Tamer of Legends

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    Chapter 5

    Chapter 5: Danger! Scyther’s Den​

    The sun continued to set and now painted the sky bright orange with very few clouds floating by with pink hues. Katsuro continued to walk his bike as he entered the park and marveled at its natural beauty. The lamp posts began to light up and other trainers were walking around, most of them with one Pokémon following them. He saw a female trainer walk with an Oddish following her. Then two male trainers ran past her with a Nidorino and a Cubone behind them. Katsuro walked toward the tall grass and fountain that looked like a pokeball from a bird’s eye view.

    There were trainers battling in the tall grass. Katsuro saw a Pokefan class trainer battle with a Raichu against a Lass who was using a Gloom. Raichu’s cheeks sparked and then a shockwave of electricity surged in a small radius which shocked the tall grass and Gloom. Katsuro then took his attention off the battle and headed to the fence and walked along it. He wanted to look for a Pokémon to capture and add to his team.

    Katsuro soon came to a gap along the fence. The gap was small enough for him to squeeze through but he’d have to leave his bicycle behind. There was a sign near the gap that read “OFF LIMITS! Area only opened during Bug Catching Contests.” Katsuro looked around. There weren’t any trainers nearby or looking towards him. He put down his bike’s kickstand and leaned it against the fence. Then he made his way through the fence’s gap and into the forest.

    The forest was dense with huge trees surrounding him on all sides. The branches and leaves of the trees blocked out the sun, making it dark in the forest. Katsuro wondered what kind of Pokémon he’d find here. Certainly if this was off limits then it meant finding a good Pokémon. After two minutes of wandering in the forest Katsuro tripped over a tree root and fell into soft mud. He got up and whipped the mud off his face with his gloves. He even managed to get some mud on his brown shorts but didn’t let that bother him.

    “OK, maybe I should let Sneasel out. Yeah, that way it could sense where the good Pokémon are hiding at. Come on out Sneasel,” he commanded and he reached into his pocket, hit the button on the pokeball, and released his Pokemon. The bright flash briefly lit up the forest and then Sneasel emerged from it.
    “Sneasel, sneasel.” It purred. Then katsuro pointed forward and it began to lead the way.

    Sneasel used its sharp claws to cut away at any twigs or small branches that would get in Katsuro’s way. As they headed deeper into the forest the ground below them became softer and the forest became colder. With every step Katsuro took he could hear the soft mud squish under his shoes. Somewhere in the distance he could hear buzzing. Could it be from the beating wings of a bug Pokémon?

    “Snea? Sneasel?” Sneasel suddenly stopped and its ears twitched.
    “What is it Sneasel? Something nearby,” wondered Katsuro. Sneasel then started running on all fours and Katsuro had to carefully navigate through big tree roots, shrubs, and patches of soft moist mud. Sneasel then stopped in front of a Butterfree. Butterfree was collecting pollen and honey from a big yellow flower.

    “A Butterfree? Huh, haven’t seen one of those in years.”
    “Sneasel!” Sneasel stuck out its claws and was ready to attack.

    “Sneasel don’t, not Butterfree. I want to find a different Pokémon,” said Katsuro. Then they heard a buzzing sound but it was louder then before. Then Katsuro heard the sound of a tree branch snapping and leaves rustling. The buzzing sound grew louder. The Butterfree he and Sneasel found seemed to get alarmed and fled. The buzzing sound grew even louder. Sneasel then struck its fighting pose with its claws sticking out in front of it.

    “It’s huge,” exclaimed Katsuro when he saw the buzzing Pokémon. It was a Scyther and it was using its two large scythes to cut down some of the tree branches near its territory. Then the Scyther spotted Katsuro and his Sneasel. It cried out very loudly. There were intruders in its territory.

    “What an awesome Pokemon! Let’s capture Scyther Sneasel! Start out with Icy Wind,” commanded Katsuro. Sneasel exhaled a breath of freezing wind with swirls of snow and ice that was headed in Scyther’s direction. It hit Scyther and ice built up on Scyther’s wings. Sneasel’s Icy Wind also froze some of the leaves on the tree branches near Scyther. Scyther landed on the soft ground and stopped beating its frozen wings. It cried out loudly in anger.

    Scyther then charged towards Sneasel with blinding speed. It was using Quick Attack and slammed into Sneasel. Sneasel was launched backwards and landed into some soft mud. Sneasel got up with moist mud dripping from its ear feather and left claw. Scyther didn’t let up on the attacks. It charged forward while trying to slice Sneasel with its scythes. Now it was attacking with Fury Cutter.

    “Sneasel, jump onto that branch then ambush Scyther with an Aerial Ace!” Sneasel did as Katsuro told. It hopped onto a branch near Scyther’s head as it dodge the fury cutter attack. A frozen leaf from the same branch fell and hit Scyther on its leg. Then Seasel launched itself from the branch and struck Scyther in its back where its wings joined its body. Scyther was slammed down into the soft ground. It got up with mud dripping from its lower jaw. Now it was very angry. It cried out so loud that Katsuro had to cover his ears.

    Suddenly more buzzing could be heard. Katsuro knew it had to be another Scyther approaching. The buzzing grew even louder and soon not one, but two more Scythers appeared. Katsuro gasped as he watched the two of them chip off the ice on the first Scyther’s wings. Then all three of them faced Sneasel with angry faces. Katsuro reached for his second pokeball and threw it.

    “Larvitar, help Sneasel out,” he said as he threw the second pokeball. Larvitar appeared next to Sneasel but panicked at the sight of three Scythers. The Scyther on the left had a bigger abdomen then the other two. The Scyther in the middle was the one Katsuro first encountered. The one on the right had scars on its scythes, showing that it has been in many battles. This one attacked first with both of its scythes glowing bright green. It struck Sneasel with an X-Scissor attack. Sneasel cried out in pain.

    “No Sneasel! Larvitar use Rock Slide,” shouted Katsuro. Larvitar jumped up and then hurled a few rocks it created onto the Scyther that attacked Sneasel. Sneasel got up but it was now exhausted from the battle. The Scyther that they originally met then slammed into Sneasel with another Quick Attack. Sneasel was sent flying into a tree trunk and was now knocked out. Larvitar was left fighting the three Scythers by itself.

    “Oh darn it. Sneasel return,” said Katsuro as he recalled it into his pokeball. Then he stood behind Larvitar. “We’re not afraid of you Scyters. We’ll take you all down!”
    “Tar! Larvitar!”
    “Now Larvitar, use Outrage.” Larvitar started glowing with a dark blue aura and then rampaged on the female Scyther with the big abdomen. Then the Scyther with the scars on its Scythes tried antoher X-Scissor attack.

    “Larvitar, behind you,” warned Katsuro. Larvitar saw the attack coming and then jumped out of the way. X-Scissor missed Larvitar and instead chopped down the tree branch Sneasel had frozen with Icy Wind earlier. Then Larvitar smashed its horn onto the Scyther’s face. After that it kicked Scyther in the lower jaw before landing back on the ground. The Scyther that Katsuro first encounter then hit Larvitar with its Scyther glowing black. It used Pursuit. Then the female Scyther slashed Larvitar with both of its scythes glowing with black energy at the tips. It used Night Slash. Katsuro gritted his teeth as Larvitar keep glowing with Outrage’s power. It began rampaging and hitting the three Scythers again.

    Then more buzzing was heard and to Katsuro’s horror a forth Scyther appeared. Katsuro felt his heart rate increase and beads of sweat began to form on his face. He and Larvitar were clearly outmatched. Katsuro did the only thing he could think of. He took out one of his empty transparent pokeballs and threw it at the one Scyther he and Sneasel first encountered. Larvitar continued to attack the other two Scythers while the forth one approached them.

    The first Scyther was hit by the pokeball and sucked into it. Then the pokeball fell onto the ground and shook back and forth. Katsuro waited and hoped for good news. Then the pokeball opened and bright light burst out of it. Scyther escaped and this time instead of attack Larvitar it began using Fury Cutter toward Katsuro. Katsuro jumped backwards and narrowly dodge the huge scythes but he felt something whoosh past his face. He then saw his own hair fall to the ground in front of him. He felt his bangs and could tell that Scyther had cut two diagonal lines that gave him a widow’s peak ending in one strand of hair between his eyebrows.

    “Well that takes care of my haircut for this month. Whoa!” Scyther lunged at Katsuro with another Fury Cutter. This time it sliced his shirt and Katsuro felt pain on his chest. Scyther had cut him and now he sat down next to a tree with the angry mantis Pokémon staring down at him. Larvitar was too preoccupied with the other three Scythers to help him. Katsuro’s heart was beating even faster, his chest was beginning to throb from the injury that was just given to him, and the cold moist ground below him began to numb his legs and butt. Scyther raised its right scythe and was ready to attack.

    Suddenly a loud, angry roar was heard and all four Scythers were alarmed and looked in the direction of where the roar came from. Larvitar had become confused from using Outrage and was now standing on the ground next to the female Scyther’s abdomen. Then a stream of fire shot out from the forest and hit two of the Scythers near Larvitar and missed the female one it was standing next to. Those two Scythers panicked and fled immediately. Then a Pokémon whose body was lit on fire charged in and hit the female Scyther. It used Flare Blitz to chase away that Scyther. It also fled after being hit with a big black burn on its left leg and abdomen. Then the Pokémon using Flare Blitz charged into the Scyther attacking Katsuro and shoved it away from him. Without any hesitation Scyther joined it swarm and fled.

