Tamer of Legends

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    No, it's Johto :cool:
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    Then I've been spelling it wrong for about 3-4 years...
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    When is the new chapter coming out?? This is very good.
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    My laptop's busted, so new chapters are posted whenever I get a chance to use someone else's computer. :redface: It's either that or type all chapters on my iTouch, which I'd rather not.
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    great chapter cant wait for more (ps i know the felling)
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    Chapter 10

    Note: In case anyone's wondering, "Sero" is the Latin word for Plant.
    Friendly reminder: Preview for the next chapter is always up in the first post of this thread.

    Chapter 10: Enemy in Black, Dark Sero

    “It’s gotta be this way,” said Katsuro as he pointed to a dirt path heading off the main road of Route 36.

    “No, I could’ve sworn the humungous thunderbolt we saw from the Violet City Gym was further out North in this direction,” said Shane as he pointed towards another dirt path that led near some thorn bushes. The two of them had been trying to pin point out their destination all day and it was already late in the evening with the sun setting and the sky shifting from sky blue to orange with a pink light being reflected off the clouds.

    “Oh, it’s useless. We don’t have any signs or landmarks to guide us, and I’m following is that gut feeling I got from last night’s dream,” said Katsuro as he sat down on the road and pounded the ground with his fist. Then Shane snapped his finger as he got an idea.

    “Send out Natu,” Shane suggested.

    “Huh, what for,” asked Katsuro.

    “Natu Synchronized you with Entei and Suicune. Maybe it can help guide us to Raikou if it really is in danger.” Katsuro reached into his pocket and brought out Natu’s pokeball. Like his others, it was transparent and Katsuro could see the tiny bird staring at him through the metallic casing of the Pokeball.

    “Come on out Natu. We need you.” The Pokeball popped opened and a white light leaked out and then took the form of his Natu. Once Natu was out it just hopped and began starring at its trainer again. “Natu, do you think you can help us find Raikou?” Natu didn’t say or do anything. It kept starring at Katsuro. “Are you stupid or what? Do something, anything, to help us find Raikou.” Natu remained silent.

    “Katsuro, does it know Future Sight?”

    “Natu, Future Sight.” Still they got no response from Natu. Katsuro was beginning to get frustrated. “Gr, Natu you stupid bird, DO SOMETHING! FUTURE SIGHT! PSYCHIC! OMINOUS WIND! PECK! NIGHT SHADE…” Shane watched as Katsuro threw a fit shouting out random attacks that Natu was capable of learning. Katsuro was now waving his arms in frustration trying to get his newest Pokémon to help them. Shane exhaled deeply as he waited for Katsuro to calm down and for Natu to take action. Finally Katsuro sat back down and picked Natu up.

    “If you’re not going to help us, then you might as well…” Then suddenly Natu’s eyes glowed white and Katsuro felt a strange presence all around him. Then Katsuro saw it in his mind, the Rainbow Thief was heading up the same path he and Shane had just took on Route 36 and then she passed a sign that read “Route 37” pointing North. They’ve been heading the wrong way the entire time. The vision then halted and Katsuro came back to his senses.

    “Katsuro, what did you see,” asked Shane as he held out his hand to help Katusro back up to his feet. Natu was now perched on his shoulder. Katsuro accepted Shane’s hand and got back up to his feet.

    “You were right Shane, Raikou and the Rainbow Thief are somewhere North of here, on Route 37. Let’s go, and thanks Natu.”
    “Natu,” the bird Pokémon chirped.

    It wasn’t until nightfall when they had reached Route 37. Katsuro checked the time on the illuminated blue screen of his pokegear and it displayed the time of 20:25.The clouds still covered the night sky but there was an opening where the half moon in the night sky was exposed. The moonlight was shining down on the woodsy path of the route making it easy to see the main path going to the next city. However, they weren’t heading to Ecruteak City.

    “We’ve been walking for hours and skipped dinner. Why don’t we call it a night a set up camp,” said Shane in a depressed mood. Katsuro checked their location on the Pokegear’s map and used the GPS option to track their location. National Park was nearby but it was at least another hour’s worth of walking. He sighed and gave up looking for Raikou or the Rainbow Thief.

    “OK, I’ll start us up a campfire,” said Katsuro as he slipped his Pokegear into its custom pouch on the right sling of his knap sack. They both set their bags down and Shane was about to unfold his sleeping bag when they both heard an odd sound. The sound was somewhat mechanical and was ticking at rapid speed. Then they heard a metallic squeaking sound and a couple of soft bumps. The two boys became aware that they were not alone.

    Suddenly in a flash of light a bicycle shot out from a rough forest trail and was coming from the direction of National Park. The rider was dressed in black robes and pants and camouflaged with the darkness of night very well, but the flame patters painted on the aluminum frame of the bicycle could still be seen in the moonlight. Katsuro gasped when he also caught a glimpse of long curly hair. He instantly knew out of some stroke of luck the Rainbow Thief had just passed by him and without thinking or looking back she headed into another rough woodsy path going away from Route 37. Instantly Katsuro picked his knap sack back up and ran after her.

    “Set up camp if you want, but I’m following her,” shouted Katsuro as he took off. Shane didn’t get a chance to respond as he held his half folded sleeping bag in his arms and watched his friend run into the forest. As Katsuro got on the bark dust trail he saw the Rainbow Thief ride on he knew he wouldn’t be able to keep up with a mountain bike. He reached for one of his Pokeballs and threw it into the air. “Natu, fly up and guide me to the Rainbow Thief,” he commanded as the Pokeball opened up and a white light shot straight up.

    Katsuro looked up and expected to see Natu hovering to show him which way the Rainbow Thief was going. After a few seconds of looking at the clouds beginning to cover the moon he stopped running and looked behind him. Natu was simply sitting on a Red Apricorn still attached to the tree and staring at him. “Ah,” shouted Katsuro in agony as he collapsed. Natu didn’t seem to want to cooperate much. Then he got back up and jumped up to snatch the Red Apricorn Natu was perched on. Then Natu jumped onto his shoulder.

    “Come on, we need to find her Natu. Concentrate,” he told his bird Pokemon.

    “Katsuro,” shouted Shane as he came running up to him. Then he stopped right in front of him to catch his breath. “You... see... her… yet?” Shane continued to breathe heavily while Katsuro looked on ahead into the dark woods.

    “Not yet. I kinda wish Natu would fly up and look for her from the sky,” he said as he gently petted Natu on the head near its red feather. Then Shane stopped breathing heavily and looked pasted Katsuro and saw an odd light. Not only that but rain began to fall from the sky.

    “Hey, what’s that,” he asked as he pointed to the eerie light. Katsuro turned around and saw an odd glowing light that was golden, red, and green almost looking like half a rainbow. At once Katsuro was nearly hypnotized by the light and he wanted to walk closer to it. Natu then saw the light and then jumped up from Katsuro’s shoulder and onto his head.
    “Natu Natu Natu Natu,” it excitedly exclaimed.

    “That light, it feels… so familiar,” said Katsuro. Then suddenly Natu used Teleport and it, Katsuro, and Shane all disappeared and then reappeared in an opened field but they were under the cover of trees. Then Katsuro saw her with an odd feather glowing brightly with the same gold, red, and green colors as the light they saw earlier, and leaning against another tree behind her was his bike that she stole. Katsuro gasped and then reached for another Pokeball.

    “What are you doing,” whisped Shane as he grabbed Katsuro’s arm, stopping him from throwing the Pokeball.

    “Payback time. She stole my bike and I want it back,” Katsuro whispered back. Then he pulled his arm out of Shane’s grip.

