Tamer of Legends

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    Finally, someone who gets my sense of humor. Thanks Ashinto. I tend to write these mini-chapters to show off the characters personalities a tiny bit, kind of like how I did with the Pokemon AR series a couple times. Even if these are a tad random, but I think of it more of "a day in the life" thing. I probably should've mentioned that sooner. :)
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    Chapter 13

    Chapter 13: Backtrack to Goldenrod​

    Katsuro’s last night of staying at the Tin Tower it was a seemingly restless one. For what seemed like hours he kept on drifting in and out of sleep. Then finally he heard the voices again, but for the first time he heard them loud and clear, as if they were right next to him.

    “I will go with the boy,” shouted a beastly voice that sounded nowhere near human.

    “No you fool! The humans will just continue to betray us,” a second beastly voice growled, this one sounded very agitated. Finally Katsuro opened his eyes and woke up. He wondered what the heck he had just heard.

    “Oh man, no more scary stories before bed,” he said quietly to himself. He was lying down and then turned his head, and then gasped at the cold wet pillow he had just felt. He got up and then looked down. In the dim candle light coming from lamps posted on the Tower’s walls he saw that his Larvitar had fallen asleep near him and was still drooling in its sleep. Half of the pillow was soaked. Katsuro tugged on the pillow to remove it from Larvitar’s drooling but Larvitar’s weight held it in place. He sighed and then looked around for a moment.

    The candles on the walls only provided enough light to see the room he was in and sections of the floor, but when he looked up toward the ceiling he might as well been blind. The tower was silent except for the sounds of a Rattata scurrying across the wooden beams overhead. Then Katsuro looked out in front of him and his Natu staring right at him. “You couldn’t sleep either, huh Natu,” Katsuro asked his Pokémon in a soft voice. Natu didn’t respond and kept staring at him. “Hey Natu, could you use Teleport to move Larvitar off my pillow and so it could drool somewhere else?” Still no response. Natu remained as motionless as a rock.

    “Uh, forget it,” moaned Katsuro as he crashed back into his damp pillow and let Larvitar’s saliva squish up against his cheek. It took an hour for him to fall asleep again.

    That morning, somewhere near Moo Moo Farm Alexandra was in training with her Sensei. The Red Headed man was battling her with his Gengar. She stuck with her Murkrow.

    “Gengar, use Hypnosis,” Alexandra’s Sensei commanded as he stuck out his boney index finger straight out and pointed at his student’s Murkrow.

    “Murkrow, quick you need to use Taunt before Hypnosis hits,” Alexandra said. Murkrow flew up and then squawked a couple of annoying bird calls. Gengar’s eyes stopped glowing yellow and Hypnosis failed. Gengar then got annoyed at Murkrow and began to float towards it. Its left claw began glowing black as it moved towards its opponent.

    “ENOUGH!” Gengar stopped dead in its tracks and the shadow energy around its claw vanished. “I never ordered a Shadow Claw attack Gengar. This is no time for you to be going rogue,” scolded Alexandra’s Sensei. Then the held out a Pokéball and recalled his Pokémon. “Excellent training Alexandra. That’d be it for today.” Alexandra sat down with her long black hair spilling out on her chest and bent legs.

    “Murkrow, take a rest,” She said as she placed a Dusk Ball out in front of her. The crow Pokémon then tapped the ball with its beak and was turned into red energy as it opened up. Then her Sensei walked up towards her.

    “Just because you’re advancing in skill doesn’t mean you’re ready to face the Legendary Pokémon again. Not just yet,” he said. Then he turned to face her. His wavy red hair covered his left eye. “Also for our plan to succeed we must to obtain just one more Rainbow Wing and make sure that pesky boy stays away from our plans.”

    “I refuse to battle them Sensei. The boy and his friend are a waste and they’re easy to brush aside. I lost last time because Raikou assisted them,” Alexandra debated. She then reached into her pocket and brought out her small make up container with a mirror inside the lid. She checked her purple eye shadow to make sure it was the right shade to compliment her pink lip stick.

    “Alexandra, you’ll never succeed with that perspective of yours. It’s not the strength of the boy that concerns me. It’s the strength of his heart. Legendary Pokémon connect to human hearts to decide weather or not they’ll come to their aid. I failed in capturing the beasts back at the Sinjoh Temple twelve years ago because I didn’t properly connect my heart with them. Now that I have found another method of capturing them I no longer have to worry about feelings.” Alexandra’s Sensei then handed her a pair of binoculars. She was applying a bit more eye shadow to her left eye.

    “Where are we headed now Sensei?” Alexandra put away her make up kit and then accepted the binoculars.

    “A Rainbow Wing will be up for auction at Goldenrod City in a week’s time. We must obtain it for the next phase of my plan. Onward my young student,” he explained and then walked off. Alexandra quickly followed.

    That morning Katsuro bid farewell to Zuki and Miki the Kimono Girls and the three monks at the Tin Tower. “It’s a shame you didn’t get the chance to meet all our sisters,” said Miki and then she kissed Katsuro on his forehead. “You are such a sweet trainer.” Katsuro blushed for a moment and then chuckled.

    “Ah no worries. It’s not like I’m leaving Johto. Besides I’ll be back in Ecruteak to challenge the gym here after I beat Whitney in Goldenrod. In the meantime I’ll keep an eye out for the Rainbow Thief,” said Katsuro and then lifted up his backpack and then followed Zuki and Miki into the underground path to be escorted back to the main town of Ecruteak City. The first thing on his mind was meeting back up with his traveling companion Shane. He imagined he’d be training on a nearby route or staying at the Pokémon Center. Shane didn’t carry a Pokegear, so finding him would be a bit difficult. Then Katsuro had an idea.

    ”OK Natu, come on out,” he said as he threw the transparent Pokéball into the air. It opened up and then Natu appeared and landed on top of Katsuro’s head.
    ”Natu-tu,” it chirped.
    “Natu Future Sight! Find Shane,” commanded Katsuro. He waiting for a whole minute and felt nothing. Then he sighed in disbelief. “Come on Natu. This is getting old.” Katsuro began walking toward the Pokémon Center. Once they arrived in front of the Pokémon Center there was Nurse Joy running out of the Pokémon Center and locking the door with a key.