    Katsuro was still breathing heavily as he looked up at his savior. Then the flames died down and Katsuro saw a huge canine like Pokémon. It was covered in tan fur with large white plates coming out of its back with a gray mane flowing out of it. The beastly Pokémon also seemed to be wearing some kind of mask that was yellow on the top and black on the sides. Katsuro marveled at what he saw and somehow he felt like he knew the Pokémon.

    “Entei…” was all he could get to come out of his mouth. In his mind he want to thank Entei but after all that has happened he his mouth didn’t want to cooperate with his mind. Then out of confusion Larvitar bit Entei on the flowing gray mane coming out it its back. Entei angrily roared at Katsuro and shook off Larvitar. “Larvitar no! Entei’s not our enemy.” Larvitar fell off of Entei and then it immediately fled the scene.

    “Entei wait. Please come back,” pleaded Katsuro but it was too late. Within seconds it had disappeared as quickly as it had appeared. Katsuro then whipped the cold wet mud on his hands on the tree closest to him. Then he recalled his Larvitar into his pokeball and then began to head back out of the forest the way he came. Next thing he knew he saw a light. Some one else was in the forest and they were holding a flash light.

    “Hey, anyone out there,” called out a man’s voice. Then Katsuro ran toward the man with the flashlight. The sun had almost disappeared from the sky and it was becoming even darker in the forest.

    “Over here. Please help me,” shouted Katsuro. Then a park ranger appeared with a Houndour next to him. Katsuro felt relieved that he wouldn’t have to escape through this forest alone.

    “Kid, what the heck do you think you’re doing out here? This area is strictly off limits right now,” said the park ranger. His Houndour began to sniff Katsuro. It was checking him for something.

    “Sorry, but I really wanted to capture another pokemon. Not a lame one like Hoothoot or Sunkurn. So I thought I’d find one here. My Pokémon and I were attacked by Scyters,” explained Katsuro. The Houndour that was inspecting him came back to the ranger’s side. Katsuro saw his nametag on his uniform and found out his name was Tad.

    “Scythers huh? It’s that time of the week when the Scyther Swarms split up and find new territories to nest in. You must have encountered a newly formed swarm of them and invaded their territory so they attacked to protect their new home. That explains the cut and blood on your shirt,” said Tad as he pointed the flash light at Katsuro’s shirt. Katsuro looked down and saw that the cut was at least three inches long and the blood stain was spreading to the Pokeathlon’s logo. Suddenly the throbbing pain in his chest near his rib cage returned.

    “How did you know to come look for me sir,” ask Katsuro as he gripped his wound. He tried to apply pressure so he wouldn’t bleed as much.

    “A trainer found your bike next to the gap in the fence. You aren’t the first trainer I’ve found here crossing that boundary. Now come on and follow me. I can get you medical help at the ranger station in the park,” said Tad as he turned around with his Houndour at his side. Katsuro did as he was told. Then Tad suddenly stopped.

    “One more thing kid. If you were attacked by a swarm of Scythers how did you fend them off,” he wanted to know. Katsuro figured it was best not to mention his encounter with Entei.

    “I just got lucky. Really lucky,” he said. He followed the ranger all the way to station where he got his wound cleaned up and bandaged. Tad had taken his Larvitar and Sneasel and used some Revives and Hyper Potions kept in the ranger station to heal them. Then Officer Jenny appeared after his treatment. Katsuro was sitting on the doctor’s table with just his shorts on and the bandages wrapped around his rib cage.

    “Katsuro right,” she asked as she handed him back his trainer ID card. Katsuro had to give it to Tad when he checked in at the ranger station.

    “Yes officer. What’s up,” he asked as he slid his ID card in the back pocket of his shorts.

    “You’re on a warning for crossing that boundary. Do anything like that again anywhere in the Johto Region and the police force will put a ban on you. You won’t be allowed to come to any of our landmarks in this region. Understood,” explained Officer Jenny in a stern tone of voice. Katsuro hated being in trouble and the consequences that came with it. He gulped.

    “Yes ma’am,” he said.

    “Good, now rest up and stay out of trouble. Not just for you or the rangers here, but for your Pokémon as well.” Officer Jenny then walked out of the room and the paramedic who had treated him came back in with his knapsack and signaled him to follow him. Katsuro got a dorm room for the night. He slipped right into the bed and quickly fell sound asleep.
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    nice cant wait for next chapter :thumb:

    (is the bike gonna be fried by a :lightning: type :lol:)
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    this is very good, another great story by da 'gym's top writer!!
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    :lol: Actually I'm more tempted to do that gag in the AR series when I start that up again, or maybe Katsuro should meet Ash and Ash's Gible should eat his bike like it did to one of Ash's rivals. :tongue:

    Thank you very much. :smile:
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    Really, Cyber, I think you got a bit carried away with the comic relief in AR. Comedy can be good, but it shouldn't be forced, and IMHO, it shouldn't pull the reader out of the story.
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    Hm... you mean with that Houndoom joke I PM'd you about? Yeah I can see what you mean since I had those two characters go overboard with the comic mischief. Don't worry, I am going to cut down on some of the "crude humor" since I managed to get it all out of my system in the last fic.

    By the way if anyone's curious the next chapter will be posted later this week.
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    No, that had nothing to do with it. I didn't even remember that until now.

    As far as pulling readers out of the story, what I mean is stuff like this:

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    yeah but it was funny .........gible ate a bike lol funny i need 2 catch up on the show

    ps comedy can be good just dont make it stupid and i find it helps if it kinda helps with the story :thumb:
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    Chapter 6

    Chapter 6: Enemy of Ho-Oh! The Rainbow Theif

    The next morning Nick collected the mail from the Goldenrod post office on a cloudy day. He walked the ten minutes from his house to the post office and another 10 minutes back. The electric bill came in the mail from Johto Electric. He could tell it was the bill because the envelope had a blue Pikachu near the company name. He checked and there were coupons for the Goldenrod City Department store sent to Serenity. He chuckled since he was the General Manager of the entire store. He could just hook her up through his Manager’s Discount.

    The next letter was in a beige envelope and was address to his step son Katsuro. It had a stamp with an image of a small ship with red jets on the side, the Sea Gallop Ferry. The return address was from a PO box in Fortune Island. The sun came from behind the clouds and the buildings of Downtown Goldenrods casted long shadows. Nick arrived home and handed his wife the mail.

    “I think Katsuro has a letter too,” he said as he slipped off his sandals and into a pair of fuzzy white slippers. Serenity looked at the return address.

    “Oh it’s from his father. I’ll just have this letter forwarded to the Pokemon Center in Violet City. Katsuro was headed there anyway,” She said as she tossed the letter into her purse. Then she sat down at the dining table and sipped some coffee. Steam was still floating upward from the cup. Nick decided to help himself to fresh cup as well.

    “With that bike I had custom built for him he could arrive there tonight. After all Violet City is more or less closer to National Park then Goldenrod is,” he said as he sat down and added some Moo Moo Milk to his coffee. Then he added a spoon full of sugar and stirred it.

    “I doubt it. Katsuro is probably exhausted from competing in the Pokeathlon. That boy is always overexerting himself whenever he is given the opportunity.” Serenity sipped her coffee once again and then stared out the window and into the cloudy sky with the sun struggling to pierce its rays down to the world. She hoped that he didn’t get into any trouble.

    Katsuro was exhausted that morning, but for reasons his mother never thought of. Even before he woke up all he could think about was his encounter with Entei. It wasn’t the fact that he met a legendary Pokémon up close that got him all worked up. He had never seen or heard of Entei, but yet somehow he knew its name. Plus when Entei stared at him it almost felt as if they had met before. Katsuro kept thinking about how he and it seemed to have met in another life or dimension. Was that even possible?

    After sitting straight up in the bed for about five minutes Katsuro got up out of the bed and walked out of his dorm room and into a men’s locker room. He went to a sink and washed his face then he looked into his reflection in the mirror. He was kind of shocked to see what became of his bangs from when the Scyther had attacked him directly. Now there were just several strands of hair flowing down between his eyebrows and shaped like a crescent moon. He was still shirtless with the bandages covering the lower half of his ribcage. There was a small red stain near the left side of his ribcage. Seems like the cut was deeper then he thought.

    “Good morning troublemaker,” said Tad as he approached Katsuro from behind. Katsuro saw him in the mirror and didn’t look behind him.

    “Hi Tad,” he said and then he splashed water on his face once more. Tad then brushed his teeth in the sink next to Katsuro. After a couple minutes he rinsed his mouth and then turned to face Katsuro.

    “The paramedic wants one more look at those bandages and your wound before you leave. I also left your two pokeballs with Sneasel and Larvitar back in the dorm you slept in next to your backpack. Those transparent pokeballs are neat by the way. Where did you get those?” After listening to Tad talk Katsuro just scratched the back of his head.

