TDT's 10th Place NJ Regionals Report

Discussion in 'Regional Championships' started by TheDarkTwins, Apr 12, 2008.

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  1. TheDarkTwins

    TheDarkTwins Active Member


    I am trying to figure out what to play but I figure I wanted to take out a Minun for a 4th Beach, but decide against it. While I didnt need 4 beach, I definantely didnt need the Minun. I played a total of 9 games and I only play Minun once, and that was in the first game of T16. I could of replaced it with something more useful.

    Anyways on to the report. I played the same list card for card as States, which I play Banette.

    R1 - Dana - (Dark Deck)

    She goes first, but her start is pretty bad and I take out all 3 of her pokemon to win by benching her.



    R2 - John - (Dark Deck)

    Another dark deck are you kidding me. I go 2nd again, and take out a few pokemon with my Banette's. He then ko's me with an Honchkrow LV. X. I bring up Banette put a charm and pluspower on it and then proceed to not draw out of like 8 cards 1 of the 3 pluspowers I would need to bench him. I dont, and I cant ko the Honchkrow who only has 10 dmg left. He gets some more pokemon out and I lose.



    R3 - Dan L. - (Mirror)

    So, where are all the GG? I am like this stupid. So, anyways, I go 2nd for the 3rd straight game. I cant win the opening flip. It is nice that I have manage to start with shuppet all 3 games so far though. He gets a pretty bad draw and I take an early prize lead, which lead to me being ahead the whole game, since he couldnt catch up.



    R4- Greg S. - (GG)

    Finally, but I decide to Mulligan 4 times and manage to go 2nd for the 4th straight game, but I did start with Shuppet. He goes and uses disable on Duskull, which seriously didnt help me out. I got start getting setup, and he celio's for Sableye. I decide to KO it with Ghost Head after he ko's my Shuppet. He ends up drawing pretty much nothing the rest of the game, and I win on time by taking a prize after we are tied 3-3 in prizes when time is called.



    R5 - Adam C. - (GG)

    I finally go first, and getting setup. I am not sure if I started with Baltoy this game, but I only started with Baltoy in 1 of the 9 games. I started with Shuppet in the other 8. However, I get a quick Crystal Beach. I am ahead the whole game however his 2 Tauros drastically help him out. However since I play 3 Crystal Beach the 3rd one sticks. I end up taking out his Gallade for my last prize to win.



    R6 - Eric - (GG)

    I mulligan once, and He goes first, but this game is pretty much done after I get a few Banette's up, I won the wagers, and I got my Crystal Beach locked in and he end up only being able to take 2 prizes to the 6 that I take.



    R7 - Ben S. - (Mirror)

    I get a great start, and him not so much. He goes first and ascensions. I go and I do the same. He doesnt have any energies, and I proceed to to run thru him after he does Ghost Head to put my Banette at 7 DMG. He isnt able to ko out.



    T16 - Patrick - (Skittles)

    I am 4th seed going in and there are NO GG's on my bracket, while Ben, my 7th round opponent has a Cake Walk to T4 as it is him and 3 other GG. I feel I have a decent matchup, if I get a decent start.

    G1 - He goes first, and gets setup up. I go and ascension. He decides to put me to sleep, and I dont wake up and this was huge. We are tied 4-4 eventually and when he gets the 2nd Ho-Oh UP, and I really cant come back, I conceed G1. My lunatone was prize, along with a Banette. I also went 0 for 3 on TSD. I only needed 1 heads.

    G2 - I mulligan for only the 6th time all day, I start with 2 shuppet. However, I take a chance and go first. I dont draw the energy and he proceeds to donk me with a first turn Kiss. He didnt get enough energy off it, but I didnt have what I needed so I conceed as wish him luck.



    I hopefully will go up a tiny bit, but 6-2 isnt all that bad. I would of like to of gone first more than twice, especially since one of the two was because I loss a top cut game. I pull a Dialga Lv. X from my packs which is okay. I end up finishing 10th overall, which isnt too bad, but it isnt awesome either.

    Oh well, thanks for reading,

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  2. BloodDraek

    BloodDraek New Member

    Oh man Drew, how was there not like all G&G and Banette in Top 16. Like seriously, SKittles?.

    Oh well good job on T16
  3. TheDarkTwins

    TheDarkTwins Active Member

    Oh, there was, it just I got stuck in a crappy bracket to T4. I would of had to play the winner of Skittles - Magmortar/Claydol. So, I would have had problems either way.

    I think about 8 GG made T16. It was unfortunate that I wasnt paired up against any of them.

    Thanks for posting,
  4. metalbird

    metalbird New Member

    really don't feel bad if you had played Frankie like i did..... lol you probaly would have done better than me starting with minun but w/e gj on t16 especially since you weren't feeling so good right before.
  5. Zero Hax

    Zero Hax New Member

    gj lol, that sucks that you didn't play vs GG in top cut
  6. dtrain

    dtrain New Member

    yea, like please I would have made top 16 had I not played against skittles during the last round of swiss.
  7. TheDarkTwins

    TheDarkTwins Active Member

    Yeh, but you got those 2 wins, beforehand, so you got some xtra ratings points before you lost in T4.

    Yeh, it really really does.

    Yeh, I feel it is a winnable matchup. It is hard, but winnable. I got some crappy luck against it. I will also say, I was more upset that I started with Shuppet 8/9 games and of the games we rolled on who go first, I won 1/8 and the 1 time I won was I beleive the only game I didnt start with Shuppet. That is how crappy my rolling/luck was yesterday.


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