    ”Hey, Nurse Joy what are you doing,” Katsuro hastily asked.

    ”I’m sorry, but due to a huge demand I’m needed at the Pokeathlon Dome. There’s an emergency there,” explained Nurse Joy. Then she threw out a Pokéball and a Togekiss popped out. Katsuro whistled in amazement as Nurse Joy swung a hand bag containing medical supplies in it over her shoulder as she mounted the Togekiss. “If you’re Pokémon require treatment the Kimono Girls or the Gym Leader should be able to help you out. Now Togekiss onward to Nation Park and let’s hurry.”
    “Toooooge!” Togekiss cried out with determination and then hovered off the ground. Then it took off into the sky like a jet and disappeared with Nurse Joy on its back within seconds.

    “Wow, you don’t see that everyday. A Nurse Joy in action,” said Katsuro as he admired Togekiss’s speed as it flew away. Then he picked Natu off his head and held it in front of him. “Why can’t you be that cool Natu?”
    ”Tu? Tu?” Natu squirmed in Katsuro’s hands and then when he loosened his grip on the Tiny Bird Pokémon it hopped its way up from his shoulder to his the top of his head again.

    ”Ha ha, gee Katsuro you might as well let your Natu build a nest in your hair,” laughed Shane as he appeared from the corner of the Pokemon Center. He was wearing a new t-shirt. This one was dark purple and had the silhouette of a Gengar on the front. His hair was still spiked up with hair gel and he was being followed by his Lairon.

    “Shall we head back to Goldenrod? We got a another Gym Match there with good old Whitney,” suggested Katsuro. Shane looked at Katsuro with and then up to his Natu who stared back at him. Then he looked to his Lairon by his side.

    ”I dunno. Think you’re ready to face Whitney?” Katsuro became puzzled.

    ”What do you mean?”

    ”Think fast! Lairon use Flash Cannon on Natu!” Katsuro and Natu became immediately alarmed. Lairon began growling as the silver armor on its body began glowing with light.

    ”Natu, counter with Grass Knot!” Natu hopped up into the air and then its eyes glowed green. Several blades of grass around all four of Lairon’s feet suddenly grew taller and then ensnared Lairon. Lairon had its mouth opened and was ready to launch its Flash Cannon. However Lairon was thrown off balance by the Grass Knot and slipped. The Flash Cannon misfired and was shot into the air. Natu and Katsuro were completely safe. Shane smiled and then gave Katsuro a thumbs up.

    “Nice try Lairon. Why not use your Metal Claw to cut the grass blades,” said Shane. Then the claws on Lairon’s feet extended and the slashed through all the grass blades it was caught in.

    ”OK, good job Natu,” said Katsuro and then Natu landed right in front of him.
    ”Natu-tu,” it cheered as it nodded. Then it started glowing bright white. Shane and Katsuro gasped in awe as watch as Natu grew nearly five times its height. Then the feather on its head extended, the wings became more pronounced, and the beak grew longer. Finally the evolution process ceased and Xatu was now in their presence.

    ”Natu just evolved! That’s way beyond cool Katsuro,” Shane exclaimed. Katsuro was jumping for joy.

    “YES! Our training at Tin Tower payed off! Xatu you’re awesome,” shouted Katsuro with joy as he hugged his Pokemon. Xatu then began glowing and then Katsuro and Shane felt a strange energy surround them. They looked around and found themselves in a different town. Unlike Ecruteak there were tall modern buildings surrounding them. Then Katsuro saw the tall Radio Tower near them. “Whoa, Xatu just used Teleport.”

    “Sweet, we got to Goldenrod in record time. I can’t wait to challenge Whitney,” said Shane.
    ”Lairon-lair!” Apparently Lairon couldn’t wait for another battle either.

    ”Wait Shane, we’re near the Radio Tower. I want to give Buena’s Password a try so I can win a prize,” said Katsuro as he pulled out his Pokegear. Then he turned on the Radio app on his Pokegear and began listening, but it wasn’t Buena’s Password that he heard.

    … Giovanni, we did it! Giovanni? Is he listening to this broadcast?

    Katsuro switched the Pokegear off. “What was that?”

    “Katsuro look, over there! Team Rocket Grunts,” yelled Shane. Surely enough there were three Grunts running and they were headed in the direction of the Radio Tower.

    ”What’s going on and who’s Giovanni,” wondered Katsuro.

    ”The former leader of Team Rocket,” said another young man’s voice from behind them. Katsuro and Shane turned around and saw a nerd-looking young man dressed in a plaid shirt and had brown hair. “Team Rocket has returned and they want their Boss back. They’ve taken control of the Radio Tower. No doubt Giovanni will hear this announcement, but I wonder if the old man will even show up.”

    ”Who are you,” asked Katsuro.

    “My name is Bill. I’m the inventor of the Pokémon Storage System and a collector of Pokémon as well. My house is in the suburbs of Goldenrod near the underground path. If we go through there we should be able to make it to Goldenrod Gym and get Whitney’s help on this situation. Two other Trainers went into the Radio Tower to take on Team Rocket, but we need to help the city from down here,” explained Bill.

    “Well then ok. We already know how deadly Team Rocket can be,” said Shane as he recalled the battle his Quagsire lost to a Grunt’s Golbat back in Violet City. Bill then signaled for the two of them to follow him. They walked around the neighborhood for several minutes before reaching the southern entrance of the underground Tunnel. Then they entered and Katsuro was surprised at the first thing he saw.

    “Hey, you’re a Kimono Girl,” he exclaimed as soon as they saw her in the underground tunnel. She twirled around and then bowed gracefully. Her Kimono had wave patterns on it that reminded both Katsuro and Shane of the ocean.

    “I am Kuni. I was vacationing here in Goldenrod and then witnessed the men in black suits seize the Radio Tower,” she said.

    “My name is Katsuro. I just trained with Monk Daichi and your sisters Miki and Zuki at the Tin Tower. I’ve met a shiny orange Raikou too with my friend here Shane,” said Katsuro as he introduced himself with his friend. Kuni gasped in amazement. She knew of the legend from the Sinjoh Temple.