    “My mom bought those on Boon Island. It has the biggest market in the Sevii Islands. They import items from the Hoenn, Kanto, and Isshu regions. My pokeballs were manufactured in the Isshu region, or at least that’s what the salesman said,” explained Katsuro as he continued to gently scratch the back of his head.

    “Oh, the Isshu Region. Yeah I’ve heard about it but since it’s so far away from Johto I don’t bother to learn that much about it. Well good luck on your journey and stay out of trouble. See ya later Katsuro.” Tad gently patted Katsuro on the back. Katsuro did as he was asked and visitied with the paramedic before returning to the dorm room he slept in. The paramedic was a man who’s youth was fading with his wrinkled skin and balding head. Katsuro learned that his name was Dr. Osipo. He removed Katsuro’s bandages and examined his cut on his ribcage.

    “You’re very lucky that stitches aren’t required to help you recover,” said Dr. Osipo. Then he rubbed some medicine on the cut and wrapped more white bandages around Katsuro’s ribcage again. After that he present him with a tray that had two cooked eggs, a slice of warm toast with a side of Pecha Berry Jam in a small glass bowl and a glass of Moo Moo Milk.

    “What’s all this for? This ranger station running a hotel service or something,” asked Katsuro as he accepted the tray.

    “Those are Chansey eggs. They’ll help your cut heal even faster then normal. I suggest you eat everything on that tray if you don’t want any medication.” Dr. Osipo then walked to his desk and grabbed a glass of water that he drank. Katsuro asked if he could be excused. Dr. Osipo nodded and Katsuro finished his breakfast in his dorm room. Katsuro turned on the radio on his Pokegear while eating his breakfast. A Pokerap was playing as he ate. As soon as Katsuro finished and began to put on a camouflage pattern t-shirt the broadcasted stopped and the news came on.

    We interrupt this broadcast for this important New Flash! A Rainbow Wing has been reported to be stolen from the Bell Tower in Ecruteak City. Monks are baffled as to how the girl made it into the tower. Eye witnesses report that she called herself the ‘Rainbow Thief’ as she made off with the valuable feather of Ho-oh. The Bell Tower Monks aren’t worried about what the girl will do with the stolen Rainbow Wing but they do wish that the valuable antique be brought back to the tower.

    “Ecruteak Police say that the so called ‘Rainbow Thief’ is a teenage girl about 5 feet 8 inches tall with long curly hair. She wore nothing but black robes and a black pants when she was spotted in the tower but discarded the robe when fleeing the scene. Also
    - ” Katsuro shut off the radio on his Pokegear as he strapped on his knapsack and headed out the door. On his way out he spotted Tad in his ranger uniform with his Houndour next to him. He waved goodbye and headed out the exit.

    As soon as Katsuro walked outside the ranger station he spotted a girl standing near his bike and looking at it. It was a girl with long curly black hair, she was wearing lots of makeup, pink eye shadow that made her eyes seem bigger and uglier, she wore dark purple lipstick, and her cheeks seemed really bright peach, making her face look more like a mask then her natural self. She also wore black jeans and a black leather jacket. Katsuro wondered how she could wear those in such warm weather. The sun was hot and the thermometer outside the station’s front door read 72 degrees Fahrenheit.

    “Step back from my bike please,” said Katsuro as he approached her. Then the girl looked at him and when Katsuro got a closer look at all her make up it made her seem uglier to him. Suddenly it hit him. The radio broadcast he had just listened to. Could she be the Rainbow Thief?

    “You, you’re that boy who Entei saved,” she said. She then held out a pokeball in front of her with her arm stretched out as if she was challenging him to a battle. Katsuro gasped and wondered how she knew about what happened yesterday.

    “And what if I am,” he retorted. The girl just stood there next to Katsuro’s bike and kept the pokeball clutched in her hand. He glare gave nothing away, but then Katsuro saw it, a Rainbow Wing sticking out of the side pocket in her back pack. Now he knew he was face to face with the Rainbow Thief.

    “Legendary Pokémon are said to appear before exceptional trainers. I don’t see anything exceptional about you. You’re just a little brat in my eyes,” she said with a rather sharp wit. She acted more like she was a teacher and Katsuro was the student who was about to get detention. He just stared her down and slowly walked closer toward her.

    “I don’t care what you think. Weather I’m exceptional or not Entei appeared before me and that’s what counts. Also I don’t think Legendary Pokémon would appear before thieves like you,” he said as he reached for his bike but then the girl took slapped his hand with lightning speed. The back of Katsuro’s hand felt the sting of her quickness and he pulled it back and began to rub the pain away. “Could you just let me have my bike now?”

    “Battle me first,” said the girl as she held out her Pokeball once more.

    “Huh? I want to leave. Look I’ll pretend I never saw you since I got to get to Violet City pronto.” Katsuro began to wonder why the National Park Rangers weren’t coming outside and spotting the Rainbow Thief. He couldn’t believe that she could hide right under their noses.

    “I just want a quick one on one battle. Now hurry up and let’s get this over with. I got a schedule to keep.” Katsuro reached into his shorts pocket and brought out one pokeball. He figured that if he could keep her here long enough at least Tad or one of the other rangers would come by and see what’s going on.

    “Fine then, Sneasel go,” he shouted as he threw the pokeball. Sneasel then appeared and then it slashed its claw as a demonstration of its strength.

    “A rat with overgrown claws? Please give me a break. Now Zangoose,” she threw her pokeball and then a Zangoose appeared and then stared down Sneasel. Katsuro could see why she liked that pokemon, it had markings on its face that made it look uglier then it should be just like its trainer.

    “Ok Sneasel use Faint Attack!” Sneasel glowed with a dark aura and then charged at Zangoose. Zangoose just stood there and waited for its orders.

    “Now Zangoose use Close Combat,” commanded the girl. Then Zangoose let Faint Attack hit and then started brutally smacking and slashing Sneasel. Then Sneasel fell on the ground. Zangoose then decided to cut up Sneasel with its claws but Sneasel saw it coming. Zangoose swung its right arm with the claws extended. Sneasel got up to dodge just on time as grass blades flew everywhere. However Sneasel felt a sting of pain as Close Combat drained too much of its strength. Zangoose then ran up to Sneasel and completed its attack with a devastating blow to the head and Sneasel flew right into Katsuro’s chest and knocked him over.

    “Game, set, and match,” said the Rainbow Thief as she snapped her fingers while pointing at Katsuro’s bike. Zangoose then used Crush Claw to cut the bike lock that Tad had secured with it the night before. The Rainbow Thief then recalled her Zangoose and then hopped on the bike.

    “What’s the big idea,” he wondered. Then his Sneasel collapsed in the grass and had to rest on while breathing heavily. It was obvious that Close Combat had taken a huge toll.

    “As the victor I now claim my prize, your bicycle,” said the girl as she pressed down on the bike pedal to test it. Katsuro ran up to grab his bike but she slapped him hard again, this time on his face. “My name is Alexandra and don’t you forget it!” Alexandra then began to ride Katsuro's bike away from him and toward Goldenrod City. He hated the Rainbow Thief more then any other person he had ever met in his life. After she disappeared he wondered why none of the Rangers ever saw her or why they never came outside to aid him.
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    The rival/thief is a female, this is a first...
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    "so what if I did" should be changed to "so what if I am". It makes more sense in context.

    Otherwise, it's looking better. A little hint, it's probably better to introduce characters with dialogue than without. People tend to skim the parts that aren't dialogue. Not saying these parts aren't important. Just that names and stuff like that don't really register outside of dialogue. I had to look back to see who Ted was.

    Rather than try to protract the battles, try and prolong them. I understand that this particular battle was supposed to be a one-shot festival. But it would've made it more interesting to see a little more banter between the two characters, especially once the battle ended. Why not let her have a little sadistic fun at his expense? Tease and mock him a little bit more? Maybe a little bit of cartoon violence? That first encounter just feels, idk, rushed a little bit, and I'd like to see a little bit more from both characters right there.

    Pretty good job so far. This is certainly better than the first couple chapters.
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    Chapter 7

    Chapter 7: The Staring Pokémon​

    Alexandra rode Katsuro’s bike that she had just stole from him south bound. Her long curly hair lifted and tried to flow in the wind but it just bounced up and down on the bumps in the dirt path she rode on. She wasn’t used to a bicycle build for speed but she didn’t mind. She wanted to continue her quick getaway from her theft of the Rainbow Wing she pulled off yesterday. Clouds were moving in and began to block out the sun. Despite the shade it was still a warm day.

    After twenty minutes of riding she spotted a camera with a speed censor on a tripod and knew she was at the rendezvous point. She slowed down and then lowered herself off the bike and then whistled as loud as she could. Immediately following her whistle there was rustling in the tree and shrubs and an older man with wavy red hair and wearing a dark robe appeared.

    “Ah, greetings Alexandra. I trust your mission went well,” he said as he approached her with his arms folded across his chest. His topaz and ruby earrings sparkled within his wavy hair and the ring on his left ring finger sparkled with the aquamarine gem embedded in it. Alexandra knelt down in front of him and then cupped her hands together with the Rainbow Wing resting in them.

    “Sensei, I bring you a Rainbow Wing from the Bell Tower. However since you tried to call me on my Pokegear the Pokémon within the tower heard me and I had to make a quick get away before too many people were aware of my theft,” Alexandra explained. Her Sensei looked at her with eyes judging her with a glare that seemed to look into her mind.

