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    OK. This is not going to be the best report as I did not intend to write one so I did not take any notes, but it was requested by Ilikegengar that I do a report, and as everyone in the Pacific Northwest knows you just can’t say no to Ilikegengar. So here goes....

    Our Pokémon gym is based in Mukilteo, Wa. at a games store called Phoenix Games, this year we sent down 10 players.. a bit less then previous years to participate in the Oregon State championship about a 5 hour drive south on Interstate 5. We had 3 juniors and 7 masters. Most of us stayed in the Shilo Inn. So after dinner the hotel opened up a meeting room so we could deck test. (I think they were tired of the die clanking sound on the glass tables in the lobby :biggrin:) So after a few hours it was back to the hotel room to deck list and get ready for the big tourney.

    During Battle Roads I played Steelix Prime/Blissey Prime. I had some success but grew tired of having to win every game by coming from behind due to it being ever so slow. The last BR I played a find anti Sp deck of LA Mighteana and Vileplume but it was only 50-50 vs sp's and had trouble beating anything else. Between BR and Cities I tried my hand at Yanmega Prime and while it owned the Gyrados matchup, it lost bad to Luxray, Dialga or Vilegar. (or as I found out in the one cities that I tried it.. it looses to Steelix as well) and Cursegar. When it came time to decide on a Cities deck, I decided to go back to my wife’s Regional’s deck from the Previous year Garchomp SV with Luxchomp. It performed well but it got destroyed by the on Vilegar deck I faced so I decided to give up on playing that. I also noticed that there were a ton of Vilegar and Gyrados decks being played so I was thinking about a deck that could beat both. Then it downed on me that my states/regional’s deck from 2009 was still mostly legal so I rebuilt Dusknoir SF X w/ Dialga SP X. Dusknoir night spin shuts down Gyrados and Dialga SP X shuts down Vileplume. OF course I missed the Dark Palm Dusknoir, but I just replaced it with the Promo one with the dark hide Pokepower where I can flip a coin and if heads look at my opponents hand and make them put a Pokémon back in their deck, IF you are lucky you can get rid of a x when they poketurn it,

    I had some success with it during cities, taking a T4 and a 2nd place finish. Then after Cities I decided to stop playing it due to rumors that Lost worlds would be everywhere and everyone not playing it would have dark techs to deal with it. So I built and played some anit-lost world dark decks like Hochcrow SV but nothing I really was happy with (Honchcrow as a stand alone deck gets killed by Luxray, and it lost a lot of luster when Honchcrow X, Darkria X and Darkpalm Dusknoir rotated out.) So I decided to just stick with dusknoir and not worry about doing well at states this year, but just go play and have fun.

    List was almost the exact same one I ran at Cities except I replaced the Ambipom SP with Bronzong G SP. I get up take a shower and drive from our hotel to turn in our deck lists and get registered. My wife is sticking with her Miasma wind eveeloution deck (She won a BR title with it) and my daughter decides to stick with her Speed Machamp.

    Then I go back and pick up my wife and daughter from the hotel and we go back and wait for the event to start.

    R1 vs a very nice player from Albany who said this was his first ever tournament. He was 16 and said he has played at home with friends for 10 years but this was his first real experience at organized play.

    He was playing and SP Toolbox deck that did not have any SP tools. No energy gains or Poketurns just SP Pokemon and Mew Prime. He got out three Pokémon but they all fell to my Dialga SP X. All I remember is that the 2nd Pokémon he attacked with was Dusknoir SP and he only had one SP in the discard pile at the time so it was not hitting for much. He was very enthusiastic and I hope he sticks to the game and gets some trainer cards to help him have a chance.
    My daughter and wife both win their games so we are all 1-0 to start.

    R2 vs An Oregon player from Salem playing Luxchomp.
    I know this is a bad matchup for me. I lost most of my games against it during Cities and this deck was the reason I gave up on it in the first place two years ago. We get started and in typical fashon he jumps put to an early lead, I start with a full Dusknoir line, collector energy and a Poketurn. So I start Duskull in the active spot vs. his Azelf. But on T1 he collects for an Unown Q Uxie and Luxray. Then he attaches to Luxray and Cyrus chains to getting energy and a SP radar and SP radars to a benched Garchomp SP and ends his turn. I evolve my active Turn 2 to Duskclops attach energy and to it. Play my own collector for and Uxie Azelf and Dialga. Bench all three am able to use both powers and draw a few cards and get a Bebes Search and an energy gain that I place on. And hit his Azelf for 40 due to weakness, I think I am safe a turn but my opponent surprises me and brings up an Luxary, then instead of attaching an energy gain as I expected he attaches a 2nd energy and an expert belt. Then he levels up and doesn’t use his power but OHKO's my active. So now I am stuck with a useless Dusknoir in my hand, T3 I always misplay when my opponents surprises me and this is no exception. Instead of bringing up my Dialga with the idea of Poketurning it during my turn I choose the azelf. Then once I draw my card I realize my mistake but it’s too late. So Instead of Bebe, I play a Cyrus for an energy gain and a Judge and a psychic energy.

