRm07 New Member

    major like.

    ...major dislike. dude that SUCKS. hope you get the cards you need soon!

    also, lets skype test again sometime. bur get a mic! hahaha...
  9. jeffrey123

    jeffrey123 New Member

    Thank you for the info Martian! You were a great judge (as usual). Lots of spirit! God bless florida!

    Thank god! I really hope so, I need to keep doing well haha! Awesome job Zach! T4 seniors is legit.

    You guys were so sincere, I have to thank you all for being so kind. That's awesome that your buddy beat Jim, he's an awesome player. Your deck sounds awesome, i'd love to check it out at regionals! Cya man!

    I thought so too, but it was my mistake as well. Thank you for the kind words and I am sorry about your binder =(. Thanks, see ya at regs.

    Oh Yanmega/Champ is so good man...can't wait to test it! I'm gonna get a mic soon!
  10. Austino

    Austino New Member

    Do work son!

  11. Martian

    Martian Member

    Though there are fewer in Pokemon than anywhere else there is always someone who just can't resist temptation.

    We had a similar but happier story happen at a Cities event this year. A player went to eat and accidentally picked up another players deck in error. They had the same deck box. They brought it right back as soon as they figured out what had happened.

    I'm hoping this will be the case on this one as well and the deck gets returned.
  12. Elite_4_Allen

    Elite_4_Allen New Member

    congrats on the top sixteen!
  13. Amt

    Amt New Member

    Glad to see you know how to use the quote button.
  14. EeveeLover

    EeveeLover Member Services Administrator

    I was thinking that exact same thing...

    On Topic.

    Kevin, I am glad that the other players banded together to get your deck rebuilt. That would have sucked losing T16 like that.

  15. jeffrey123

    jeffrey123 New Member

    Hahah thanks everyone. Hope to see you all at FL Regs!
  16. Squirtle

    Squirtle <a href="http://pokegym.net/gallery/browseimages.p

    Best game I've played all year we played game 1. Thanks for that.

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