    “She seems distracted. Now’s our chance to sneak up from behind,” suggested Shane, still keeping his voice low. The rain began to pour down a bit heavily now and the wind began to pick up. The clouds now almost covered the moon and it became a bit darker in the forest. All the trees and their bark glowed with the radiance of the Rainbow Wing. Natu then chirped and was shaking. It was sensing something. A powerful Pokémon was approaching and Katsuro felt its presence as well.

    A lightning bolt crashed down from the sky and then out of the yellow light a bright yellow saber tooth tiger looking Pokémon appeared. “Is that Raikou? I’ve never seen one like that,” asked Shane. Seeing Raikou so close was breath taking for both him and Katsuro. Katsuro recalled seeing it from the Magnet Train. It looked so cool and majestic up close, the bright yellow fur, the golden cloud, the shining white saber tooth fangs, all of Raikou’s features were breath taking. He wondered why his mother got jumpy at the sight of it and said it was nothing. A shiny Raikou was extraordinary!

    “Well hello there Raikou,” said the Rainbow Thief as the light of the Rainbow Wing began to glow dim.

    “Oh no,” whispered Katsuo. He was preparing to throw his pokeball again but Shane stopped him again by grabbing his forearm.

    “Why jump in,” asked Shane. Suddenly three vines with thorns on them reached from the forest on the opposite side from them and grabbed Raikou. Raikou roared in pain as it feel for its trap.

    “That’s why,” yelled Katsuro. Even though he raised his voice the Rainbow Thief didn’t seem to hear him. Probably because Raikou was roaring in pain. Then she removed her hood and exposed her face covered with purple eye shadow that formed huge ovals up to her eye brows and pink lipstick that made her lips look more like candy then flesh. She approached Raikou with her Zangoose at her side.

    “Crush Claw,” commanded the Rainbow Thief. Zangoose jumped up with its black claws glowing. Katsuro then threw his Pokeball.

    “Intercept it Sneasel! Aerial Ace,” shouted Katsuro and then his Sneasel came out from its Pokeball and then used Aerial Ace to slam its body right into Zangoose’s body as it sliced it with its own claws.

    “What in Arceus’ name is going on here,” yelled the Rainbow Thief as she looked in the direction of where Sneasel came from. Then Katsuro with his Natu sitting on his head came out of hiding. Then Shane appeared next. “You! You just can’t stop being a pest can you, or maybe you’re here for the Legendary Pokémon huh boy?” The Rainbow Thief stared down at Katsuro with a hateful glare.

    “Let Raikou go and give me back my bike Rainbow Thief,” Katsuro shouted at her.

    “My name is Alexandra, and I told you not to forget that,” she shouted back at him.

    “Fine Alexandra, give me back my bike,” Katsuro shouted. Sneasel then held up and extended its claws as it spotted the same Zangoose that defeated it earlier. Zangoose just held up its right claw and it sparkled in the rain. The two Pokémon stared each other down.

    “Yeah, and let Raikou go now,” Shane angrily shouted. Alexandra then looked at him and softly chuckled.

    “Who’s your friend, an anime character look alike? I like the spiky blonde hair that’s starting to fall,” she said. Then Shane looked up and felt his hair.

    “Ah crud, my brand of hair gel isn’t water proof. I’ll just spike it back up in the morning,” he said as he tried to make his hair stand up in the rain.

    “The Rainbow Thief is attacking Raikou and you’re worried about your hair,” exclaimed Katsuro.

    “Zangoose, strike Raikou with Crush Claw,” Alexandra commanded. Her Zangoose rushed in and tried to attack Raikou in the face with Crush Claw. Katsuro and Shane took their focus off their minor distractions and saw Zangoose move in for its attack.

    “Look alive Raikou,” Katsuro warned the legendary beast. Then Raikou looked up and then charged an energy ball at its mouth. The rain drops gathered into the energy ball and then the ball transformed into a sphere of water. Raikou fired it and it hit Zangoose.

    “That’s Weather Ball. Since when does a Raikou use Weather Ball,” asked Shane. Katsuro just shrugged.

    “You morons! This Raikou is special aside from its abnormal colors,” Alexandra retorted. Then she looked down at her Zangoose who was soaking wet and collapsed onto the ground. Zangoose was breathing heavily but seemed as though it barely had enough energy to continue battling.

    “Quick Sneasel, use Icy Wind,” shouted Katsuro. Then Sneasel exhaled an Icy Wind from its mouth and then Zangoose was caught off guard. Since Zangoose was soaking wet the Icy Wind created a thick layer of ice to encase Zangoose. Zangoose wasn’t frozen solid but he snow and ice built up on its body made it hard for it to move.

    “Oh, you twerps,” shouted Alexandra. Suddenly Raikou charged another attack, this time a blue and yellow sphere from its mouth as its body glowed light blue. Then it fired an Aura Sphere attack and hit Zangoose head on. Zangoose then fell onto the ground and into a mud puddle and fainted. It had taken too much damage from the attack. Raikou still stood where it was getting entangled by the thorny vines around its body.

    “Alright, Raikou’s safe,” cheered Shane. Sneasel and Natu also cheered with happy cries.

    “Don’t celebrate yet,” Alexandra said with a cold tone of voice. Suddenly the thorny vines around Raikou slithered around its legs and then squeezed it and impaled its fur with the sharp thorns. Sneasel and Natu suddenly stopped cheering as they sensed the presence of another foe. “Zangoose is one of my strongest Pokémon, but not the strongest Pokemon in my possession. Dark Sero, reveal yourself.” Shane and Katsuro looked to where the thorny vines originated from and then a dark figure leapt out of the bushes and into the battlefield with the vines originating from its hands. The Pokémon stood at half the height of its trainer, it had a white flower on its head and looked like it was wearing a green mask. On one hand there a purple bouquet, on the other a black one.
    “Rade,” the Pokémon cried.

    “It’s a Roserade,” said Shane.

    “Yeah, one that’s wilting and in need of water,” taunted Katsuro. That earned him another slap in the face from Alexandra. Roserade held Raikou tight in the vines coming from its two bouquets.

    “Dark Sero, attack Sneasel with Sludge Bomb,” Alexandra ordered. Dark Sero retracted the vines from the purple bouquet and then fired several blobs of sludge. Sneasel was hit by the first Sludge Bomb and sent flying backwards, and then the other bombs hit Sneasel and it was too much. Sneasel fainted and slumped into the wet ground.

    “Gr, Natu do something. Use Night Shade,” said Katsuro. Natu jumped from Katsuro’s head and then fired two beams of darkness from its eyes.

    “Oh pul-leez. Dark Sero, use Shadow Ball.” Once again Dark Sero launched it attack from the purple bouquet. The Shadow Ball absorbed Natu’s Night Shade and then hit Natu. Natu’s tiny body was engulfed inside the Shadow Ball and it was crying in pain. Then the Shadow Ball dissipated and Natu fell. Katsuro ran and caught Natu in his hands.

    “Alright, that’s enough! Lairon, let’s go,” shouted Shane as he threw one of his pokeballs. His Lairon then emerged and then landed next to Raikou. Lairon let out a battle cry and then stomped its forelegs in the mud to show of its power. “Attack that Roserade with Iron Head!” Lairon charged straight at Dark Sero. Raikou was still yelping in pain from the thorns tearing at its fur. Dark Sero didn’t move and kept putting the squeeze on Raikou.