    I attach to Azelf and lock up. He decides to not Poketurn attaches an energy to his benched Garchomp and OHKOs my azelf on his turn to take a 0-2 prize lead. This time I make the play I should have made earlier. I bring up Dialga, draw my card play Bebes for Promocroak, Poketurn dialga. Attach rainbow energy and a gain to my now active Promocorak and OHKO the game is now tied 2-2, both of my prized I take are duskulls. He brings up his Garchomp levels it up and hits my Garchomp for the KO on my active.

    Now I have to battle SP VS SP as I know I don’t have the time to set up my ghosts against this deck but my next turn active up my dialga attach energy to it, bench both of my duskulls play Jude and defen lock to slow him down. His response is to play down a Bronzong and a Crobat Flash bits Dialga and then uses Galactic switch on the last remaining energy from his Garchomp to it retreat for the bat attach Psychic energy to it form his hand and uses toxic on dialga taking it to 30 damage. On my turn I am able to level up to Dialga X and deafen the bat. He benches a Luxray. Then Retreats Crobat for Garchomp puts a double colorless on it and snipes an Uxie on my bench. The prize count is 3-2 his favor. I draw my other duskclops evolve and attach an energy to it. I decide to stop deafening and hit him for 50 with second strike putting his Garchomp X to 60 damage.

    Then he retreats brings up Luxray gains and attaches an electric energy to it. Levels it up to the X and brings up my duskull for the OHKO and a 3-1 lead. I have draw. Play and Aaron’s collection to get my Promocock back from the discard pile and a Psychic energy. Bench and power it up. Poketurn my dialga. And move its energy gain to the now active Promocorak. Then I finally am able to evolve to Dusknoir SF use his power to draw 2 cards and put two damage on him. Then I OHKO the Luxray to make it 2-1 in prizes. He brings up Garchomp X if he gets the double colorless he can snipe my remaining benched Uxie for the game. , benches another Garchomp SP and attaches a single energy to it and ends his turn. I was lucky to get another turn. My turn I get lucky and do the power on Dusknoir taking it to 40 damage, attach rainbow energy to it taking it to 50. Use the promocoak power flip heads and leap away bring up the Dusknoir and put 50 damage on Garchomp X KO’ing it for a 1-1 tie in prizes. He brings up the crobat. Benches an uxie for four cards, does not get the gain or a double colorless because the just attaches a second energy to garchomp, retreats crobat for Garchomop and claws my Dusknoir for 10 due to resistance. I draw and he tells me that if I can’t do 80 damage to me this turn its over. I inform him that I do not need to do that much. And announce that I use Damage even to put 60 damage on his benched Azelf that had only 30 HP left for my last prize. I guess he was not aware that Dusknoir could snipe. So I have a 2-0 start to the Oregon state championship. My wife looses her match to a fellow Washington player playing Machamp ending up 1-1 and my daughter wins her match to also move to 2-0.

    R3 vs. Oregon player playing DialgaChomp.

    I played this same player last year when he took 3rd in regionals. He was playing a similar deck then, and he was my middle loss of my three losses in a row after starting the day 4-0. I didn’t take a prize that game so I hoped for a better outcome this time.

    I start with an Azelf and a Bronzong G SP; I figure I can poketurn it out of the active so I start with it. I go first and he starts with dialga. I see I am in trouble as he defen locks me on T1, then he sets up while I spin my wheels. I eventually get a Promo Dusknoir set up and make him put a few random pokes back in his deck but nothing that hurts him. He KO's my Bronzing on T3 with 2nd strike so I come up and deafen him to try to slow him down, but he has a powered up Garchomp in T4 pays the retreat cost for Dialga and snips my Azelf. I hit his Garchomp for 50. He poketurns, I can’t get any traction. Eventually he takes a prize on my Dialga and I bring up my now expert belted, powered up Promo Dusknoir and start to do some damage. But he just poketurns again and as he has a 3- prize lead he sacs an azelf and uxie while he reloads. He is up 2-3 in prizes taken when time is called on his turn. For good measure, he powers up his Garchomp X one last time and takes out one more of my benched pokemon and wins the game 2-4.