    “It’s alright. I suppose it is my fault you were caught. Where is the Pokémon I sent with you ,” asked her Sensei as he brushed the strands of red hair away from his face. Suddenly a Gengar rendered itself visible and floated toward the red headed man who was also Alexandra’s Sensei. He smiled and then he accepted the Rainbow Wing. “Now we have two Rainbow Wings.”

    “I thank you for letting Gengar come with me. It’s Hypnosis and Confuse Ray attacks have proven quite handy in being stealthy. I got past those monks like I was the one who could turn invisible and levitate around,” Alexandra said and then giggled.

    “Well we may not have obtained three Rainbow Wings as planned but it’s only a matter of time before we obtain the third. Then we can put our master plan into full effect to capture our targets,” explained her Sensei.

    “The special Legendary Beasts,” asked Alexandra as she got back up to her feet.

    “Yes and that boy as well. Seeing how you snatch his mode of transportation I trust you were able to investigate him thoroughly.” Alexandra’s Sensei looked down at her with his judgmental stare again. She simply looked to the side with her pink eye shadow staring back at him rather then her eye and scoffed.

    “I don’t see why you think Raikou would show itself to him three times Sensei. He’s a pathetic starting trainer. The boy has two Pokémon and was beaten to a pulp by a swarm of Scythers. He would’ve been mince meat and I would’ve loved to see that happen. Except…” Alexandra paused. She almost didn’t want to relive the moment of Entei’s appearance. She was extremely jealous of how she didn’t get to meet the shiny Entei while the troublemaking boy did.

    “Except what? Tell me Alexandra,” shouted her Sensei in a raging tone of voice. Alexandra sighed and turned to look her master in the eyes.

    “Entei appeared. The special Entei you asked me to keep an eye out for. It rescued that pipsqueak of a trainer. It fled though because the boy’s Larvitar bit it. Entei seemed very angry. I battled the boy just a while ago and he is such a total wuss. Zangoose eliminated him in one blow. I seriously think he is unworthy of the Beast’s or any other Legendary Pokémon’s presence.”

    Her Sensei’s eyes widened and then he paced back and forth as he pondered for a bit. “It appears that the boy has a strong bond with my special beasts. I think we need to investigate him further while keeping an eye out for the Beasts.”

    “But Master the kid’s a wimp,” Alexandra complained. “I really don’t see why the Special Beasts would want to appear before him.” Her Sensei then stopped pacing and then faced her.

    “I still want to know more. This boy may hold the key to capturing my Beasts and I fear it’ll be a matter of time before he encounters Raikou again.”

    * * *

    Katsuro walked the two hour hike toward Violet City. He wished he still had his bicycle to help his cruise down the forest paths. The sky was cloudy but the atmosphere was humid. He had been sweating for a while now and had already used up all his drinking water. After one and a half hours he sat down and decided to snack on a meal bar that his mother had packed for him. It was a granola bar with various berries mixed into it. At least it tasted good to him.

    “Stupid Rainbow Thief taking my bike. Stupid park rangers for never noticing her. Can’t believe she KO’d Sneasel in one shot and why is she obsessed with Entei. I bet Entei would fry her. She’s a thief so she deserves it. She was probably raised by a pack of Houndoom too. That explains all that ugly makeup,” Katsuro muttered to himself as he had his lunch.

    He sat in the shade of a nearby tree with the grass as tall as his knees. He was on a hill and he could see a small building leading into a city. At least Violet City wasn’t far from him now but it was at the edge of his vantage point. The hike would be at least half an hour. He then looked a bit closer down the hill and saw a sign. It had an arrow pointing to the right with another gatehouse nearby at said “Ruins of Alph.” Then he remembered his father talking to him about these ruins. They were similar yet very different than the Tanoby Ruins he had explored on Quest Islands before with his father.

    After finishing the granola bar he got up and walked the few minutes to the gate house and checked his location on his Pokegear. Sure enough the map said that he was just north of the Ruins of Alph. It was now noon and it seemed he had time to kill. He figured that he could find another neat Pokémon to capture and add to his team.

    “Hey, you going to the ruins too,” said a friendly voice from behind him. While keeping his Pokegear in his right hand Katsuro turned around and saw a boy about his age and height behind him. “Hi my name is Shane,” he said as he held out a hand. Shane had a round and boyish face which made him look younger. His hair was blond and spiked upward with hair gel. His eyes were hazel and he had freckles all over his face. Shane also wore a long sleeve shirt that was red with a strange symbol he didn’t recognize on it. Unbeknownst to Katsuro the symbol was the Heat Badge given out in the Hoenn Region. He reached his left hand outward to accept Shane’s greeting.

    “Hi. I’m Katsuro,” he said as his hand moved vigorously in Shane’s grip. After ten seconds of the handshake Shane let go. “I have heard about the ruins but never actually been there.”

    “They say that rare Pokemon live there. I was about to check it out for the first time too. Wanna check it out with me,” asked Shane as he pointed in the direction of the Ruin’s entrance.

    “Rare Pokémon huh. I guess it’s worth a look around. I hope these ruins are more exciting then the Tanoby Ruins,” said Katsuro. He and Shane walked toward the gatehouse.

    “I hope we find a Smeargle. I’d love to catch one of those,” said Shane enthusiastically.

    “I just want to capture the first cool Pokémon I find,” said Katsuro. They walked passed the security guard at the gatehouse and entered the ruins. Ancient stone temples were scattered all over the valley that laid ahead of the two boys. Shane and Katsuro both dropped their jaws in awe as they saw a total of five stone temples near them, a lake to the their left separating two of the temples, and across the lake was tall grass where the wild Pokémon were surely kept.

    The ruins also had a strange ominous feeling to it. As if the moment they entered the valley it seemed as though something or someone greeted them and was drawing them into the temples. Although the sky was cloudy and the sun was still struggling to pierce through the clouds it was nice and bright in the valley. The only thing that seemed out of place was a newer building that was the research center. Katsuro and Nick saw the back door open and a scientist walked out and began taking a phone call on his pokegear.

    “I guess that’s the area we want but how do we get across,” said Katsuro as he and Shane approached the lake that separated them from where the wild Pokémon were most likely kept.

    “From what I’ve heard one of those chambers has an underground chamber that runs under this lake. I don’t know where the other end of the chamber is though,” said Shane as he rested his chin on his knuckles. Then Katsuro brought out a pokeball and threw it up into the air and catching it several times.

    “I think I got a better way of getting across. Sneasel come on out,” he said as he finally threw the pokeball and let it hit the ground. Sneasel appeared next to the lake’s edge but was breathing heavily as it was still exhausted from its battle with Zangoose it had earlier. After about ten seconds Sneasel looked up and winked at Katsuro.

    “Whoa, your Sneasel is way beyond cool,” exclaimed Shane. He then brought out a pokedex to scan it for its pokedex entry.

    “Sneasel, the Sharp Claw Pokemon. Beware of wild Sneasel as they will team up and try to steal eggs from Pigey nests or food from traveling trainers,” recited the pokedex. Sneasel just raised its claw upward and shouted at Shane in anger, seemingly insulted by what the pokedex had just said.

    “Sneasel relax. Now turn around and let’s do a trick we did back on Quest Island. Use Icy Wind to freeze the surface of the lake and make a path to the other side,” instructed Katsuro. Then Sneasel turned to face the lake as it inhaled deeply. Then it exhaled a cold breath with swirls of ice and snow and froze a wide ice path across the lake’s surface. Then Sneasel sat down on the dusty ground and began panting out of exhaustion again.

    “Alright way to go Sneasel,” Katsuro cheered as he ran up and then skated across the ice path on the lake. Just as he began sliding on the ice north winds began blowing and then Sneasel’s ears twitched. Then Sneasel turned toward Katsuro’s direction who was now halfway across the lake.

    “Katsuro, heads up,” shouted Shane when he saw it. A creature running incredibly fast on all four of its legs dash past Katsuro and ran on the water’s surface. Katsuro saw the Pokémon as it came right in front of him. A blue wolf like Pokemon with a beautiful azure crystal on its forehead seemed to have glanced back at him when it ran past him. For a moment time slowed down as it pasted him and stared into his eyes. Then Katsuro felt the hard surface beneath him melt and his whole body began to fall. The blue Pokémon then continued to run across the lake and then headed into the forest surrounding the Ruins of Alph.

    Shane didn’t get a good look at the Pokémon that just ran across the lake but he saw the ice disappear and Katsuro sink into the lake. Katsuro resurfaced and gasped for air while struggling to stay afloat with his knapsack weighing him down. Sneasel was rolling on the ground and laughing at Katsuro.

    “Stop laughing Sneasel. It’s not that funny,” he shouted while trying to keep himself afloat. Sneasel kept laughing and a tear of joy leaked from its left eye. It wiped the tear while still chuckling at its trainer. Shane reached for one of his pokeballs and threw it.

    “Quagsire, help him out,” he shouted as the pokeball popped opened and a jolt of light shot into the lake and then a Quagsire appeared. It floated over to Katsuro and took his knapsack allow him to swim to the other side of the lake with ease. Katsuro crawled onto the lake’s edge and then took his knapsack from Shane’s Quagsire.

