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Discussion in 'State/Province/Territory Championships' started by elekid_957, Mar 14, 2011.

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  1. elekid_957

    elekid_957 New Member

    kgl=kygogre groudon legend. i dont think im gonna post list now, but when i write an article i will. main strat is sableye setup and 4 twins to get gatr prime and kgl and indigo plateau in play. 4 ssu 2 warp point warp energy seeker junk arm ect to keep it alive. then deck them out or win by taking bench prizes.this was 2 days ago so memorys pretty bad. boring stuff report: 8 rounds t16

    round 1 vs yanmega/yanmega
    yea first round and i get paired against grass.. its like yanmega wind return and yanmega E4 and 1 prime for a tech. i get a smeargle start, do bebes and comm for legend bench it attach dce and portrait her underground investigation. bench sableye do impersonate for collector. she goes does her stuff and starts setting up yanmega. kills me i do twins for a few turns, she takes 2 prizes. then i send up kgl and start the rampage. btw she plays TWENTY-SIX energy in her deck. and i milled 4 the entire game. coooool. anyways stuff goes on with me surviving with 10 hp left because of bubble coat and then me discarding most of her deck. crucial error on my part when i put a fresh kgl active against her yanmega with 2 grass on it. i think she can only do 160. (energy per turn, plus one from discard with power) but on her turn she goes and does her attack and tells me it does 200. im like what? oh wait. its 20 PLUS each energy returned. not 20x.... laaame. so i send up uxie x and set up my other kgl on bench and ko her yanmega with zen blade (she had 60 cuz i warp pointed it to the bench once and then milled 2 energy). she sends up yanmega prime and is like 3 cards of my hand so passes. i send up kgl and mill an energy and kill 3 of her bench guys. she scoops like 2 turns later cuz im going to deck her next turn.


    round 2 vs luxchomomp
    pretty much a standard luxchomp matchup for me. i start setting up, he has a not so great hand but still manages to get lux x out after a lookers and kos 2 sableyes. i send up kgl and start milling thru his deck. at once point he cyrus' for a lookers and i vs seeker my lookers and force him to warp into lucario gl. then lookers his hand again. its stuck up their for 2 turns while im milling which is fun. he gets out dialga and i get 2 dce's off a mill killing 3 bench guys. he has no luxrays left so he just uses second strike. i see if he has aarons and zong and turn he could ko me next turn so i twins for a bubble coat and attach and mill 2 more times for the deckout.


    round 3 vs umbreon/houndoom/blaziken fb
    strategy was to burn and using belt and sp dark hit 110+ with moonlight fang. cool idea i tried it out a while ago but the gdos matchup sucked. anyways average start setup kgl. but he wont kill anything so no twins :(. i fear a judge so i drop kgl and hope he'll just ko active sableye but he drags me up instead. so i ssu heads and just send up sableye and pass cuz i dont want to waste any supporters incase he does have judge. he doesnt and he just kills me. i explode set up kgl gatr and uxie x in one turn i think, then start milling. i actually hit 4 off his 10 energy which was pretty cool. anyways he can't really 2ko me easily, but i do take a risk when i leave a kgl up with 60 on it. if he has a stadium and flips heads on umbreaons second attack it'l be a ko. but he gets tails and he doesnt actually run stadiums anyways. so this goes on and i think 3-4 turns later i deck him out or he scoops before i can.


    round 4 vs luxchomp
    he's my friend and in like 50 games he has never once beaten me legitimately (like donk or whatever). so anyways sableye start setting up ect. he decides to be a jerk and not kill anything so i cant twins. so he just uses luxray and toxic fang to keep hitting my sableyes to 40 or 50 or whatever. i get a gatr prime out eventually and he watses 4 poketurns luxraying me up and toxic fanging. i just seeker junk arm candy and sableye more. he finally kills a sableye and i explode in one turn setting everything up with plenty of stuff in hand. like 5-6 turns later i deck him out. didnt even use 1 ssu this matchup.


    round 5 vs luxchomp
    good start setup with sableye and stuff. he sprays my smeargle like 2-3 times but i dont really think much of it. he kills 2 sableye and im ready to explode next turn with both halves 1-0-1 gatr candy energy 2 seeker warp energy junk arms bubble coat ect and then he lookers me. he never cyrus'd for it or anything and i found out he started with it and 3 power sprays. thats why he sprayed the smeargle. :/. i get lookered into 4 energy and uxie x and he kills another guy. i send up smeargle copy his cyrus for my own lookers. lookers my self and pass. he kills smeargle. i go and have probaly he craziest turn ever with 3 uxies 4/4 heads on ssu communication seekers and junk arms until i end up with fully powered active kgl and gatr with a 3 card hand. i junk arm 2 useless cards for ssu and get tails. if that was heads as well i would have picked up uxie and got to draw 7 which could have been game breaking. but nope. i mill 5 and get 0 energy. he retreats and does 120 with luxray. i topdeck energy and mill 5. 0 energy :/. he retreats and garchomps me for a ko and then game.
    acceptable loss however. i had 2 twins and 2 unown Q's prized as well as vs seeker and azelf so there wasn;t much i could have done if that game had went super long


