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Discussion in 'Other' started by Destiny Warrior, Mar 6, 2013.

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  1. Destiny Warrior

    Destiny Warrior New Member

    Hello, I'm a fan of the TCG. I don't think anything more about me is relevant here.

    NOTE: This original post will only be updated when new versions are released. My forum signature is generally a better indication of the actual status of the project.

    So I decided to try to make a TCG simulator. It's definitely not been easy, but I've progressed far enough that I'd like to talk about it here. Before I actually talk about the simulator, I'd like to state one thing here: this is by no means a professionally done job, as I am just a student. No fancy GUIs here.

    It's completely text-based(so no possibility of cardscans), and is written in C++. Right now the focus of this program is 2P same computer gameplay. I have absolutely no clue as to networking, so please do not ask me "when will TCG Sim get multiplayer online".

    Current Status:

    Base Set

    Battle Engine:
    Setting up at the beginning
    Playing basic Pokemon from your hand
    Attaching Energy cards
    Taking Prizes
    Pokemon Powers

    Not Implemented Yet:

    The program can be a bit finicky in places(especially case sensitivity), but I hope to iron it out in future releases. A download link will be put up when I have the first stable release with battling for the Base Set.
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  2. Normal guy

    Normal guy New Member

    Just wondering but what will this be able to be compatible with
  3. losjackal

    losjackal Technical Administrator

    Destiny, are you aware of the available options already? If you're building this for other people to use, it's probably going to be real hard to get any meaningful adoption without superior features. I mean, 2P same computer is hardly ideal, since the two players will see each others hands or ideally look away for X amount of time while they take turns.....which doesn't naturally flow with the game because both players like to look at the board while a turn is happening.
  4. Destiny Warrior

    Destiny Warrior New Member

    @Normal Guy: I haven't using any APIs, so I believe it should be compatible across platforms. In any case, I'm making it on a Windows computer, so I'm fairly sure it should be compatible for that platform.

    @losjackal: I've taken a look at the other options, and I think networking might be feasible after a few implementations. I'd first like to actually get the sim working though, before I try something that I'm not familiar with as of now.
  5. Normal guy

    Normal guy New Member

    Will this be in color or in black and white?
  6. Destiny Warrior

    Destiny Warrior New Member

    Black and White. It's purely text-based(it's a console program).

    Some screenshots of the game as it is right now:

    Oh, and this project hasn't died or anything, just that it is progressing very slowly. Right now, I've managed to fix the program so that you can play Pokemon from your hand(some of the problems needed me to simply learn more before managing to fix them). Next is to check whether I've implemented Energy attachments correctly, and start working on discard/retreats.
  7. Destiny Warrior

    Destiny Warrior New Member

    (Apologies to those concerned for this double post, but I believe that this is big enough that it warrants it).

    TCGSimulator is now moving into an alpha test(before downloading please read the rest of the post below)!

    The game is in a rudimentary state right now. You can play down Basics, attach 1 Energy per turn, attack, attack effects take place, and the KOes/Prize system is implemented. You can retreat too.

    You cannot:
    -Play Trainers
    -Use Pokemon Powers

    (yes that's a lot of things, that's why it is an alpha)

    Additionally, discarding Energy for non-retreat purposes works a bit differently than you might be used to. The game automatically discards Energy(since it is just typed energy right now), but in later releases you will get to choose which Energy to discard.

    Three attacks are known to be incorrectly implemented right now: Charizard's Fire Spin(irrelevant since Evolutions aren't in yet), Poliwhirl's Amnesia(irrelevant since Evolutions aren't in yet) and Farfetch'd's Pot Smash(you can reuse it, something I plan to fix in the next release). So when reporting bugs, please don't bother with Farfetch'd, since it is a known problem.

    Now, this is where you, the reader, come in. I need help to find all the bugs in this alpha release, so that they can be fixed.

    Ignore the fact that it doesn't clear the screen between turns(which is where people would switch over in playing if this were a "normal" battle). I have intentionally not put in that feature so that it is easier for people to track bugs while testing it out. Additionally, the

    Additionally, while creating a deck, please create a text file beforehand with the name that you want, and then use the program and input that as the name of the file(no extension). For some weird reason that needs to be done. I've included a blank text file called Deck for this very reason.

    Things like Mewtwo's Barrier may give you some odd messages at times, but the effect of the attack should work properly. Also, the program is extremely case sensitive.

    You may notice that there is a folder called Keys, and that I have also included my source code with the download. The reader is free to play around with the source code at their own leisure. The Keys folder contains text files that are basically your guide to decoding the program's text files.

    Hope this 1 week test gets some people interested in helping out!
  8. Destiny Warrior

    Destiny Warrior New Member

    After a looong time...comes an update to the program.

    Right now, the program does everything except for Super Energy Removal(don't want to implement it just yet considering that I intend to do a couple of major overhauls to the whole thing), and checking Energy costs for attacking, all the way up to the Base Set. I request the help of the community in finding any errors in it.

    Download link:
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  9. axpendix

    axpendix New Member

    Download link is not working, please reupload it.
  10. Destiny Warrior

    Destiny Warrior New Member

  11. lophocvuinhon

    lophocvuinhon New Member

    In any case, I'm making it on a Windows computer, so I'm fairly sure it should be compatible for that platform

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