    “Raikou’s not the only one capable of using Weather Ball. Now you use it Dark Sero,” Alexandra commanded. Then Dark Sero’s purple bouquet began glowing as the rain drops gathered near it. Lairon was quick enough to smash Dark Sero and knock it back.

    “Quick Lairon, cut its vines with Metal Claw!” Lairon’s left claw glowed with a red energy and it slashed at Dark Sero’s vines coming from the black bouquet. It managed to cut one of the vines but then Dark Sero bired a ball of water and Lairon was caught in an aquatic explosion. Shane saw his Lairon’s eyes widen as it felt the intense pain of a water type attack. Then Lairon cried out and collapsed onto the ground with mud spattering onto its lower body. Dark Sero then winched from the pain of having one of its vines cut.

    “Dark Sero’s too strong, but we gotta help Raikou,” said Katsuro.

    “You boys should just give up. Only powerful trainers like myself deserve to capture a legendary Pokémon, and you boys can’t beat me with those weaklings,” taunted Alexandra. Then Raikou let out a roar in anger. Alexandra looked and saw the golden thunder cloud being to spark wildly with electricity. Then Raikou opened its mouth and an electrical sphere appeared with electricity crackling. Then it fired its attack and it was aimed at Alexandra. Raikou directly attacked a human. Alexandra screamed as she ducked out of the way. The Zap Cannon attack then kept going and hit something. Once the Zap Cannon had hit something there was a bright flash of light as electricity discharged into the ground and sky.

    “Ah, the bike,” both Katsuro and Alexandra yelled at the same time. Raikou accidentally zapped and destroyed the bike. The rubber tires then melted from the heat of the electricity and the metal frame turned black.

    “Oh great, now I gotta walk all over the Johto Region. This sucks,” complained Katsuro.

    “Serves you right little boy. A girl like me doesn’t need to get sweaty any way. Dark Sero, attack Raikou with Sludge Bomb,” said Alexandra. Dark Sero fired multiple blobs of sludge that hit Raikou from the side. Raikou then roared in pain. It then looked angrily at Dark Sero who had lowered its purple bouquet. Raikou then formed an Aura Sphere at its mouth. The blue and yellow sphere then shot out and hit Dark Sero. For a second the vines entangling Raikou were loose, but then Dark Sero concentrated and regained its grip.

    “I’m not giving up yet. Vibrava, you’re turn,” said Shane as he threw out another pokeball. Vibrava was then released from the bright flash of white light and it appeared hovering over Raikou. “Use Dragon Breath on Dark Sero!” Vibrava exhaled a stream of orange flames that hit Dark Sero head on. Dark Sero then yelled I pain as the orange flame turned into lighting as it paralyzed Dark Sero.

    “Oh dear,” exclaimed Alexandra. Dark Sero then knelt down and the vines became loose. Raikou then bit one of the vines entangling it and cut it with its fangs. Dark Sero shuddered in pain. “Hurry Dark Sero, use Giga Drain!”
    “R-Rose… erade…” Dark Sero cried weakly. It was too paralyzed to attack.

    “Quick Vibrava, use Earth Power. Make the eruption destroy the vines!” Vibrava then landed on the ground and its eyes then glowed yellow. Suddenly the ground beneath Raikou and Dark Sero glowed orange, and then red. Finally an eruption of red energy spouted from the ground and the magma burned the vines and set Raikou free. Raikou then roared and began running away.

    “No, I was so close. Dark Sero get up!” Dark Sero remained knelt down on the ground and trying to fight off its paralysis. Katsuro and Shane cheered.

    “Yes, we did it! Raikou is free,” cheered Katsuro.

    “Celebrate all you want. Dark Sero used Giga Drain,” said Alexandra. Dark Sero finally got up and its eyes glowd bright green. Then Vibrava was trapped in a green aura and suddenly the aura stole all of its health. Dark Sero then held out its two bouquets and absorbed the green energy balls that contained Vibrava’s energy. Vibrava then collapsed on the ground and fainted.

    “I’ll have the legendary beasts under my control one day. You boys better not forget it,” vowed Alexandra. Then she came to Dark Sero’s side. “Use Weather Ball to cover our escape.” Dark Sero then concentrated on the rain drops and then crashed the aquatic Weather Ball onto the ground. A wall of water erupted and came between Katsuro and Shane and their foe. Once the water wall disappeared Alexandra and Dark Sero had vanished.

    “What’s her deal,” wondered Shane.

    “She’s obsessed, but one thing’s for sure her Pokemon are way too strong for us,” said Katsuro as he looked down on his injured Sneasel and Natu inside their transparent Pokeballs. “I don’t think we even won this battle. Raikou did the most damage to her Pokemon after all.” Katsuro then placed his pokeballs in his pocket and then whipped the water collecting in his hair to the side of head.

    “Hey, is it just me, or does she seem kinda hot when she’s ticked off,” Shane asked Katsuro. Katsuro dropped his jaw and wondered if he heard Shane correctly.

    “She’s a thief and a merciless bounty hunter. I think you should form a crush on someone else,” said Katsuro. Shane then blushed for a second and then shook his head.

    “Y-yeah, you’re right. Come on, let’s go set up camp for the night.” The two boys left the sight of the battle. Katsuro took one quick look at his destroyed bike and then decided to leave it there.
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    Nice dude!! I'm just wondering, does Shane having a crush on Alexandra a dirivitive of Kertix and Neoko "liking" each other, or again great minds think alike??
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    Ashinto I have no idea who Kertix and Neoko are, so I'll just say this is a case of great minds thinking alike.
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    You don't read my story?? -gets sad- JK LOL. You're right, cuz I've been able to call stuff or realize i've done it before.
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    Try not to use so many then's. It is not necessary nor helpful to precede every other sentence with then.

    Second, try to describe a little more of what is physically happening, not what it means. For example, this section:

    [“Celebrate all you want. Dark Sero used Giga Drain,” said Alexandra. Dark Sero finally got up and its eyes glowed bright green. Then Vibrava was trapped in a green aura and suddenly the aura stole all of its health. Dark Sero then held out its two bouquets and absorbed the green energy balls that contained Vibrava’s energy. Vibrava then collapsed on the ground and fainted.]

    First, let's see what happens when we remove all the then's.

    [“Celebrate all you want. Dark Sero used Giga Drain,” said Alexandra. Dark Sero got up and its eyes glowed bright green. Vibrava was trapped in a green aura and suddenly the aura stole all of its health. Dark Sero held out its two bouquets and absorbed the green energy balls that contained Vibrava’s energy. Vibrava collapsed on the ground and fainted.]

    It flows better without all the then's breaking up the action. However, it could still be improved, mostly in the middle and end section where Vibrava is being drained. Try not to say "the aura stole all of its health," but instead show it, by describing how it was weakened; possibly, Vibrava's wing beats slowed as the green aura separated and was absorbed by Dark Sero's bouquets. Try to do similar things for future battles. Describe how pokemon are growing weaker, don't say it. You are writing what is seen and heard, not what is implied. You can't see that a ball contains energy, but you can see that it begins glowing green or pulsing. You can see that a pokemon's behavior changes as it starts panting, acts irritably, or slows down, but you do not see that it has less energy.
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    great chapter as allways and allso

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    Chapter 11

    Chapter 11: The Great Teachers of Tin Tower​

    “Now Vibrava, use Dragon Breath!”

    “Natu, use Air Cutter!” Vibrava exhaled a stream of orange flames while Natu jumped up and flapped its wings vigorously. Blades or air flew out from Natu’s wings and intercepted with the Dragon Breath attack. A few Air Cutters made it all the way through and struck Vibrava as it flew in mid air. Vibrava crashed onto the ground near its trainer Shane. He and Katsuro were having a practice battle to train.