    At least this year it took him to time last year it was oven in like 3 min. So I am 2-1. Sarah lost to a Washington player and is 2-1 also. My wife Penny who lost to Machamp in R2 faced another one in R3 and this time she beat it and is also 2-1.

    R4 vs. a Portland Oregon player playing Regigigas.

    OK we start and I have no Idea what this player is running as he starts with a the Jerachi that doubles up your supporter and fetches you any card you want when it gets KO's I start with Dialga and have the T1 lock.

    He goes first draws and passes. I draw play a Cyrus for the lock and grab a Collector. He plays a Bebes and grabs a regice so I think I may be playing Gyrados. Then he uses the Jerachi attack to fetch an Uxie. I draw play my collector for a Azelf Uxie and Duskull bench all three, attach to Dialga and Second strike for the KO. I am thinking I have a good set up so how much damage can he do for one free card?

    It turns out plenty. He uses his power to fetch twins (nice play) grabs two cards and brings up Regice and draws his card. Then he plays a collector and gets out a regigigas (drag off) an azefl and a mesprit. Binds me and plays azelf and then uxies for like 5 cards. Then he is warp pointing, Pokemon Communicating and Junk arming and before I know it he has got a full bench. His turn ends with Unown Q ing an uxie making it active him powering it up 40 damage to my azelf. I draw, Know I know what I am facing and I bebes for my Promocoak and put it on the bench and energy gain it. Then I power up the Azelf and lock up the Uxie for 40. His turn he draws for T4 levels up to Uxie X retreats for Regigigas levels it up to the X, attaches Warp Energy to it and retreats for his Azelf. I decide get a rare candy and am able to get a SF Dusknoir in play. Attach a rainbow to it and do its power taking it to 30 damage. Then I get another Duskull and bench it. And hit his Azelf for 50 with Second strike. He draws, junk arms to get his warp point back brings up regigigas X attaches double colorless to it, I bring up my Azelf to sacrifice it but instead he drags up my Promocroak for 30. I draw. Use the promocroak power and flip heads. Bring back up the Azelf and Bench at attach the gain to the promocorak. And I lock him up with azelf for 20. His turn he attaches Expert belt and this time drags up my Promocroak for 50. Same thing happens on my turn I draw, Flip heads leap away, go to the bench gain it and azelf again. His turn he drops a couple Poke healer pluses and again drags off my Promocoak a third time for 50. I am getting tired of this and change my strategy, I draw. And get another rare candy and evolve duskull to Promo Dusknoir. Then I flip heads with his power and see his large hand with lost of useful stuff. I decide to Judge him, I flip tails for Leap away this time but I have a poketurn so it is not a problem, but instead of Putting the Promocroak back down I bench a Bronzong SP instead and Level up to Dialga X judge and Second Strike him for 50.

    It is his turn and they call time. He is very surprised as am I that 30 min have passed and only one prize has been taken. So he realizes that he need to draw a prize this turn. He plays a junkarms and gets his wapr point out of the discard pile, I bring up azelf he brings up Uxie X free retreats it. Attaches a water and does the 100 damage attack getting rid of a card from my hand and from my deck. Nothing critical but he evens the game at 1-1. My turn is T1 of the overtime. I was lucky and got another Bebes with the judge and am able to fetch the Promocroak out of my deck and energy gain it. I second strike him for 70 taking him to 120 damage. I figure if he does takes the lead by OHKOing annother of my Pokemon. Then I can return the KO with Promocoak and win the game due to his expert belt. He sees the same thing. So on his T2 instead of KO’ing something He drags off my Promo Dusknoir with no energy on it. And ends T2. My turn we are now in Sudden death at 1 prize taken each. What he does not know is that I have a warp point so all I do is bring up the SF dusknoir with 20 damage on it and one energy, use its power again to take it to 50 attach a 2nd energy to it and snipe his Uxie X on the bench for the win.

    I am now 3-1; Penny looses her match to a Luxchomp deck and is 2-2. Sarah wins and is also 3-1.

    player with LuxChomp

    This is a bad matchup and this game was not exception. I had a slow setup and he was all good to go after T3 with both Luxray X and Garchomp X. So it Bright look up this for the KO, Snipe that for the KO. Mid game manage to get a SF Dusknoir set up and am able to take a few prizes but when time is called he is still up 4-2. So my second loss leaves me at 3-2 and I doubt I will be top cutting. Sarah wins her match and is 4-1. Penny also looses to a LuxChomp and is also 3-2.

    R6 vs a Washington player playing Scizor Prime.

