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    Hey all! I used to play the TCG when I was in elementary school but when I arrived at junior high I stopped playing. Now in high school, my buddies and I decided to play again. My buddy bought the Retort deck and I bought the Recon deck, so my deck is based off the Recon deck. I don't know exactly what I put together here. I put in the Yanmega's to deal continuous damage to my party's bench. My two Tangrowth's are the big hitters with grind (If I stack enough energy's on them). I put in the Tangrowth Lv. X which may help one of the Tangrowth's renew health, giving him more time to attack with some high numbers. The Magmortar and the Ninetales came with the original Recon deck, but I figured I would just keep them in there. I put in the Ho-Oh for some damage. I put in the Tropius to switch my opponent's Pokemon on and off the bench, and to heal my grass Pokemon on my bench. I put in the Chimecho to switch my opponents Pokemon on and off the bench and to heal my benched Pokemon. I put in other trainer cards to help as well.

    What I'm going for here is a deck that has the Tangrowths as the big hitters/forces the other Pokemon to retreat, while also renewing my health/weakening the opponent bench...or something like that. >.< I could really use some suggestions, or comments about what I have here.

    I would love suggestion's and help! I haven't played this game in years and I would love to have a strong deck. I don't know If I will compete in leagues/tournaments or just with my buddies, but either way I just want to have fun. I'm still a noob at the TCG!

    Here's the setup...

    Pokemon (x21)

    Yanma (x3) - HS Triumphant (Common)
    Yanmega Prime (x2) - HS Triumphant (Super Rare)
    Tangela (x4) - Call of Legends (Common)
    Tangrowth (x2) - Call of Legends (Rare)
    Tangrowth Lv. X - Platinum Arceus (Rare)
    Magmar (x2) - Call of Legends (Common)
    Magmortar - Call of Legends (Rare)
    Vulpix (x2) - Call of Legends (Common)
    Ninetales - Call of Legends (Rare)
    Ho-Oh - Call of Legends (Rare)
    Tropius - Diamond and Pearl Mysterious Treasures (Uncommon)
    Chimecho - Black Star Promo

    Trainers/Supporters (x16)

    Interviewer's Questions (x2) - Call of Legends (Uncommon)
    Professor Elm's Training Method (x3) - Call of Legends (Uncommon)
    Pokemon Communication (x2) - HeartGold & SoulSilver (Uncommon)
    Sage's Training (x2) - Call of Legends (Uncommon)
    Life Herb (x2) - HS Unleashed (Uncommon)
    Energy Returner (x2) - HS Unleashed (Uncommon)
    Copycat - Call of Legends (Uncommon)
    Night Maintenance - Mysterious Treasures (Uncommon)
    Switch - Diamond and Pearl Stormfront (Common)

    Energy (x23)

    Grass Energy (x12)
    Fire Energy (x11)

    I could use some help! Thanks!
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