    “Come on Vibrava. Get up and Dragon Breath again,” commanded Shane. Vibrava flapped its wings and then levitated into the air. Then its mouth was alight with orange flames for the Dragon Breath attack.

    “Night Shade,” shouted Katsuro. Natu’s eyes glowed dark purple. Then Vibrava exhaled the Dragon Breath and Natu fired dark purple beams from its eyes. The two attacks passed each other and hit their targets at the same time. Natu flew backwards and Katsuro had to run up and catch the tiny bird Pokémon. Vibrava crashed onto the ground again, this time being KO’d. Katsuro looked down at Natu and orange sparks surged aroung its body. Natu was now paralyzed.

    “Alright, good training Vibrava. Return,” said Shane as he held out a pokeball and recalled Vibrava. Then Katsuro reached into his bag and opened a plastic container filled with berries. He pulled out a Cheri Bery and fed it to Natu to cure the Paralysis.

    “So had enough or want to keep battling,” Katsuro asked Shane. Natu finished eating the Cheri Berry and then hopped on top of Katusro’s head.

    “Hm, I think I got one more battle left in me,” Shane answered.

    “How about you use your fifth Pokémon I haven’t seen yet?”

    “Huh? What do you mean?” Shane seemed a bit puzzled. Katsuro became a bit confused wondering if Shane actually had just four Pokémon on him.

    “At the Violet City Pokémon Center I saw you turn in a tray with five Pokeballs. So you do have five Pokemon on you right,” asked Katsuro. Shane chuckled nervously.

    “Oh yeah. I do have another Pokemon from the Hoenn Region you haven’t seen yet but…” said Shane as he reached to the side of his pans and slipped a pokeball off his belt. “… I rarely let this little guy out.”

    “Well come on. Natu’s on fire and I want to train it more. Bring your last Pokémon out,” Katsuro said in an encouraging tone of voice. Shane sighed but then he pressed the button on the pokeball making it bigger.

    “Alright, Spoink come on out!” Shane threw his Pokeball and then it hit the ground and let a pig Pokémon with a pink pearl sitting on top of its head come out. Spoink bounced up and down on the spring like tail.

    “Wow, it’s neat I’ll tell ya that much. Natu get in there and use Air Cutter.” Natu jumped off of Katsuro’s head and then shot out multiple air blades from its wings. Spoink kept on bouncing up and down on its tail while staying in one spot as the Air Cutter attack closed in on it.

    “Power Gem attack!” Spoinks pearl on its head began to glow. Then Spoink bounced up high into the air and the Air Cutter attack missed and ended up cutting the grass. Grass blades scattered around Shane’s feet as Spoink hovered in the air for a moment with the pearl glowing. Then Soink fired three copies of its pearl and they all hit Natu and sent it crashing into the ground. Natu crash landed with its head on the ground and its left talon twitching. It was now KO’d.

    “OK, Natu’s had enough. Good job Spoink and Shane,” said Katsuro as he gave his opponents a thumbs up. Then Katsuro recalled Natu into its transparent Pokeball. Shane then stretched his arms out and yawned.

    “Alright Katsuro, we’re almost at Ecruteak City. It’s way beyond time we started getting there,” said Shane. Spoink was still bouncing up and down on its tail next to its trainer. Katsuro picked up his knapsack.

    “Alright, but I think I’ll let Larvitar out for some fresh air. Come on out buddy,” said Katsuro as he held out Larvitar’s Pokeball. It popped opened in Katsuro’s hand and then Larvitar appeared next to him.
    “Laaar,” it cheerfully exclaimed. Larvitar then sniffed around and could smell the spice from the apricorns growing on the trees nearby. Shane kept his Spoink outside its pokeball and they all started walking uphill toward Ecruteak City.

    An hour later they made it to Ecruteak City. They were walking downhill and had a nice view of the whole city from where they were standing. In the far distance there was the Tin Tower, but it looked like a pin from the distance Katsuro and Shane were staring at. Larvitar and Spoink also marveled at the view. “Ecruteak City, looks like a peaceful place,” said Katsuro.

    “Just wait until you battle the gym leader here,” said Shane.

    “You’ve already battled him?”

    “Yeah, and his ghost type Pokémon are way beyond strong, right Spoink.” Spoink then stopped bouncing on its tail to stand next to its trainer.
    “Spoink Spoink,” it said while nodding its head. The group decided to take in the view of the city one more time.

    “Spoi -” Spoink seemed to gasp. Katsuro and Shane looked at it curiously and then suddenly it fell backwards and landed on the ground on its back with its beady eyes closed. Spoink also stopped breathing. Once Spoink hit the ground the pearl from its head began to roll away.

    “Oh no! Spoink you idiot,” said Shane as he began pounding on the pig’s Pokémon Chest.

    “What the heck’s going on,” Katusro asked. Larvitar looked over the big Pokemon which now had its beady eyes closed. Shane had to pound on Spoink’s chest before Spoink opened its eyes and began bouncing on its tail again.

    “Spoink needs to keep bouncing on its tail. If it doesn’t then its heart stops beating,” explained Shane. Then he looked down on the road ahead of him and Katsuro and saw Spoink’s pearl rolling away from them and into the city. “Spoink’s pearl! We need to get it so Spoink had better control over its attacks,” panicked Shane as he began running after the pearl.
    “Spoi-oi-oi-oi-oink,” panicked Spoink with its stubby arms waving up and down. Then it began bouncing after its trainer and pearl.

    “Sheesh, how many weird features does that Pokémon have,” shouted Shane as he ran after Spoink and Shane. Larvitar jumped up and bit Katsuro’s knapsack and held on tight with with jaw. Larvitar couldn’t run fast so it improvised a ride instead. The towns people certainly had an odd sight to see. A pink pearl rolling rather quickly across the streets at the entrance of Ecruteak city and then a spiky blonde haired trainer running after it with a Spoink bouncing behind him and then a another trainer with a strand of brown hair between his eyes following him with a Larvitar biting his bag and dragging him down.

    “Larvitar… let go. You… too… heavy…” said Katsuro as he finally slowed down and stopped running as he tried to catch his breath. Shane and Spoink ran on ahead and then a pretty girl in a kimono stepped in front of him and Spoink’s pearl hit her feet and stopped. The girl then leaned down and picked up the pearl. Shane ran up to her and he was breathing heavily. The kimono girl saw him with a Spoink that seemed to be missing something.

    “Excuse me young lad, is this yours,” she asked in a sweet voice. Shane looked up and saw her face painted with white make up and red lip stick.

    “Yes, thank you,” said Shane as he accepted the pearl and then placed it back on Spoink’s head. Spoink bounced up and down happily. “You’re a Kimonon Girl aren’t you? I wanted to see you dance last time I was in town but you were all busy.” The Kimono Girl twirled around and then opened a paper fan and covered her face. Then she lowered it slightly to expose her eyes.

    “Yes, my name is Miki. My sisters and I do have a performance coming up later this week. Come by the dance theater this Sunday and we’ll give a performance worthy of your stay,” said Miki and then she twirled around and walked off. Katsuro then aught up with Shane and saw that Spoink was happily bouncing up and down now that it got its pearl back. Katsuro was still trying to catch his breath.

    “Good, nice to see that Spoink’s back to normal,” he said and then Larvitar caught up to him, also trying to catch its breath since it wasn’t sued to running around so quickly.

    “Yeah, let’s hope that doesn’t happen again,” said Shane.