    “Thanks,” said Katsuro and then he took off his t-shirt and ringed it to squeeze all the water out. Shane saw the soaking wet white bandages wrapped around his waist.

    “What happened to you,” Shane asked him. Quagsire then jumped back into the lake and ferried Sneasel across over to its trainer. Katsuro was still trying to squeeze out as much water as possible from his t-shirt.

    “Got cut by a Scyther yesterday. I was trying to capture it but it didn’t go well,” he explained. Then his Sneasel joined him by his side and then its ear feather twitched.
    “Sneasel Snea?” Sneasel turned around to face the tall grass. Quagsire was back in the lake and swimming toward its trainer. Then Katsuro put his damp t-shirt back on and bent down to his knees and looked into the tall grass. Sneasel then walked on ahead of Katsuro and then cried out.

    “What is it? What’s there,” asked Shane from across the lake. Katsuro crawled into the tall grass and saw Sneasel’s tail poking out from the tall grass in front of him. He tensed himself and then quickly brushed the tall grass blades to one side as he lunged forward. He ended up right next to his Sneasel and then saw the Pokémon it found. The Pokémon he found was about two thirds the height of his Sneasel. It was a round green bird Pokémon with a single red feather sticking out from the top of its head.

    “Ah, of all the Pokémon,” Katsuro complained as he collapsed onto the ground.

    “What is it,” Shane asked once again. Katsuro looked at the bird Pokémon which just simply stared back at him. He then waved a hand up and down in front of it and just stood there staring. He poked it below its stubby peak and it still remained motionless and stared at him. Seeing how the Pokémon was not hostile he picked it up with one hand and lifted it up out of the tall grass.

    “It’s a Natu,” Katsuro shouted back at Shane as he held it up out of the tall grass. Natu then hopped in his hand and then looked down back at Katsuro and just kept staring at him. Katsuro then looked back at it.

    “Well you told me you wanted to catch a Pokémon so why not capture that one?”

    “It’s no different from all the other Natu’s I’ve seen in Ruin Valley. I’d see Natu all the time back there when my dad took me. Natu is just…” Katsuro looked up at the Natu that was still staring at him. “… way too common, too plain, and I’m not sure what makes them so special.” Just when Katsuro stopped talking Natu’s eyes started glowing white. The Katsuro felt an energy surround him for a brief second. He stopped staring back at Natu and then looked to his left and yelled out when he saw Shane standing right next to him.

    “Ow! Thanks for yelling in my ear Katsuro. Never experienced a Teleport attack before?” Shane stuck his pinky in his ear and rubbed it. Then he wiped the earwax on his pinky onto his shirt. Katsuro looked back at Natu who returned to staring at him.

    “I’ve seen Natu use Teleport before but I’ve never Teleported myself.” Katsuro then bent donw on his knees and then placed Natu gently on the ground. A water drop from his damp hair fell and splashed onto Natu’s red feather. “I want to get to Violet City now. I need some dry clothes too.” Katsuro and Sneasel began to walk away from the lake and Shane began to follow him. Then Natu started hopping to follow Katsuro. Shane’s Quagsire saw it and then tugged at Katsuro’s damp shorts.

    “What is it? Huh,” said Katsuro as he spotted Natu hopping after him. Then it stopped once it was behind his Sneasel and then started staring at him.

    “Do you think this Natu wants to come with you,” asked Shane.

    “I don’t know. It maybe a Psychic Type but I can’t tell what it’s thinking,” said Katsuro and then he began walking off with his Sneasel following him. Katsuro then got out his Pokegear and thanked goodness that it was water proof. Just as he turned it on from its Standby mode Natu Teleported again and perched onto his Pokegear. “What the heck?!”

    “I really think Natu wants to be your friend. Come on Katsuro, no harm in letting it join your team,” said Shane, this time he moved in front of Katsuro and blocked him. “Seriously think about capturing this Natu. It wants to go with you just look at it.”

    “I did look at it, and all it does is stare back,” Katsuro argued. Then he felt a surged of energy in his mind and then felt Natu’s presence inside his head. Then he saw Entei back in the forest.

    “You’re reckless,” said a deep beastly voice when he saw the images of Entei.

    “What,” said Katsuro. Then the next thing he saw was the blue wolf like creature that ran on the lake and melted the ice as it passed him. The azure crystal on its forehead sparkled with brilliance and then he saw the aquatic wolf’s pokemon’s eyes.

    “We meet again,” said a softer but still beastly voice. Then Katsuro fell to his knees and dropped his pokegear with Natu still perched on it. Katsuro pressed his hand against his forehead. His head was spinning and he couldn’t believe what he had just experienced.
    “Sel! Sneasel,” his Sneasel cried out with concern.

    “That was way beyond weird. What’s gotten into you Katsuro,” wondered Shane. Then Quagsire and Sneasel stared down at Natu. Natu continued to stare at Katsuro. He stopped rubbing his forehead and looked back at Natu.

    “Now I get it. We were destined to meet, just like how I saw Raikou in Goldenrod, Entei in National Park, and Suicune just now,” Katusro said as he looked back at Natu.

    “SAY WHAT,” exclaimed Shane. Quagsire gasped but Sneasel then remembered sensing the legendary Pokémon.

    “But I have never seen any of those Pokémon before. Natu, did you just teach me their names,” Katsuro wondered. Natu remained motionless and just continued to stare at him. Then Katusro reached for an empty Pokeball and opened it. Natu turned into red energy and was sucked into the pokeball. The Pokeball closed and some sparks flew out signaling that Natu was successfully captured.

    “So what’s the deal with Raikou, Entei, and Suicune,” Shane asked Katsuro. Katsuro got up and they began walking toward Violet City.

    “Honestly, I don’t know all the details, but I have a feeling we’ll be seeing those legendary Pokémon again,” answered Katsuro. The two new friends left the Ruins of Alph with Quagsire and Sneasel roaming next to them.

    From the mountains that mark the western border of the Ruins Alexandra lowered her binoculars and took off the headphones she was wearing. She had just heard the conversation Katsuro just had with Natu and Shane and watched him encounter a blue blur and learned it was Suicune. Now she was extremely jealous of Katsuro. She jumped back on the bicycle she had stolen and then stalked the boys all the way to Violet City.
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    How did I know he was going to get a Natu??
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    Ha ha, either you're psychic or great minds think alike.
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    Well, there are only 3 pokemon you can catch there, but unown sucks and i just had a feelin' that he wasn't going to catch a smeargle.
  16. CheeseEX

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    unown isnt that bad

    now how did i know that his bike was gonna have something bad happen 2 it/him lose it

  17. ashinto

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    Cuz it's happened before in other media...
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    CHapter 8

    Chapter 8: Fierce Battle in Violet City​

    Katsuro and his new friend Shane passed through the gatehouse on the eastern border of the Ruins of Alph to continue their trip back to Violet City. They decided to let their Pokémon Quagsire and Sneasel accompany them on their way to the city. While they headed back to the city they carried on a conversation to get to know each other better.

    “So Katsuro, I bet you’re not native to the Johto Region. You way beyond tanned for be from this region,” said Shane as they turned left to head north to Violet City.

    “I’ve lived on Quest Island since I can remember, but my mom and dad say that we’ve had a home on Floe Island as well when I was a baby. Probably because that’s the smallest and quietest of the Sevii Islands,” explained Katsuro. He still had some water dripping from his hair from when he fell into the lake at the Ruins.

    “I see. My home town is Lavaridge Town in the Hoenn Region. It’s also the smallest town in my home region. I got my first Pokémon as an egg from this old couple who though they could keep it warm by burying it in the warm sand near the hot springs,” said Shane.

    “Same here, except my dad gave me an egg when I was seven.” Katsuro then remembered the day he got an egg. It was a year after his parents had divorced. His father had came to Quest Island for his seventh birthday with a big birthday surprise. Yukio arrived at Serenity’s house with his Ruin Maniac clothes all covered in dust and some small tears in his shirt. Katsuro was so excited to see him. After he ran up to hug his father they went outside to see a clear plastic case with a green egg inside.

    “No Yukio, I don’t want my son raising Pokémon at such a young age,” yelled Serenity.

    “He’s our son, and I think Katsuro can handle this one, especially after I’ve seen him with my Pokémon at the various ruins in the Sevii Islands. Also one more thing,” said Yukio as he removed his brown hat and revealed his receding hair. Already at the age of forty he was going bald. “Also I want Katsuro to have this egg because I’m leaving for the Sinnoh Region in two days and I don’t think I’ll be back for at least six months. Maybe even a whole year.” After saying that Yukio slid the egg in its case over toward Katsuro who was jumping up and down in a tantrum.

    “A WHOLE YEAR?! Daddy, that’s not fair! This was supposed to be a happy birthday party but I don’t get to see you for that long,” cried Katsuro. Then Yukio opened the lid at the top of the plastic case and handed him the egg. The egg was big for young Katsuro, it was as big in height as his chest.

    “It’s ok son. After the egg hatches and the Pokémon is healthy enough to play with you, go play in Sevault Canyon with it, and when you look at this Pokémon you can always think of me until I come back.” Yukio then patted young Katsuro on the head and then they went on to enjoy the party. Three weeks later the egg hatched into a Larvitar and Katsuro was overjoyed.