    “Interesting. Well there is no time to waste. I just saw a trainer with a yellow and black hat along with a another boy with long red hair run into the underground tunnel. I assume they’re looking for something or someone down there. We must find Goldenrod’s Gym Leader and assist her in this war,” said Kuni. She joined the group as they walked through the tunnel and then upstairs.

    “Be prepared for anything,” warned Bill.

    ”Bill, you’re no good at battles so why do you come out to the battlefield,” wondered Kuni. Bill chuckled nervously.

    “Anyone with any Pokémon should help, regardless of their battle ability.” They walked out of the North entrance to the Underground Tunnel. The Goldenrod Gym was just a couple blocks down the street. Then they heard a woman crying. The group hurried to the Goldenrod Gym and saw that it was Whitney who was crying. A fainted Miltank was lying on the ground near her.

    “Waaah! You meanies! Team Rocket is the meanest bunch of villains ever! You’re supposed to battle one on one, not team up! Meanies,” she cried. Katsuro and Shane collapsed at the sight of that.

    “She’s supposed to be the Gym leader,” Katsuro said.

    ”That is just way beyond pathetic,” added Shane. Kuni stepped forward with a pokeball in her hand.

    ”We must assist her. Vaporeon, time for a battle dance,” she said as she twirled around once more and then finally threw her pokeball. Vaporeon appeared in front of her and then five Team Rocket Grunts turned to face her. The only female Grunt in the group was the first to respond.

    ”What’s this? A doll and its toy,” she said.

    “Xatu let’s help,” said Katsuro. Xatu then walked over to Vaporeon’s side.

    ”You too Lairon,” commanded Shane.

    “Vileplume, use Stun Spore,” said the female grunt. Vileplume stepped away from Whitney’s Miltank and then fired a cloud of yellow spores at all of the opposing Pokémon.

    “Xatu, blow it away with Omnious Wind!”

    ”Vaporeon, use your Ice Beam!” Xatu’s red eye patterns on its chest began glowing and then it opened its wings. A dark wind with luminous purple energy blew out from Xatu and it cut through the Stun Spore and blocked the attack. Then Vaporeon jumped up with an spark of blue energy forming at its mouth. Then it fired three beams of energy that hit Vileplume simultaneously and hit it hard. Vileplume cried out in pain and refused to move from where it stood.

    “Golbat, use confuse ray on Vaporeon,” shouted one of the other Grunts. Golbat flew in with its eyes glowing bright yellow.

    ”Lairon, get in front of the other Pokémon and use Protect!” Since Protect was a higher priority attack Lairon manage to create a barrier in seconds. It shielded it and its partners from Golbat’s Confuse Ray. Once the barrier came down Shane and Katsuro looked on and then gasped. The enemy count went from two Pokémon to five! Now it was Xatu, Vaporeon, and Lairon against Vileplume, Golbat, Arbok, Houndoom, and Muk.

    “We’re outnumbered,” cried out Bill as he reached for a Pokeball but was hesitant to throw it.

    “Why aren’t you doing anything,” asked Katsuro in frustration. Whitney looked up and whipped away her tears. She wished she could help but it seemed too late.
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  3. Nice one with the Whitney coward part. I always knew it was in her heart to be one. :lol:

    Overall, a nice job. Very detailed, and never seems to have any lackluster parts. The doses of humor
    you include just add to the list.

    My only problem, though not very crucial, but could help, is how often you use 'and' and 'then.' I seem
    to see them so often. You could cut some thens, as for ands, maybe a semicolon (;), but, so, and there
    are a few others. Just seems a bit too repetitive IMO.

    Great job, -David
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    This is pretty good buddy. Though I would've given Bill some Pokemon, maybe his Manga Special team (Farfetch'd, Exeggutor, Seadra, Magikarp, Vulpix).
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    Thanks for pointing that out David. I'll will have better diction when I post the next chapter.

    As for the next chapter, yes Bill will battle. I even editing the ending to the last chapter to have Bill start to join in the battle. On a side note, I already have the second half of chapter 14 written. (How did I end up writing the ending before the beginning?)

    Anyway, thanks everyone for your feedback/comments.
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    Bill battling? This is madness! *Waits for it*
  7. *Puts on Sparta mask*... Nah, I'm too nice for that. *Does it anyways* THIS...IS... DAVID!
    Umm... What'd he say?

    Sorry. Little comedy is good every once in awhile. But like pm said, Bill doesn't battle. He's as bad
    as Ash, and loses to the Youngsters, Campers, Hikers, and Lasses that are camped along his
    sidewalk waiting for Ash like a bunch of streakers or something... Not to mention the lone Rocket
    Grunt that pressed the switch on his teleporter and made hin lie to Trainers about it as a cover-up.
    Heck, he doesn't even have a Pikachu! There's no way he's better than Ash! *ends rant with LOL*

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    Chapter 14

    Ashinto, thanks for the idea for Bill's team. David, thanks for the LOL's. :smile:

    Chapter 14: Eevee Raves for Battle​

    Bill looked onto the five Team Rocket Grunts and their Pokémon and then looked back the Pokéball he held in his hand. Katsuro and Shane were a bit intimidated by their opponents but didn’t dare show any fear.

    ”Come on, if we can handle the Rainbow Thief and that evil Roserade we can hand these Team Rocket clowns,” said Katsuro.

    “Yeah, Lairon use Flash Cannon!” Shane’s Lairon’s armor began glowing and it roared as it charged up power. Then it fired a stream of light at Muk. Muk took the hit but it didn’t even phase it. “What?” Shane became concerned that his attack didn’t do much to Muk. Suddenly Bill stepped forward with two Pokéballs, but Shane quickly noticed that he slipped one back onto his belt.

    ”Muk have high special defense and HP. Try using a physical attack like this: Farfetch’d use Aerial Ace,” shouted Bill as he threw his Pokéball. Then a Farfetch’d popped out and immediately flew out while holding the onion stalk in its beak. The glided down toward Muk at high speed, slipped the stalk out of its beak and into its wing, and finally smashed it into Muk’s body.

    ”Muk, get rid of the pest with Gunk Shot!” Muk followed the Grunt’s orders and then opened its huge mouth. Then a huge blob of purple goop shot out. The attack hit Farfetch’d like a stick of dynamite blast and it was blown away and sent crashing into an unoccupied city bus. The window above Farfetch’d cracked. After falling onto the ground Farfetch’d fainted.