    “I think I’d rather put with Raikou, Entei, or Suicune ro battle the Rainbow Thief then put up with Spoink’s runaway pearl,” said Katsuro. Then he chuckled a bit at the comparison. Suddenly the Kimono girl ahead of them stopped and turned around.

    “You, with the brown hair,” she said while pointing her closed paper fan at Katsuro.

    “Huh, me,” asked Katsuro while pointing at himself. The Kimono girl walked up to him.

    “You speak of the Legendary Beasts and then mention the Rainbow Thief.” Suddenly Miki the Kimono Girl seemed very serious. She seemed to examine Katsuro, looking up and down and taking in his appearance. “I wonder…” was all Miki said while she stared at him for a couple moments and then turned around and stared at the Tin Tower further ahead of them on the edge of the city.

    “Excuse me, something you want to tell us Miki,” asked Shane.

    “A girl calling herself the Rainbow Thief had appeared in the Tin Tower and stolen a precious artifact, the Rainbow Wing. It was one of Ho-oh’s feathers,” she explained.

    “Hey Shane, you think that thing Alexandra was holding last night that glowed oranged, yellow, and green…” Then they both remembered a long glowing feather in Alexandra’s hand.

    “We don’t know exactly how many feathers Ho-oh has left us in this world, but each one is precious and must only be carried by those with pure hearts. It is said that the Rainbow Wings have the power to attract the Legendary Beasts. Since you two seem to have met the Rainbow Thief then it is safe to assume you have also seen at least Raikou, Entei, or Suicune,” Miki said.

    “What if I told you I’ve seen all three of them,” asked Katsuro. Miki gasped.

    “If what you say is true then what happened at the Sinjoh Temple must also be true,” she exclaimed. Katsuro and Shane looked at each other with puzzled expressions. “You must come with me to the Tin Tower. The Elder would love to have a word with you. She said as she signaled Katsuro to follow her and began walking toward the ancient tower.

    “Hey wait! What the heck is the Sinjoh Temple? What’s so special about me seeing the legendary beats and are you also obsessed with them like the Rainbow Thief and that red headed maniac is,” asked Katsuro as he tried to keep up with her and his Larvitar once again biting onto his knapsack. Katsuro slipped his backpack off and let Larvitar drop to the ground. He was beginning to get annoyed by Larvitar weighing him down.

    “Red headed maniac? Ah, then you are the one from the Sinjoh Temple. The other Kimono Girls will want to meet with you and so would our town’s gym leader,” exclaimed Miki. Shane dropped his jaw in shock. Suddenly Katsuro was a celebrity in this city. His Spoink stopped bouncing and tugged at his shirt. Spoink wondered it his trainer was ok.

    “Wait, Katsuro is a ‘chosen one’ or something like that,” Shane said to himself. Spoink was still tugging at his shirt trying to get him to snap out of it.
    “Spoink spoink! Spoi-” Spoink gasped and then collapsed on the ground again. It was having another heart attack.

    “Huh, hey Shane look alive,” Katsuro shouted to his friend while pointing at Spoink. Shane looked down and then did a face palm.

    “Spoink, this is getting way beyond old,” he said and then got down on his knees to revive his Spoink by pounding on its chest several times again. Katsuro snickered. While Miki stopped walking and waited for the two boys to take care of Spoink. Soon Spoink opened its eyes again and got back up on its tail and started bouncing up and down again. This time its pearl stayed on its head the whole time.

    “I can see why you rarely let it out of its pokeball,” said Katuro and then snickered at bit more. He found Spoink’s cardiac arrests rather comical.

    “Oh shut up Katsuro,” he said he walked up to him and the two of them followed Miki into a large wooden building next to a pond. They were now on the outskirts of town and the Tin Tower seemed to be hiding behind a thick forest.

    “We must go underground for a bit before we can reach the Tin Tower. Stay behind me please,” instructed Miki. An old monk wearing a black robe and had a bald head guarded the entrance to the stairs that took them underground and toward the Bell Chime Trail. He stepped in front of the stairs.

    “What business do the boys have at the Tin Tower young Kimono Girl,” asked the old monk, then he coughed a couple times. After that he had to gasp for his breath. Miki bowed to the monk and then spoke.

    “Honorable Monk Hideo, please grant passage to my special guests here. They have encountered the Rainbow Thief and spotted at least one of the Legendary Beasts,” replied Miki. Hideo raised an eye brow and then examined Katsuro.

    “Young man, where were you born,” asked Hideo.

    “Who me,” asked Katsuro while pointing at himself. Hideo simply nodded. “Well both my mom and my birth certificate say that I was born at the Indigo Plateau.”

    “I sense doubt in you young man. Tell me, why do you believe Raikou, Entei, or Suicune would present themselves to you?” Hideo was now standing between Miki and Katsuro while Shane just leaned against the wall waiting for Katsuro’s “chosen one” status to ware off. Hideo looked curiously at Katsuro, then down to his Larvitar who was just staring at the statue of Ho-oh in the back of the building behind the stair well.

    “Well… It’s seems far fetched but Suicune once said to me ‘we meet again’ telepathically. I don’t ever remembering meeting any of the three Legendary Dogs vefore coming to Johto,” explained Katsuro. Hideo then turned around and rested his chin in the palm of his left hand. He quietly pondered about weather to let Katsuro into the sacred grounds of the Tin Tower. Hideo remembered hearing about the wonderous story about the birth of different colored Raikou, Entei, and Suicune along with a boy being born in the temple at the same time. He then pulled Miki aside and whispered something into her ear.

    Shane and Katsuro just stood where they were with their Pokémon standing, and Spoink bouncing, nearby and staring at the Ho-oh statue. Then Hideo moved aside and Miki signaled the two boys to follow her. Miki, Shane, and Katsuro walked down the creaky wooden stairs and into a man made hallway underground towards the Tin Tower with their Pokémon following closely behind.

    “Katsuro, that is your name, right,” asked Miki.

    “Yes. Why did that old monk want to know about where I was born,” asked Katsuro.

    “You’ll find out once we reach the Tin Tower. Ecruteak City is a town where the Past and the Present collide. This is one of those moments and I believe you play an important role for the Legendary Beasts. Hideo believes you were fated to encounter the Rainbow Thief as well,” explained Miki.

    “Nice. ‘Fated,’” whispered Shane.

    “Get over her Shane,” Katsuro whispered back at him. Miki then led them up another wooden staircase. The wooden boards creaked even louder then the previous set of stairs. Shane and Katsuro followed Miki outside the small building to a woodsy area with leaves covering most of the ground. Miki’s Kimono was long enough to drag a few yellow and faded green leaves on the ground as she walked toward the Tin Tower, which now looked like a tall square building that rose up higher then the Radio Tower in Goldenrod. Katsuro, Shane, Spoink, and Larvitar looked up in awe.

    “Please keep up with me boys, and recall your Pokémon as well. They will not be needed once were inside the tower,” said Miki. Katsuro and Shane recalled their Pokémon into their Pokeballs and then caught up to Miki who was sliding a wooden door opened to the left and exposed the ground floor of the Tin Tower. Inside there were three other Monks and another Kimono Girl dressed nearly as identical to Miki. She had an Espeon standing near her. The four of them were deep in conversation until they noticed Miki enter with two strange boys.

    “Miki, what brings you here today,” asked the other Kimono girl. Katusro looked closer and noticed that her Kimono had sun patterns on it while Miki’s had small fireball patterns on her Kimono.

