T2 Blissey hopefully good for states

Discussion in 'Deck Help and Strategy' started by dragonwarrior, Jan 31, 2008.

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  1. dragonwarrior

    dragonwarrior New Member

    Okay so here's my list hopefully play it for states:

    8 Pokemon:
    4 Chansey
    4 Blissey

    35 Trainers
    4 Cessation
    3 Castaways
    4 T.V. reporters
    3 Mentors
    4 Quick balls
    3 Warp point
    4 Plus powers
    3 Nights Maintence
    2 Time-space distortion
    2 Windstorms
    3 Drake's stadium

    17 energies
    4 Boost energy
    4 Holon energy FF
    9 Fire energy

    i think it's a little be obvious, start with blissey use holon mentor or T.V. reports to discard an energy, cast away for the cessation so my opponent can't use any powers. quick balls because if you mentor all your chansey's out the only pokemon in your deck is blisseys also doesn't waste a supporter turn. Holon energy FF because with fire attached there's no weakness and with Drake Stadium then it reduces damage to all colourless pokemon by 10. there's so many NM and TSD because of Prizeds or knocked out blisseys and chanseys

    Any help?
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  2. t-tar shockwave

    t-tar shockwave New Member

    you know G&G might not be around for long. there's a new set coming out and who knows there might be a strong pokemon to scare off and knock out G&G like cresslia.

    But on the other hand this list looks good but i don't think you need windstorms if you're playing cessations and drake's stadiums.
  3. hectagonman

    hectagonman New Member

    I don't see ANYWAY this counters Gallade.
  4. dragonwarrior

    dragonwarrior New Member

    well that's true i did look at the spoilers and there doesn't seem to be a big amount of good fighting pokemon in the new set. i only had the windstorms in because of lake boundary but looking at it now Holon energy FF would've taken care of that in the first place and with 2 windstorms and 3 stadiums that is kinda over doing it...

    What should i put in then?
  5. Mew*

    Mew* Active Member

    Try something that Gallade is weak to if you want to try to counter it, not something that is weak to it. I'd do some testing with Banette and Xatu.
  6. dragonwarrior

    dragonwarrior New Member

    It counters Gallade because of Holon energy FF and cessation.

    it'll prevent weakness and pokepowers. it'll be harder for the gardy to steal my supporters for their set up and if i have no weakness then it'll be hard for a gallade to OHKO T2 because of double rainbow they'll need 4 to flip, and if i have drake they'll be forced to flip 5. after knocking out one blissey, they can't OHKO another and gardy isn't strong enough to even two hit KO a blissey if Drake is in play.

    even still, it has a good match up against any gardy/lade list and has very good match up against other various decks not just the gardy/lade
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  7. pichu bros. rox

    pichu bros. rox New Member

    put in a 4-4 Banette line and it actuually is anti gallade
  8. t-tar shockwave

    t-tar shockwave New Member

    i do have to agree, using a pokemon that's weak to a pokemon can hardly be said that it's a counter deck. though i have to a believer as well. my friend played a list VERY similar to this deck had only the blisseys, the holon FF and cessation in a tourny with a turn out of over 5 G&G decks. he top 2 beating the only 3 G&G decks he faced and losing absol-G&G in the finals t2 with no benched chanseys.

    so since those holon FF can't be discarded easily i can see how this has a good match up but i don't believe it's a counter
  9. dragonwarrior

    dragonwarrior New Member

    well i tried the bannettes and it worked great, but magmortar was a problem in my area where if i don't have the the banettes then the shuppets be sniped in two turns unless i played candies.
    but if i did that then blissey would be more in consistent because than i'd have to play celios as well because quick balls wouldn't be reliable anymore and to knock a one gardy or lade, i'd also need lake boundary and if i did that then i would need to switch all my energies to psychic and then blissey has weakness X2 if i played the boundarys.
  10. Prize_Card

    Prize_Card New Member

    Anti gallade= Put in Sableye at least 2 owns gallade, and you need WP with pyschic for free retreat, and then add in a 3-3-3 line of bannete
  11. Darkwalker

    Darkwalker New Member

    The problem with running this as a counter to Gallade is you seem to be forgetting that Gallade's first attack is just as bad for you as it's second. Sure you drop a Holon FF and suck up a few fire from your discard to start beefing up a Blissey. You know Gallade can still OHKO you so you have to drop at least one Chansey on the bench so you don't lose. Any good Gallade player will look at the Chansey and smile while your loaded up Blissey gets sent to the bench and knocked down to 50 HP. You are then stuck with an unpowered Chansey in the active spot. If you evolve into Blissey again you will do a maximum of 60 damage (with a Boost and either a Str Charm/Plus Power or by somehow getting another energy into your discard). More than likely you will hit for 30 if you evolve at all. The Gallade player can then Flip over a single prize to KO the Chansey or 2 prizes to KO an Blissey, and not only that but they could flip over no prizes and just cripple 2 Blissey into OHKO range for another Gallade or a Gardevoir.
  12. Prize_Card

    Prize_Card New Member

    Well you said you wanted to counter gallade, not magmorter, I didnt think of that. But G_G is always going to have a higher win percentage over straight blissy.
  13. dragonwarrior

    dragonwarrior New Member

    I changed the title so that i can get a little bit more help with the deck more than just counter arguments as to how gardy/lade will just pound it

    So the new question is how can i make it better?

    i'd prefer that it stays blissey straight and not adding in techs
  14. t-tar shockwave

    t-tar shockwave New Member

    You should just wait to see if there's something new to bring to the table with the new set coming out.
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