    round 6 vs scizor prime/techs
    it was speed and this guy was awesome and ended up winning the whole thing. anyways i get my second smeargle start of the day and am off to a great start using his something to get a kgl in play t1. i then just retreat to sableye and start to set up. next turn he set up more and passes. i draw bench totodile and sableye more. he evolves attaches belt and let looses :/. i draw pretty good and after he kos sableye i send up smearlgle use his look at top 5 choose 2 discarding 3. then twins for candy gatr and sableye twins for more stuff. he goes does his stuff kos another sableye. more smeargle and stuff. uxie x. twins blah blah warp point meaning to send up kgl but i pick up smeargle instead and dont notice til my hand is already off it.. he wont let me take it back and i have to pass. he takes another prize. whatever i go and twins again get more cards and start milling. this goes on for a while with him giratina'ing and me uxie x/twins/vs seeker/junk arm/ect to keep renewing kgl and decking him out. once time i hit 3 scizor primes in one mill which was pretty funny. i take 4 prizes off his bench and eventually it comes down to him having giratina with 60 benched and scizor prime with 5 energy and belt. he attaches another anergy and thinks he has the ko but i point out i have 180 with indigo not 170 (he thught it was snowpoint). so he hits 170. i go warp point seeker up kgl (hes forced to pick up scizor) attach energies to gatr and hydro crunch tina to bench him. also lulzyness he decides to draw 1 with tina at some point and the 2 card is a palmers :p


    round 7 vs gyarados/mew prime techs
    goes like gyarados should. not very interesting it gets down to him having 2 cards left in deck with me with both kgls out fully charged and gatr prime with indigo in play. its 6-1 and he think he has ko for game. he belts mew prime gets gyara in hand and discards it, drops crobat for 10 and thinks he has the ko... but i point out indigo is in play. and ive discarded all 3 of his bts. so he seekers trying to get me t pick up other kgl so he can regice and ko my gatr buti dont fall for it and pick up gatr and he scoops.


    round 8 vs luxchomp
    he has *** start and because of it i dont get anything with smeargle. still he manages to get t4 luxray up and take a prize so i can twins now. 2 turns later im milling his deck and he never sees a cyrus until like 5-6 turns later. then he has 1 bench and i do the warp point seeker gatr prime attack thing again for game


    playing same gyarados again in t16

    i have uxie 2 twins seeker energy warp point dce and topdeck a ssu. oh boy. he does a bunch of stuff and i go praying for a topdeck.... SABLEYE. yesssss i go and setup and seeker uxie do stuff and basically mill thru his entire deck. at one point i actually hit 1 energy then next turn 2 and kill 4 benched guys which was fun. he scoops a turn later with 1 card in his deck


    better start this time and it goes like a gyar matchup should. also he doesnt really get any supporters after using sableye so it was never much of a challenge.



    so now in t8 there is me 3 luxchomps scizor dude dusknoir/dialga machamp and a shuppet donk. of course i get to play the machamp :///////

    i start sableye with twins cyrus 2 energy and no way to get pokemon. pray for a topdeck, get half of legend impersonate. he opens machop fighting double drawer and i scoop.


    goes how machamp should. i sableye set up and he gets t3 machamp sf out killing ym guys. i respong with gatr for a 2ko. and then retreat to another totodile, seeker and candy and play it all over again i think. he evenually kos a useless guy off warp with a belted champ prime with 60 on it. and i send up uxie x that id been saving and zen blade it for 2 prizes. now he has nothing left really and just collectors for some stuff. i double communication and get kgl down. ssu one of the 2 gatrs i set up dance the energy on kgl. lookers his hand away and start milling. he doesnt draw god off it and scoops 2 turns later when im about to deck him out.


    i open decently good with sableye and totodile to his regice. impersonate and his turn. he benches Q warps to it and uxies for 3. then drawers for 1 and gets te machop he needs bench candy machamp sf attach rainbow ko my totodile.... cool. so i try to set up again like last game but he gets unown P out and puts 4 damage on his bench guys so if i ko his machamp sf then he'll ko me with machamp prime. wtf who plays unown P?? lol so i kill him with 2 sacced uxies. he has 1 prize left and a bench of machamp with 1 damage and 4 random guys. i decide the only way i can win this is by milling 4 energy with kgl (id take 5 prizes and thats all i need). he's only played about 4 energy and i know from the other game he plays about 8-11 energy. so i twins for both halves. ssu up gatr candy it back attach the energy to kgl. retreat and flip over his deck super dramatically..... 1 energy and i scoop (next turn he retreats and take out for game)



    oh well im chill about it. scizor dude ends up winning inT2 so is all good. sour grapes that unown G still isnt in format :p. good enough record tho, and ill be playing again next week

    also sweet gained 100 points of this
  2. gallade

    gallade New Member

    WOOOOOOOO nice job bro. kgl is the best. BTW my rankings didn't go up yet :( I wan't to see that i gained 150 points XD
  3. Blitzer

    Blitzer New Member

    wow, nice job. KGL is pretty cool.
  4. goldedda

    goldedda New Member

    eleki ur our hero of doing good with rogue deck :)
  5. ShuckleLVX

    ShuckleLVX Active Member

    Every time I saw you I was shaking my head "KGL at the top tables? KGL in Top 16? KGL in Top 8?".... It's just you dude, keep on kicking names and taking... well, yeah.
  6. kwisdumb

    kwisdumb New Member

    KGL at table 1 all day erryday.

  7. Elite_4_Allen

    Elite_4_Allen New Member

    100 points is awesome!
    Anyway, Great job eleki!
  8. gallade

    gallade New Member

    Dude, i gained 156 points from states, my rankings 1821 now XD
    Last edited: Mar 15, 2011
  9. elekid_957

    elekid_957 New Member

    Thanks guys. Haha it was pretty funny being at table 1 for 3 rounds
  10. YogiBear

    YogiBear New Member

    Good job eleki, sucks about the macharmp man. And ill get you at Washington states man :p
  11. The_Legend

    The_Legend New Member

    Great job with an used deck. It must have taken a great amount of skill to build and play that deck.
  12. Chiapet

    Chiapet New Member

    Pretty beastly man, nice job. Cool to see a new idea and not the same ole sp,gyardos,vilegar.

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