Tangrowth/Shaymin strat.

Discussion in 'Deck Help and Strategy' started by Todd Ingram, Mar 20, 2011.

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  1. Todd Ingram

    Todd Ingram New Member

    Hello! I'm brand new, both on the forums and in highly competitive TCG playing. Here is my first deck.

    Parasect 2-2 (both SV and HGSS lines)
    Metapod 2-2 (HGSS)
    Leafeon Lv.X 2-2-1 (RR, RR and MD)
    Tangrowth Lv.X 3-3-1 (Arc, Arc x2,/SF x 1, and Arc respectively)
    Shaymin Lv.X 3-1 (Plt x2/UL x1 and Plt Landforme, respectively)
    Double :colorless: Energy x 2
    :grass: Energy x 12
    Prof. Elm's Training Method x3
    Level Max x 1
    Emcee's Chatter x 1
    Pokemon Collector x 2
    Poke Ball x 2
    Switch x 2
    Expert Belt x 3
    PlusPower x 2
    Bebe's Search x 4
    Broken Time-Space x 2



    What this deck is built around. Both editions I use are amazing. Stormfront's Green Renewal neutralizes regular poison, and dulls Crobat G poison considerably, and Arceus edition's Swallow Up attack, with the help of Expert Belt and Tangrowth Lv X's Healing Growth Pokepower AND Shaymin Lv X's Thankfulness Pokebody will almost always do a solid 140 damage of Grass damage.


    Another great pokemon in its own right. The Platinum Landforme edition has an attack that does 10 damage, heals, and puts the opponent to sleep ( a great gamestarter), and the Unleashed Skyform has a great Pokepower that does the same thing as Lucian. And the level X not only has a great Energy-supplying attack, it;s Thankfullness Pokebody does wonders from the Bench.


    Not really the backbone of the deck, but still manages to pull a lot off. It's Pokebody merges well with the other Pokemon in this deck, keeping it healthy. It's attacks are fairly cheap, and each one has a great effect (sleep and energy attachment). The level X also helps with energy, and then puts it to good use. Think of Jumpluff's Mass Attack, except it's your Energy instead of Pokemon in play. With the help of the rest of the deck, it can do up to 170 damage for only 2 Energy.


    More Great support. I use two Parasects for this deck: The Rising Rivals edition gets Energy onto the field super-quickly and puts the opponent into a sleep that can only be cured by two heads. The other Parasect can sleep the opponent while healing itself, and has a fairly strong regular attack as well. And If I can't get the Parasect onto the field in the first couple of turns, the Paras hold up surprisingly well.


    From the bench, it's Pokebody prevents Fire types from burning my strat to the ground. Useful in any Grass deck.


    LEVEL MAX: Not as useful as Bebe, but a nice filler nonetheless.
    EMCEE'S CHATTER: Exactly the same as Bill, except with the possibility to do better with the flip of a coin.
    POKEMON COLLECTOR: Always useful in a plethora of decks, this helps with setup very well.
    POKE BALL: Another good search card for setup.
    SWITCH: Retreat usually isnt a problem with all the energy i can get, but a few of these are still helpful.
    EXPERT BELT: A staple in so many decks for so many reasons.
    PLUSPOWER: A small help, but a help nonetheless.
    BEBE'S SEARCH: Do I even need to explain?
    BROKEN TIME-SPACE: Always risky, but extremely helpful for setup, especially if I'm going second.

    Comment please!
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  2. Todd Ingram

    Todd Ingram New Member

    Bump. It's getting low. Sorry
  3. wobbufet

    wobbufet New Member

    Nice decklist, kind of reminding me of my deck like this. I'd suggest:

    Although Prof. Elm's Training Method is good, it's a supporter, and as such, should have less in your deck. Considering you have 3 Level X's in your deck, you might want to throw in a couple Level Maxes. And Emcee's Chatter is actually probably one of the worst supporters out there (no offense). Poké Ball isn't too reliable, so I put it down to 1. And considering Tangrowth, you'll need those Switches, and Expert Belts are awesome, too. I prefer playing PlusPowers with 4 in my deck, or not at all. And considering this looks like a Set Up deck (Sorry Uxie, I'm not talking about you), so you don't need BTS. Finally, Uxie is pretty much a staple.

    Hope this helps you out :thumb:
  4. Todd Ingram

    Todd Ingram New Member

    Bit of an issue: I have to take out the Eevee line.
    Any other good grass line I can replace it with on short notice?
  5. Shinigami

    Shinigami New Member

    Yeah, there's a great line you can put in: Yanmega SV.

    He pairs up nicely with Shaymin Lv. X Ground, has a devastating attack that can run off of a Double Colorless, 100 HP, and free Retreat.

    You'll want an Uxie and an Azelf, both relatively easy to get now that they've become League promos. Ask your local Professor if he or she has any extras.

    I don't recommend running more than two Expert Belt, just because of the risk involved. The PlusPower count should go up to four, though.

    You might want a Luxury Ball and a Premier Ball.

    Hope these help!
  6. Todd Ingram

    Todd Ingram New Member

    Umm. sorry to be a facepalm newbie but where can I find a Professor?
  7. rubxcube3742

    rubxcube3742 New Member

    I have been toying around with a deck like this for 2 months now. Had it ready for states with over a hundred hours of playtesting but at the last minute was unable to go. This build draws insane numbers or cards and gets the turn two tangrowth donk a good portion of the time.