    Turns out this player works at a fantastic Comic & Collectables store in Lacey Wa. called Olympic Cards and Comics. I got my wife a fantastic little statue of River Tam from the Serenity Movie for Christmas It was a real feat to purchase, have it gift wrapped and hide it in the car all during our participating in the Lacey City Championship this year.

    We set up and I get my first T1 Defen lock of the day and I get to go second, but when he flips over a Spiritomb it really does not matter. He passes. I play a Cyrus get Collector, metal and gain. Defen for but can’t do anything and pass. He draws, player a collector gets two scythers and an uxie so now I know what I am playing. I have never faced this deck, but I think I can beat it as I can shut off the body with Diagla X and Dusknoirs damage even works no matter what. Then he attaches metal to one of his Scythers drops the uxie and uses Spirtomb to evolve to Scizor Prime. I draw attach another energy play collector for Uxie Azelf and a Duskull. Play Azelf and get a Promocrak. and Deafen him for 10.

    Next turn he attaches 2nd metal to Scizor and uses Spirtomb to evolve to a second Scizor. My turn I attatch a 3rd energy to Dialga, evolve duskull to dusclops. KO the Spirtomb for a 1-0 lead. He brings up Scizor attaches a special metal and an expert belt and OHKO's my Dialga. Wow scizor hits hard fast. I am not ready for that and have to sacrifice both uxie and Azelf the next few turns while he keeps piling on the enrgy one Szizor taking a 1-3 lead. By then I have a SF dusknoir set up and have a Promo Dusknoir and a bebes and Rare candy, So I grab annother duskull and rare candy it to the Promo Dusknoir, Bring up the Promocoak and atatch gain and basic Psychic to it and hit it for 50 damage due to the special metal and 10 more for poison taking it to 60. My plan is to KO it with Dusknoir Damage even and Poison next turn, but on his turn he surpises me with a single Pokehealer taking him back to 50 damage and OHKOS my Promocoak to go up 1-4. This forces me to sacrifice my PromoDusknoir. I promote it and take the beched Duknoir to 40 damage attach a Rainbow energy to moving it to 50 and end my turn. He OHKO's the Dusknoir hitting it for 150 damage, but he does not have any energy on anything else in play. but he is up 1-5 now. I promote Dusknoir SF do the power to take it to 70 damage. Attach expert belt to it as I have nothing to loose at this point and Damage even him for the KO. He objects saying I can hurt him due to his pokebody and my atatched rainbow energy. I tell him my attack places damage so it is not prevented by the dammage. He raises his hand to call a judge but before one comes over annother washington player Amelia B is watching us and as we both know her, he askes her if I am correct. She assures him that I am in the right so he lowers hos hand and places his Dusknoir in the Discard pile. I draw two prizes and am down 3-5. He promotes an Uxie and draws. atatches an energy to benched Scizor x and passes, I know I need to Damage even the benched scizor but I also need prizes, so on my turn I attach a 3rd energy to Dusknoir, do the power to take me to 90 damage and Night spin the Uxie prized now 4-5. He has annothe spirtiomb and an azelf on the bench he promotes the Spirtomb and to my great joy does not have any energy to atatch so he ends his turn. I now feel safe from the Scizor so I pass on the power this time annd nightspin the Skirtomb for 70 due to expert belt and the game is tied up. He draws, Plays a bebees for an uxie and draws 3 cards, Is very disapointed as he does not get any energy and passes. I draw. And announce that i damage even the benched Azelf for the win. He is suprized and asks me if I am really able to hit the bench with that attack, I asure him that I can and pick up the Dusknoir coard for him to read, He reads it anc conceeds the match.

    Whew.... I can not beleive that I pulled that win out of the fire. It has been years scince I ever pulled out a 1-5 comeback like that in a real game. So I am 4-2 and still have a slim chance to topcut

    Rd 7 vs. Trevor W. a Washington player playing Luxchomp

    Trevor is a member of my Pokémon league so I know what he is playing. This will be our rubber match as we have played twice before and he won in Battle roads and I won in Cities. Trevor’s son Ian is currently the #1 ranked Juniors player in North America.

    Before we start Trevor asks me if I think that either of us has a chance to top cut if we win out. I tell him that we do have a chance but I doubt it as we should be places behind all of the current 6-1 players who will be loosing this round.