    ”Hey, that was uncalled for,” said Katsuro. The Grunt who was controlling Muk just scoffed.

    “Bill, will your Farfetch’d be OK,” asked Kuni. Her Vaporeon ran to Farfetch’d’s side as Bill gently lifted it off the ground and held it in his arms.

    ”Eventually,” Bill answered. After that he brought out a Pokéball and recalled it.

    “Xatu, use Future Sight!” Xatu’s eyes glowed white as it held up its wings straight up. After holding its wings up for a few seconds an energy bolt flew up into the sky and Xatu returned to its normal pose with its wings closed and standing straight up.

    “You boys aren’t putting up a better fight then this wimpy Gym Leader. Vileplume, Petal Dance!” Vileplume spun around; causing a tornado of pink petals to appear. Bill looked back at the Pokéball he held earlier. He thought about sending the Pokémon inside out but quickly decided to send out something else instead.

    ”Quick Exeggutor use Light Screen,” Bill’s quick thinking manage to buy the others some time as Exeggutor seemingly appeared out of nowhere and brought up a yellow barrier that weakened Petal Dance’s power.

    ”Now Vaporeon use Ice Beam again on Vileplume!” Vaporeon followed Kuni’s command and then formed a spark of blue energy at its mouth.

    “Quick Houndoom use Sucker Punch!” Houndoom charged straight in towards Vaporeon. It slammed into Vaporeon from the side and then rammed it with its horns. Vaporeon lost its concentration and the blue spark for Ice Beam fell apart. Golbat then flew in and carried Vaporeon away from Light Screen’s protection and into Petal Dance’s tornado. Kuni gasped in horror as Vaporeon took the super effective hit.

    “Ha ha ha, you city kids can’t stop Team Rocket! Surrender now and give us your Pokémon and we’ll let you go easily,” said one of the male grunts. Petal Dance then wore off and Vaporeon came crashing down to the ground.
    ”Va-va-vapor…” Vaporeon struggled to get back on all four limbs.

    ”Lairon use Rock Tomb on Houndoom!” Lairon stomped on the ground then four sheets of shot up from the ground around Houndoom. The rock formation then collapsed on Houndoom and nearly buried it in the rubble causing it to be slower.

    “Exeggutor use Psychic!” Bill’s Exeggutor marched forward and then all the eyes on all six coconut heads began glowing purple. Muk then found itself levitating in mid air and then being slammed onto Houndoom. Up and down. Up and down. Exeggutor continuously slammed Muk into Houndoom with its Psychic powers.

    ”Xatu, finish Houndoom with your Air Cutter attack!” Xatu flew up and began flapping its wings. As it flapped its wings blades of wind rained down towards Houndoom. However Arbok slithered in the way to protect Houndoom. It intercepted the attack.

    ”Good job Arbok. Now let Xatu have it. Crunch!” Arbok stood up on the end of its tail, bounced up into the air, closed in on Xatu, and then sunk its teeth onto Xatu’s chest. Xatu cried out in pain, its wings flailing around and its eyes shut tight. Arbok brought Xatu back down, causing Xatu to be crushed into the paved road with Arbok’s weight underneath it.

    ”Your turn Golbat! Air Slash!” Golbat created a sphere of luminous wind in front of it. With just one stroke of its right wing the luminous sphere shot down towards Exeggutor like an arrow. The luminous arrow hit the barrier formed by Light Screen first, forcing it to be reduced to half its size and power, but it still struck its target and Exeggutor was knocked off its feet.

    ”Shoot, what do we do now,” asked Shane. Only he and Lairon were still at full strength. Katsuro and Bill were forced to recall all their injured Pokémon. Kuni fed her Vaporeon a Sitrus Berry to help it recover.

    “Vaporeon, sweetheart, use Surf.” Kuni’s Vaporeon then howled and summoned a huge wave that came out of a sewer manhole. Surprisingly to the Grunts the wave grew to a tidal wave and Vaporeon was riding on top of it. Vaporeon howled one more time as the waved crashed on all other Pokémon. For a moment water spray blinded everyone from seeing the results. As soon as all the water disappeared Shane looked on and saw that Lairon was soaked and had taken too much damage from Surf’s side effect.

    “Oh no, Lairon!” He immediately ran to Lairon’s side. “Sorry Lairon. I forgot to have you use Protect.” Lairon was breathing heavily. At first Shane felt guilty about forgetting to cover for his Pokémon’s weakness but then he got an idea. “Lairon, retaliate with Metal Burst!”
    ”Lair? Lair! Roooooooooooon…” roared Lairon as it gathered all of its energy in its mouth and then a bright light formed within its jaw.
    “Let ‘em have it!” Lairon fired a beam that hit Team Rocket’s Houndoom! Houndoom barked out a cry of shock. It was still buried under Lairon’s Rock Tomb. The Metal Burst hit it and delivered enough damage to cause Houndoom to faint. Lairon was still breathing hard after the attack. One of the Rocket Grunts recalled the fallen Houndoom.

    ”Alright, one down four to go. Now Sneasel it’s your turn,” shouted Katsuro as he threw antother Pokéball. Sneasel did a few summersaults in mid air after emerging from its Pokéball and then landed on its two feet. “Show Team Rocket what we’re made of! Icy Wind!”

    ”Vaporeon, assist Sneasel by lending it power with Helping Hand!” Vaporeon’s body glowed for a moment and then it transferred some of its energy through a small white beam. Then Sneasel glowed with Vaporeon’s power. It inhaled and then blew out what seemed like a blizzard. Ice crystals formed on all four opposing Pokémon. Golbat was forced to land on the ground due to having too much ice form on its wings.

    “You pests. Vileplume Sludge Bomb attack,” yelled the female Grunt. However Vileplume was confused from Petal Dance’s recoil. Instead it hurt itself in confusion by launching one Sludge Bomb into the air and having it land on itself.

    ”You’re pathetic. Arbok use Thunder Fang on Vaporeon!” Team Rocket’s Arbok slithered at incredible speed over to Vaporeon. Vaporeon looked up and saw the frightening pattern on Arbok’s belly. Vaporeon shuddered in fear as Arbok looked down with sparks of electricity coming from its fangs. The menacing cobra Pokémon then lunged forward and sunk its fangs into Vaporeon. Electricty surged Vaporeon’s body as Vaporeon cried in pain. After a few seconds of being zapped by Thunder Fang it was all over and Vaporeon fainted. It looked to Kuni that it was a critical hit.