    Shane looked onto Katsuro as he was seemingly lost in another world. He then placed a hand on Katsuro’s shoulder and then watched him gasp as he snapped out of whatever trance he was in. Katsuro then looked Shane in the eyes and then chuckled a bit. “Sorry, Larvitar was my first Pokémon and I cherish it. Dad always liked to spoil me whenever he had the chance.”

    “Didn’t he live with you,” asked Shane. Then Katsuro stopped walking and looked down. His Sneasel then stood at his side and looked up to Katsuro’s straight face, neither happy nor sad.

    “My parents divorced when I was six. I’ve lived on a normal basis with my mother since,” he said while keeping his head down. Sneasel then patted Katsuro on the back of his leg. It had been with him since he was nine and knew how hard it was to live with separated parents.

    “Sorry man,” said Shane while keeping his hand on Katsuro’s shoulder. Then Katsuro looked up and started walking forward again. They began heading up a steep hill toward Violet City.

    “It’s ok. So how about you? How’d you end up coming here from the Hoenn Region?”

    “Well, I was going to challenge the Hoenn Gym Leaders but then there was an incident at Mt. Chimney with some goons who called themselves Team Magma and Team Aqua. I was traveling with another friend at that time and we got separated. I never saw him again and Team Magma put me on their hit list for discovering their secrete hide out on the mountain. I fled the Hoenn Region so Team Magma couldn’t take me prisoner too. I’ve been in Johto for about eight months now.” When Shane stopped telling his story the two new friends reached the hill crest and saw Violet City ahead of them.

    “Anyway, Quagsire here is the only Pokémon I’ve captured in the Johto region. I got four others that were captured in Hoenn. I called my mom a while ago and she said that Team Magma has been taken down and abandoned their base so it should be safe for me to come back home now, but I think I’ll be staying for the Johto League first,” said Shane as he present Katsuro with his badge case. Inside were three badges, the Storm Badge, the Mineral Badge, and the Zephyr Badge.

    The two boys then walked downhill into Violet City. After about fifteen minutes of walking downhill they reached the city gate and right in front of them was the Pokémon Mart and down the street was the Pokémon gym. Katsuro and Shane ran up to the Gym. As soon as they reached the front door raindrops began falling from the sky at a slow pace. Katsuro was getting annoyed, he had just began feeling dry and now he was about to get damp again.

    Shane then tried to open the wooden double doors but they were locked. Then Katsuro noticed a white piece of paper taped to the door. “What’s this,” he wondered as he tore the paper off the door. The piece of tape stuck to his finger as he and Shane read it.

    “Dear Challengers,
    I am sorry but I’ve taken a mini vacation to visit with some friends and family. I will be taking challenges starting this Tuesday.”
    ~ Falkner, Violet City Gym Leader.

    A raindrop fell from the sky and hit the note where it said “family” and smudged the ink. Katsuro then placed the note back on the wooden door and he and Shane began walking away. “Oh well, we can at least head to the Pokémon Center. Let’s get some dinner too,” suggested Shane. Then the rain drops began falling at a faster pace. The town’s folk began scrambling around heading for their homes. Only a couple of people brought out umbrellas. Katsuro and Shane began running toward the Pokémon Center with Shane leading the way since he had been to Violet City before.

    Katsuro was not looking where he was going. He ran and smacked right into a tall man dressed in black clothing with a black beret. They were both knocked down to their backs with Shane and his Quagsire having to look back and slow down to realize what has happened. “Ow, that hurt. What’s your hurry man in black,” said Katsuro as he got up to look at the man he ran into. The man had pink hair under the beret and when he got up he had a big red “R” on his shirt. He down at Katsuro with anger burning in his eyes and then noticed Sneasel standing next to Katsuro.

    “Ah! I don’t need to be running into careless kids right now! You’ve thrown me behind schedule and Arianna won’t forgive me if I’m late,” shouted the man in black. Then Shane walked up to them.

    “You realize that shouting to Katsuro is wasting even more of your time right,” Shane asked the man in black. Then he turned around and faces Shane while still frowning with anger radiating from his face. “Team Rocket,” exclaimed Shane. Then Katsuro gasped. He heard about Team Rocket and was told to stay away from Chrono Island because of the big warehouse run by Team Rocket. He knew they were dangerous and now he couldn’t believe he literally ran into one.

    “Oh, you boys know to fear us. That’s good. Golbat, go get ‘em,” the Team Rocket Grunt shouted as he threw his pokeball and a Golbat popped out. It was still raining, in the streets of Violet City and it was late evening. The sky grew darker as Golbat stared down at Sneasel.

    “Sneasel, use Icy Wind,” commanded Katsuro. His Sneasel exhaled a white and blue wind from its mouth but Golbat flew in a loop de loop and skillfully dodged the attack.

    “Golbat, use Poison Fang,” yelled the Team Rocket Grunt over the pitter patter of the heavy rainfall. Golbat flew downward with its fangs glowing dark purple. It bit Sneasel on its left arm and Sneasel cried out in pain and fell to its knees. Then it collapsed on the ground.

    “Sneasel no,” shouted Katsuro as he ran to his fallen Pokémon.

    “I guess it’s our turn. Way beyond payback time Quagsire,” said Shane as he looked toward his Pokémon. Quagsire had a determined look on its face and nodded. “Now get in there and use Water Pulse on Golbat.” Quagsire glowed with a light blue aura around it and then opened its mouth and launched two rings of water at Golbat. They both hit Golbat but it didn’t back down.

    “Golbat, now use Giga Drain,” the Team Rocket Grunt Commanded. Then Golbat’s eyes glowed bright green. Quagsire then found itself trapped in a field of green energy. Then huge balls of energy were sucked out of Quagsire’s body. Quagsire cried out in pain and then fell to the ground. It was no match for a super effective attack like that.

    “Ha ha ha ha, I win, so I guess I’ll just take your Pokémon with me,” said the Grunt as he brought out a device that looked like a container on wheels. Katsuro was sitting near his fallen Sneasel. He looked on while growling at the Grunt. Then suddenly a Heracross flew out of nowhere and smashed the cage with its horn glowing a lime green color. A trainer standing in the spotlight of a street light was commanding it. The Heracross had a heart shaped horn at the end, indicating that it was female.

    “Now Heracross, use Stone Edge,” said the trainer. This trainer was wearing green t-shirt and shorts with a yellow tie on top of the shirt. He also had long purple hair and was holding a bug catching net in his left hand and holding it like a walking stick. Heracross then formed stone shards and fired them at Golbat. Now this time it was Golbat’s turn to get one hit KO’d. The Team Rocket Grunt gasped and then looked more closely at the trainer with purple hair.

    “Ah, a Gym Leader is the last person I want to get tangled with,” he said with fear settling into his voice. He recalled his Golbat into its Pokeball and fled immediately.
    “I should’ve have wasted time with those kids. Arianna and Proton will kill me for being so late,” he shouted as he ran into the darkness. The rain was still pouring down heavily and Shane and Katsuro were at their fainted Pokémon’s sides. The Gym Leader who had just saved them recalled his Heracross into its pokeball and then inspected Katsuro’s Sneasel first. Katsuro looked up and then seemed more puzzled then pleased to meet his savior.

    “Are you a boy or a girl,” was the first thing Katsuro asked the Gym Leader.

    “A BOY! No girl studies Bug Pokémon for as long as I have,” retorted the Gym Leader. Katsuro winched as he was getting yelled at. “My name is Bugsy and I’m the Gym Leader from Azalea Town.” Bugsy held out his hand and Katsuro accepted the hand shake.

    “I’m Katsuro and my friend over there with the Quagsire is Shane. Sneasel here was the first Pokémon I caught, but now I think it’s Poisoned. It’s skin color has faded, that’s a sure symptom of Poisoning,” said Katsuro as he looked back down on his Sneasel.

    “We better get to the Pokémon Center. Come on, I’ll escort you. Team Rocket activity has been up lately,” said Bugsy as Shane and Katsuro picked up their Pokémon and carried them in their arms. They reached the Pokémon Center after five minutes. They ran up to the Pokémon Center’s front desk. Katsuro recalled Sneasel into its pokeball and then handed the nurse three Pokeballs. Shane recalled Quagsire and turned in five Pokeballs. Katsuro noticed that and wondered what other Pokémon Shane had on him.

    After turning in their Pokémon for treatment they sat down in the lobby with Bugsy. “Bugsy, you’re the Azalea Town Gym Leader. What are you doing in Violet City,” asked Shane.

    “I was at an international Bug Pokémon Convention at the Indigo Plateau. Bug Type Trainers from Kanto, Johto, Hoenn, Orre, Sinnoh, and Isshu were all there. I was on my way back home when I say you two in trouble,” explained Bugsy.

    “Hey Bugsy, would you accept my challenge to a Gym Battle,” asked Katsuro. Bugsy twirled his bug catching net like a baton in his hands and then struck a pose as the bottom end hit the ground.

    “I gladly accept,” he said. Katsuro cheered and raised a fist in excitement. “However, I should warn you, Bug Pokémon are tough.”