    4x Tangela CoL
    3x Tangrowth AR
    1x Tangrowtn Lv X
    1x Shaymin UL
    1x Shaymin PL38
    2x Shaymin Lv X (thankfulness)
    3x Uxie LA
    2x Unown Q
    1x Azelf LA

    3x Seeker
    3x PONT
    2x Pokemon Collector
    2x Bebe's Search
    1x Copycat
    1x Palmer's Contribution
    1x Black Belt
    4x Expert Belt
    1x Luxury Ball
    4x Warp Point
    3x Pokemon Communication
    1x Junk Arm
    2x BTS

    4x DCE
    10x Grass Energy

    If you have the cards for it, give it a try. I think you will be plesantly supprised.
  8. Todd Ingram

    Todd Ingram New Member

    Definitely cannot get that many cards in time for Regionals with my budget (I'm having trouble enough getting the Level X's), but I'll try to incorporate it some.
  9. rubxcube3742

    rubxcube3742 New Member

    the shaymin X are not as imporant as the uxies and seekers. The Tangrowth AR is the workhorse of the deck and shaymin x will just get shut down by DGX in half your matches. The big key is to start attacking asap with an E-belted Tangrowth since it can OHKO almost anything in the format. seeker and warp point together allow you to dispose of annoying pokes your opponent keeps on the bench (like DGX), or just to get an easy KO. the stupid amount of card drawing makes sure you have 0 down time if your opponent takes out your tangrowth. Without a doubt, tangela CoL is a must have. If you go first, You can drop a DCE turn 2 and swallow up for a quick kill without needing 3 energy drops. Unown Q is also a must have since your retreat costs are through the roof and also to make great use of warp point.
    PM me a list of what you need and i might b able to help you complete the deck. the only big money stuff you HAVE to have is 1tangrowth X and 1shaymin X. the second shaymin x is just for added consistancy.
  10. AyameHikaru

    AyameHikaru New Member

    Leagues or tournaments. Most League Leaders are Professors. If you don't have a league and you can get to a tournament, I'd really suggest going as early as possible. Those places get busy fast, and the closer to the end of registration it is the more likely they won't have time for you.
  11. PokeMedic

    PokeMedic New Member

    I run this strategy and it's a tank if everything goes right. Shaymin becomes a beast -a beast. Consider two more double colorless and however many energy exchangers you find apporopiate. Lucian's assignment is also good in case one of your Shaymin is at risk of getting knocked out; it'll let you move all your energy to your next Shaymin. I use Miasma Valley as my stadium, but Battle Tower wouldn't be bad for when I make Shaymin level up. It lets me play him quicker if he has to be my stater. It takes some of the risk of damage down a bit since I can take 4 damage counters off.
  12. drewdwn3434

    drewdwn3434 New Member

    If you really wanna take this deck to the next level, you must include IQ and Sages Training. You can easily drop those Plus Powers, Poke Balls, and 2 Bebe's search for 3 IQ/3ST. Also consider going more Pokemon Communication instead of Bebe's and Max out Pokemon Collector. This deck is and will be all about hitting hard and fast by turn two. If you can go 4/4 IQ and ST, try it, they are simple and easy trainers to get.

    Consider 2-2 Sunflora for faster and safer setups. Best of luck!

    Also Celebi Prime is a great starter for Tangrowth too. They are easy to trade for or you can buy them with the COL card packs in most stores.
  13. Shinigami

    Shinigami New Member

    I disagree with Sage's Training. Engineer's Adjustments would be a better fit, especially if he decides to go the Yanmega route. You get four cards for one instead of two for four, and the energy could be recurred with Yanmega or Tangrowth Lv. X. If I were to build the deck, it would end up looking something like this:

    Pokemon: 24
    3 Tangela CL
    1 Tangrowth AR
    2 Tangrowth CL
    1 Tangrowth Lv. X AR
    2 Shaymin PL 38 (Aromatherapy)
    1 Shaymin UL (Celebration Wind)
    1 Shaymin Lv. X PL 126 (Thankfulness)
    3 Yanma SV SH9 (Shiny Rare)
    2 Yanmega SV (Speed Boost)
    1 Yanmega Prime
    2 Uxie LA
    1 Azelf LA
    2-2 Sunflora HGSS

    T/S/S: 21
    2 Expert Belt
    1 Premier Ball
    3 Pokemon Collector
    3 Engineer's Adjustments
    3 Seeker
    2 Lucian's Assignment
    2 Bebe's Search
    2 Judge
    1 Copycat
    1 Miasma Valley
    1 Broken Time-Space

    Energy: 15
    4 Double Colorless Energy
    11 Grass Energy

    Granted, that is a rough list, but it would be fairly quick and effective for the purpose.
  14. Todd Ingram

    Todd Ingram New Member

    Really low on resources here, so I'm gonna have to stick as close to the original plan as I can.
    Turns out I can get the Leafeon, btw.
  15. Todd Ingram

    Todd Ingram New Member

    Parasect 2-2 (both SV and HGSS lines)
    Metapod 2-2 (HGSS)
    Leafeon Lv.X 2-2-1 (RR, RR and MD)
    Tangrowth Lv.X 3-3-1 Arc
    Shaymin Lv.X 2-1 (Plt x1/UL x1 and Plt Landforme, respectively)
    Uxie (LA) x1
    Double Energy x 2
    grs Energy x 12
    Prof. Elm's Training Method x2
    Level Max x 1
    Pokemon Collector x 1
    Poke Ball x 1
    Switch x 4
    Expert Belt x 3
    PlusPower x 3
    Bebe's Search x 4
    Pokemon Communicator x 2
    Department store girl x 1

    new, would like feedback plz
    Last edited: Apr 1, 2011
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