    “Lairon, get back at Arbok with Metal Claw!” Lairon’s claws extended as it charged toward Arbok, but then Muk came forward, the lower portion of its body expanded as it tilted its head back, then Muk executed a Mud Bomb attack by hurling a blob of mud from within its body. Lairon became wide eyed as the Mud Bomb closed in on it and then crushed it. “Lairon, no!” The Mud Bomb knocked out Lairon. Now it was just Katsuro and Sneasel against four other Pokémon.

    “Lairon return. Go Vibrava!” Shane quickly switched his Pokémon. Then Katsuro noticed Bill looking down at a single Pokéball.

    “Hey Bill, more help would be appreaciated,” Katsuro called out to him. Bill shook his head.

    ”I’m not sure if it would be a great idea to use this particular Pokémon,” Bill retorted.

    “Like you said before, we’re outnumbered,” insisted Katsuro. Bill shut his eyes for a moment but then nodded slowly.

    “OK, but don’t say I didn’t warn you.” Bill threw the Pokéball. Meanwhile Team Rocket’s Arbok slithered around Sneasel, coiling around it and leaving it nowhere to run.

    ”Sneasel, use Faint Attack!” Sneasel glowed with a dark aura around it and then it punched Arbok in the jaw. Arbok looked down with an angry glare at Sneasel. Sneasel looked back up and saw Arbok hiss at it, exposing the fork-like tongue and sharp fangs. Sneasel squealed in fear. Katsuro and Shane then looked towards Bill to see what Pokémon he released. Turns out there was an Eevee standing near him.

    “An Eevee huh? Well have it do something Bill,” said Katsuro.

    “Eevee, use Take Down.” The cute Eevee then quickly charged at Arbok. Eevee growled as it slammed its head into Arbok’s belly. This pushed Arbok a few feet back and uncoiled it a bit, but it was enough for Sneasel to jump away and escape. Then Eevee landed on Arbok’s head.
    “VEEEEEEEEEEEEE,” it roared as its left eye began twitching.

    “Ha ha, its kinda cute the way it acts tough,” complimented Shane.

    ”It’s not acting,” said Bill in a concerned tone of voice. Shane and Katsuro wondered what Bill meant but they soon found out. Suddenly Eevee started foaming at the mouth and it began growling rather viciously.

    ”What the heck’s up with Eevee,” exclaimed Katsuro.

    “Ew, that fur ball is disgusting. Vileplume tranquilize it with your Stun Spore,” said the female Grunt. Even though Vileplume was still confused it managed to produce a dense cloud of Stun Spore aimed at Eevee, but one thing the female Grunt forgot was that Eevee was sitting on Arbok’s head.

    “Hey Bill, you and Eevee should look alive,” warned Katsuro. Eevee heard Katsuro and saw the Stun Spore coming. It jump off Arbok, leaving a trail of foam and saliva behind it, and ran off towards its trainer. Arbok then breathed in the Stun Spore and seemed to choke for a few moments. It became paralyzed instead. Once Eevee was standing still it began growling and more foam appeared around its mouth.

    “You still want some action huh Eevee? OK, use Bite!” Bill’s Eevee charged back into the battle field. More drops of foam formed a trail behind it.

    “That little runt had done enough. Get ready Muk.” Team Rocket’s Muk got ready to attack it, but suddenly Eevee jumped up and slid down Muk’s back. All the Grunts became confused as to who Eevee targeting. Eevee jumped and used Bite. Everyone gasped as Eevee clamped down on the arm of a Team Rocket grunt.

    “Ah! Get it off! Get it off! I don’t want to catch what this Pokémon has,” panicked the Grunt with Eevee hanging onto his upper arm. Eevee’s left eye was still twitching and more foam began leaking out of its mouth. Katsuro began laughing very hard. He was enjoying the show Eevee was putting on. Shane also chuckled but Kuni and Bill shook their heads in disapproval.

    “Golbat, get that Eevee,” commanded one of the other Grunts.

    “Not so fast. Vibrava use Dragon Breath!” Shane’s Vibrava flew after Golbat. Eevee noticed that something was flying towards it. It let go of the Grunt and then used its hind legs and tail to bounce off him. Golbat then became shocked when it saw Eevee coming at it, vicious growling and foam to go with it. Eevee landed a Bite attack on Golbat’s left leg. Vibrava then followed up by blowing a stream of orange flames onto Golbat. This caused Golbat to faint. Vibrava then picked up Eevee and carried back to their trainers’ side.

    “I don’t believe it. We’re losing,” complained one of the Grunts.

    ”Should we fall back and rejoin the troops at the Radio Tower. We’ve already stopped this town’s Gym leader,” suggested the Grunt who was bit by Eevee. He was rubbing his arm.

    “No, Team Rocket aims to control all Pokémon and fall to no one,” shouted the female Grunt. “Those brats, their Pokémon, and that… thing,” she said as she pointed to Eevee. Eevee was now chewing on a piece of garbage it found on the street while snarling. “… are all going to pay and I’ll make sure of it. No Pokémon can stop Team Rocket!” Just then they all heard a terrifying roar mixed with the sound of crashing thunder. Katsuro and Shane instantly recognized that cry and smiled.

    The next thing anyone knew huge thunderbolts rained down and zapped the life out of Muk, Arbok, and Vileplume. The bright and flashing bolts were a bit much so Shane, Katsuro, Bill, and Kuni had to cover their eyes. Sneasel and Vibrava looked on in astonishment. Once the lightning stopped Shane and Katsuro looked up and saw the silhouette of a beastly four legged Pokémon run off from the rooftop of an apartment complex near them.

    “Katsuro you don’t think…” Shane didn’t even finish the sentence. Katsuro nodded.

    ”I think Raikou was thanking us for helping it earlier. Looks like Raikou and the two of us are even now,” said Katsuro as they looked onto the defeated Grunts and their fainted Pokémon. Kuni and Bill were utterly shocked. Kuni was very impressed that Raikou had come to their aid.

