Taking Infernape to the Limit

Discussion in 'Deck Help and Strategy' started by Dante63s, Aug 31, 2007.

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  1. Dante63s

    Dante63s New Member

    Author: Dante63s
    Date: 27th August 2007
    Deck: Infernape/Delcatty

    Infernape the fire beast, a deck that one a lot of Battle Roads and tournaments, but as soon as it saw a lot of play, Lunatone and Solrock LM where that perfect tech to beat the deck, only needing a Mentor, but good news! Those cards got rotated just like most of the other decks in the format, so here is the list:

    Deck List

    Pokemon 19

    4 Chimchar DP
    2 Monfermo DP
    3 Infernape DP
    1 Infernape Lv. X DP
    4 Skitty PK
    3 Delcatty PK
    2 Delcatty Ex CG

    Trainers 25

    2 Holon Mentor DF
    4 Rare Candy POP5
    3 Plus Power DP
    3 Windstorm CG
    2 Celio's Network CG
    2 Bebe's Search MT
    4 Tv Reporter DF
    2 Speed Stadium DP
    1 Strengh Charm DF
    1 Warp Point DP
    1 Night Maintenance MT

    Energy 16

    12 Fire Energy DP
    4 DRE POP5


    The idea is to start with Chimchar, play a supporter on T1 (if you did not start) Mentor is the best option, if not TV Reporter or Celio/Bebe and get the Skitty, T2 you will get a Delcatty in play and draw cards and from extensive test play i will say that you get that OHKO with Infernape and DRE by T2 or T3, at most T4, you will have more than 10 cards in your hand usually when you start to use a few Energy Draw (Delcatty's Poke-Power) every turn so you will get those DRE out of the deck really easy and after you get a few prizes you will do massive damage with Infernape Lv. X and Delcatty Ex.

    The Pokemon (Click to see image)

    Chimchar: Not that great but overall he has a energy less attack that can help a lot cause in most cases you will save that energy to use Delcatty's Poke-Power so it is a bonus!!!

    Monfermo: No retreat cost and for 1 Energy you can do 30 damage and get a fire energy from the discard pile.

    Infernape: The Key of this deck, he is super fast, can OHKO a 90 Hp Pokemon on T2, with the Plus Power's you can get the damage you need to OHKO Flygon D, Electivire/ Lv. X, Ray ex D, Lucario Lv. X, etc. No retreat cost, and you can always gamble with the dice if it's your last resort.

    Infernape Lv.X: Great card to get your last few prizes, with Delcatty Ex and 2-3 Delcatty's in play you can do 150 damage every turn, it has a Poke-Power that really comes in handy to get 2 more fire energys in the discard pile, and if you get a bad start and you end up using it early game you can always pull a Trainer with it's Poke-Power.

    Skitty: Just hope you don't start with it vs. Mario, cause heads or Plus Power.

    Delcatty: Great power and a terrible attack, you will never attack with this, works really well with Delcatty Ex.

    Delcatty Ex: Why 2? Cause from testing the deck i see that Delcatty Ex is really important, and you can't afford it getting prized, its power works great with Infernape Lv. X and it's self, you can control the damage you want to do and in most cases you can get that OHKO you need, late game you can always get it's attack to 150 (you might need a Plus Power) and with that damage you reach almost all the Pokémon in the format and you only need 1 energy, also no retreat cost.


    Holon Mentor: You might want to add one more, but you usually draw the Skitty's and when you get the Delcatty in play you start to draw a lot, you can always get the basic you need with Celios/Bebe's.

    Rare Candy: Gives you all the speed you need and in some cases i use it to play Delcatty.

    Plus Power/Strengh Charm: This card really helps the game extremely cause 80-90 damage doest get it all, thats why 4 is a good number for this (3 Plus Power + 1 Strength Charm).

    Windstorm: Helps to get rid of Cessation Crystal/Crystal Beach/Battle Frontier, cause Mario and Empoleon use Cessation Crystal.

    Celio Network: This gets your evolved and basic Pokémon (Non Ex) when you need them.

    Bebe's Search: Here to get Delcatty Ex or Any other Pokémon at the cost of a card.

    Tv Reporter: Since you have large hands usually it is the best not to play Copycat/ Rowan/ Steven and draw cards with this, it also help to get that energy in to the discard pile.

    Speed Stadium: This card is a gamble, it can really help and it can make you louse a game, i lost one game from my opponent getting 6 heads in a row, but it also got me to win games, if you don't like Speed Stadium drop them for one H. Mentor and one Windstorm.

