[TCG: Standard] Greer, South Carolina (2019-05-11)

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    Platform42 invites Pokémon Trading Card Game players to play in its Standard format tournament on Saturday, 11 May.

    Location Information

    104 Middleton Way Suite E
    Greer, South Carolina 29650-1323
    Phone: 864-334-5393

    Entry Fee



    Registration for the tournament begins at 5:15 PM (17:15) and ends at 5:45 PM (17:45). It will be followed by a players meeting and the tournament.

    Deck checks will be conducted. Decklists are available online to download and complete in order to allow for quicker processing during registration.


    Players’ decks musts conform to the Standard Format:
    • Sun & Moon (SUM)
    • Sun & Moon--Guardians Rising (GRI)
    • Sun & Moon--Burning Shadows (BUS)
    • Sun & Moon--Crimson Invasion (CIN)
    • Sun & Moon--Ultra Prism (UPR)
    • Sun & Moon--Forbidden Light (FLI)
    • Sun & Moon--Celestial Storm (CES)
    • Sun & Moon--Lost Thunder (LOT)
    • Sun & Moon--Team Up (TEU)
    • Shining Legends (SLG)
    • Dragon Majesty (DRM)
    • Sun & Moon Trainer Kit (TK)
    • Black Star Promos BW01 and higher, XY01 and higher, and SM01 and higher (PR)
    • McDonald’s Collection (MCD)

    Prize Support

    Each player will receive one Pokémon Trading Card Game booster pack for playing in the tournament. Additional booster packs will be awarded to the top players in each age division.

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