    ”Wow, I knew the legend was true but to see it for myself. Katsuro, you really maybe the one Ho-oh is waiting for,” said Kuni. Katsuro scratched the back of his head.

    ”Yeah, I hope so. A trainer like me could get used to seeing Legendary Pokémon on a regular basis.” The five Grunts started moaning and all got up and were immediately worried about the loss.

    “It’s time Team Rocket blasted off,” said the female Grunt. They all recalled their Pokémon and began running off to the Radio Tower. Eevee suddenly got excited and began chasing after the grunts. It ran fast enough to catch up with the female Grunt and then jumped up and tried to bite her.

    ”Eevee no,” said Bill as he ran after it. Kuni, Katsuro, and Shane all followed. Eevee jumped again with foam sliding off its face. It missed the female Grunt. One of the males grabbed Eevee by the tail, paused for a moment, and then dropped kicked Eevee back to Bill.

    ”Keep your rabid Eevee. Team Rocket has no need for such psychotic Pokémon,” said the male Grunt and then joined his colleagues in retreated. Bill looked down at Eevee who had seemed to calm down. Then while still holding Eevee in his arms he turned to Katsuro.

    ”Katsuro, thanks for your help with Team Rocket,” said Bill.

    “It was nothing. Although I think Raikou is really the one who stopped it,” said Katsuro.

    ”No Katsuro, you and Shane fought very gallantly. You both deserve a lot of credit in helping me and Vaporeon and Whitney,” complimented Kuni.

    “Now Katsuro I was wondering, could you please take this Eevee with you on your journey. My way of saying thanks,” said Bill as he held out Eevee towards Katsuro.

    ”Wait, you want me to what?” Katsuro looked to Eevee. All the foam from Eevee’s mouth subsided but its left eye was still twitching. Shane snickered at the thought of Katsuro keeping a rabid Eevee on his party. Katsuro then tried to greet Eevee by petting it on the head. Slowly he extended his hand towards its head. Then as soon as Katsuro’s hand came in close enough Eevee bit it.

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    That chapter was HILARIOUS! I've always wondered why Bill is so eager to get rid of that Eevee in HG/SS. One thing, though. For the actual battle scene, and I just said this to DCP, you might want to start the Pokemon's actions after a command as a new paragraph. Again, as I just said, my battle one-shot is what I mean by that. But brilliant chapter, you should get Eeveelover to read it, I'm sure he'd get a kick out of it.
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    Don't thank me, thank the Pokemon Manga Special. And you forgot the magikarp...:(
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    I suggest you separate Chapter 13 into more distinct parts, based on which point of view they are shown from.

    Also, don't refer to psychotic-redhaired-guy as "Alexandra's Sensei" in that chapter. Figure out who the chapter is written from the point of view of, and refer to the characters the same way they would. For example, if it is from Alexandra's point of view, he could simply be "Sensei". From his own point of view, you would have to use his name. An uninformed observer would not be likely to know the name of either one.
    You see what I mean?
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    Is the redhaired guy silver??
  13. CyberManectric

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    No, although his physical describtion makes him look similar to silver. Remember, this is a creepy old man wearing earings and a ring. I will be expanding on his character by chapter 16 or 17.

    By the way, if anyone has any suggestions as to what the rabid Eevee should evolve into I'll glady read up on your ideas. (Non-Pokegym member readers, just Facebook or DeviantArt message me). :cool:
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    What Eevee should evolve into, in order of best to worst.

    1. Glaceon (It doesn't get enough love)
    2. Umbreon (Same story)
    3. Leafeon (It's cute)
    4. Flareon (Fluffy...)
    5. Vaporeon (Better than the last two)
    6. Jolteon (Never thought that I'd list it so low...)
    7. Espeon (Only because I'd think of Red if you did it.)
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    Umbreon probably won't evolve into the gen 4 evos due to the lack of a moss/ice stone, so maybe umbreon or vaporeon IMO.
  16. CyberManectric

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    Chpater 15

    So far Umbreon, Glaceon, and Jolteon are the most requested evolution for Eevee. If it were all up to me I would've picked Flareon. I'll still take anymore requests for Eevee though, and yes I came up with a way for it to evolve to Glaceon if that proves to be a popular idea.

    Chapter 15: A Dangerous Gift​

    Raikou raced away from Goldenrod City after helping Katsuro fend off the Team Rocket Grunts and saving Katsuro. It raced to the North heading to the mountain region that bordered the Johto Region. Rushing through the forest and then eventually a mountain base that was clear with an uphill climb to a rocky ground, Raikou kept moving forward. However, after climbing the mountain for a few minutes Raikou sensed something and realized that it was no longer alone. One of its comrades had chased it down and soon cut it off from proceeding any further. Shiny Entei and Shiny Raikou now stood opposite of each other and began communicating telepathically.

    ”Why did you help the boy,” Entei’s beastly voice echoed in Raikou’s head. Raikou shook its head with the golden thunder cloud on its back waving in the same pattern.

    “Entei, I know it’s him! The infant from the temple master Ho-oh asked us to watch over. I wish to bond with him once more,” Raikou’s softer but still beast-like voice echoed in Entei’s mind. The black mask on top of Entei’s eyes curved with anger. Entei let out a roar that sounded almost like a volcano’s eruption.

    “You are a fool Raikou! Don’t forget that the first human we bonded with actually KILLED US! Now you want to repeat the same mistake after being revived by Ho-oh?” Raikou roared back with the sound of crashing thunder coming from its mouth.

    ”That is how I thank Ho-oh for reviving us, by watching the boy closely. I will follow my instinct and help the boy while keeping out of sight as much as possible. There is nothing you can tell me that will change my mind.” Raikou then began to turn its back on Entei and continue its trip along the Johto border on the mountain range. Entei, now even more frustrated by Raikou’s words roared again and then rushed to block Raikou. Both shiny legendary beasts growled fiercely at one another. A battle could’ve commenced but at that moment a missile made of compressed air shot down between them. Entei and Raikou looked up and saw Shiny Suicune on a ledge above them.

