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  1. FMaholic

    FMaholic New Member

    x22 Pokemon

    4-2-4 Feraligatr Prime
    4-4 Goldduck TR
    2 Uxie LA
    2 Spiritomb Plat. Arceus

    x16 Energy
    x16 Water Energy

    x22 TSS
    x4 Rare Candy
    x4 Pokemon Communication
    x4 Bebe's Search
    x3 Expert Belt
    x3 Interviewer's Question
    x2 Pokemon Collector
    x2 Dawn Stadium

    Strategy is to get out a Belted Golduck ASAP and start going to down doing damage.

    Then get out a Feraligatr prime, Rain Dance more energy down to either Gatr's or Golduck (this will heal Golduck with it's body).

    Golduck is meant as the Primary attacker, though Feraligatr can obviously hold his own at least as well, also he's not weak to Luxray.
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  2. evil psyduck

    evil psyduck Moderator Trader Feedback Mod

    You are short two cards in the TSS. 24 for total and only 22 listed.
  3. FMaholic

    FMaholic New Member

    22 is the correct number. Typo, sorry.
  4. Mike130593

    Mike130593 New Member

    I also was thinking about a deck idea for Golduck like this. You have a decent list but if you want to play spiritomb, play four instead of two to increase the chances of you starting with it and reduce your trainer line

    Also a 1-1 Floatzel GL levelx line may also work as the Golduck would go straight back to your hand due to Floatzels pokebody
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