T16 UK Nationals Report

Discussion in 'Tournaments & Events Worldwide' started by Dragon9, Jun 7, 2008.

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  1. Dragon9

    Dragon9 New Member

    Yeah so this is my report of UK Nationals. I played Plox on the day and I did quite well with it.

    Round 1 v Callum
    It was Magkiss v Plox. I started with Baltoy T_T. He started with a Magmar. I set-up a furret and start getting the cards I need. Gallade KO's 3 of his Pokémon. He's setting up an Magmotar on his bench with 5-6 energies on while he has one as active with 2 Energies. I play Cyclone energy on Gallade and make the Magmortar on his bench (with 5-6 energies) become the active Poké and Gallade Psychic Cuts for an OHKO. Then Gallade sweeped the other Magmortar for game.


    Round 2 v Luke P
    He sets up a Magmortar decently fast while I have troubles with Ralts, meaning they didn't show up. He sets up Crystal Beach leaving me in a pickle but I luckily get a Roseannes and bring Tauros (to get rid of Crystal Beach) and Ralts to candy into a Gallade and start attacking his Magmortars. Gallade gets KO'd after a while but I have Gardevoir on the bench waiting. Gardevoir finished the Magmortar off ftw!


    Round 3 v Fares
    He sets ups Empoleons amazingly fast while I'm stuck with sentrets. T3 he sets up 2 Empoleons and sweeps I manage to stop him from making me lose via bench but eventually lose because of not having a bench.


    Round 4 v Connor
    He starts with Togepi and I start with Ralts. Ralts sets up into a Gallade T3 and starts sweeping but by that time he had a Magmortar out. Gallade sweeps Magmortars and KO's his bench for game.


    Round 5 v Vince
    Surprisingly this was his first tournament and he had only been playing for 2 weeks and was 3-1 up (Great Job). He tries to set-up some Electivire but I manage to set up nearly everything (Gallade, Gardevoir, Claydol, Furret and Dusknoir). I eventually sweep with Gallade and after Gallade was KO'd I finish with Gardevoir for game!


    I checked the standings and I finished 6th yay! Cut time!

    T16 Cut

    V Jak

    Game 1:He sets up Empoleon T2 and KO's me.

    Game 2: I set up with Furret and about to setup Gallade when he TGW's me. I lose the TGW and get 2 DRE and Warp Point. He sweeps with Empoleon for game!

    The cut standings say I finished 10th nice!

    Best match record so far in swiss (1 loss)
    Better than last year
    Great Venue
    Great Judging/Organizing

    Didn't get any good cards from my packs.
    Didn't make Top 8 T_T

    Anyway thanks to everyone for making it a great day!
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  2. The Machampion

    The Machampion New Member

    Good Job rich I Am Hopeing to see way more of you next season in more tourneys as you have done brilliantly this season.

    Yay London
  3. Kempley05

    Kempley05 New Member

    Congratualtaions on the top16 cut. Shame you didn't go all the way but I'm sure you can be proud of your preformance!

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