    We flip and he starts with an uxie vs. my dialga. He attaches call and gets a garchomp and a luxray. I do not have the T1 deafen, but I do have a collector and grab a duskull Uxie and azelf. Bench the azelf and get a SF Dusknoir from my prizes. Attach an energy to Dialga and bench the Uxie for a few cards and end my turn. He draws, gains the Garchomp and plays down an uxie of his own for a few cards and ends his turn. I draw attach a second energy to dialga. Play a bebes and level it up to Dialga X and deafen. He draws and passes. I play a bench shield on Duskull and play another bebes for Duskclops. And deafen him.
    He draws and passes again. I evolve to Dusknoir, do his power taking me to 20 and deafen Uxie again. He draws and passes again. I attach a 3rd energy to Dialga X and second strike for the KO on Uxie. He brings up the Garchomp draws, attaches double colorless energy to it and SP radars for the X and snipes my Uxie for 1-1 prize tie. I draw place a bronzing on my bench and energy gain the Dialga and hit Garchomp for 80. He retreats garchomp for Luxray and levels it up to Luxray X and Bright looks up the Bronzong and ends his turn. I ask him if I can galactic switch he says yes so I move an energy from Dialga to Dusknoir, Then I ask him if I can use Dusknoirs power, I can and draw two cards taking him to 40 damage Then I attach another energy to it and poketurn the Bronzong, bring up Dusknoir, play a Judge and KO the Garchomp with Damage Even and a 2-1 lead in prizes.

    He brings up the Luxray, attaches a warp energy to it and brings up another Uxie. I draw and attach a third energy to Dusknoir and night spin for the OHKO on Uxie, Now he needs three energy to hurt me. He draws, top decks a Lucario SP, shows it to me and scoops with me up 3-1.

    Then Trevor explains that this is his second game in a row without any supporters. I let him know that I am sorry for his poor luck but that is the way Pokémon works sometimes. So I am 5-2 and still have an outside chance at top cutting. Sarah lost her game and is 4-2; Penny also lost and is 3-4.

    Rd 8 vs Ozzy and Oregon player with Vilegar
    Ozzy started the day 5-0 so I hope this game will help my tiebreaker. He starts with a Spirtomb and a Gastly so I am afraid that he might be playing lostgar, but when he plays an Oddish to his bench and Darkness graces to a SF Gengar I relax. I start with an Azelf, I play a Cryus T1 for a Collector after he starts and Graces to Haunter. After he Graces to Gengar SF, I collector for Duskull, Dialga and Uxie, bench all three and get a Rare candy and Bebes. Then I KO the Sabeleye and Luck out a pull an SF Dusknoir with my prize.

    T3 he brings up Gengar, attaches an energy to it and plays a collector of his own grabbing another Gastly a Crobat and another Spirtomb. Evolves Oddish to the stage 1 and Flash bites my active Azelf and KO’s it with Gengar. We are tied 1-1 in prizes. I am in a tight spot, but I have been here before against Vilegar, I know that if I play it right I can hopefully draw his attacks to where I need them, so I bring up the Uxie and then Rare candy to the Dusknoir and attach an energy to it Use its power to take me to 20 and end my turn.

    T4 he draws evolves the Vileplume and snipes my Dusknoir as I hoped he would, and then I hope to draw his fire on my active next turn. So I attach to uxie, play Bebes for Uxie X use his power and hit Gengar for 20.

    T5 he draws plays a Mr. Mime in his bench uses his power so we show each other our hands he sees that I have 3 trainers in my hand so he attaches another energy to Gengar and OHKO’s my active Uxie X to go up 1-2 in prizes. This was exactly what I hoped he would do. I bring up my Dusknoir draw, use the power to take it to 100 damage, the only energy I have is a rainbow so that takes me to 110 and I damage even the Gengar so he can’t flip. We are tied 2-2 in prizes.

    T6 He brings up his gastly draws and asks if I only have 10 HP yes, I assure him that is correct so he attaches an energy to it and hit and runs to the bench taking a 2-3 prize lead.
    I bring up Dialga, level it up to Dialga X attach energy gain and Special Metal and Hit his now active Spiritomb for 10 with Deafen.

    T7 He draws and Darkness graces to Haunter. I draw play a rainbow to Dialga X. play a Duskull to the Bench and KO the Spiritomb. Prizes tied up 3-3

    T8 He brings up the Haunter evolves it to Gengar Prime attaches a 2nd energy to it and decides that with my two card hand he is better off damaging me so he puts all 4 damage on my benched Duskull. I draw place a third energy on Dialga X and hit his gengar for 80 missing on the energy discard flip.

    T9 he decides to place all 4 damage on Dialga X this time taking it to 50. I draw and KO the Gengar Prime taking a 4-3 lead.

    He has no answer to this and T10 and T11 end with me OHKO’ing his Crobat and Mr. Mime. I move to 6-2 and have to wait to see if I will top cut.
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    Nice job Jeff.

    Will see you at WA states, hope you do well there!

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