    ”Enough you two. Your arguments are pointless and fighting will not please master Ho-oh,” Suicune’s somewhat feminine beastly voice echoed through Entei’s and Raikou’s minds. Suicune then gracefully hopped down to the platform of rock the other two shiny beasts were standing on. “Besides Entei, if you resent the boy so much why did you save him from those Scythers?” Raikou was surprised to learn of this. For as long as the three shiny beasts have known each other Entei always did its beast to avoid any interaction with humans. Entei’s eyes shifted towards the sky and then back to Suicune’s.

    “I was just doing as Master Ho-oh told us to do; protect the boy and test his worthiness.” After saying that Entei then leapt down the mountain side and headed South East towards Olivine City. Suicune and Raikou just looked at each other and then headed their separate ways. Raikou headed towards Blackthorn and Suicune towards Goldenrod.

    Meanwhile, Katsuro, Shane, Bill, and Kimono Girl Kuni all arrived at the Pokémon Center. Katsuro’s hand was wrapped in a white cloth with a few red spots that were fresh and dark red. Eevee’s bite from when he tried to pet it had broken his skin and his left hand that was now bleeding was beginning to feel numb. Eevee was in Bill’s arms and the foam had began to leak from its mouth again. Katsuro’s Sneasel was following behind the group. As soon as Nurse Joy recognized Bill and the rabid Eevee she immediately brought got on the phone, requested a Chansey with a stretcher, and then approached the group.

    ”Oh my, Bill has Eevee’s condition gotten out of hand again,” asked Nurse Joy. Bill let out a nervous chuckle and handed Eevee to the Chansey that had just pulled in a stretcher. Eevee’s head was vibrating and the foam kept of spilling out through its teeth but it remain calm for a rabid Pokémon.

    “Emphasis on the ‘hand,’” said Katsuro as he raised his left hand and after unwrapping it, revealing the bite marks Eevee left on it nearly ten minutes ago. Nurse Joy gasped as she saw the deep bite marks. There were a total of eight puncture wounds on Katsuro’s hand forming the bite marks. They still hadn’t clotted just yet so blood slowly pooled up in the area. Nurse Joy then quickly placed the white cloth on Katsuro’s left hand.

    “Tell me, how long ago where you bitten,” said Nurse Joy with a sense of urgency.

    ”Five to ten minutes ago,” answered Shane. “My buddy here was trying to befriend Eevee.”

    ”Oh dear. Young man, follow me right now to the medical storage room. You’ll need a booster immediately,” instructed Nurse Joy. Katsuro, Shane, and Sneasel followed her while Bill and Kuni stayed behind with Chansey and Eevee. Chansey already began using Sing attack to make Eevee fall asleep and it was working. Katsuro, Sneasel, and Shane followed Nurse Joy through a hallway and then they entered a small room with bottles and plastic containers of various medicines.

    ”Bill’s Eevee has Pokérus. It won’t effect Pokémon aside from their growth and development but when a human gets infected with it its not good,” explained Nurse Joy as she picked out a bottle with a clear liquid in it and then placed it on a counted. Then she prepared a needle and Katusro saw that he was about to get a shot.

    “Uh… wait what effects does Pokérus have on humans,” Katusro nervously asked. Sneasel began poking at Katsuro’s shirt. He gently kicked it aside while waiting for Nurse Joy.

    ”Does your hand feel numb,” asked Nurse Joy.


    ”Are you feeling feverish?”

    ”Actually my head feels a little warm and I am a bit dizzy.”

    ”Well then you’ll be fine. The worse reported case of a human with Pokérus with it eventually leading to pneumonia. I think the Pokérus will just make you feel feverish for a few days and you’ll be bed ridden if you just take this anti-dote here and now.” Nurse Joy took a small piece of cotton and dabbed it with rubbing alcohol. Then Katsuro rolled up his sleeve and shut his eyes tight when the needle *****ed his skin and the cold liquid containing the antidote flowed into his left arm. Then Nurse Joy put a bandage on the bite marks Eevee left.

    “Uh… thanks… I think,” said Katsuro with a drained tone of voice. Then Sneasel pulled down at his shirt once again. “What Sneasel? I’m feeling dizzy right now.” Sneasel then gave Katsuro a wallet. “What’s this?” Katsuro opened it and then saw a Team Rocket ID badge for a man name Ivan Ideya. GRUNT was in big red letters on the top left. Katsuro fumbled through the biggest pocket in the wallet and found 7800 pokedollars still in it.

    ”Ha, wow Sneasel stole the Rocket Grunt’s wallet. Ha ha classic,” said Shane. Sneasel then cried out in joy as Shane patted it on the head.

    ”But Sneasel knows by now it shouldn’t take things it doesn’t belong to him or me. It doesn’t even have pick up ability.”

    ”More like ‘Pick Pocket’ ability.”

    ”Ha ha very funny Shane. Well I think…” Katsuro looked back at all the money left in the wallet, but the Pokérus virus was beginning to take its toll on him and slow his thinking process. “… we should at least keep the money in here as prize money for winning the battle.” Shane and Katsuro gave each other a high five and split their earnings evenly. Then Nurse Joy took the wallet to give to Officer Jenny later that day. Katsuro called his mother on his Pokegear and she showed up later at the Pokémon Center to escort him and Shane home.

    ”So you are a friend of Katsuro. Well it’s a pleasure to meet you Shane and its nice to know that Katsuro wasn’t traveling all alone,” said Serenity as they all walked home. Shane had Katsuro rest half of his weight on his shoulder since he began feeling weak from both the Pokérus infection and the antidote’s side effects.

    ”Yeah, We’ve had some awesome adventures this past month. Since we are both lacking the Plain badge we thought we would both come here to challenge Whitney together,” said Shane.

    “Too bad Team Rocket took over the Radio Tower and turned Whitney into a wuss,” said Katsuro.

    ”Katsuro, sweetheart, are you sure you’ll be fine, or should I call Nick and we could take you to Goldenrod City Hospital and get you some proper treatment for your illness,” asked Serenity. Katsuro winked toward his mother and she pretended to ignore it.

    ”I’ll be… fine mom. Nurse... Joy said it’ll… last a few… days,” Katsuro struggled to say. He seemed to be getting worse and worse as time passed by. Once they arrived at Katsuro’s bedroom he laid in bed with his pillow with the map of the Sevii Islands, his home region, stitched into the pillow. Katsuro quickly fell asleep and Serenity went to the kitchen to prepare some soup. Shane then headed back to the Pokémon center to pick his and Katsuro’s Pokémon they left behind for treatment. Once he arrived there he met up with Bill and Kuni who had their Pokémon fully healed.