    “Not against the magnificent Flying Types,” said a male teenager’s voice. All three of them looked toward the windows and saw a trainer with long blue hair that covered his left eye. He was wearing clothes that made him look like a martial artist student. Shane recognized him immediately.

    “Falkner, long time no see,” Shane exclaimed happily. Falkner then looked down and didn’t seem to recognize Shane at first. Shane’s hair was usually spiked up with hair gel but the rained had washed it out and his fair fell down against his forehead. “I usually had a different hair style. I battled you with a Quagsire and Vibrava.” Then Falkner’s eyes widened and then he seemed to remembered Shane.

    “Oh yes. You’re Shane. I see you’ve met Bugsy. You battle him yet for a Hive Badge yet,” asked Folkner as he sat down on the sofa next to his fellow Gym Leader. They sat across from Shane and Katsuro.

    “Well Katsuro challenged him first,” said Shane.

    “Why was your Gym closed Folkner,” asked Katsuro.

    “I was visiting with my father. He is usually out of town but I finally got the chance to meet with him and see even more graceful Flying Types he captured,” explained Folkner.

    “You and your dad just love Flying Types too much,” commented Bugsy.

    “And you’re obsessed with Bugs,” commented Folkner. Katsuro chuckled but then Shane tapped him on the shoulder and then cupped one hand to whisper something into his ear so the two Gym Leaders wouldn’t hear.

    “Yeah, that’s a great idea. Especially since I don’t have Folkner’s badge and you don’t have Bugsy’s badge,” said Katsuro out loud.

    “What’s up,” wondered Bugsy.

    “Could be both battle you two in a double battle,” pleaded Shane. Then the two Gym Leaders let out an “ah” to the idea.

    “I’ve never done a double Gym Battle before so this should be interesting. Would you like to participate Bugsy,” asked Falkner. Bugsy nodded.

    “Sure, let’s meet at your Gym first thing tomorrow morning,” said Bugsy. Shane and Katsuro gave each other a high five and then cheered.

    “This will be exciting. Can’t wait for tomorrow,” said Katsuro. Falkner and Bugsy then bid their challengers goodbye and they spent the night at the Pokémon Center. Neither trainer couldn't wait for a double Gym Battle.
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    Chapter 9

    Chapter 9: Two vs. Two​

    The rain continued to pour heavily that night. Katsuro could feel the rain drops pounding against his body. He was running, but he had no idea where he was going. Just keep going forward, was the only thought in his mind. Then he came to a halt. Something was calling out to him and it resonated with his spirit. He could feel something like an old friend wishing to see him. Without thinking about where he was going, Katsuro ran on all four limbs towards the energy he was sensing.

    He could feel more rain falling from the dark gray night sky. A small stream of water ran down between his eyes and off to the side of his face near one of his long fangs. Soon he arrived to an open field and a single person was standing there holding something in their hand that was glowing. It was the object that was calling out to him and it was glowing with all seven colors of the rainbow. A surge of electricity flowed through his body and he slowly approached what he drawn to. Not the human, but the Rainbow Wing he or she was holding.

    “Why hello there… Raikou,” said the girl as she threw off her hood of her black robe and revealed her face painted with purple eye shadow and lipstick along with her long curly hair. It was the Rainbow Thief!

    Raikou? I’m not Raikou. What has gotten into that psycho girl’s mind, wondered Katsuro in his mind. Then out of nowhere a vine grabbed his body and a thorn punctured his underside. It was a trap, and Raikou was the victim. Katsuro didn’t feel any pain but he heard a roar in pain. Then the Rainbow Thief walked right up to him, and even worse her Zangoose was out and its claws glowing in the darkness of the moonlight struggling to shine past the rain clouds. Despite that the red marking that ran across Zangoose’s right eye seemed to glow red with anger.

    “You’re mine,” shouted the Rainbow Thief as her Zangoose jumped up and prepared to strike Raikou in the face with a Crush Claw attack. Katsuro saw it close in from Raikou’s first person view. The claw came in closer and closer into view and then there was a flash of light as Zangoose slashed its claws.

    “NO,” shouted Katsuro as he sat straight up in his bed and began breathing heavily. He looked around and saw that he was back at the Pokémon Center with the bed sheet crumpled up and tangled around his legs and torso. Katsuro inspected his hands and then felt his face. He was almost certain that Zangoose was going to cut him up and give him a scar similar to Zangoose’s red face mark. He then sighed out a breath of relief and lay back in his bed. Suddenly he felt like cancelling his gym challenge and heading into the forest. Even though it was a dream he knew one thing was certain, Raikou was in danger. Katsuro didn’t fall asleep for another hour.

    The next morning Katsuro took a shower in the Pokémon Center’s dormitory area. Shane had already taken his and was spiking up his blonde hair with more hair gel when he had woken up. After wrapping himself up with a towel he headed across the hallway into his and Shane’s dorm room for the night and put back one his blue shorts and the blue t-shirt with the Pokeathlon logo on it. He then fixed his hair by running his fingers through it and then pulling the several strands left by the Scyther’s attack to hang down between his eyes. Then he grabbed his knap sack and met Shane in the Pokémon Center’s lobby. First thing he did was approach the front desk to get back his three Pokémon from their treatment last night. He presented his Trainer ID to Nurse Joy and she immediately brought out a trey holding his three transparent Pokeballs showing Sneasel, Larvitar, and Natu all happy and healthy inside.

    “One more thing Katsuro, I have this for you as well. It arrived this morning,” she said while passing an envelope addressed to his mother’s house in Goldenrod City and the stamp having an image of the Sea Gallop Ferry from the Sevii Island. After placing his three pokeballs into his pocket he accepted the letter from Nurse Joy and smiled with excitement.

    “Thank you Nurse Joy,” he said with glee and then ran over to a couch and tore apart the envelope. A sheet of paper folded into thirds along with a photograph were enclosed. Katsuro focused on the letter first before looking at the photo. He was very excited to hear from his father. Shane then approached him while eating a breakfast burrito. He sat next to Katsuro on the couch as tried to skim the letter. After a minute Katsuro raised his arms high in the air and shouted “Yeah!”

    “What’s with the letter,” asked Shane and then whipped some sauce from the burrito on his lip with his wrist.

    “My dad’s coming to Goldenrod for my twelfth birthday. He says he’s got something very special that should come in handy right here in Johto. I can’t wait to see him again,” explained Katsuro. The excitement in his voice was getting Shane a bit excited too. Shane then noticed the face down photo laying on Katsuro’s lap. He picked it up and smeared a corner with some of the burrito’s sauce. It was a photograph of Yukio at some ruins with Unown inscribed onto the walls.

    “That’s my father,” said Katsuro as he took the photo from Shane’s hands. His father’s skin was tanned, probably from being in the Sevii Islands sunlight, and hair was turning gray and was “thinning” as he called it. Katsuro knew it wouldn’t be long before a huge bald spot would be on the top of his father’s head. Yukio was wearing an orange vest in the photo over a brown t-shirt. He had a tool belt strapped to his waist contained a visible pick axe and a flash light. All the other tools were hidden in the pouches on the tool belt. Yukio also wore huge brown boots and Katsuro knew they were steel toe boots as well. Never knew when a huge rock would crumble and hurt an excavator.

    Then Katsuro noticed his father had taken a red marker and circled five Unown and he looked closely. Katsuro knew from when his father had taken him to the Tanoby Ruins the Unown were shaped like letters. He saw the Unown spell something in the red circle that was drawn on the photo.

    :unknown-j :unknown-o :unknown-h :unknown-t :unknown-o

    Katsuro then flipped the photo to the backside and noticed that his father had written something in pen. “Everything in the world is connected.” He then thought about the dream he had last night and how Raikou, Entei, and Suicune seemed to have synchronized with him. He stayed silent for a while until Shane tapped him on the should.

    “Hey, we should get going. Bugsy and Falkner are waiting for us,” suggested Shane. Katsuro then slipped the letter and photo into his knap sack.

    “Right,” he said as they got up from the couch and left the Pokémon center. An hour later Shane and Katsuro found themselves at the top floor of the tall Violet City Gym. The roof had mechanical fixtures that opened it up, exposing the cloudy sky and allowing Flying Type Pokémon to battle at their full advantage. The sun was still hiding behind light gray clouds and the humid weather sunk into the battle field four stories high above the ground. Falkner and Bugsy stood on one side of the battle field while Katsuro and Shane stood on the other side.

    “Each trainer will use one Pokémon each. The match is over when both Pokémon on a team are unable to continue. Are the trainers ready,” shouted the judge at the Violet City Gym. The two Gym Leaders and challengers all shouted “yes” at the same time. Then the judge raised two flags up in the air, one green and the other red, as a signal to begin the tag battle.

    “Alright Staravia, let’s go,” said Falkner as he threw a pokeball straight up into the air. The pokeball opened and a stream of light shot up even higher and then a Staravia appeared. “This is my newest Flying Type Pokémon. My father gave it to me yesterday after returning from the Sinnoh Region.” Bugsy, Katsuro, and Shane looked at the black bird with a big white dot on its head with awe. Falkner was going to try a new Pokemon instead of his traditional ones.