    “Naoko, I have very interesting guests with me today. They claim to have battled the Rainbow Thief and the Legendary Beasts,” said Miki. The three monks gasps and Naoko looked at Katsuro and Shane with a puzzled expression.

    “How are you sure of this Miki,” Naoko asked. Katsuro and Shane then went on to explain what has happened in their adventures together from the Ruins of Alph up to their battle with Alexandra in her attempt to trap Raikou. After listeneing to their story the three monks and two Kimono Girls brought them to a small room inside the Tin Tower where a shrine for Ho-oh was kept.

    Through this child I will determine if humans are worthy of taming Legendary Pokemon. That was a message Ho-oh left the day it brought to life the different colored Legendary Beasts,” explained the monk who was wearing eye glasses. He introduced himself earlier as Monk Michi. The other two monks introduced themselves as Sadao and Daichi. Sadao wore a bead necklace while Daichi walked with a wooden staff. All three monks called themselves members of the Wise Trio.

    “Daichi, Sadao, and Michi, if the legend from the Sinjoh Temple is true then that boy maybe Katsuro,” said Miki.

    “But that’s a big ‘Maybe’ younger sister,” said Naoko. Katsuro clenched his fist. He wanted to learn more about the Legendary Beasts and the legend from the Sinjoh Temple. Katsuro then remembered his father constantly referring to him as a “miracle child.” Something in his heart told him that he was meant to come here to the Tin Tower and meet these Monks. He was meant to encounter the golden Raikou, the sky blue Suicune, and the black faced Entei. He wanted to know more about them.

    “Please, tell me everything you know of the oddly colored Beasts, and the legend from Sinjoh Temple,” Katsuro pleaded to the three monks. Michi fiddled with his eye glasses and then spoke.

    “Young Katsuro, we must test you before we inform you of such knowledge. Only trainers with pure hearts can encounter and battle along side Legendary Pokémon,” said Michi. Then Daichi got up while leaning on his wooden staff.

    “It would take several days to test your worthiness and teach you what you wish to know, and more importantly what you need to know,” said Daichi. Katsuro nodded.

    “I’ll do whatever it takes,” he replied.

    “Fantastic, but however your friend must leave. This knowledge is for you only Katsuro,” said Naoko while she pointed at Shane.

    “What? Why me,” asked Shane. None of the monks and neither of the Kimono Girls answered. After a couple moments of silence Shane got a bit frustrated. “Katsuro, a word with you outside.” Shane signaled to the Tin Towers entrance and Katsuro got up from sitting on the Tin Towers wooden floor.

    “Excuse us for a moment,” he said and the bowed to his elders before running outside after Shane. “Hey don’t let it bug you that much Shane. It’s just a week, I’ll be back to traveling with you in no time.”

    “Yeah, but then what if you get some valuable information or one of the Legendary Beasts do show up and you have to journey alone to some important test or mission? Let’s go challenge Ecruteak’s Gym and forget about this tower,” said Shane.

    “But… I gotta know. Sorry Shane but I really want to see what’s in store for me here. All my life I knew my mother was hiding something from me. She’d get frustraited whenever my dad called me a ‘miracle child’ and I think once my dad said Ho-oh saved not just my parents’ lives once but my life as well, although my mother denied that too. I think I’ll learn more about the truth to my past here at Tin Tower. So I’m staying for at least a week,” said Katsuro.

    “But if we do end up separating how will I meet that hot Rainbow chick again. I-I-I mean meet the Legendary Beasts again.” Shane nearly stumbled upon his own words. That little flub told Katsuro all he needed to know.

    “Oh I see. Fine then, I’m definitely staying, but don’t think that means I’m going after the Rainbow Thief once I’m done here,” said Katsuro. After that he went inside the Tin Tower and shut the door behind him. Shane looked down at the ground and let out a sad sigh.

    “Katsuro you… uh, never mind,” he said and then walked back to the underground path and returned to Ecruteak city.
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    I can see why you rarely let it out of its pokeball,” said Katuro and then snickered at bit more. He found Spoink’s cardiac arrests rather comical. Shane then held out a pokeball and recalled Spoink back inside before it could cause any more inconveniences.

    then there was this

    Shane and Katsuro just stood where they were with their Pokémon standing, and Spoink bouncing, nearby and staring at the Ho-oh statue. Then Hideo moved aside and Miki signaled the two boys to follow her. Miki, Shane, and Katsuro walked down the creaky wooden stairs and into a man made hallway underground towards the Tin Tower with their Pokémon following closely behind.


    i didnt make that up

    other then that (and a few miss-spellings) its good:thumb:

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    Ah! Darn it! Who did that?! How did I miss that? Well I fixed that anyway.
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    Chapter 12

    I swear, I need a Rotom or something to help me with my computer issues, but after putting up with unwanted delays this Fan Fic is up and running again.

    Chpater 12: The Clear Bell’s Message​

    The next day Katsuro woke up the sound of a giant bell ringing. Katsuro woke up with in a split second as the loud ringing woke him up instantly and made his heart start racing. The large brass bell on the top floor of the bell tower was being struck by one of the monks. Katsuro slept on the second floor on the Tin Tower in his Sleeping bag. His shoes and knapsack were tucked away in the corner along with his three transparent pokeballs showing his three Pokémon also waking up to the loud ringing noise.

    “Sheesh, if this is how tower monks wake up every morning then no way I’m growing up to become one. I’d rather excavate ruins with my dad,” Katsuro complained to himself while covering his ears with his hands. He squirmed out of his sleeping bag and then walked over the creaking wooden floor of the tower toward his belongings. Sneasel and Larvitar looked up through the red capsules of their home to see their trainer covering his ears and trying to slip on his shoes.

    “Good morning young man,” Said Monk Michi as he came up the stairs from the ground floor. Michi was whipping his thick eye glasses with a white clothe as he greeted Katsuro. The loud chiming of the bell finally stopped and Katsuro shook his head for a moment to get rid of all his dizziness from the rude awakening.

    “Good morning Michi. When is breakfast, I’m starved,” asked Katsuro.

    “The other Monks and I had breakfast an hour ago at the crack of dawn. We won’t feast again until noon,” explained Michi as he placed his glasses back on his face.

    “WHAT?!” Katsuro felt his stomach churn. During all the excitement yesterday all he had for dinner was a leftover dinner roll. Now he really didn’t like being around all the other monks.

    “Come downstairs within the next ten minutes. We have arranged a task for your and your Pokémon young man,” instructed Michi and then he traveled down the same staircase he came up from. Katsuro felt his stomach growl and he knew his Pokemon probably felt the same way.

    “… but… we can’t run on empty,” said Katsuro in a depressed mood.

    Meanwhile, Katsuro’s friend Shane stood outside the Ecruteak Gym with his Quarsire and Sableye outside of their Pokeballs and standing behind him. “Ready you two? Unlike our last battle with Morty we’ll come out on top. Way beyond time we won the Fog Badge, right,” Shane said. His two Pokémon cried out with encouragement. Then they entered the gym and were immediately greeted by an old woman.

    “You wish to challenge Morty,” asked the old Woman.

    “Yes, now lead us to him if you will,” said Shane. His Quagsire and Sableye also cried out with excitement. The old woman smiled and signaled Shane to follow here. Shane began but then suddenly stopped before entering the gym. He looked towards the Tin Tower for a moment but then shook it out of his mind and entered the gym.

    Katsuro came downstairs and found the three monks he met yesterday along with three Kimino Girls. He recognized Miki and Naoko from yesterday. The third Kimono Girl was wearing a Kimono with crescent moon patterns on it. She stepped forward first. “Greetings Katsuro I am Zuki. My sisters and I are much in tune with the legends of Ho-oh, Lugia, and the Legendary Beasts,” said Zuki and then she twirled around as she brought out a pokeball with a capsule and seals on it. “Will you do battle with me?”