    ”Hiya Shane. Well I guess I should see Katsuro after he feels better to apologize for Eevee’s behavior,” said Bill. Shane then handed a piece of paper to Bill.

    ”Here’s Katsuro’s home address. I’ll be staying there as well while prepping up for my gym battle against Whitney,” said Shane. Then he turned to Nurse Joy and flashed his trainer card. Nurse Joy nodded and handed him a tray with his five pokeballs and then a second tray with Katsuro’s three transparent Pokeballs showing his Xatu, Larvitar, and Sneasel inside. Shane placed his five pokeballs on his belt and then put Katsuro’s in one of his pockets.

    ”We won’t have to worry about Team Rocket anymore. They just broadcasted that they’re disbanding because some trainer named Gold just defeated them,” said Kuni, then she bowed to Shane gracefully. “I have had the honor of meeting three incredibly trainers today. Shane, you and Katusro will hear from me soon. Right now I must meet with that other trainer Gold.” Kuni then twirled around with her kimono stitched with wave patterns flowing around her. Once she took her leave Shane and Bill said their goodbyes and left.

    The next three days Katsuro had a high fever, anything he ate ended up on the floor as puke and his mind became so distorted that he couldn’t speak properly for a whole day. After the three days of what felt like torture to Katusro he finally managed to keep a meal in his stomach. Katsuro watched a few Pokeathlon events on TV while resting on the living room couch. That same day Shane showed off his brand new Plain Badge.

    ”I won it by using Lairon, Sableye, and get this, Vibrava evolved into Flygon during the gym battle and sealed the victory for us! It was way beyond awesome! Now I’m really pumped up for the Johto League,” Said Shane.

    ”That’s great Shane. Now I’m pumped up for my match against Whitney,” Said Katsuro.

    ”How about waiting until your fever is completely gone sweetheart,” suggested Serenity. Then there was a knock at the door. Serenity wasn’t expecting visitors. Once the door opened a small brown fur covered Pokémon ran into the room. It was Eevee!
    ”Vee! Vee! Vee! Vee!” Eevee was scurrying all over the living room as Bill greeted himself to Serenity.
    “Hi Katsuro, I see you’ve recovered well. Don’t worry, when I was infected, I was bed ridden for a whole week. You got lucky,” said Bill. Bill looked at Katusro. His face was still a bit swollen from his illness, but aside from that Katsuro seemed happy and well on the road to recovery.

    ”Thanks I guess,” replied Katsuro.

    ”So, how would you like to adopt Eevee to your team?” Bill then saw Serenity’s concern when she noticed that Eevee was leaving a trail of foam coming from Eevee’s mouth. “Don’t worry, a human only suffers from Pokérus just once.”

    “I suppose I could use a forth Pokémon on my team. Hey Eevee come here buddy,” Katsuro called out.
    ”Vee? Eevee,” shouted Eevee as it ran towards Katsuro. Despite Eevee’s vicous appearance with the foam slipping through its teeth and its left eye twitching Katsuro open up his arms to welcome it to his team. However Eevee jumped onto the couch and then crunched down on a small square pillow with a pattern of a pikachu’s head on it. Eevee then shook it around and the white stuffing inside the pillow began to fly everywhere on the couch.

    ”Oh, that was my favorite throw pillow,” said Serenity. Katsuro chuckled nervously.

    ”Uh… sorry mom?”
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    Ah, rabid Eevee are always fun. xD

    Self explanatory there. Other than that I didn't see anything wrong. Nothing too interesting happens, but I suppose filler chapters must come along some time. I do dislike how you have to characters whose names begin with "k" and are unusual names, it can get confusing. But then again, that's just me. Get to work on the next chapter so I can read it! =P
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    Sheesh, epic typo fail. That's what I get for rushing this chapter when I decide "I'll have the more interesting and cool stuff happen in the next chapter." Although I though the scene with the legendary beasts would distract some readers. Well thank you Pikamanster for pointing out that mistake. Having very limited computer time has made me rush that last chapter. Hopefully I can take my time with the next chapter since it has the battles and stuff.

    Katsuro and Kuni, this is what I get for using A) Japanese name for my protagonist and B) the Kimono Girl's original names as of HGSS. Just explaining why I chose those names so I hope that helps Pikamaster.
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    I'm BACK!!!!!

    Hey all,
    I finally got a new lap top. This fan fic of mine is long overdue for an update, and the haitus was unintended but stuff happens. Anyway, I'll be striving to finish what I started last year and I have started work on book 3 of my other Fan Fic series. That won't be posted until I feel like I've finished this one off first.

    Long story short, no new chapter yet. I just got a new laptop for crying out loud. However, I have this "sneak peak" for you and until the new chapter is posted this weekend you can alway recap on what has happened in this story will all the other previous chapters. Also, RABID EEVEE IS RABID! (sorry, had to get that out of my system)

    “Sneasel?” Sneasel’s ears began twitching. It heard something, a swooshing sound growing closer and closer. There was an intruder in the area! Before Sneasel could cry out to get its trainer’s attention, it happened! A shadowy figure swooped down toward Katsuro and snatched the Rainbow Wing right out of his hand! Katsuro felt a rush of cold wind right by his face as the figure rushed by him, taking the Rainbow Wing with it.

    Once Katsuro realized that the Rainbow Wing was gone he turned in the direction he felt the wind blow. The figure wasn’t behind him, it was now above him. It was dark so it was difficult to see what creature had taken his Rainbow Wing. Sableye, with its Keen Eye ability could see very well in the dark. It could see the mysterious Pokémon flapping its winds and holding the precious Rainbow Wing in its talons. Shane immediately sensed what his Pokémon was thinking.

    “Sableye, bring it down with Gravity,” commanded Shane.
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    I am freakin' suped now. I was actually just wondering if you were going to bring this fanfic back, as this is one of the best fanfics that I've ever read, and I log on to see this (along with HGSS-on format). Good day is good day.

    Also, after rereading the last chapter, I never noticed that Sneasel had "pickpocket" as an ability.

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