    “OK Yanma, show them how tough bug Pokémon are,” shouted Bugsy as he threw a Pokeball into the air and released a Yanma that hovered near Staravia. Katsuro and Shane looked at their opponents, looked at each other, and then nodded.

    “Larvitar I choose you buddy,” said Katsuro as he threw a transparent Pokeball that burst opened as he threw it.

    “Now Sableye, you’re turn,” said Shane as he threw his Pokeball. Larvitar and Sableye appeared on the battle field next to each other.

    “Now Staravia, dive down at Sableye and strike it Aerial Ace,” commanded Falkner. Staravia then tucked in its wings and glided quickly towards Sableye. White streams of wind energy surrounded Staravia as it came closer and closer toward Sableye. Sableye just stood there and soon Staravia opened its wings again as it came in for the attack. Staravia was about to hit Sableye then suddenly at the last minute Sableye disappeared and Staravia flew threw its invisible body and its attack failed. It actually attack an after image while the real Sableye appeared behind Staravia.

    “How do you like my Sableye’s Detect attack,” asked Shane as Staravia ascended back up high above the battle field. Then Sableye let its guard down and a strong wind with silver powder hit it hard. Bugsy’s Yanma was now using Silver Wind to strike back.

    “Now Larvitar hit them both with Rock Slide,” ordered Katsuro. Larvitar glowed with a brown aura and then materialized huge rocks and tried to throw them on both opponents. Yanma skillfully dodged them all by flying faster and faster. However, Staravia was hit a rock as big as its chest, then a bigger rock the same size as its whole body crushed it and caused it to fall to the ground. Falkner was impressed.

    “Not bad. Staravia use Steel Wing on Larvitar.”

    “Yanma, use Ancient Power on Sableye.” The two Gym Leader’s Pokémon attacked as they were told. Larvitar and Sableye stood their ground and awaited their trainer’s commands.

    “Now Sableye, use Gravity!” Sableye suddenly started glowing with dark energy and the whole battle field started to shake. A black aura then surrounded the entire gym and Staravia and Yanma suddenly came crashing to the ground, both of their attacks failing.

    “Larviatar, time to power up with Dragon Dance!” Larvitar then surrounded it body with an orange aura as it swirled around it and then once Larvitar spun around the aura changed from orange to red and Larvitar found it easier to maneuver in the intense gravity Sableye was generating. Staravia and Yanma laid helpless on the ground. The two Pokémon weren’t used to battling on land.

    “Keep trying Yanma. Ancient Power!” Yanma’s wings started glowing and an energy ball began forming within its wings.

    “Sableye, counter with Shadow Ball!” Sableye then held out its two claws in front of it and then formed a ball with dark purple energy. Then Yanma and Sableye both fired their attacks at one another. Both attacks hit their targers. Sableye was knocked down while Yanma was sent sliding a few feet back. The gravity was still intense so Yanma couldn’t get up.

    “Larvitar, use Outrage!” Larvitar then glowed with its orange and blue aura and then slammed its whole body onto Staravia. Then it whacked Staravia’s head with its tail and followed up by head butting Staravia. The attack did critical damage to Staravia and it fainting after taking too much damage.

    “Staravia is knocked out,” said the judge. Falkner gritted his teeth and then recalled his fainted Pokémon back to his pokeball.

    “Why do the Pokémon my father gives me fail on their first gym battle,” Falkner asked himself. Bugsy ignored him and focused on his Yanma. The whole battle field was still covered with the dark energy Sableye created to make the gravity too strong for Yanma to fly.

    “Come on Yanma. We can still win. Use Silver Wind to propel yourself up into the air,” shoulted Bugsy. Then Yanma’s wings glowed silver and then an explosion of silver powder surrounded it. Yanma then ascended up into the air but the intense gravity caused it to came gliding down. “Hurry and use U-Turn on Sableye!” Yanma then glided downward at Sableye and then hit it hard. Sableye was knocked backwards and then struggled to get up on its feet. Suddenly out of nowhere Larvitar charged Yanma with Outrage still in effect. Yanma was knocked up into the air again.

    “Quick Sableye, another Shadow Ball!”

    “Break Shadow Ball apart with Silver Wind!” Yanma was floating down toward the ground. Sableye fired a Shadow Ball while Yanma drifted downward. Then Yanma’s wings glowed silver and it fired three blades of silver powder for its attack. The first two blades decimated the Shadow Ball while the third crashed into Sableye. Sableye was knocked backwards and then KO’d.

    “Sableye is out of the match. This battle is now a Sudden Death match,” ruled the Judge. Bugsy then cheered.

    “Yeah, that’s showing them Yanma,” he cheered. Then the effect of Gravity wore off and Yanma was able to fly normally again. After ascending back into the air Yanma’s body began glowing bright white. Then Bugsy, Falkner, Katusro, and Shane watched in awe as Yanma began to evolve. After a short while, Yanmega appeared from where the glowing Yanma was hovering. Bugsy then cheered with glee. “Yes. This is showing the result of my Bug Pokemon Research. Get ready to win this for us Yanmega.”

    “Get ready Larvitar,” said Katsuro as he stared down the demonic dragonfly Pokémon. Larvitar was still glowing with Outrage’s blue and orange energy. Katsuro was about to order his Larvitar to finish the battle when suddenly a large bolt of lightning crashed down nearby.

    “What was that,” asked Falkner as he and the other trainers in the gym looked in the direction from where the sound of crashing thunder came from. The lightning bolt was amazingly huge. It was at least three times the size of a normal lightning bolt. From the height of the Violet City Gym they could see small bird Pokemon fleeing from where the lightning bolt hit. The sky was still cloudy but there wasn’t enough humidity or stormy weather to naturally cause lightning. The bolt hit North East of the Gym, somewhere on the path to Eckurteak City.

    “A Pokémon did that. Possibly the legendary Raikou or Zapdos,” said Falkner. Then Katsuro gasped and recalled the strange dream he had last night. Now he knew Raikou somehow sent him a vision.

    “This battle is cancelled,” he hastily said. The others looked back at him with puzzled expressions.

    “Why Katsuro? We’ve traveled all this way, we’re battling two Gym Leaders for the price of one, you’re close to winning this for us and now you wanna back out? Howcome,” wondered Shane.

    “I can’t explain it. I just got the feeling that she will strike again and a Pokémon I know is in danger,” Katsuro answered with a sense of dread in his voice. The two Gym Leaders could tell Katsuro was very concerned about the lightning bolt. Bugsy looked at Falkner, who just nodded but said nothing.

    “One attack. You can stick around long enough to let out just one attack right Katsuro,” suggested Bugsy. Katsuro looked down at Larvitar who was still holding onto Outrage’s power. He then closed his left first and let out a long breathe to calm himself down.

    “OK, Larvitar finish this with Outrage!”

    “Yanmega, let’s use U-Turn!” Yanmega charged at Larvitar with a green stream of light behind it. Larvitar’s blue and orange aura seemed to glow twice as big then normal and it jumped up to attack Yanmega head on. The two Pokémon collided and caused a small explosion of energy. Yanmega then flew backwards and landed on its back on the ground. Larvitar landed on the ground head first with its horn getting stuck into the ground, but it began squirming around and trying to attack the air around it out of confusion. Yanmega on the other hand, didn’t move.

    “Yanmega is out of the battle, meaning the victory of this Tag Battle goes to the challengers,” shouted the judge as he raised a green flag toward Shane and Katsuro’s direction. They both cheered while Bugsy and Falkner smiled. Bugsy then recalled his newly evolved Yanmega into its Pokeball and they waited for their challengers to calm down.

    “You both battled majestically. I know you’ve beaten me before Shane, but that Sableye you’ve trained has some nifty tricks up its sleeve. Here Katsuro, take the Zephyr Badge,” said Falkner as he presented the small silver badge that looked a bit like a feather. He then reached into his knap sack for the badge case his step father Nick gave him. He placed the Zephyr badge in there.

    Shane then approached Bugsy for the Hive Badge, which Bugsy gladly handed over to him. Then Shane took a closer look and noticed something. “Why did you give me two,” he asked Bugsy.

    “Give the second one to your friend there. I think you both deserve one since you’ve both shown me how much more I have to learn. Also thanks to our Tag Battle I now have a new Bug Pokémon I can study up close,” said Bugsy as he leaned his bug catching net against him and winked at Shane. Shane then gave the extra Hive Badge to Katsuro and then they both gave each other a high five. Then Katsuro looked out to the forest that lay ahead beyond Violet City.

    “We need to get going. Thanks Falkner and Bugsy,” said Katsuro as he got on the lift that would take him to the ground floor.

    “It was a way beyond awesome battle,” said Shane as he joined Katsuro. They then descended to the ground floor and left the gym. Katsuro immediately began running toward the Eastern exit to get to where he saw the lightning bolt and quickly began to tell Shane about what he saw last night.

    “Wait, you seriously believe Raikou called out to you,” asked Shane as they kept running once they left Violet City behind them.

    “I’m not sure, but I just got this really strong gut feeling. Plus, I need to get some payback at that Rainbow Thief for what she did to me,” said Katsuro. They both headed North East on Route 36 toward their next intense battle.
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    this was a good battle. and i like the vision. but one thing...i think you spelt jhoto wrong, but i could be incorrect...

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