T8 North Florida States w/ Semi-rogue

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  1. Curry

    Curry New Member

    Well my dad picks me up from school Friday and we swing by to pick up the Holub’s and Twitchy and get on our way to North Florida (Georgia). I slept most of the way up there and debated with twitchy on what to play while Garret harassed me because they got to leave at 6 AM so they could arrive at like 5 versus 1:30… =’(

    Anyways… we get to the hotel and Aaron G is already there along with Marty and his family so we stay up for a bit testing since we’ve already accumulated plenty of sleep and I’m still debating between Magphlosion, Currymence(sallykiss), and Exploding Curry(Exploud) at the end of it when we head off to bed.

    ……………………………some few hours later………………………….

    We wake up and it’s freaking snowing… All I had packed were shorts and my only shoes were flipflops so I was REALLY hoping not to have to spend much time outside. We head over to The Gaming Pit and do lists(I went with Currymence while Twitchy and Aaron G both went with Exploding Curry), wait in line for half an hour, and I played a fun game with Mr. Roll. After this they rearrange the tables to accommodate everyone and round 1 starts.

    Round 1
    Sorry forgot your name Gatrqueen
    I get a decent hand apart from the 3 pretty pachis that are just taking up space at first. She flipped two totodile ds and I just grinned from ear to ear on the inside. I get set up with a T3 kiss and Sally d and start going to town on her 40 hp basics. Game was over by T5 and her lack of draw/energy REALLY didn’t help.

    Soup??? Back to the venue…

    Round 2
    Aaron G with Exploding Curry
    I drive 8 hours to play someone that I see pretty much EVERY weekend?!?!
    I REALLY hate this game because of the stupid confusion heads and weakness vs my exs. Luckily he opens with a really dismal set up and I have T2 shelgon shelgon togetic and a kiss off of my claydol+copycat for 7 and it just goes downhill from there for him.

    Round 3
    GA player with Darkrai/Weavile?
    He opens with Darkrai #4 and I with double Bagon. I attach and bite him. He make me switch and I warp my other bagon back up with water/wp on it now evolve to shelgon and focus energy. He does 10 more and cant switch me. I attach fire and do 90 reduce 30. He brings up his bench Darkrai, levels it up, and tries to tell me that I’m knocked out. I remind him of the effect of my attack and he tries to tell me I’m asleep. I remind him of WP and his jaw drops (lulz). Next turn I kiss for some energy evolve to sally sw and ko his active. All he has left is a DP weavile and he uses nasty plot. I attach another fire to my sally and attack for game.

    Round 4
    Alex with PLOX
    He misses the T2 lock and I drop T2 dol kiss mence exd and shelgon. I retreat and do 40 to his pachi and Kirlia with a dre. He does 10 with his pachi and drops his gardy to prevent the ko. I ko him and it starts to go back and forth. I make him break the lock and he misplays the energy drop on the gallade to also miss the sonic blade so I’m able to kiss again to power my mence ex pk for the ko on his gallade and lv x. All he has is the ability to lock me again and I can ko but he and bianchi had been telling me earlier about how they put a shard in so that scared me off of the ko and lose on time.

    He asks why I didn’t kill it and I tell him about the shard thing and he just looks me straight in the face and says “Dude I don’t play a shard” OMGBBQSAUCENUMBLETSROFLCOPTERZ!!!!! We both agree that if it hadn’t gone to time I still would’ve won even after the misplay on skipping the ko. Oh well…

    Round 5
    Anthoy with Ectors list with some bad changes
    He gets fast prizes but I’m able to set up still and he has trouble finding a banny to discard so I just set up as usual in a banny game with the ex d and go 40 ko on the shuppet. I <3 banny XD

    Round 6
    Peter Griffin with Magphlosion
    He opens with Skitty and is able to stop me from cff for 2 turns ughz. Luckily I had a Baltoy already and get the T2 doll followed by a cff+set up of ex d to start setting up kos. He prized the lv x so he has to get like 5 million energy for any chance of killing me but at least he has the ff to stop the return ko on it from an ex d. Luckily, when he finally brings it up, I have a shelgon set up to evo to ex pk for the ko and he can’t get the catty ex to respond so I have a turn to hydro wave and set it up with 30. He does E-draw and tvr to get it out and I show him the energy+the ex d and he concedes GG Peter

    Round 7
    Twitchy with Exploding Curry
    Geez… I have to play two of my friends in the same day and not only that… they both have Exploud… ughz x2
    He’s a donkey(hee-haw) and gets the trainer lock for like 7 turns when I have candy search card for kiss, stevens, ccat, Roseanne etc. and I lost handily.

    Luckily, or unluckily depending on your point of view, I still made cut. T8 looked like this:
    1st Jim Roll (Empoleon)
    2nd Alex (PLOX)
    3rd Heidi (Gatrlade)
    4th Twitchy (Exploding Curry)
    5th Chris (PLOX)
    6th Me (Currymence)
    7th GA player (gatr/lapras/mantine/?)
    8th Anthoy (Banny)

    So FL is 7/8 in the cut… NICE.

    Anyways I play Heidi

    T8 Heidi Gatrlade
    I don’t set up either game and she wins 7/7 wagers. Bad beats

    I pulled a cress lv x and a claydol out of my packs which is ok I guess. I don’t know if a hit to my ranking was worth it though.

    Twitchy lost to Chris too so we went back to the hotel where I proceeded to nearly pass out from staying in the hot tub too long… All-in-all I was satisfied with Sally’s performance considering I just built it this week and Exploud’s because of the Gardy filled field.

    Aaron G
    Alex for winning

    Anthoy for begfriending Ector’s list
    Colton for playing WDIF and donking Zack
  2. Cyrus

    Cyrus Iron Chef - Master Emeritus

    Nice job, Aaron Cur(b your enthusiam)ry! How did the top cut end?
  3. Hatter™

    Hatter™ Active Member

    gj on Top 8 with rogue!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. ~`Flygon`~

    ~`Flygon`~ New Member

    Good Job,good game we had but I knew u were gonna win it when I seen Salamence.
  5. Ho Megas Alexandros

    Ho Megas Alexandros New Member

    I am going to have to play crystal shard in every deck now.

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