    “Sure, I suppose,” said Katsuro as he brought out one of his pokeballs.

    “Wait Katsuro, please battle me with the pokemon you feel you have the closest bond with,” said Zuki. Katsuro paused for a moment. Right now he was holding Sneasel’s pokeball in his hand. He looked down through the red transparent casing of the pokeball and saw Sneasel wink at him. Katsuro thought it’d probably be best to go with his very first Pokémon. He slipped Sneasel’s pokeball back into his pocket.

    “The Pokémon my father gave me and has been with me since I was eight years old. Larvitar let’s show them what we’re made of,” shouted Katsuro as he threw Larvitar’s Pokeball. The Pokeball opened in mid air and released the flash of light that released Larvitar.
    “Larvitar lar!” Larvitar creid out with excitement and looked ready for battle.

    “I will test just how strong your bond really is. Umbreon battle dance!” Zuki threw her Pokeball and the seals took effect. They were line and party seals. The yellow line seals spewed upward and then Umbreon leaped up with grace and then decended to the ground with the lines bending down and touching the ground. Umbreon landed on the ground with the yellow confetti of the party seals surrounding it. Katsuro and Larvitar were awe struck. The lines and confetti then faded away as Zuki picked the capsule decorated pokeball back up.

    “Umbreon, Dark Pulse,” instructed Zuki. The rings on Umbreon’s ears began glowing bright yellow and then Umbreon fired a black beam from its mouth.

    “Larvitar, gather power with Dragon Dance and then dodge it,” commanded Katsuro. Larvitar cried out as an orange aura lit up around it. Then Larvitar jumped up as the aura grew brighter but it was too slow. Dark Pulse struck Larvitar at its feet and sent Larvitar spinning and flying backwards. “No, Larvitar!”

    “You two need to work faster. Umbreon Shadow Ball!” Umbreon’s eyes glowed bright red as it charged up at Shadow Ball at its mouth. Larvitar landed back on the ground and then the orange aura engulfed it as its power up was complete.

    “Quick Larvitar, use Rock Slide!” Larvitar ran towards Umbreon and then got ready to hurl some boulders on it.

    “Umbreon Confuse Ray!” Umbreon’s rings and eyes glowed with an eerie yellow light. Larvitar gazed at Umbreon and then stopped in its tracks. Soon Larvitar began thrashing about and hitting itself.

    “Lalrvitar, snap out of it. Umbreon’s about three feet in front of you. Attack it already!” It was no use. Larvitar continued to hit itself. It even got to the point of biting its left arm. Katsuro face palmed himself and sighed in disappointment as Larvitar kept hurting itself.

    “Looks like Zuki has this in the bag,” said Miki to her sister.

    “I know. Poor Katsuro. He really doesn’t know what he has gotten himself into,” commented Naoko. They watched as Umbreon’s yellow rings glowed bright yellow again for a few seconds and then it began charging dark energy at its mouth.

    “Let’s finish this Umbreon. Dark Pulse attack,” commanded Zuki. Umbreon tilted its head back and then trusted it forward as it shot out waves of dark energy that hit Larvitar and sent it flying. Larvitar hit the giant beam that supported Tin Tower at its center. Only a few splinters were sent flying out when Larvitar smashed into it. Then it fell from the beam and hit the ground hard and fainted. Katsuro looked on with disappointment. He didn’t think he’d lose the battle that easily.

    “Larvitar, you alright buddy,” said Katsuro as he ran up to it. As he knelt down toward Larvitar’s side the wooden floor boards creaked under the shifting of his weight. Larvitar opened its eyes and looked back at him.
    “Lar-Larvitar,” it weakly cried out. Katsuro brought out Larvitar’s pokeball.

    “Thanks for trying. Get some rest buddy. You earned it.” The red beam launched out from the pokeball Katsuro was holding and then Larvitar disappeared from the floor of the Tin Tower and then went back into its pokeball.

    “Well, I see you care for your Pokémon. That’s a good sign that you’re a good trainer, but I still wonder if you’re a skilled trainer,” said Zuki as she recalled her Umbreon into its pokeball. Katsuro saw that she kept her Umbreon in a Luxury Ball.

    “Huh? I’m somewhat a beginner. I’ve started my journey almost a month ago and I’ve only obtained two gym badges so far,” explained Katsuro.

    “Gym Badges don’t truly show a trainer’s skill,” said Monk Daichi as he walked while leaning on his big wooden staff toward Katsuro. Katsuro looked onward to the eldest of the three monks before him and then he rested on the wooden staff once he stood at an arms length from Katsuro.

    “Honorable Monk, what do you mean by that,” asked Katsuro. Daichi smiled. He was pleased to know that Katsuro still had manners, unlike most trainers that came by the Tin Tower.

    “Look at the Kimono Sisters. All five of them are strong but they’ve never competed in Gym Battles before. Mostly because they stay disciplined and maintain close bonds with their Pokémon. Zuki has just demonstrated how she and her Umbreon can work as one. I heard you say you’ve had that Larvitar of yours for a few years now, but that doesn’t matter. You must learn to work as one with your Pokémon. Trainers who are pure at heart will then attract to them magnificent Pokémon, including legendary Pokémon.” Katsuro listened intently on Monk Daichi’s lecture.

    “I see. I wish there were more trainers to battle against back in the Sevii Islands. Even when I turned ten to become a real licensed trainer I still couldn’t do much or capture that many wild Pokémon.”

    “None of that matters young lad. Your past is nothing more then water under the bridge. All that matters now is where will you go next in your journey. Will you pursue more gym badges? Will you hope to encounter the oddly colored Legendary Beasts?” Katsuro considered the monks words carefully.

    “I don’t know.” Monk Daichi raised an eye brow. Then he turned around and headed upstairs.

    “Follow me Katsuro. There is something I want you to see that I believe will benefit you.” Katsuro began to reach for his knapsack. “Leave your belongings here with the other two monks. You won’t be needing them.” Katsuro listened to Daichi’s instructions and then hurried up the stairs to follow him. They walked up floor after floor after floor. For Katsuro this seemed to take forever. Occasionally Katsuro spotted a Rattata running around or chewing on some of the Tower’s wooden beams along the walls.

    “How high are we going up Monk Daichi?” Daichi never responded. They kept ascending one flight of stairs after another. Katsuro was surprised to see an elderly man be able to climb so many stair cases and not be winded out. He wondered how long Daichi had been a Monk at this particular tower. Finally at the ninth floor they arrive to the most barren area of the Tin Tower. There was a ladder leading up to the room of the Tin Tower. Along the edge of the wall was a single shelf covered with a white cloth. Resting on the shelf was an old brass colored bell.

    “This is the Clear Bell,” said Monk Daichi as he used his walking staff to knock if off and then he caught it with his free arm. Then he handed it to Katsuro. “This ancient artifact was built eons ago to summon Ho-oh. Although it has never actually rang it has been told generation after generation that Ho-oh can communicate to others using this Clear Bell.” Katsuro held the Clear Bell in his hands. The Clear Bell was cold to the touch and dusty.

    “Ho-oh talks to people through this?” Katsuro held it up to his ear and shook it violently.

    “DON’T DO THAT,” scolded Daichi. Katsuro closed his eyes at the shock of the monk’s shouting. “Please young man. Try to feel Ho-oh.” Katsuro raised both of his eyebrows and became confused.