    Warp Point: This deck plays no Pokémon/Trainers to reach your opponents bench so if you can't OHKO something big, this card helps get around it, and this card is gonna be seen a lot more, cause it is the only Trainer that can get around Lucario Lv. X and Electivire Lv. X.

    Night Maintenance: This can come in handy, you might need to get Infernape/ Lv. X/Delcatty Ex, I like this more than Holon Farmer (I know it rotated) cause you can play this and a supporter to get the Pokémon you put in the deck in the same turn.


    Fire Energy: 12 is a good number of this.

    Double Rainbow Energy: This cards give you the speed you need to get those early prizes.

    Possible Techs:

    Mew Star and Mew D: This only works in mirror match, use this if their is lot of Infernape in your area, only play one (ideally Mew Star) and you will win, remember to play it as a surprise element.

    Blastoise Delta: I don't recommend this but if you want to play this deck and your metagame is loaded with water decks, you can get it in play fast, but if you are up against Empoleon it may be useless cause of Cessation/Battle Frontier.

    Match ups:

    Vs. Empoleon 40-60
    Well this match is hard to say cause Empoleon does not have a partner yet, maby Dodrio/Octillery or Raichu Delta, but you have weakness and they shut your power with Cessation Crystal and Battle Frontier, still winnable.

    Vs. Mario 50-50
    Hard match, two fast decks,if you try to play Delcatty Ex its like giving away 2 prizes, Lucario is a easy victim for Infernape, but Machams 130 Hp makes him hard to take down, and Mario also play Cessation, As long as you don't start with Skitty and louse the first turn you have a chance, it may not look like it but you are faster than them (on a damage scale), depends mostly on initial hand.

    Vs. Flygon ex D 60-40 or better
    This game is rather easy cause you get their Castform before they setup, you will out speed them by far and they don't one hit OHKO Infernape so unless they setup Fearow and OHKO Infernape every turn with Mew Star and Mew Delta + Strengh Charm

    Vs. Destiny 65-35
    Mew ex is rotated and Lickitung does nothing to you, the worse that can happened is that Rayquazza starts snipping your Delcatty's, very winnable.

    Vs: Electivire/Flygon 70-30 or better
    I tested this match extensively, actually the deck list of the Electivire was the same exact one that The Phenom1993 posted, Electivire is really slow and can't keep up with Infernape, what made this match sad is that Electivire has way to many bad starts, i took a look at the list and the idea is to start with Elekid and the deck plays: 3 Elekid, 3 Ellectabuzz, 3 Trapinch, 1 Magnimite and 1 Rayquazza ex so what is the odds of starting with Elekid?

    Vs. Eggs 60-40 / 55-45
    With just a DRE you OHKO all their Pokémon, Zap wont hert to much because Curse Stone rotated, Eggs will start playing Plus Power so Scramble on Raichu will OHKO Infernape, so activating their Scramble's may not be the best idea but it's your only option, the fact the you OHKO all their Pokemon will give you a little upper edge, but i don't seem to believe that Eggs will be played in HP-ON.

    Vs. Kindra ex 70-30
    You will out speed them, and you can OHKO their Kindra ex in one shot with Infernape Lv. X (This match was not tested).

    Vs. Kricketune ¿?
    Did not test this yet, Any help on this match will help.

    If you have Any ideas or match ups please post them.

    PD: If you play this deck practice rock, paper and scissors cause Team Galactic Wager will take does large hands you have… (that card is so lame)

    Thanks for your time!
  2. Lordofflareons

    Lordofflareons New Member

    im guessing that kriketune matchup is 55-45 in your favor cuz theyre weak, but you can easily lose to cess crystal and t2 losses of chimchars ect
  3. Dante63s

    Dante63s New Member

    I need to test that, will post results but i dont like the Kricketune list i have, to many hands with no basics....

    Back to back posts merged. The following information has been added:

    The weaknees is not a factor cause you hit 80-90 damage Anyways.
    Last edited: Aug 31, 2007
  4. Bobby

    Bobby New Member

    You need either more mentor or Chingling/Budew to make your starts more consistant.

    Speed Stadium? I'd rather play more draw/windstorm.

    Time-Space Distortion is incredible here too.
  5. Dante63s

    Dante63s New Member

    Do you think TSD is a MUST?
  6. mila

    mila New Member

    Destiny matchup LOL!!!
  7. Blassari

    Blassari New Member

    BlissCatty match-up would be nice...
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