    “Huh? How do I feel a Pokémon that I’ve never seen before?” Katsuro looked down at the Clear Bell. He did feel some sort of odd energy radiating from the artifact, but it certainly didn’t seem like something connected to a Legendary Pokémon. Then he thought of the time when he spotted Raikou from the Magnet Train and how mystifying it was. Katsuro closed his eyes and concentrated on the Clear Bell.

    “Yes Katsuro. Your mind and your heart must be open to everything around you. The energy from the sun, the creaking of the Tin Tower’s wooden beam, the tall grass and leaves swaying in the wind, the Magikarp and Remoraid jumping out of lakes and ponds…” Katsuro wondered why Daichi was trying to make the visualizations so scenic. All he wanted was to see if he could sense Ho-oh’s power. Then suddenly he felt it.

    For a brief moment Katsuro saw with his mind’s eye two rainbow color wings flapping up and down carrying a magnificent phoenix. Then the wings were shedding feathers as they flew away and made Ho-oh ascend away from the earth and into the sky. Finally Katsuro’s vision focused on the feathers known as Rainbow Wings. Katsuro finally opened his eyes and then found himself facing monk Daichi once again.

    “A Rainbow Wing. That girl Alexandra had one,” said Katsuro as he looked back down at the cold and dusty Clear Bell.

    “Ho-oh wished for you to obtain a Rainbow Wing. I see, maybe you should recover the Rainbow Wing that thief had stolen the other day. You’ve already encountered her once, so maybe you’ll cross paths with her again.”

    “ARE YOU CRAZY?! That girl who is dangerous! She kicked my butt twice already. Her Zangoose and Roserade are way too strong for my Pokémon and I’m afraid to find out what her other Pokémon are,” complained Katsuro. Daichi seemed to ignore Katsuro’s ranting.

    “Well then young man, I guess you’ll have to train for a bit with the Kimono Girls to become as strong as your adversary,” suggested Monk Daichi.

    “Really,” said Katsuro in an elated tone of voice.

    Meanwhile Shane walked out of the Ecruteak City Gym and was jumping for joy with his Sableye. They finally earned the Fog Badge after a tough rematch with Morty. “Alright we finally did it! Just 3 badges to go until the Johto League,” shouted Shane with glee. His Sableye also shouted with joy. Shane then let the Tin Tower out in the distance catch his eye. He wondered if his friend Katsuro also wanted a Fog Badge. He figured that he should wait for him until his training with the Monks and Kimono Girls was done.
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    nice chapter bro. keep 'em coming.
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    I'm still having some major computer and lap top problems and sadly I have to save up and buy a new one. The other two chapters I had been working on are now lost in a lap top with a cracked screen, so I'm forced to start over. :mad:

    So until I get a real chapter up, enjoy this mini-chapter I thought up in about 5-10 minutes.

    Shopping Spree​

    Two days after Shane won his Fog Badge at the Ecruteak Gym he headed over to the PokeMart to do some supply shopping. Now he was walking down the aisle with mostly Potions and Ethers with his Quagsire at his side. Shane carried a plastic shopping basket in one had as he browsed through the shelf looking for Hyper Potions. Surely enough he found them and grabbed four off the shelf and dumped them into the shopping basket.

    "OK, that's the last of it. Ready to go Quagisre," Shane asked his Pokemon. Quagsire looked up at him and nodded.
    "Quag, Quag."

    Shane and Quagsire walked up to the cash register near the entrance to the mart and saw the clerk was absent. "OK, where is the cashier," Shane wondered. Then a middle aged man with short brown hair that was turning gray quickly walked toward the counter and cash register.

    "Ah, what young Pokemon Trainer seeks my wisdom," asked the store clerk. Shane was instantly puzzled.

    "Uh... actually I just want some potions and revives," replied Shane as he placed his shopping basket on the counter. The store clerk chuckled.

    "No easy feat I assure you," he said as he slid the basket closer toward him and the scanner.

    "What are you talking abou-"

    "Many decades ago the people only used one item to restore Pokemon to full health, Ho-oh's Sacred Ash," the Store Clerk cut in. Before Shane could talk back the clerk continued on with his story as he scanned all of the items Shane wanted to buy. "However the coming of the evil trainer Takuto sent terror down the spines of the Monks."

    "Uh... are you making any of this-"

    "So prevent Takuto from using the Sacred Ash to heal his Pokemon from the Distortion World, the Monks separated the healing properties of the wondrous item to the Potions and antidotes you trainers carry today. However when Takuto defeated the Monks it became obvious that the only way to protect the Sacred Ash was for a BRAVE YOUNG HERO to stop him." Quagsire looked up with a confused expression on its face. It began tugging at Shane's pants indicated that it had enough of the odd story.

    "What are you, a cashier or a prophet?" Shane began scratching his head as he waited for the cashier to ring up the items he bought. Then the cashier looked Shane in the eye and then gasped.

    "You are the adventurer we've been waiting for. Seek the various healing items in the seven mystical shopping aisles and then reassemble them to bring back the Sacred Ash and liberate this accursed economy from Takuto's iron fist," said the Cashier as he pointed at the aisles signs. Shane looked over his shoulder and read the signs.

    AISLE 1: HP/PP Restore
    AISLE 2: Status Healers
    AISLE 3: Pokeballs
    AISLE 4: Battle Items
    AISLE 5: Human Food
    AISLE 6: Office Supplies

    Shane raised an eyebrow after scanning the store's sections. "Uh... there are only SIX aisles. Can I pay and leave now," asked Shane as he held up his wallet. The Cashier finished placing the last Hyper Potion in a plastic bag.

    "That'll be 4,600 Pokedallers please," said the Cashier as the till opened. Shane paid in exact change, handed the bag with Revives and snacks for him and Katsuro to his Quagsire and then carried the other bag with the Hyper Potions. "Best of luck on your journey brave young hero." Shane and Quagsire left the store without saying a word.

    "Wow, that was way beyond weird," said Shane once he and Quagsire were at least a block away from the mart.
    "Quagsire-Quag Quagsire (And I though YOU were the crazy human)."
    "Yeah, you said it Quagsire," agreed Shane, even though he had no clue what his Pokemon was saying.
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    I think this chapter can be summed up in two words: Wait, what?

    That was... odd. The store keeper is crazy ([DEL]free the town's economy from an iron fish?[/DEL] Was a typo), so I'm not even going to ask what he thought he saw in Shane to think he was the hero in his made-up(?) prophecy.

    It's kind of cute how Quagsire displays his personality in this chapter. In other stories, some here, some elsewhere, the pokemon don't have a personality; they just exist and follow commands with no display of any will, which is a huge waste of potential characters. Here, each pokemon is proven to have its own mind and attitude, and it works very well.

    If this was a real chapter, I might whine about how nothing happened, but as a mini-chapter, I'll just laugh and say good luck in getting the next one done. I hope you are able to resolve your computer issues, and may I suggest saving/backing up your stories to a flash drive or something?
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    Um, yeah, I'm kinda just going to agree with Yellowfire here, what he says is exactly what I would say. xD

    So, about the lost chapters, I suggest downloading Dropbox Here. It's free, although I think that you might have to buy additional storage if you reach the cap, although if you're just using it for text documents that's going to be rather hard. So if you save your work into a specific folder or folder in that folder, it'll automatically sync it to dropbox. You can log in and access your stuff from any computer, you can sync multiple computers to it, yeah, it's nice. You get 2 GBs of free space to start with.
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    I actually thought it was a funny chapter.

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